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Found 24 results

  1. Hi.. well.. i didn't write a guide during retail for this but since i know how my felow drooods like the felbear form in this server lets make them all have it fast and easy i'll try and make things simple and basic so any type of players with any kind of setup can use it easy.. first of all open your talent pane and create a "new loadout" for MGT >> after its done and saved select your new MGT loadout and clear all actione bars and everything. we'll just have what we need for this challenge on the screen and on the bars. open macros pane ( /m ) and create these macros and put them on your action bars: MGT-1 MGT-2 MGT-3 MGT-4 MGT-5 MGT-6 MGT-7 Rg Brst (example talent build) (example setup) (example action keys) Phase1 : you'll start with HoTW and moonfire the boss1 you'll mainly just spam MGT-2 keybind all the time during P1 , MGT-2 will keep shooting boss with moonfire while automaticly clear any eye adds spawn so you don't need to care about them just keep running around boss and do not go insid the decay circle when boss cast drain life (the DBM alert sound will say "intrupt") press MGT-1 keybind and then move out of circle When "Nether Horrors" spawn Press MGT-5 and pack them up then press (MGT-4 + Thrash) falowed by Typhoon, if anything went wrong just cast massintanglment to root them and get away. ( use Rg / frenzy regen ) if something went wrong to heal up. you won't need to use up any holy orbs and will keep them for P2. Rg keybind will spend the clear cast regrowth proc while making sure you won't shift out of bear by mistake if you hold the key long or press more Repeat till Boss1 die and phase2 starts: Phase2 : Press Brst keybind and spam Mgt6 + Mgt7 in melee range and Mgt3 at range from boss when DBM alarm tells to intrupt press same key as P1 >> Mgt-1 when Dbm alarm tells Defensive if you are full HP and have bark rdy to use then pop defensives+heals, if not use 1xHoly orb you can ignore the beams, don't let them distract you from what you're doing. do not stand in green podels they kill fast. when "Nether Horrors" spawn, same as P1 >>> Mgt4+Thrash flowed by typhoon (typhoon will also knock back boss and slow it) when you train this once you'll see your fingers will get use to press same combo keys at same situations and you won't have to even think about the reactions. just put them in right places that you'll use them confirtable or customize as you wish. (example result data) Good luck. o / (( about this fight and all the fel on ground and everywhere if you had trouble with staying out of podels becasue your screen gets busy.. there is a vendor at darkmoon camp forest next to where moonfang spawns. she sells a potion that will have the black light effect. using it will darken the screen for abit and give all those fel podells a nice shiny flourescent effect with makes them super easy to notice and dodge ))
  2. Where is the Moonkin form? I managed to get level 10 on my druid, and chose the Balance DPS specialty, which automatically turns into Chicken. However, whether you become a cat or a bear, there is no way for you to return to Moonkin form. The ability to use and place it on the Action Bars does not appear, is this a bug? needs to be fixed urgently. Just look at the images I'm going to put here, notice that it doesn't exist, even though I chose the balance druid specialty.
  3. Hi, i'm about to write the same book as jason did about "The list of players who are more knowledgeable than me". I just wanted to inform you that it will be published soon. Footnote: Translated versions into all living and dead languages of the world, including Spanish, French, etc., will also be printed. We are currently waiting on translators.
  4. I put the Druid tank specialization, and the Guardian's main defense doesn't appear! Where is the Ironfur skill? What a buggy thing!
  5. Where is the Moonkin form? I managed to get level 10 on my druid, and chose the Balance DPS specialty, which automatically turns into Chicken. However, whether you become a cat or a bear, there is no way for you to return to Moonkin form. The ability to use and place it on the Action Bars does not appear, is this a bug? needs to be fixed urgently. Just look at the images I'm going to put here, notice that it doesn't exist, even though I chose the balance druid specialty.
  6. Hello guys, iam making a repoort of the Druid Talent Lycara's Teaching , this talent is not giving any percent of celerity in Arena specific. You recive the other buffs, except the celerity one.
