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Found 49 results

  1. I just level up 1-70 on valdrakken firestorm, horde but didnt find any guides so heres a little one : 1.Starting zone intro 1-10 quests till you get to Ogrimmar. 2.From Ogrimmar pick quests to Zuldazar where I did every BFA quest in all 3 zones from level 10 to 49.The "Pick a foothold quest still bugged" so skip that.Every storyline quest till the zuldazar quest where you invade the pyramids with Rastakhan. 3.From level 48-49-50 after you finish that you get sent back to Ogrimmar where you need to go to Chromie NPC and switch timeline to Shadowlands to continue the campaign , finish 2-3 quests in Ogrimmar and get Oribos questlines , you can take portal from Ogrim portal room.From this point you can do only (dark brown quests) not forced to do every quest you can find. 4.A few story quests in the maw gives you a few levels , Oribos 1-2 quests if you follow them you get sent to Bastion.Follow the dark brown quests from 50+ to 60 that ended in Maldraxxus arena for me. 5.Ogrimmar again from 60 , pick new quests that end outside Ogrimmar at the flying boat and send you to Dragon Isle.From there pick up whatever dark brown quests you find and progress through the zones while also que'd up for random dungeon finder for gear and xp while you do the story quests that unlock renown for each 4 zones , dragonscale , valdrakken etc. P.S Flying helps a lot so make sure you get it from Ogrimmar for level 30-60 but remember that flying does NOT work in Dragon Isle so progress quick and get dragonriding to fly in Dragon Isle so you can quest easily.Hope that helps someone out there The server could use some improvements tho , I average 40ms ping but there is still lag and crashes atleast 2-3 times per 24hours so be ready to relog a lot , maybe for some bugged quests here and there where the NPC wasnt showing up aswell.Good luck !
  2. So, you want a specific elite? You have been looking for it and cannot find it? This guide is for you. I will show you the exact spawn spots so you can go there and just wait for them to spawn. I will focus on the elites that drop mounts and add more elites in the future. Alani It drops http://www.wowhead.c...y-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 4h. Open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Alani is tricky. You would have to stand on the sword there to be able to pull it down and dps it. When you pull it down, just stand there and dps. Do not move at all. If you fall, it resets. Huolon It drops http://www.wowhead.c...x-cloud-serpent. The spawn time is 10m. Open the Timeless Isle map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: Note that there are plenty of mobs and an elite with high HP that you need to kill before pulling Huolon, or you die fast. Aeonaxx It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ent-stone-drake. The spawn time is 5h. Open the Deepholm map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (exact coords 44.9, 49): Note that Aeonaxx stands on the highest rock at that location in the sky. It does not move and just stands there on the rock. Fly up into the sky until you find the highest and largest rock that does not have any rock above it. Dormus the Camel-Hoarder It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ey-riding-camel(the only Camel currently acquirable) and also gives you the Camel-Hoarder title. The spawn time is 2h. Open the Feralas map and head to the spot marked by the blue square: This elite is quite tricky. It is bugged. So, the boss will show as dead always even when it is alive. How do you know if its alive? Simply, see if its standing or laying on its back. If it is standing then its alive. The loot on this boss is bugged. So, here is how you will deal with it. Before pulling the boss head to its left and keep moving on the shore until you find the only crab mob there. After that move Dormus near the mob. You will not be able to go all the way (mostly). Though, you can meet it half way. Kill Dormus then move to the crab mob and taunt it. I repeat taunt it with any of your spells that do not do damage. Keep running until the crab becomes near Dormus for AoE loot. Kill it then loot it. You will be able to loot the mount from Dormus now. Make sure you read this segment more than one time before you start. Poseidus It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ins-of-poseidus, the most wanted mount ingame. Few people know the spot for this elite and since it is BoE. People camp it always. It took me a while to find the spot since it is in a custom location (cannot be found on wowhead or other official databases). The spawn time is 24h. Open the Abyssal Depths map and head to the spot marked by the blue square (the exacts coords are 41.9, 75.8). When you go there you will find those elites named Devious Great-Eel near you with 223k HP. That is how you know you are in the right spot if you are not using a coords addon. Here is a photo to show you the exact spot where it stands: Like I said earlier, this is the most camped elite there is. Zandalari Warbringer It drops http://www.wowhead.c...ordial-direhorn. Spawn time from 5-10m. You can find the elites at the spots provided by this link: http://www.wowhead.c...lari-warbringer Note that the elites have high HP so you probably cannot solo this unless you are kiting which is not easy and takes a long time for you to kill the elite. Kael'thas Sunstrider It drops the http://www.wowhead.c...8/ashes-of-alar. You can find this boss inside the Tempest Keep raid. Though, there is an issue with it like the Dormus boss. The boss goes into the sky and it does not come down. So, go ahead and kill it when it is in air. After that, run as fast as you can to the nearest mob then taunt it. Do not kill it. Just aggro it and run back to the boss. Then, stand on the boss and kill the mob and loot the mob to see if the mount dropped or not. Notes: 1. The spawn times provided has 1-15m margin. So, add 1-15m to them. 2. If you see someone camping a spot for an elite especially the ones that drop items that can be farmed, just stand with them. They might know the exact time it will spawn. 3. The spawn locations I provided are the exact spawn locations and there are no alternatives to them. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have tested every single one of them. 4. Use the SimpleCoords v2.1 addon for coords provided. It is the best coords addon out there: http://www.wowinterf...=7816&aid=80881 I will be updating the guide adding new elites in the future and hence the unique items in the title. If you like the guide let me know.
  3. This tutorial is in Spanish, but it is made to follow the step by step and it will work correctly Hello everyone, a launcher has been created to be able to install firestorm in linux, the following video explains step by step how, this has already been approved by the server administrators, so I post it, so that anyone who wants to play it can enter. the requirements for its use are to have lutris, wine, dxvk and graphics card drivers installed. debian-based systems such as ubuntu are recommended, I RECOMMEND USING POP_OS! Since it has many packages pre-installed and pre-compiled, remember that almost the entire process will depend on your Internet download speed, in the description of the video there are the links to the system and more. Thank you very much to the server admins, for allowing me to make an official post, since the idea of this is to make the firestorm community grow, and gaming on linux.
