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    • Otacon

      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
    • Melfela

      International Game Master Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings! The Firestorm International Staff is currently looking for Game Masters! Here you can see the state of recruitment for each expansion: Oribos, our Shadowlands realm : OPENED Sethraliss, our Battle for Azeroth realm: OPENED Sylvanas & Greymane, our Legion realms: OPENED Garrosh, our Mists of Pandaria realm: OPENED  
      What is a Game Master ?

      A Game Master's role is to help players, to guide them in their journey and to make sure that everyone's stay on Firestorm is as pleasant as possible, by making sure that we all respect the rules, and each other.
      You will thus be a support for the whole international community in game, and on the forum.  
        Prerequisites: A good knowledge of WoW as a whole, but with a strong emphasize on the expansion you are applying on.  Proper english skills, including a flawless spelling and the capability to follow and answer in a voice conversation. Having a great level of patience and compassion when in contact with players! Being at least 18 years old, and mature Having a functional mic, and a valid discord account A strong will to help, and being able to listen, not just hear! Being able to organize and schedule your own time  Being available at least 10 hours a week, regularly (if you can log 10h the weekend, but not at all during the week it won't do!) Being able to work autonomously but also being comfortable talking with your team!   Will be a good addition to your resume: Having a knowledge of GM Commands (Trinity / Mangos) Having a GM experience, even on another server (if so, which one ?) Anything that you can put forward in your application, that would make us chose you over someone else!  
      How to apply?  
      ↓ If you think you would fit in the position, and wish to join the International GM team, please write us an email here: ↓
      »   fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com   «
      Knowing and mastering everything isn't required! You will join a team of people with their own set of skills: diversity is a good thing!   When you send your application, the email must necessarily have: In the subject, the proper expansion tag: [BFA] / [Legion] / [MOP]  Your discord account username & tag. Example: Discord#1234 All of your Firestorm account emails Your forum account name       The more information and details you provide, the better! It shows involvement, but also helps us evaluate your potential as individual, and within the team.
      Telling us that you're motivated in two lines probably won't work out: we expect to get to know you a little bit when reading your application. To get some insight on you, your personnal experience and knowledge!

      Your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email back with our answer, usually within a week. If it gets accepted we will contact you directly on discord to proceed with a voice interview in order to get to know each other better!

      If you have any questions regarding the international GM position, you can send a private message to either Melfela#2038 or 'Pantoufle™#8984 on discord.
      The International staff thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you soon!
    • Melfela

      International Moderator Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings, The Firestorm Team is currently looking for Forum and Discord Moderators to reinforce its ranks. It is possible to apply for one of the two platforms only.     Who are we, what are our jobs? The moderators are the people mainly in charge of monitoring the Firestorm forum and the International rooms on the public Discord. They have almost no power in game and will never intervene in game (except in very exceptional cases). They monitor the forum in terms of its content, moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules. They also provide assistance to players and respond to those who encounter problems.     How to apply ? Applications should be sent to the following address: >> fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com <<
      The subject of the email must start with the [Mod] tag.
      A minimum of information is to be provided when applying. It goes without saying that two lines to say that you are motivated will not be enough.
      We expect from you in this application an expression and development of your experiences / knowledge / personal information. If your application interests us, you will be contacted automatically by Discord or by email for a possible interview and then a test period will follow, the duration of which will depend entirely on you. Please indicate your firestorm account email as well as your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.
      Are required in your application: Be 16 years of age or older. Impeccable spelling. Know how to use a forum correctly. A minimum of knowledge on WoW. Being able to keep your cool, have rigor, regularity and autonomy. Discord & a functional microphone to facilitate intra-staff communication. Will be a plus for your application: Relatively wide schedules. Have already been a moderator on other forums or other discords (if so, indicate which ones). And what you may find interesting to highlight.   Please indicate your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.   The Firestorm Team thanks you for your future involvement.
      See you soon.
    • Hanzo

      International Firestorm Team Roster   08/21/21

      Here, you can find the list of members of the International Firestorm team. This topic also allows you to verify the team's identity so you won't make any mistakes or get scammed by a malicious player impersonating a staff member. Please note that no team member will ever ask for your credentials or personal information.  