  7. hey everyone O/ today we want to talk about guardian druid for a bit, How was it before and what changes have been made and what is its status now and how will it be. In short, despite all the new changes, we were severely nerfed, and the only reason is that TNOW was removed from the druid's ability cycle. was Druid most powerfull legendary power in all PVE and PVP senario's with only one conditional exeption. the one exeption was when there was a mechanics which negate healing recived such as or similar effects.. only then, would take the lead. But Discussions were about that Some believed that TNOW is unable to prevent HP loss and that it just can compensat for lost HP head on, which is a weakness for tanking AOE and M+ PVE. Therefore, they concluded that Ursoc's Fury was the best option. Or TNOW not able to produce bulk power and has low damage output for PVP content, Therefore, they concluded that was the best option. While all the mentioned points are correct and acceptable. In the End, they are still unable to compete with TNOW ability, And I will explain the reasons separately. in PVE, there was no dupt about TNOW tanking ST Boss fights. But for M+ and AOE tanking let's examine the differences. The reason why Ursoc's Fury was not able to compete with TNOW was its strong dependence on Agility(gear ilvl) and too many "EXTERNAL factors" such as the number of targets available and how many are in the distance covered by Thrash or the skills and performance of other players in the party, especially the healers, and soooo on... without doubt it was a nice power when it's about boosting total dmg output of the party and hardcore runs. but In this comparison, we do not consider ideal, predetermined and coordinated conditions or harcore races. Our vision is a general vision that remains reliable and superior in all possible circumstances despite all unforeseen and unexpected problems. TNOW has always been independent, self-centered and connected to the core of Guardian Druid, that is, The fact that (which turns into 30% damage reduction using TNOW) was still applicable even when you were stunned or somehow lost control of the hero played a very important role in this matter. with all talents and conduits being set you could barkskin every 12 seconds which would cast two FREE Frenzied Regeneration (which is a % type heal and directly connected to total HP and Mastery, also increases healing recieved by +20%) at it's start and end, while also giving two free ironfur with them. and you still had your own 2 charges of Frenzied Regeneration to cast inbetwin or stack on top of them. puting together all details and the fact of how guardian druid mastry and versa system affects all that, it was a GOD MODE healing chain, and just incase some players still concearned about preventing HP loss, TNOW was also able to do that in an independent and reliable way, using from nightfae Dreamweaver soulbind tree (which also adds the DW cheat death ability), this buff would work in an special way for guardian druid and would act Separately, stacked, and simultaneously from any other Empowered Chrysalis buffs recieved from other players with NF-DW sb. what made it special or the actual real special factor was the second part of the first line at guardian druid core "Increases and healing received by X%". which converts portion of ANY and EVERY healing you recieve from ALL kinds of sources into "your own abilities and spells being used" which basically means converting all that into a Proc Trigger factory. so once you get the Empowered Chrysalis buff, you'd notice that the 5 second timer on it would Continuously refresh while keeps filling up towards its cap absorb value (laters they applied a hotfix to this but still we had many ways around it) and that made TNOW being able to produce absob shild "Continuously and independent" from external factors and conditions and keep charging it up. even later changes into that didn't affect its performance because of rapid casts of frenzy regen coming back to back to charg up the shild. Also the same thing applies to from venthyr-General draven sb (which was a more advanced and op build) or even the from a trinket in the past with some tricky builds and combinations.. OR.. so many other different examples, but for now, we will not go father than this into the details of this case. well about PVP (We exclude the arena from this, cause the sleeper beast involved and ruled that part) At Open world warmode or BG's and EPIC BG's, while TNOW still retained its defensive prowess, but was not far behind in offensive power as well thanks to (which also is part of the Big Nerf that i was talking about cause its also been removed at DF), after what we talked above about frenzy factory, now in pvp it would also produce insane amounts of rage that you could never ever go low on rage to spam (which is also an spell connected to mastery) and yes even using Maul+ironfur together wouldn't make you feel like going low on rage at all! and there is also ofcorse. so what we had was A production Factory of "FREE": Rage, frenzy heals and ironfur and Brambles, which could not be stopped even with stun's and CC's. And this was only a small piece of a big picture that would eventually emerge by putting all the other pieces together. Ofcourse, I only briefly mentioned the important points, and much more lies in the heart of these topics.. If I want to go into the details of the related structures and topics, it will take a lot of time and writing. So for now, this is enough to know that "TNOW structure" was really the superior power, and removing it, along with changes to number of other pieces, gave us the biggest nerf. which will demand into serious and fundamental changes in our builds and playstyle and our views. 