  4. This guide will help answer your questions regarding Darkshore 8.1. Note that Darkshore is currently buggy. Also, the elites/adds hit way too much than they should (from what I saw Youtube and experienced). Plus sometimes there are double spawns. So, you may want to team up with other players. I hope the developers change the damage modifiers for elites to 1/4 or even 1/3, of what they currently at. I also hope the developers fix the bugged items on Darkshore that disappear after use like pets. A. What is Darkshore (8.1) Darkshore is a new 8.1 map that allows you access to 355+ gear, mounts, pets, and toys. Note that the drop rate is very very low. So, if you are planning on gearing your char, do Arathi Highlands instead. B. How do I get to Darkshore 1. As alliance you can head to Stormwind docks, and find the deck with the ship that takes you to Darnassus. You will find a portal to Darnassus there. Use it, then move out of Darnassus, and finally fly to Darkshore. 2. Use the Mount Hyjal portal in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Then, fly to Darkshore. 3. In the future, a quest will be available that will allow you to unlock the portal to Darkshore in Boralus/Zandalar (near the Arathi Highlands portal). C. I cannot find any players, what do I do You will find huge phasing issues in Darkshore. So, you would have to reset the phase from time to time. This can be accomplished by creating a "Premade Group" then leaving it. Do it whenever you feel you are all alone in Darkshore. Hopefully, those issues will be fixed in the future. D. I cannot find X elite, what do I do Sometimes elites do not spawn at all. Just move on. E. I found the X elite, but it is not attackable. Some elites become attackable during the week where your faction controls the map. Keep in mind that the world boss only becomes attackable when your faction is controlling the map. Currently, it is horde week. It will reset on Wednesday (tomorrow). F. How do I see the elites on map? You can accomplish this with addons. Download and install the following addons: Note: The addons are not Firestorm friendly. You will notice around 5 elites missing (when you are in Darkshore). When you open your quest log, click the new icon. Those missing elites are marked with red icons. Navigate to the following link, and read the first comment. It includes the coords to those missing ones. G. How do I ress when the button does not work? Log out and back, then click the button. If your corpse is gone and you cannot find it, use the spirit healer. H. Do the items actually drop? I have managed to get most of the pets, toys, and one mount so far. I got around 3 items after farming Darkshore elites on multiple characters (not worth the time). Keep in mind that some items disappear on use like: I have personally lost it after farming it on all my chars (a single drop). It was a very painful experience. So, you may want to hold on the items for now and not use them until they are fixed. I. Why cannot I see world quests? World quests are available only when your faction is controlling the map. Good luck.
  5. Hey English speakers this message has two pieces of information for you. #1: Join the Guardians guild, it's the only good guild on the server and you might as well be in it. #2: Check out the wiki I wrote for all the people who want to git gud. The server is still very much alive and thriving if you're in the right place. PVP still happens, BGs still happen, Raids happen almost daily, and people are literally the fastest in WoW history (I fly at almost 800%). If you want to become strong there is one place to do it, in my guild. If you want to become REALLY STRONG and *fast* then you should read these guides.
  6. Hello there Gul'danians and WoD enthusiasts. I write to you today to tell you of the wiki I have written on your behalf. A wiki and series of guides designed to make you a badass mofo faster than everyone else. To give you the tips and tricks you need to impress your friends and the ladies/gentlemen in your life. Here you will find a collection of information unique to Firestorm and written with you in mind. Follow my paved road and become strong.
  7. Greetings, players! In this guide, we will walk you step by step through how to merge your Freakz account with your Firestorm account. Bear in mind that this process is final and can not be undone, so make sure you are merging the Freakz account with the Firestorm account you want! Merging your Freakz account to a Firestorm account is very important, as it will allow you to connect on the webpage to be able to manage your account (change credentials, etc...), sync the account with the forum and even access the website shop to be able to use all of our services (such as character renames, race, and faction changes, restore deleted characters, etc...). When merging the Freakz account with a Firestorm account, nothing will be lost: all of the progress of all the characters and the account (including achievements, mounts, pets, titles, transmogs, appearances, etc...) will be merged! The page to merge your account is this one. You may manually browse it by going to this part (either having an account or not): When going inside, you will see this page: 1) You need to input here your Freakz account username. Bear in mind that this is not your Freakz account email address, but rather the actual username you had. 2) You need to put the Freakz account password here. 3) You need to put the Firestorm account email address here. However, for this case, we are going to meet 3 different scenarios: If you already have a Firestorm account, and you are connected with it, then this field will be already filled with your Firestorm account email and can not be changed. This means that you will merge the Freakz account directly to your connected Firestorm account email. If you already have a Firestorm account but are not connected with it, then you will be able to enter your Firestorm account email here in order to merge the Freakz account to the specified Firestorm account. If you don't have a Firestorm account, then you need to enter here the email address that you want to use to create the Firestorm account. 4) Click on the Send merge request button. This will check the credentials and availability of the entered Freakz account and password. If the credentials are not correct (wrong username and password), then an error message will be displayed: "Invalid credentials for this Freakz account". If the credentials are correct, but the Freakz account is permanently banned, then another error message will be displayed: "This Freakz account is banned". This is final and no accounts will be unbanned. If the credentials are correct, but the Freakz account was already merged to a Firestorm account, then the following message will appear: "The Freakz account you're asking to merge has already been merged". If the entered Firestorm account email belongs to a permanently banned Firestorm account, then the message will say: "This Firestorm account is banned". No Firestorm-banned accounts will be allowed to merge with a Freakz account. If the entered Firestorm account already merged a Freakz account, then the page will display the message: "This email is already in use". However, if everything was correct, then the page will change and show the following message: After that step, we will go to our email inbox, as mail will be delivered there. If you already had a Firestorm account, and you were connected with it, then this button will complete the merge process, and from that point, everything you had on your Freakz account (characters, account progress, and shop balance) will be added to your Firestorm account. From that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Firestorm and Freakz characters. If you already had a Firestorm account but were not connected with it, then this button will ask you to enter the Firestorm password of the specified Firestorm account email. If successful, then the merge process will be complete, and everything you had on your Freakz account (characters, account progress, and shop balance) will be added to your Firestorm account. From that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Firestorm and Freakz characters. If you don't have a Firestorm account, then this button will ask you to enter the desired password for the Firestorm account. After doing this, the process will be completed, and your Freakz account will be converted into a Firestorm account. All of the progress you had on Freakz will be added to your newly created Firestorm account, and from that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Freakz characters. NOTE: If you didn't receive the mail in your email inbox, the problem could be one of the following ones: The entered mail belongs to Microsoft. Many Microsoft domains (Hotmail, Outlook, etc...) are unable to receive our emails. We advise you to change the mail of your Firestorm account to a different domain (like Gmail) to complete the merge process. Your mail provider is blocking our sources. You should be able to unblock them from your mail preferences. You can also change temporarily the email address of your Firestorm account to a different one, then process the merge, and then change back your Firestorm account email to the one you had before.