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  1. Firestorm shadowlands wont launch/show.. After I choose the language nothing happens.. But I can see it in the task manager running.
  2. Hello everyone! After several requests, we will be releasing this guide of mounts which are available and which are not available. Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.2.7 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm. But there will be alternatives if a mount is Not Available, from older expansion realms or from the Web Shop. Note2: If a mount is collected, for example on the Gul'dan (Warlords of Draenor) Realm, this mount will be also in your Oribos Realm collection. This is for all mounts, except for Gladiator mounts. A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out: Available - This mount is available, the same way, as it's available on retail WoW Not Available - This mount is not available Not Available - This mount is available but only on older expansion servers or from the Web Shop Removed from the game - This means, the mount has been removed from the game by Blizzard Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list. Classic Mounts: The Burning Crusade: Wrath of the Lich King: Cataclysm: Mists of Pandaria Walords of Draenor: Legion: Battle for Azeroth: Shadowlands: Firestorm Shop/Promotions: Last Update: 10.09.2023
  3. If you are looking for addons whether it's for Shadowlands, Battle for Azeroth, Legion, Warlords of Draenor, and older clients use these two sites: https://www.wowace.com/ https://wow.curseforge.com/ https://firestorm-servers.com/en/addons/index At these three sites, you can sort addon projects by what type you are looking for (i.e. bag addons or ui addons). Once you have found the addon you want, you can sort it by patch version. If you have anymore questions about how to use these sites, feel free to post your questions below. Happy gaming, GM Boomkinbear
  4. PVP SEASON 2 REWARDS The current patch of Shadowlands, Patch 9.1.5, is coming to an end, and a new patch is about to start as well: Patch 9.2, Eternity's End! With the arrival of this new patch, we are saying goodbye to the current PvP season, the Unchained Gladiator one, and we welcome the new one, the PvP Season 3: Cosmic Gladiator! Of course, we are putting here the reward tiers that will be distributed as soon as the new patch begins, following these ranges: Rewards have been distributed in the 2v2 bracket: Titles and Achievements: Top 7: The achievement Unchained Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2 and Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2, which grants the title Unchained Gladiator, and the mount unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater. Top 15: Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2 and the mount unchained Gladiator's Soul Eater. We also rewarded the top 50 players with Firestorm Points, following this scale: Top 1-10: 1500 Firestorm Points. Top 11-20: 700 Firestorm Points. Top 21-30: 455 Firestorm Points. Top 31-50: 240 Firestorm Points. Congratulations to every participant! The Cosmic Gladiator season will start as soon as the patch is implemented in Oribos. Alongside it, is a new feature called PvP Brawl: Solo Shuffle! Don't forget to give it a go, and good luck with it! (It's been explained in this post). Thank you for your interest, and we hope you enjoy the new patch, Eternity's End! Have a great day. The Firestorm Team
  5. Greetings, players! After five months, it is time to say goodbye to the current Season 3! This Season will end many things, such as the Cosmic Gladiator PvP Season, the current Mythic+ affix (Encrypted) and the current pool of Mythic+ dungeons. However, this doesn't mean the adventure ends here... Season 4 will bring a few new and exciting, interesting things. First, the new PvP Season, called Eternal Gladiator, will start. The Season will also get a whole new pool of Mythic+ dungeons, a New Affix (Shrouded) and a new mechanic to all currently existing SL raids and World Bosses called Fated! Despite not adding new dungeons or raids, this will add new content to all existing content, having new ways to re-experiment all the content, with new challenges to overcome! This new Season will be implemented in Oribos and start on Monday, May 8th, at 10:00! Note: This means both the Valor and Conquest points will be reset as soon as the season starts. As always, we will dig deep into each feature of this Season. Let's go! NEW PVE SEASON Season 3 ends, and Season 4 starts! This new Season will bring two big things to the realm, which will be thoroughly detailed next. The first one is a new feature called Fated Raids, where players will have a new challenge for all the old raids from Shadowlands and better rewards. The second one is a new Mythic+ dungeon pool, but this time, many dungeons come from old expansions such as BFA, Legion and Draenor! This Season will be perfect for reliving old content and finding a new challenge in old content! Of course, this new Season will have recent obtainable achievements and rewards based on the seasonal Mythic+ Rating achieved at any point during the Season: Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 750 during Shadowlands Season Four. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1500 during Shadowlands Season Four. Title reward: %s the Shrouded. Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Shadowlands Season Four. Mount reward: Restoration Deathwalker Since this was already applied before, there will be no Valor Cap during the following Season, and it will remain like this with no changes. FATED MECHANIC This new feature is one of the central core mechanics of Season 4. Thanks to this new mechanic, even previous Shadowlands Raids and World Booses will become relevant again, adding a new challenge to all the previously visited places. Each week, a new rotation of raids and World Bosses will be applied, in which one raid and the World bosses associated with that raid will become Fated: During the first week of the release of Season 4, the raid Castle Nathria will start the cycle as Fated, while the other raids will remain untouched. Because of this, one of the World bosses associated with the raid's zone will also become Fated: Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos the Everbranching or Nurgash Muckformed. After the first week, the next raid, Sanctum of Domination, will become fated. The World Boss Mor'geth in the Maw will also be Fated. After that, the next raid will be Sepulcher of the First Ones, with the World Boss Antros in Zereth Mortis becoming Fated for that week. After that, the cycle will start again, Castle Nathria will be Fated, and so on! But what does Fated mean? What does it change? First, Fated will be a new mode that will be applied to every difficult mode of the raid, which means that the raid will have Fated Raid Finder, Fated Normal, Fated Heroic and Fated Mythic, respectively. Each difficult mode will have its rewards and associated achievements. Here, you can see a table of the rewards depending on what modality you are doing each raid: Note: The items obtained from Fated World Booses will have a fixed item level of 285, and the highest iLvl for each raid will only be dropped from the final 2 - 3 bosses of each raid. It will also increase the item level of the Conduits looted: When a raid is Fated, the enemies will be stronger, and new mechanics will be present during the encounter. Think about this as if the raid was on Mythic+ mode, with affixes that will determine the course of the raid. While only one Fated Power will usually be available at all times, a second one can be activated using the Titan Console at the start of each raid: Chaotic Essence, Creation Spark, Protoform Barrier and Reconfiguration Emitter. More information about it can be seen in this Wowhead guide: https://www.wowhead.com/guide/fated-raid-affixes-shadowlands-season-4#fated-raid-affixes. This new mechanic will bring new challenges to players and, obviously, achievements for those capable of overcoming them. In addition, some will get unique titles, teleports to raids, and even a unique mount! The Fated mechanic will also bring a new way to upgrade the newly obtained Fated Items to their version in Heroic and Mythic using Cyphers obtained from looting bosses in those difficulty modes. You will also be able to acquire specific pieces directly using the elusive Puzzling Cartel Dinars and spending them on specific sellers around the Great Vault in Oribos! This guide has more information about upgrading and purchasing items using these resources. MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS AND POOL When the next Season starts, we will have a change in the entire pool of dungeons! As a difference from the previous seasons, this one will have a pool of dungeons from past expansions. The first six dungeons are both wings of the mega-dungeons released in past expansions (Tazavesh from Shadowlands, Operation: Mechagon from Battle for Azeroth, and Return to Karazhan from Legion), as well as two dungeons from the Warlords of Draenor expansion! The list of dungeons is as follows: Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder, from Shadowlands Tazavesh: So'leah’s Gambit, from Shadowlands Operation Mechagon: Junkyard, from Battle for Azeroth Operation Mechagon: Workshop, from Battle for Azeroth Return to Karazhan: Lower, from Legion Return to Karazhan: Upper, from Legion Grimrail Depot, from Warlords of Draenor Iron Docks, from Warlords of Draenor On top of that, there will be a new Seasonal Affix for Mythic+, and it'll be Shrouded! This new affix will spawn an NPC from Cartel Ta at the beginning of each dungeon. This NPC will show bounties to hunt dreadlords inside the dungeon, rewarding stacks of secondary stat bonuses, which will last for the duration of the dungeon! Players will get one stat or another depending on the type of bounty. This will cause certain NPCs to be replaced by dreadlords with visual aura, making them easier to spot. There's more to cover about this affix, so we recommend players check out this guide. There will be several achievements for completing different dungeons on a Mythic Level 20 or more within the time limit. Each achievement (for Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Return to Karazhan, Operation: Mechagon and Tazavesh) will also grant a teleport portal so you can go there immediately. ETERNAL GLADIATOR PVP SEASON With the end of Season 3 on Oribos, the Cosmic Gladiator season will finish, and in its place, the Eternal Gladiator Season will be active on the server. This means ending the current Season 3 and distributing all the rewards to the winners, including seasonal rewards and Firestorm points! You can find a post here