07 Well, enough of the history lessons, about Dragonflight... :D I know that you are all excited about the changes and the new atmosphere, and I am not going to disturb it with spoils :D So for now, lets start exploring and experiencing these new conditions together. and keep discusions for near or after the endgame. ;) ... .... .. Or it's just... I.. had such a thought in my mind.. But then, it was that puny mortal who dared to doubt in guardian druid being undeniably the King of Solo. He asked what single-target ability it might have to deal massive damage (even committed to asking questions..!!!) this leaves me no choice.. but i promise not to spoil the fun parts so we can discover them and so much more together.. ;) I will quickly and very briefly mention some of the points of interest: in general whats our main engine when it comes to dealing aoe damage? whats the magic that fuels up all that awsome DoTs? Haste. when its about fueling DoTS, haste is unrivaled. so thats the tipical combination we all know: haste + vers for AoE and M+ haa..!! who knows..! One of our problems in DF is the limitation in having a diverse build "at a time" depending on how the activity type might chang. i mean being set and ready to ST or AOE or pvp or pve or raids and M+ "at a time" isn't that much posible and easy anymore. luckily that puny mortals only concern was about a ST ability dmg output so i will leave this here and skip into ST damage part.. when its about ST, Mastery: Nature's Guardian plays a big role in many ways. specialy the way AP affects the math at many factors: i'll put together one example meshup of "mastery stacked ST build" To convey my meaning better: -4Set Bonus: Maul/Raze damage increased by 20% and Blah blah..., stacking >>>"five"<<< times. -Mangle and Maul cause an Infected Wound in the target, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 12 sec. -Maul and Raze have an additional 30% chance to critically strike. -An empowered cast of Maul or Raze deals 40% increased damage, >>>"costs 100% less rage"<<<, and reduces the target's damage to you by 15% for 6 sec. -Mangle increases the damage of your next cast of Maul or Raze, and Blah Blah.. by 15%. >>>"Stacks up to 3"<<<. -An improved Bear Form that grants Blah Blah... Lasts 30 sec. increasing haste by 15%, and >>>"reducing the rage cost of Maul by 50%"<<< and some more Blah Blah.. -Unleashes Rage of the Sleepe Prevents 25% of all damage you take, >>>"increases damage done by 15%"<<<, grants 25% leech, and >>"reflects (47.25% of Attack power)"<< Nature damage back at your attackers. -Lunar beam Summons Blah.. >>>increasing your "mastery" by (21 * $mas)%,<<< dealing [(10.647% of Attack power) * 8] Arcane damage and healing you for [(100% of Attack power) * 8] over 8 sec. -and some more perma increased dmg and status pices such as "Killer Instinct:Physical damage and Armor increased by 6%" and Alpha Challenge and PVP trinkets and Soooo on.. And the results be like: again i must note, much more lies in the heart of these topics.. but hey lets just have fun and discover them together
  8. Hello, (TL;DR below) Some pre-story: The Werebear Form seems to be something which was available during the Legion expansion for Guardian Druids, unlocked by playing/advancing in the "Mage Tower". In Shadowlands this "Mage Tower" is no longer present, so this skin is unobtainable. How it looks: I heard from some players that you can download any of the old expansions from The Firestorm Launcher, play on that specific server, and whatever you do/win in the old expansions will be reflected in your account on the Shadowlands server. Before wasting time to level up a toon and grinding the Mage Tower for this skin - only to find out that this might not work at all => I wanted to ask you if this is actually possible and this is how it was ment to work? This kind of makes sense and explains why all these old-expansion servers are kept alive, even though almost no one plays there. TL;DR If I download the Legion expansion via the Firestorm Launcher > create and level up a new Guardian Druid > Play the Mage Tower > Unlock the Werebear Form => Will this skin also become available on my Shadowlands account? Also, should I do anything additional to "link" my SL and Legion accounts, or logging in with the same user/pass is enough? P.S. I have already obtained the Artifact Weapon for Guardian Druids in Shadowlands > Transmogged my weapon into it > The Barber only has "Guradian of The Glade" available for it: Thanks in advance for any input into this matter. BR.
  9. Hello, Since I'm banned on discord i have no choice but to spam here PLEASE FIX THOOOOOOOOOOORNS
  10. Whenever I go to Dalaran, Hamuul keeps appearing. He says "I'll meet you there as soon as you conclude you business in Dalaran", and then keeps following me. If i walk around long enough, he will spawn again. Iv'e had like 3 Hamuuls following me at one point. He's supposed to start the Summons from Moonglade questline, but nothing happens. How do I fix this? Is this a normal occurrence?
  11. well, I went back to Legion to finish my mage tower and then got completed it just yesterday, but when I tried to use Archdruid's Lunarwing Form on BFA it won't show up on my travel form, I went to Moonglade and Dreamgroove to get to Skycaller Faeb to switch on but it seems she's not there, I asked some dudu they told me they got it when they completed mage tower, I don't know if theres something wrong on my character or it must got bugged since I used Glyphs of sentinel owl... Please I hope you can help me
  12. Hi guys, Out of 10 artifact appearances I have on my artifact weapon, only 4 (3 are different colors of the same appearance) of them is available as feral and for guardian only 3 is available for tmog, I tried relogging, changing spec,... but nothing works. Anyone knows a solution?