  8. [Guide 1] Software for creating Patches Hello, in this topic you will find the software need for creating patches/fixes for a wow server and for learning to config it and for learning to use it. Beside, whatever dude that you have, you can ask it here and it will be resolved. Basicatly it can be done with notepad but we will do everything more comfortable and reliable. 1- REQUERIMENTS: 1.1. SqlYog : Its a manager of database (DB). We will use it for applycating-introducting patches in our DB. If you have knowledge about sql you can use directly mysqld but its easier for using SqlYog or Heidi (similar sotfware to SqlYog) because the interface is very intuitive and it has a lot of tools which will do very much easy our job. 1.2. Mysqld : Its the server which allow us that the BD is in communication with our DB''s Manager. The middlie man. It has to be installed and opened if we want to use SqlYog or Heidi. 1.3. DataBase: Its where we can consult every table of dates which have our wow server and its where every one of our patches will be saved so the game can execute them. Wow has 4 DB: . auth : save our account dates. . characters: save our characters dates. . hotfixes: save the last and urgents patches added after of a expansion was introduced. . world: save every thing in game, include criatures,quests,flypaths,achievements.... We will use only World and maybe sometimes Hotfixes. 1.4. Notepad++ : Its a manager of text for differents languages of programs what do more easy our job. It does that every variable, of your core, have a different color, so if you do a mistake its faster to locate it. His interface is very easy and intuitive,really easy to use. 2- DOWNLOADS: 2.1. notepad++ (download the last release): 2.2. SqlYog (Its a trial version, but you can use it even when the trial periode is finished.): 2.3. mysqld: (32 bits) (64 bits) 2.4. Database (For downloading it you have to registre before in trinity core forum.): 3- INSTALATION,CONFIGURATION AND USE: 3.1. mysqld: * When you are instaling this, you save/remember the password which you use. You will need it for connecting with SqlYog to your DB. For installing it, double click. When it asks which type of DB we want, we will mark "developers". User = root and pass = ascent. Dont change the rest of options and click accept until the end. It doesnt need configuration. For using it, go to C:/Program Files/Mysql and create a direct access to your deskopt or in the place that you want. For executing it, double click in the direct access and a console will appear which has to stay opened while we use Sqlyog. For closing it, Control + C in the same time and then Yes. 3.2. SqlYog: For instaling it, double click and accept until the end. In the end the program will be opened. For configurating it,we will be asked for a conection name (you use the name that you want,example Wowlocal). Then a window will be showed,up where it says "saved connections" we will select the name which we used before, "Wowlocal". In MySQL host address writte "localhost" (withouth "") because our server will be local. Username = root password= ascent or the password which you used to install mysqld. Now you save the configuration. For using it, the first is execute mysqld if not sqlyog will give error.Now we execute SqlYog and if you configured it good,it should to connect to our DB directly (which will be empty because we didnt import the downloaded DB of trinity). I will explain a little the interface of SqlYog using the next screenshot: "root@" its our connection to the mysql server. "mysql","sakila" ,"test","world" all that names in grey are DataBases. If you pay attention in "sakila",clicking in the icon "+" it deploy the folders in. If we click in the icon "+" of the folder tables again, it will show the tables which are in that database (tables = blue icons like "actor","address",etc.). If we click in the table "city" (like in the screenshot), it will show all his content in the window below. In the window below we can see all the content of a table and beside we will can see,when we apply a patch, if it had any error or if it was applyed good. If we do a query of sql (a select to search anything,for example)the result will be showed in this window below. The upper part ,in which show 3 numbered files, is the place where we will copy our patches so it is applyed. Or whatever query for doing a consulte. The upper menu and the icons. For the moment we will explain only the basic and important icons. When you have wrotten a patch with only one query and you want to apply it, you have to click the "blue play icon",the first one down of "Favorites" option. If the patch has more than 1 query so you have to use the blue icon with 2 blank arros in. For the moment, its sufficient with this ticks. You can ask if you didn''t understand anything. Maybe others options and tools will be explain later. Note: Patch can be applyed in that window or patch can be imported to apply it as we will do for installing the datebases in the next steps. 3.3. Database: Unzip thefile downloaded. It has 2 files TDB_full_world_6.02 y TDB_full_hotfixes_6.02. Open mysqld y SqlYog,and then we connect to our database. Rigth click in root@ (or whatever is our usser named,first line left,up of the databases) and we choose the option "create database". We will name our database hotfixes. We will repeat the same proccess and we name the new database world. You can see now that below of root@ we have our databases created (hotfixes and world). If you dont see it, click f5 for updating the interface. Then we click in the hotfixes DB so the DB is marked and we choose the option up database or db (depend of the SqlYog version), import/execute sql script. Now we search the Hotfixes DB which we downloaded before (TDB_full_hotfixes_6.02),we select it and click execute. We have imported the hotfixes DB in our databse already. We mark now,below of root@ the db "world" clicking 1 time in it and we repeat the same procces again but this time we choose the world DB named TDB_full_world_6.02_2015_07_14. We have imported the DB hotfixes and world in our SqlYog now. 3.4. Notepad++ : For installing it,double click in the file and accept everything until the end. Dont need configuration. For using it,double click. In the first use you search the option File/New. Then File/Save as...,you choose the name and below in the place where it says type, we will choose "structured Query Language file (*sql)". We choose the place to save it and we save it. Doing this our patch will have .sql extension (the extension need to import patches in SqlYog). Beside, doing this when we writtre our patch in notepad++ it will show with the sql structure with differents colors so we can identify mistakes while we writte it.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm writing this small guide to let players of Sylvanas know that Premade Group is now fixed and fully functional and show people who are unfamiliar with this feature how to use it, as I can see no one is using premade groups and that's pity. What is Group Finder (Premade Group)? It is simple feature that will make your life much easier when you are looking for people for your Mythic Keystone, m0 runs (legendary farms), dungeons runs for quests and especially raid runs with no need to spam in world chat. You can either: A) Make your own premade group B) Join an existing premade group A. Making your own premade group. 1. Press "I" key (by default) and you should see window. 2. Select "Premade Groups" as shown in circle. (click on spoiler) 3. You will see 6 categories in which can be premade groups made. You will want to use Dungeons and Raids - Legion. Depends if you want to make group for raid run or dungeon run. (see spoiler) 4. Choose category you are after and then click on "Start a Group". 5. You'll see new window where you will be able to setup your own group depending on your Mythic Keystone or raid you want to go. (title of group, dungeon, difficulty and item level requirement). 6. After you are done, click on "List group" and you will see window like this: 7. Now wait for players to apply to your premade and you can decide who you invite into your group. 8. After you invite enough players to your group just click on "Delist My Group" and your group is ready for dungeon or raid. B. Joining an existing premade group. 