detailing all the rewards that will be distributed and the tiers of winners. With this new Season, we will restart the leaderboards, and the Season should remain active for the next 5 to 6 months. It will also bring a significant gain on the item level of the PvP items. Here you can see a table of the new iLvl for the Eternal Gladiator items: Everything else should remain the same. However, this guide shows you all the information about the costs of upgrading items and sellers. BORIS IS BACK Of course, he is! After spending a few weeks hunting Easter Eggs and having fun, he's back to aid players on their adventures during this new Season! And what better way to do this than offering a Character Level boost to Level 60 with essential gear? It may not be much, but it's honest work. And did we mention that he's doing it for free? However, he'll be gone by May 15th, so don't wait too much! He will boost one character per account starting on May 8th; the perfect opportunity to try a new character class! He will also be waiting on every other expansion, giving a character boost on each realm. If you want to try older expansions, this is a good opportunity! And that will be all for the content of this new Season! Although it does not have unique content per se (regarding newly released dungeons or raids), this new system will allow players to have a new challenge in many different places, with improved rewards and achievements! We will monitor the progress of the best guilds in terms of Fated raids and the best players during this Eternal Gladiator's PvP season. We hope to see a lot of players giving their all to be on top of the lists and become the best of the best! Very soon, we will start talking about our current development of Dragonflight. Do not worry, we've already developed quite some content, but we want to wait a bit more before we can start hyping you guys with the new expansion. Let's end this expansion with the culmination of Season 4! Until then, we hope you have a fantastic week, and we'll see you soon! The Firestorm Team
  6. Hello me and my friend have a issue with downloading shadowlands. We played BFA for a while without issues. We wanted to download shadowlands but my game wont start its shows me to select a region for playing like usually, and i know it takes a while for downloading but i was wating over 8H. Then i deciedet to chceck if wow is running and its wasnt. I tried to download full client from your site but that doest work either. I also tried to download your minimal version but there was same issue like through launcher. I tried to check up for updates on windows but still doest work. I tried reinstal launcher but it doest work. My firend had same issue but he went trough my account and it worked for few hourse (yesterday). We were suprised but then Orbitos realm crashed and it dont want to start again. We wanted to play it so bad and its acually annoying and iam tired of it. I hope anyone will knew whats wrong or what should i do. Thank you <3
  7. Greetings, players! The holidays are here and people are getting together to play more and more on our server! Considering we have released all the main content from the current patch, we are going to work on adding features for everyone, to keep you entertained! Of course, it is never easy to design a specific feature to make everyone happy, so we are going all-in and implementing a bunch of features that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours and hours! Here, we are going to list them and specify the information and duration of them. All the events will become active this Friday, July 7th, and will last for the entire summer! We hope everyone enjoys them! BONUS EXPERIENCE IN THE REALM For the entire duration of summer, the experience rates will be boosted, and everyone will get +50% experience in the realm! Get along with your friends and experience the levelling experience of the realm, now 50% faster! FATED RAIDS: EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME! Tired of waiting for your favourite raid to finally be activated as Fated? Waiting for a specific World Boss to be activated as Fated as well? Well, no more! From now on, every raid will have the Fated modality unlocked, and every World Boss will also be unlocked as Fated! Get together with your guild and your friends and challenge all the raid bosses and World Bosses, anytime! COMPETITIVE MYTHIC+ RATING LADDER It was implemented in BFA, and now it's coming back to SL! Starting in July and during the entire month, our webpage (here) will gather the Mythic+ information of every character in the realm and will rate them based on their Mythic+ performance (it wil! Reaching a certain Mythic+ Rating Ladder score will unlock better and better rewards, and these will be unlocked and granted every month! The rewards will follow this table: Mythic+ Rating | Reward 3.000+ | 1000 Firestorm Points + https://www.wowhead.com/item=191114/ + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15756/ 2.900+ | 800 Firestorm Points + https://www.wowhead.com/item=191114/ + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15756/ 2.800+ | 700 Firestorm Points + https://www.wowhead.com/item=191114/ + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15756/ 2.700+ | 600 Firestorm Points + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15756/ 2.600+ | 500 Firestorm Points + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15756/ 2.500+ | 350 Firestorm Points 2.400+ | 250 Firestorm Points 2.300+ | 150 Firestorm Points 2.200+ | 70 Firestorm Points Note: The mount will become active when Dragonflight releases, as that's a Dragonflight mount! The Mythic+ rating will reset as soon as the next month begins (excluding July), so players will have to claim the leaderboard again when the month starts! For July, since a lot of players already have a lot of rating achieved during Season 4, the rating will stay the same, but players will have to beat 50 Mythic+ dungeons in order to be eligible to get the rewards corresponding to their reached rating as soon as August begins! There will be only one reward per account and month. It means that the account will get rewards according to the character with the highest rating inside the account. Take advantage of this event to save a lot of Firestorm Points (donation points) and get ready for the upcoming release of Dragonflight on the server! TIMEWALKING BFA DUNGEONS! As requested by many, they are coming back to Shadowlands! Their rewards will obviously scale with Mythic+ dungeons from Season 4, granting players new possibilities to find new items and make new builds! However, bear in mind that doing Timewalking BFA dungeons will not count towards the Mythic+ Rating Ladder. This means much more content for players to explore! And not only that... INCREASED LOOT RATES! Now, doing PvE activities will be more rewarding! Not only will there be increased loot chances for every World Boss and bosses on raids and dungeons, but there will also be one extra reward during Mythic+! Whether you want to finish gearing your main character, help your friends gear out, or start equipping a new character, this will be the perfect opportunity to do it!
  8. Hi! as a level 15 player on the Oribos server on Shadowlands Beta, is it possible to do the Zandalar story line from Orgrimmar, I am unable to find Sylvannas and not sure where I lost the quest line?
  9. Hello Guys, I ' am a new player on Oribos (Level 60 mage named Sylhou , I a looking for Chromie in Stormwind but I have very contracitive data on internet, so if someone can explain to me please ? Thanks
  10. Hi! This post is to help answer the burning question each of you have that wants to do older content. Which instances are doable and which are not. Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.2.7 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm. A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out: Available - the instance is fully doable. Not available - the instance is not doable at all. Available - the instance is doable but there are a few minor issues, with this a workaround will be listed if there is one and what the exact issue is. Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list. Classic Dungeons: Blackfathom Deeps - Available Blackrock Depths - Available The Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dire Maul East - Available Dire Maul North - Available Dire Maul West - Available Ragefire Chasm - Available Maraudon - Available Lower Blackrock Spire - Available Gnomeregan - Available Razorfen Kraul - Available Razorfen Downs - Available Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stratholme - Available Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stockade - Available The Temple of Atal'hakkar - Available Uldaman - Available Wailing Caverns - Available Zul'farrak - Available Classic Raids: Molten Core - Available Blackwing Lair - Available Ruins of Ahn'qairaj - Available Temple of Ahn qiraj - Available The Burning Crusade Dungeons: Auchenai crypts Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shadow Labyrinth Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Sethekk Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mana Tombs Normal Mode - Available Mana Tombs Heroic Mode - Available The Slave Pens Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Steamvault Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Underbog Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Blood Furnace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Hellfire Rampart Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Shattered Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Mechanar Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Tempest Keep - Available The Botanica Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Magisters' Terrace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Old Hillsbrad Foothills Normal/Heroic Mode -Available The Black Morass Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available The Buring Crusade Raids: Karazhan - Available Gruul's Lair - Available Serpentshrine Cavern - Available The Eye - Available Magtheridons Lair- Available The Battle for Mount Hyjal - Available Black Temple - Available Sunwell Plateau - Available Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons: The Violet Hold Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Trial of the Champion Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of reflection Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Forge of Souls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Pit of Saron Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Nexus Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Oculus Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Azjol-Nerub Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Ahn'kahef: The Old Kingdom Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dark'Tharon Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Gundrak Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Utgrade Pinnacle Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Utgrade Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Stone Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Lighting Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Culling of Stratholme Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Wrath of the Lich King Raids: Vault of Archavon 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Naxxramas 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Obsidian sanctum &nbsp;10/25 Normal Mode - Available The Eye of Eternity - Not available Ulduar - Available Trial of the crusader 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Onyxia's Lair 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Ice crown Citedal 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The ruby sanctum 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Cataclysm Dungeons: Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available End Time - Available Hour of Twilight - Available Zul'Gurub Normal Mode - Not available Zul'Gurub Heroic Mode - Available The Stonecore Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Grim Batol Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Origination Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Lost City of the Tol'vir Normal/Heroic - Available The Vortex Pinnacle Normal/Heroic - Available Blackrock Caverns Normal/Heroic - Available Well of Eternity - Available Throne of the Tide - Available Zul'Aman Normal - Not available Zul'Aman Heroic - Available Cataclysm Raids: Baradin Hold - Available Blackwing Descent 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The bastion of twilight 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Throne of the Four winds 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Firelands Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dragon Soul 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mist of Pandaria Dungeons: Temple of the Jade Serpent Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mogu'shan Palace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shado-Pan Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Siege of Niuzao Temple Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stormstout Brewery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mist of Pandaria Raids: Mogushan Vaults 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Terrace of Endless Spring 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Heart of Fear 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Throne of Thunder 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Seige of Orgimmar Normal/Heroic - Available Warlords of Draenor Dungeons: Auchindoun all difficulties - Available Grimrail Depot all difficulties - Available The Everbloom all difficulties - Available Bloodmaul Slag Mines all difficulties - Not available Skyreach all difficulties - Available Iron Docks all difficulties - Available Upper Blackrock Spire all difficulties - Not available Shadowmoon Burial Grounds all difficulties - Not available Raids of Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul all difficulties - Available Blackrock Foundry all difficulties - Available Hellfire Citadel all difficulties - Available Legion Dungeons: Important note: Scaling is off in legion so it will take you a while to kill any boss in these dungeons Violet Hold - Available Blackrook Hold all difficulties - Available Cathedral of Eternal Night all difficulties - Available Vault of the Wardens all difficulties- Available Court of Stars all difficulties- Available Darkheart Thicket all difficulties - Available Maw of Souls all difficulties - Available The Arcway all difficulties - Available Eye of Azshara All difficulties- Available Return to Karazhan - Available Seat Of Triumvirate all difficulties- Available Legion Raids: Emerald nightmare all difficulties - Available Trial of Valor all difficulties - Available Nighthold all difficulties - Available Tomb of Sargeras all difficulties - Available Antorus the Burning Throne - Available Battle for Azeroth: Doable solo. Freehold all difficulties - Available Ataldazar all difficulties- Available Waycrest Manor all difficulties - Available King's Rest all difficulties - Available Shrine of the Storm all difficulties - Available The Underrot all difficulties - Available Not doable solo but still doable. Siege of Boralus all difficulties - Available Tol-Dagor all difficulties - Available Temple of Sethralis all difficulties - Available The MOTHERLODE! all difficulties - Available Raids for Battle for Azeroth: Uldir Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Battle of Dazar'alor all difficulties - Available Crucible of the Storms all difficulties - Not available The Eternal Palace all difficulties - Not available Ny'alotha The Waking City all difficulties - Available Last updated on 29/05/2023
  11. I dont see my friends
  12. Hello! I recently tried this client again and was blown away I got it to work, unfortunately none of the BFA content is showing up in my Shadowlands client I downloaded. . . Am I doing something wrong or is this per expansion per realm?