  13. Hello I finally completed the broken shore questline and got the first quest for the druid class mount questline "Talon's call", I'm supposed to go to my class hall and talk to Thisalee Crow, but she is nowhere to be found.I searched for her everywhere but all that is showing is the question mark on my minimap, the npc just isn't there.I have her as one of my followers but she isn't on any missions or anything.I tried everything logging out and back, restarting the game, abandoning the quest and accepting it again, nothing helped.How can I get her to appear?
  14. Enidrc - Alliance Druid Do NOT group with this individual for any sort of dungeon or mythic. He joined as a Tank for a Mythic 2. Downed first boss and then left after laughing at the party. Troll Princess.
  15. Hello, I am new to the server, more or less, and I was wondering if the druid heals aren't broken, in terms of being way too weak. I am running a level 63 currently druid, which is full of heirlooms that should be fine for this spec, however..I cannot seem to cope with the healing. The heals over time barely do anything, the spellcasts as well. I can barely keep a tanked topped off and my mana runs out super quickly because without spamming regrowth(which barely heals for 640 currently and it barely covers 13% of my hp) the tank would die, only from a boss. So here I am..just wondering if this isn't a bug or..i don't know.. I hope someone will be able to give me an answer, before I appeal for support from the staff. Thank you!
  16. So far ive been looking for guides, watching videos and on reddit to improve the damage dealt for balance druid in legion and im squizing only 800k dps in raids while other classes get 1.1m-1.3m at ilvl 930+ people wont get me in mythic dungeons just for that and keep telling me to change spec. is no one aware of this?
  17. Hi, Can someone tell me how this priest can run around and 1-shot me in battlegrounds? Im playing on a 921 resto druid on sylvanas, and I don't understand how his attack can hit me for that amount of damage.
  18. Race Gems Enchants Reforge Professions Talents Glyphs Symbiosis Ability Breakdown:So you've chosen your talents, picked your glyphs and got the gear; but now what? How do you kill people, and what can you do to survive? Before we can get to that we have to narrow down the following: Buffs and Debuffs Combo-Generating Abilities Combo-Finishing Abilities Defensive Cooldowns Offensive Cooldowns Crowd Control Damage and Survival: Your Opener Dealing Damage Surviving Macros Add-ons 3v3 comps Replays from s15 3000+ rating 3v3:
  19. 1 RACES 2 ROTATION 3. TALENTS & GLYPHS 4. GEARING UP 5. Reforge, Gem, Enchant & Professions 6. VIABLE ARENA COMPS Diminishing Returns list: 7. TRICKS 7.1 STRATEGIES 7.2 Different builts 8. Addons & Macros
  20. Hello everyone. I have reported this issue twice in the bug tracker but keeps getting closed. People seem to think that the Dreamwalk spell for druids does not return the caster back to the original location where it was first cast, which is completely incorrect. If you got to wowhead (, the top comment explicitly states: So for the love of Thrall, stop saying that Dreamwalk is working as intended because it simply is not, and stop closing the bug reports as resolved when it clearly is not.
  21. Maybe this will get attention posted in general discussion too.... Feral bugs: General: There is a weird interaction between direct damage spells(Shred, swipe, brutal slash, ferocious bite) and opponent's armor. Most of the time spells deal half damage of the listed tooltip. For example Shred on tooltip=120k, in reality=60k, crit for 120k. Note: This damage reduction does not happen 100% of times, but it happens very often. Energy regeneration does not seem to be affected by haste. Spells: Entangling roots - animation/particles are bugged, sometimes they dont show while target is rooted. Rake - sometimes unable to cast on arena(maybe only arena bug?) Talents: Guardian affinity - bear spells are not learnt upon picking talent. Moment of clarity - should affect 3 spells, affects only 1. Bloodtalons - does not function at all. Honor talents(i am only 20 honor level so i cant really test all of them): Protector of the grove - Regrowth does not 100% critically strike on ally. Golden Traits: Shadow thrash - doesnt work. Open wounds - can not be reliably tested due to general armor interaction bug mentioned above, probably doesn't work(?). Ashamane's bite - doesn't work. Major 1/1 traits: Protection of Ashamane - doesnt work Scent of Blood - doesnt work
  22. Hello!, I was looking at the web site, forum and youtube and I can't find how to get Fandral's Seed Pouch ( the fire-storm server, I love druids and would like to get it, can anyone help me?
  23. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!
  24. Prowl bugs in pvp and even in pve , when i use it in bgs , ashran or even in world it bugs out and don't let me use it again after i leave stealth it says that this ability is not ready yet ...the ability just stays dark like when u are in combat Night elf racial don't work in ashran, when i use it to escape from a mob nothing happens, i mean it put me in invis but i don't leave combat and the mob just keep atacking me , and in pve i cant get out of combat when there is no DoTs or mobs on me just i go invisible but still in combat , in arenas the same