1. You will start the same way (Press "I" key, select "Premade Groups" and choose category you are interested in, but this time select "Find a Group." 2. You will see premade groups in category you chose (if someone made their own group in that category). 3. If you find group you are interested joining into, click on that group and select "Sign up" 4. After you Sign Up, you'll be asked to choose your role. You can select multiple roles (if you class allows you to) and select "Sign Up" again. 5. Wait for leader of group to decide whether invite you or decline your application to their group. 5a. You can either be: Invited: Declined: 6. You can see additional info about premade group if you hover your mouse over it. Small window will be shown. 7. Time to time you will need to refresh list of premade groups as they are not updated automatically. Just simply click on icon in your chosen category. QUICK FACTS: 1. It's much easier and much more comfortable to use this feature mainly for raid runs as people can search for your group anytime with no need to search for raid's "LFMs" in world chats. 2. You can list your group anytime while you are inside raid, so there's no problem to invite more people during progress in raid. 3. If you choose to set minimum item level requirement, people with lower item level that you have set won't be able too see your premade group. 4. Every premade group has its default minimum item level requirement depending on difficulty, and people with lower item level than default won't be able to see your group, however you can still invite them in normal way. Dungeons: Normal: No ilvl required. (Just minimun level 98 for Legion Dungeons.) Heroic: 810 ilvl Mythic: 830 ilvl Any Mythic+ : 840 ilvl Raid: (Antorus) Normal: 910 ilvl Heroic: 930 ilvl Mythic: 945 ilvl 5. Category "Custom" is usually used for other activies like Sentinaxx in Broken Shore, to invite your friend to group if they are other faction than you, solo group, sometimes to fix phasing issues or whatever you like. 6. If player applies to your premade group with multiple roles, you can choose which role you want to assign to that player by simply cliking on role icon and then invite them. Thank you for your attention and I really hope this will help people on realm Sylvanas to adapt premade groups and use them on daily basis. Trust me, when you'll get used to it you'll never want to look for people on world chat anymore, only to let them know to check your premade ;-) Share it with others if you can. Thank you.
  10. So, you have finally reached level 120, and do not know what to do. No problem. This guide is for you. A. The Artifact Neck If you did not get the artifact neck, go get it now. You can acquire the neck by completing the following quest chain: Alliance: Horde: After acquiring the neck, you will need to level it. You can get Azerite (to level your neck) from many sources. You can get some from random dungeon finders, raid finders, battlegrounds, arenas, and from elites. There is also the weekly quests that spawn once per two weeks (around the ship that takes you to the crossfaction maps). Those quests ask you for donations (several items/mats), and reward you with lots of Azerite. B. Arathi Highlands Warfront You will find a portal to Arathi Highlands in your main BfA city. For alliance, it is near the ship that takes you to the horde BfA maps. This new reworked Arathi Highlands map, has plenty of elites, that you can kill for Azerite, 340-360 ilvl gear, mounts, pets, and toys. You can kill all Arathi elites once a week (reset is on Wednesday). Download and install both of the following addons, that will allow you to see those elites on map: You need to download the versions for the Firestorm client (currently it is 8.0.1, but that will change soon). Follow this guide (by Alan), to download the right versions of those addons: To farm efficiently, you may: 1. Pay for a carry. You need to ask players of the same cloth type for a carry. If you are a warlock, for example, ask for a cloth carry. In that manner, the geared guy, would acquire items and trade them to you, so you have double chances for loot. If you are in a guild, you can ask them to carry you for free. Currently, a full carry (on reset), will cost you around 5k gold. Make sure you do not pay the players upfront, since there are plenty of scammers. If they ask you for gold upfront, do not join them. Remember people are doing the runs on reset, so you are just tagging along with them. If they go out of their way to help you, they will ask for 10k gold. 2. If you are poor and/or do not have a guild, look for people who are fresh to Arathi (like you), and do a run with them. Make sure they have the same cloth type. In that manner, you can help each other gear up with duplicate items, that you do not need. 3. If you cannot find anyone to do this with, go ahead and solo. If you are fresh level 120, you will want to wait for other people to attack the elite you want to kill, and when they start, you can engage the elite. There are elites that hit really hard. So, you may want to tag them, run away, and keep your distance until the boss dies (making sure you are still in combat). You will also need this trick for world bosses, since those bosses hit for a lot, and you may die before you are able to loot. Note: Arathi elites drop everything but rings and trinkets. You will also see a world boss in Arathi Highlands. This boss drops ilvl370-395 gear (including awesome trinkets), and it alternates between alliance and horde (one week for alliance and another week for horde). If you cannot attack the boss and it looks friendly to you, that means it is not your turn. I believe the boss resets on Wednesday 1PM server time. Alliance: Horde: C. Emissary of War Emissary of War is a weekly quest. This quest rewards you with a 370+ ilvl item. Basically, you need to complete four mythic dungeons. The best way to do this, is to queue Freehold on RDF HC. Then, go out and change it to Mythic. After that, move to the final boss (skipping all other bosses), and kill it. You do this four times, and you are done with the quest. If you are a lowbie (<335), nobody would invite you to their groups. So, you need to make the group yourself. That is the only way you can do it, at a low ilvl. If you are new to Freehold, what you need to do is follow the tank. The tank will lead the way to the last boss, and he will pull all adds along the way. Once you reach the last boss, go and hide until the tank dies. The healer will revive him, and then you can start the boss. If you have pulled any adds along the way, you would have to go and die with the tank. Then, wait for the healer to revive you. That is unless you are a night elf (Shadowmeld) or have a way to get out of combat (like mages etc.) Once you kill the boss, follow the players. You will see them going for an NPC. Interact with that NPC, so it takes you out of the dungeon. Then, reset and redo. Note: There is an old bug with setting dungeons to Mythic, when you queue for RDF HC. So, what you need to do is right click your avatar (if you are the leader), then Convert to Raid and back to group. Then, you will able to change the dungeon difficulty to Mythic. D. World Bosses There are plenty of world bosses, that you can do once a week. Those bosses drop 355+ ilvl gear. So, watch out for people doing those bosses on world chat. People tend to advertise a lot for them. E. Weekly Chests Make sure you do at least one MM+ per week, for the weekly chest, which rewards you with Azerite and gear. F. Craft/Buy Items There are some items you can buy from the Auction House, that you really need. I am referring to the rings and trinkets. You should buy ilvl300-310 rings from AH for 1-2k gold each, or craft them yourself using Jewelcrafting. Just make sure you do not buy two rings of the same type. You can also buy a Darkmoon ilvl355 trinket for around 10-30k gold, depending on the trinket. You can buy the trinkets cheaper, if you ask in world chat. Here is a list of the trinkets: RDPS: MDPS/Hunters: Heal: Tank: Note: The MDPS trinket is always expensive, so you may need to haggle. If you are rich, you can buy other items from AH for 50k-3m gold. I hope you liked the guide. P.S. All the information above, is from my personal experience.
  11. Hallo, hier mal ein neues Thema: Makros Viele WoW Veteranen kennen die kleinen Helfer schon, aber es gibt auch Spieler_Innen die sich mit dem ingame tool von WoW noch gar nicht befasst haben, aufgrund verschiedener Gründe. Das Makros aber helfen können, wenn man weiß wie man sie Programmiert, ist jedem Makronutzer bekannt. Wäre echt top, wenn wir gemeinsam hier für die FS-Community insb. der deutschen Playerbase nützliche Markos zeigen könnten, die dann den Spielern in Raids und Keys helfen. Hier mal ein neueres Video zum Thema Makros, es sind schon interessante Sachen dabei.
  12. This is a mini-guide for Hallow's End event. 1. The Headless Horseman Dungeon Finder During the event, you will find the option to queue for The Headless Horseman dungeon finder. Press I, then change Type into The Headless Horseman. This dungeon will allow you access to a cool mount and some 335 ilvl rings. The three following items, drop only from (daily reward from the dungeon): I have not seen them drop from the boss, at all, during my dungeon finder farm. On the other hand, the rings drop from the boss. So, feel free to farm them until you get two of them to (boost your ilvl). In order to make the farming easier for you, I decided to share my macros. First of all, select The Headless Horseman dungeon in the dungeon finder, then create the following two macros: /click LFDQueueFrameFindGroupButton /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton and /run LeaveParty() Finally, pull the two macros into your actionbars. Use the first macro to queue for the dungeon finder. When the queue pops, to confirm you are joining, click the macro again to confirm. After completing the dungeon, click the second macro, to leave the dungeon, then repeat. You only need to select the Headless Horseman dungeon once, after each login. Note that the boss can bug. So, you need to go and kill the head, until it returns to the boss, and then do it all over again. This may take up to six tries. Though, if you kill the head and the boss cannot be killed, you need to leave the dungeon and retry. You can queue for the boss at a very low level. If you have low level alts, farm the reward bag (for extra chances for the mount). Note that the drop chance for mount is really low. Feel free to farm the bag on multiple realms, if you want. If you acquire the mount and use it on legion, it will become available on BfA. Note: Do not attempt to merge the two macros above. This will result in you getting a deserter debuff. 2. Farming Tricky Treats is Hallow's End currency. You may use it to buy a lot of items: Do NOT waste the currency on: (can be acquired from buckets, reward bags, and bought from auction house). (can be bought from the shop, for loyalty points). (can be acquired from reward bags and it disappears after the event). (can be acquired from buckets and reward bags). Here is what I recommend you buy: Now, in order to farm the currency, you need to find the Hallow's End buckets on your maps. I have fixed the HandyNotes Hallows End addon to work for Firestorm. You need to download the base Handynotes addon first from: Download the version for current game client(s). If you don't know how, follow Alan's guide here: After that, download my fixed addon (download only one): Legion Version: Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1 Version: Install both the base Handynote addon and my addon, then run the game and you will be able to see the buckets on maps/world map. Note that once you get a bucket, it disappears from map. 3. The Title You can finally get the Hallowed title, this year, on BfA. You need this achievement for the title: Note: One of the quests, that is required for the achievement above, is bugged on legion: Though, do not worry. All you need to do, is finish the following achievement on BfA: Then, you would have the title on both legion and BfA. That is because the main achievement is account wide. P.S. This will most likely be my last guide, because of the toxic feedback, that I receive from some players regarding my guides (plus the lack of appreciation). If I receive positive feedback, I will reconsider.
  13. So, Since Legion has Arrived to our Beloved Firestorm Server Project, I have seen many People struggle to Find thier way to Level 110 With Questing in Azsuna, So i have decided, to make a Guide for People that do not know what to do with these quests, Or where to go. With this in Mind, I will not Implement Side quests, or Profession Quests. !TIP! If you want a easier Searching for a Quest that you dont understand, Use Left Ctrl + F which will bring a Search bar, Then type in the name of the quest you are looking for. !WARNING! Take in Mind, that these quests can Change any time gived, durning the Testing, Or overall State of the Realm, So i will try my best to keep this post up to a date! With that said, Lets get to the the good stuff shall we? Azsuna Azsuna is seperated into 5 Invidual Storylines, Which are necessary for the Achievment Completition : Part One: Behind Legion Lines Part Two: Defending Azurewing Repose Part Three Azsuna vs Azshara Part Four: Againts the Giants Part Five: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial The starting Quest has to be taken from your Class Oder hall Scouting Map. Tying Up Loose End Take the quest, Head to Dalaran,Krasus Landing, and talk with Khadgar. PART ONE: Behind Legion Lines Down to Azsuna! Stright forward quest, Take the quest, Talk to Khadgar, He will fly with you down to Azsuna, Quest done. Into the Fray Take the quest, Go down the path, Under a tent, Talk to Kayan Sunfury, Quest done. After Handing in this quest, You will be offerd 2 Another quests from Allari Souleather, And Jace Darkweaver. Demon Souls You get a Item , After you kill Demons, Put the Crystal down, It will absorb the souls of the Demons you have killed. If that dosent work, the Quest has been updated, in that case, Use the Item Before the Demon Dies, And then Finish off the Mobs while the Crystal is still up. Reignite the Wards Easiest quest ever. Around the Area, With butt load of Demons, There are 3 Wards, Find them, And click on them. They look like this The Scythe of Souls Simply followe Allari, Once you Accept the quest, She will Escort you to the Location for the quest. Once there, Talk with Allari again, You will see now 3 Green Shards infront of you, Simply do them in this oder - Left one -> Right one -> Middle one. You do not need to Follow the Oder, But its going to make your Gameplay Experience Better, From Within Simply go to Vanquish Point, on the other side of the Broken Bridge, or just follow the Mark on your Map, Hand in quest. !WARNING! Take in Mind, That you need to have a NPC Called Kor'vas, or just (Demon Hunter), following you, If you dont, Go back to the Original Kor'vas back at Vanquish Point, and Talk with her, You need her to turn-in quests. Fel Machinations In "Legion Camp: Chaos" area, Demon Hunters are Imprisoned by the Demons, They are stunned under a Green Shard. Clicking on it, You will free them. Saving Stellagosa Head to the Location "Legion Camp: Ruin" , Walk down the path, and you will See Imprisoned Drake. Walk near it, to complete the first Objective, Once that is done, Walk back the path up, and head Right, Find a Jailer NPC called Lykill. Kill him, and he will drop a Key. Once you Pick it up, Walk back to the Drake, There should be 3 Crystals Nearby her. (YES ITS HER, OMG A FEMALE DRAKE). Use them, and Free her. Once that is done, Hand in the Quest to Kor'vas. Dark Revelations Upon leaving "Legion Camp: Ruin", Head Left the Path, up to Traitor's Overlook. Once there, Walk around untill both Cordana and Nightglaive are Spawned, Once that Happens, Cordana will start talking, and eventually, you will be able to Attack Nightglaive, Once you kill her, Nearby should be Stellagosa, Click on her to return back to the Camp. (Clicking on the Drake is Option, You can walk there by your own.) -> But, Who would do that? LOL. PART TWO: Defending Azurewing Repose Journey to the Repose Once quest is taken, Head to Azurewing Repose. Simply hand in the quest. The Death of the Eldest Behind Senegos, There should be a Giant cave, Head there. Kill some Burrowing Leyworms, untill you get 6x Crackling Leyworm Core. Head back outside the cave, Go near the Pool in which Senegos is Resting, and press the Special Button, that will appear in middle of your Screen. Then Hand in the quest. Agapanthus Nearby, there will be a Young Whelping named Emmigosa with a Next quest. Simple hand in quest. Following the road, NPC Ahapanthus will appear. Hand in the quest. Thier Dying Breaths Behind Agapanthus, There is a Small cave,In which are located Cracked Ley Crystals. Loot 4 of them, and then head back to Agapanthus, Infront of him lier 4 Wounded Whelpwings, Simply click on them to heal them. The one on the Left side, will Die, and Give you an Item Grievously Wounded Whelpling. Once you have done all this. Head back to Senegos to Hand in the quest. At this point, You will be offerd two different Quests: "Those who Remeber" Which leads to another Storyline, Chasing the Tidestone, and Quest "The Last of the Last", which continues Defending Azurewing Repose I will continue from here with the Defending Azurewing Repose Storyline The Last of the Last Head to Azurewing Whelplands, and Hand in the quest. The Consumed Near the Whelpling you picked the quest from should be a Shard. Pick up the item from it, and head Left, following the road across the bridge, and then Left again Upwards the Hill. You will find alot of Mana-Drained Whelplings. Simply click on them, and Revive them. The Witherd Simply slay Witherd Exiles at the same place where the Mana-Drained Whelplings were. Around this area, Stellegosa should have a next quest for you. Runas the Shamed Around the Are where the quests The Witherd and The Consumed are, You will find Stellagosa. Once you take the quest. Head futher following the road, then turn Left, into a Small cave. Inside, You will find Runas. Damage him untill he surenders, and will Follow you. Once that is done. Head back to the Mark on the Map. Runas knows the way Simply mount up, and follow Runas, to the next quest area. The Hunter Returns Head down the road, And Kill Nightfallen Hungerer and Nightfallen Overseers untill you get 4 Charged Mana Jewels Leyline Abuse Around the area. There are located 2 NPCs Simply kill them, and hand the quest in. You Scratch My Back You are required to use A Special spell, that appears in middle of your screen, To Destory 3 Leyline Paylons. Simply use the Spell near those Pylons, Quest complete This quest will take couple of times, Sometimes, The spell does not register for it. The Nightborne Prince In the Area, there is a Tower, Walk up to in, In there, Should be a Nightborne Prince, Which name i am not going to try to type. After you Damage him enough, He runs away. Walk to the Balcony, and Stellagosa should be waiting for you there. Still Alive Simply talk to Stellagosa, She will fly with you back to Senagos. Feasting on the Dragon Simply slay 15 Witherd NPCs around the area. On the Brink Locate 4 different NPCs. and use the Radiant Ley Crystal on them to Heal them Berazus is located on the Right of the Road in the small Cave. Cedonu is located near the Flightpath Point Emmigos is nearby the pool Kharmeera is located nearby the pool Cursed to Wither Head down the road, Stright forward into the giant cave. Behind the Rock in the middle, Is Located Runas. Hand in the quest. Hunger's End Walk out of the cave, And you will see Orbyth. Slay him, and The Nightborne prince will come down, Slay him also, and then Hand in the quest back to Senegos. PART THREE: Azsuna versus Azshara Those who Remember Follow the Objectvie mark on the Map, Untill you run into NPC Called Nightwathcer Idril, hand in the quest. They came from the Sea Kill few nagas around the area, and One Ugly Naga, that drops a Head, loot it, hand in. Simple eh?. Prince Farondis Mount up and Follow Nightwatcher Idri to the next Quest Hub. Our Very Bones Head down to the Beach, near the area, and Slay some Murlocks, untill you have collected all the Bones, then head back and turn in. Trailing the Tidestone Simply follow Prince Farondis, and make sure he dosent die :3 Nar'thalas Still Suffers Follow the road straight, Once you see a Giant balcony, Walk on the stiars upwards, And head into a giant Building, Athissia is Located there. The Walk of Shame Simply escort Prince Farondis once again. DO NOT LEAVE HIM, OR QUEST WILL NOT COUNT, THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT AGAIN! Into the Academy Walk inside the Academy, Jump to the Lower level, Hand the quest in. Hit the Books Head back upstairs, where you came from, Around this area, 3 Ancient Books should be floating around, Slay them. Or maybe you can read them? If you are the chosen one. Or Brave enough to do so. Careful! They bite. Dressing with Class Collect some Items around the area. To Dress your self as one of the students. Locations can be found below. The Haunted Halls Turn left, Open the door and head downstairs. Wanding 101 Simply slay the Training Dummies. Simple as that! No magic Involved. AND STOP WANDING ME FOR GOD SAKE. Study Hall: Combat Research Pick up the Books one by one in this oder, and invidualy put them on the table next to the Quest Giver. Encyclopedia Azsunica Courtship Rituals of the Skrog Draconic Compendium Volume III Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing Not working! *SADFACE* The Headmistress' Keys A Magical Barrier nearby will come down once you accept the quest. Head in there, Talk with Elya Azuremoon, and teach her something new! Once that is done. Head back upstairs and talk with Thyrillion. The Tidestone: Shatterd Turn right, and open the door, Walk downstairs, and Collect Tidestone shards around the area, then hand in the quest to Tidestone Core located in the same room. Once you hand in, Athissa will freeze you and teleport you. After that, Prince Farondis will come to To Rescue you. and give you the next quest Save yourself !WARNING! Sometimes, You wont be able to grab the next quest. Just move around a bit, He should appear again. Once you manage to get hold of the quest, Talk with Prince Farondis again. Once you spawn as Prince Farondis, Walk to the Academy, Untill this Script happens. Follow the naga to the next point, Damage Athissia, Untill she dissapears, And then Follow the Mark on the Map. Once you get to the cave, Stay there for a bit untill Azshara will appear, You must stay untill the end for the Objective to complete. Once that happens,Head in the cave and Turn iin the quest! The Head of the Snake Head outside the cave,and turn Right. Walk to the next Objective point on the Map, Nearby will be Athissia, THis time. Kill her. Once that is down, Walk down the stairs and Hand in the quest! Congratz! You are nearly there. Just two short Storylines to go! Dont give up! PART FOUR: Againts the Giants Bottled Up Remember killing those Poor (Not really) Murlocks? To get the Night elf Bones from them? Well, They drop a Quest item Which will lead you to another Amazing Adventure in Azsuna! Once you Get this item, Right click on it, and accept it. Then return to in the Building where you met Prince Farondis for the first time. Infiltrating Shipwrecked Arena Follow the Mark on the Map to complete the quest. Boss Whalebelly's in Charge Follow the Wall to the right, Untill you see Boss Whalebelly. Talk to him, No harm done by talking to strangers, right?. No Time for Tryouts Ooker Dooker is located in this small cave. Not the big one Behind Okuna! Let Sleeping Giants Lie Behind the Sleeping Giants as show on the screenshot, Is a chest. Go and Loot it, But be careful! Try to not wake the Giant up!. Sternfathom's Chamption See the Shipwrecked Ship in the Distance? Thats where you next Questgiver is. Morale Booster Head back to Okuna, And behind him is a Giant cave, Enter it and inside you will find Ooka Dooker. Talk with her, and then hand in the quest. Round 1, Fight! Talk with Sternfathom and let him throw you into the arena, Once that is done, Wait a little untill Bilgerudder throw you an Worthy Oponent. Kill all 3 NPCs that will dare to Oppose you!. Once that is done, Head Behind the Ship, where a cave is located, Head in there an Find a bag lying around. The Right Weapon for the Job Use the Item nearby Shipwrecked Captives to arm them. Then head into a Cave like this. Once there, Find Okuna in a Cage on the Left of the Entrance. !WARNING! Do not click on the Cage yet, You will break the quest. The Prince is Going Down Upon accpeting the quest, Click on the cage to free Okuna, then wait untill he comes out, and then attack Once he is dead, Head downhill from the cave, Okuna will be wiating there. PART FIVE: Mak'rana and the Fate of the Queen's Repsial Making the World Safe for Profit Head to the Quest objective area, Slay some Mutated Goblins and crabs. Once you done that, you will have to find a underwater cave entrance. Once inside, you will find a Demon Jailer and A Queen Crab. Attack the Demon, Untill he Bubbles him self. them Kill the crab, and finish off the demon once he drops his Bubble. Martime Law Head twoards the Quest Objective on the map. The Captain's Foot Locker Inside the ship, Just behind the quest Taker. Head to the lowest part of the ship. and you will find a chest inside. Hand in the quest. and take the next one. Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Use your and head to Either Windrunner's Sanctuary (Horde) or Greyfang Enclave (Alliance). Hand in the quests and you are done! Congratulations! You have earned your self a Achievment, Which means you have done all the Main Storyline quests in Azsuna! But that does not mean that your jurney is over! There are still plenty of Sidequests to do! Hoped you had fun, And see you soon. In the Battles ahead.
  14. Hello there Gul'danians and WoD enthusiasts. I write to you today to tell you of the wiki I have written on your behalf. A wiki and series of guides designed to make you a badass mofo faster than everyone else. To give you the tips and tricks you need to impress your friends and the ladies/gentlemen in your life. Here you will find a collection of information unique to Firestorm and written with you in mind. Follow my paved road and become strong.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm new on this server and I started a Dwarf Warrior with the Fury spec. Now I'm at 110 with 840-860 Item level don't remember exactly. I've noticed that I do low dps compared to a friend who play Hunter with the MM spec and he had lowest item level then mine. There are problems with the Warrior itself? It's the rotation? Can you explain or create a guide to play better my class? Thanks.
  16. FAQ

    Greetings all, so I have not written a guide in a while, now. I recently came back to Firestorm after I stopped playing for long time. This guide will focus on frequently asked questions that are asked between now and then. I hope I get edit permission on this thread, because this guide will be work in progress. So, let us start. 1. I cannot trade or send items gold to anyone even between my characters. What do I do? You probably got the legion torrent. So, you need to delete some files off it, to be able to trade or send items items. Here is what you need to do Quit your World of Warcraft legion client, and make sure it is closed. Go to your World of Warcraft Legion folder. Browse to the Interface folder. Delete everything that is inside the Interface folder with the exception of two folders named Addons and FrameXML. Read carefully. You need to keep both Addons and FrameXML folders. Go inside the FrameXML folder and delete everything, and keep only the two files named HelpFrame.lua and HelpFrame.xml. That is it. Start the game and enjoy. 2. I have downloaded the game from the torrent and every time I start the game, it says CAS Error. What to do? You need to do the following Go to your World of Warcraft folder and right click it. Uncheck the Read Only option then confirm. Start the game and enjoy. 3. My legion client does not keep the settings that I have selected after quitting the game. I do not have any sound ingame. What do? Apply the settings you want ingame. Quit your WoW client completely. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder. Browse to the WTF. Copy the file. Go back to the World of Warcraft main folder and paste the file there overwriting the file there, if there is one there already. Start the client and enjoy. Keep in mind that each time you change the settings, you need to repeat those steps all over again. 4. Legion has slow loading screens. Please no more. Browse to your World of Warcraft folder and find the file. Open the file using notepad. Scroll to the last line. Move to the last letter of the last line and hit enter. Add the following line and then save the file and start the game and enjoy. SET worldPreloadNonCritical "0" 5. I no longer see the NPCs in Dalaran. Help me, please. Press L to open your quests log. Find the quest you just took that is marked Suramar. Drop that quest. Enjoy. 6. I cannot get credit for this world quest, Please halp me. First of all, log out and back in. That fixes most of the issues with world quests. If that does not help, go to your quest log by pressing L, then drop the quests you do not need especially the battleground quests. If that does not help, keep an eye on the quest displayed on the tracking. There is one boss that spawns in one spot but the quest does not give you credit unless you move the boss to another spot. If you keep an eye on the tracking, you will see that the quest becomes activated when you move the boss to a different area. if that does not help, you need to YouTube the quest and watch how it is done. There are some bosses that require you to click an NPC nearby to activate them. 7. I have a profession quest and it is not working for me. Though, I see that people who got the reward spell associated with it. How? Are they hackers? There are some quests that require you to kill bosses or mobs for some item(s). The drop rate for those quest items are pretty low. So, you need to keep killing those mobs over and over until the item drops for you. If that is not it, you should know that there are mobs and dungeon bosses that drop recipes with higher ranks. Feel free to kill mobs while doing world quests and do dungeons. If that does not help, then ask on world 8. How do I unlock my third relic on my artifact weapon. You need 25 traits to unlock the third relic. If you still did not unlock by 25 traits, simply log out and back it. That solves it. 9. I cannot do the "Save Yourself" quest at all. Is my NPC possessed or something? I have written a mini guide on how to do that quest with the current combat bug. Find the guide on this same section. Follow the steps. Enjoy. 10. How do unlock my Tier 3 garrison. The tier 3 garrison is currently disabled because it is not scripted. People copying their characters from WoD would notice they got tier 3 garrison, though its actually empty with nothing to do. If you are copying a character from WoD make sure it is at tier 2. 11. I just reached level 110. How do I get gear now. Go to your class hall. If you do not know what that is, google *yourclass* class hall. Then, find out how to reach it. After going to your class hall, explore it until you find the NPC that sells gear. Buy the gear from there and start doing world quests. 12. I do not have much gold. Where do I farm gold please. There are some old raids that you can use to farm gold. You can go to Heart of Fear 10 and kill all trash mobs and loot them then sell the gear and items that drop from there. You can go to Firelands raid and do the same. Make sure you do not kill any bosses or you will be saved. After reaching the first boss, simply go out reset and redo the raid, killing trash over and over. 13. I want to make gold but I do not want to just farm trash. I want moar gold. What do? Get some gathering professions and start farming stuff then sell it on the auction house. Get some crafting professions and make stuff and sell it on auction house. Farm low level dungeons and find some cool looking gear items and sell them at a high price at auction house 14. Halp me please, Some people are whispering me with "gold please" and gold scams. What do I do? Sometimes ignoring those people would help. Though, we all know that they can create other characters and start all over again. The only way I know to combat those "gold plis" and "gold sell" people is by a means of an addon.This addon is called BadBoy, Get the main addon from here: Get this extra addon from here: Quit your WoW client completely. Install both of the addons into your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder. Start the client and log in. Type this command at your chat: /badboy Hit enter and you will see the addon menu popping up. Feel free to modify the levels of which the people are allowed to whisper you. You can specify the levels for all classes, demon hunters, and death knights. I have personally put 100 on all three. I no longer get any gold spam at all since those gold beggars are mostly under level 100. Whenever they whisper you, they receive a message that they must be at level x to be able to whisper you. Enjoy. 15. I cannot ress my corpse. What do I do. I have tried everything. You can use the website to unstuck yourself. You can try using the .st command ingame, too. Sometimes traveling to the next map allows you to use the healer there to ress with sickness, too. 16. This spell is not available to you. How do I fix that. A simple relog fixes that. This happens when you switch to another spec. 17. Sometimes when I switch to a different spec I lose my actionbar setup or some of the actions. Why? WHY? Fear no more. You do not have to worry about this issue anymore. Get this WoW addon named ProfilesActionBars: Install the addon check your new minimap icon. Use it to save the actionbars for the spec. Go to the second spec and save the actionbars again for that spec. Whenever you lose some actions simply use the addon to restore the actionbar setup. Well done. 18. An addon X is not working for me. What do I do? You need to get the version that supports our current client which is currenlty 7.1.5. Sometimes even the 7.2 addons work, though start with 7.1.5. On Curse you can click the "Other Files" tab to find old versions. 19. I have a problem X that I cannot solve. What to do. Log out and back in. If that does not help, quit the client completely then go to your WoW folder and delete the Cache folder in there. Then start the WoW client. If that does not help, make a ticket to ask a game master for help. 20. How can I level crafting professions fast? There is an NPC in Ashran for every crafting profession that sells a WoD book for 100g. Buy the book from that NPC and learn it. Start leveling your profession with WoD mats at 10+ 5+ 3+. 21. I cannot loot the chest in this dungeon. Why? Most of the time this happens when you are in combat. Go pull some mobs and die. Have someone ress you. Open the chest(s). Well done. More questions coming later.
  17. Hello! I've seen quite a few people who are stuck on the quest "Save Yourself" in Azsuna. And so, I wanted to create a quite small tutorial on how to complete / do it. I've recorded a video of how to simply do it. Video: 1. Once you get ported as Prince Farondis, you will most likely start to walk slowly, automatically. Hit your slash button in order to walk normal again, the / button. You will then walk forward in a straight line until Prince Farondis does his animation and will automatically approach to the academy and hide behind a rock. You will then see your body being dragged, if you don't see your body you will have to re-take the quest but there is 95% chance that you will see your body most likely. 2. You will then follow Athissa and Parjesh slowly, once they stop, start attacking Athissa until she will no longer take any damage then you will begin running to the hideout(the cave). 3. Once you are at the hideout; do not enter just yet. Stand in front of it and wait for the vision of queen azshara to appear. Once she appears let the emotes do their job and when she disappears that is your sign to proceed and walk into the cave and talk to yourself in order to complete the quest.
  18. Race Gems Enchants Reforge Professions Talents Glyphs Symbiosis Ability Breakdown:So you've chosen your talents, picked your glyphs and got the gear; but now what? How do you kill people, and what can you do to survive? Before we can get to that we have to narrow down the following: Buffs and Debuffs Combo-Generating Abilities Combo-Finishing Abilities Defensive Cooldowns Offensive Cooldowns Crowd Control Damage and Survival: Your Opener Dealing Damage Surviving Macros Add-ons 3v3 comps Replays from s15 3000+ rating 3v3:
  19. Races Gems Enchantments Reforges Professions Talents Macros Comps for 3v3 Video Guides:
  20. Races Gems Enchantments Reforges Professions Talents Macros Comps for 3v3 Video Guides:
  21. 3% hit -> agility -> mastery-> crit -> haste Video version: Video Guide
  22. 3% hit -> agility -> mastery-> crit -> haste Video version: Video Guide
  23. Talent choices/Glyphs Reforging, Gearing and Gems Races Tips and Tricks Comps Macros Final Notes
  24. Talent choices/Glyphs Reforging, Gearing and Gems Races Tips and Tricks Comps Macros Final Notes