  13. Hi peeps, I wanted to share a couple of lists to help you choose your character more easily for any type of PVE content in the WOW Shadowlands. Don't be discouraged if the class that you love isn't on the list, do what you enjoy doing and select the class that is the most fascinating and enjoyable for you. If you want to take down Sire Denathrius on any difficulty, here are some of the best DPS classes for Castle Nathria. Top DPS classes that will guarantee you an invite to every group for the Shadowlands raids. Best DPS classes that are going to help you increase your Raider.IO score in mythic plus dungeons in the Shadowlands. To make your life easier in Mythic Plus, here is a list of all healing specs ranked from good to best. If you like to stand toe to toe with some of the most dangerous raid bosses in Shadowlands, this list will help you choose a tank spec that's best for it.
  14. With our Shadowlands realm opening, you will need a new client to connect ! Do not worry, we made it as simple as possible for you to do so, no headache guaranteed! Note: if you have played on the Open Beta, you do not need to do anything, as this is the same client ! Hooray ! If you want to be able to play as soon as you get access, we advise you to download your client in advance ! Many players will be downloading it, which may slow the process so the earlier you get ready the better ! NB: The full client downloads every game data right away: it takes longer to download and requires a soft like bittorent, but once it's done you will have the whole game ready. The minimal client is smaller, faster to download, but will then download missing datas as you're playing, slowing you down and extending your loading times FOR WINDOWS: You have Retail's Shadowlands Client in 9.1.5 version (which is the one we're using): Clone your Folder into a new one, called for example "FS Shadowlands" Download the Firestorm Shadowlands .exe here: http://fstorm.cc/SL-Minimal (it is compressed in a .rar) Open your FS Shadowlands client folder, place the .rar you just downloaded at the root (not in the '_retail_' subfolder), and extract it. Click on your new .exe and you're on! You are using the launcher: Just start it, and you will see the Shadowlands section on the bottom left: press download ! Launcher has been added ! You don't have the game yet: Here is the full torrent (if possible try to use this one rather than the minimal, but you will need a torrent software like bittorrent) Here is the minimal client link: http://fstorm.cc/SL-Minimal. Just extract it and start the .exe ! Please note: The first time you will open the FS Shadowlands client, if it wasn't downloaded from the full torrent, it will take a bit of time (depending on your connexion speed) to download the missing files, but in the meantime nothing will appear on your screen, that's normal ! Do not open it 43 times, just once and then wait a bit. Once it's done, you will be fully set up! FOR MAC (unavailable as of 15.03.2023 client 9.2.7): The Mac Intel / M1 client is now available ! Just follow this link that contains a readme.txt: http://fstorm.cc/SL-MAC-Download If you have troubles installing, you can contact our staffmembers on the support channel of our Discord, or you can create a forum post here
  15. Greetings, players! Since before the release of Mythic mode on the Sepulcher of the First Ones, our devs have been already developing the content for the next Season: the Eternal one! The next Season will not bring any new, never-seen-before raids or dungeons. Still, it will implement new and exciting mechanics for every raid, change the rotation of the Mythic+ dungeons (so the current dungeons will change for new ones), and even bring a new affix (Shrouded)! Of course, it is way too soon to talk about ETA, but we would like to share the current status of the development of every feature that will soon be implemented on the server! Of course, this post will not describe how each feature will work on the server and the details of them, but it will rather focus on the current development status and tests performed on them. Let's get started! STATE OF DEVELOPMENT We are going to group the status of development of each feature by sections: Fated Raids and World Bosses: This is going surprisingly well! Although the Fated Affix itself needs more work and tests, everything else (raids, World Bosses, Fated upgrade system, new interface, raid/world boss rotation, and vendors) is working and has been tested! For now, the developer team needs to add the achievements, titles, mount rewards, and the raid teleporters to be good, and finish working on the affix itself for the bosses (raid ones and World ones), and then the tests on those will start. The new S4 items are being tested for now, and they seem to be looking good so far! New Mythic+ Dungeons: This new season will bring a new rotation of Mythic+ dungeons, and for now, all of them have been scripted, and tests have already started in there! All the items obtained from Mythic+ are still to be tested. The new Seasonal Affix has been scripted but needs heavy tests. New PvE Season: With the new season, all the items will increase iLvL (especially the ones obtained through the Fated feature on raids). Tests have started on all the items, including the class and tier sets. The new achievements related to the new season (including Mythic+ ones) are still being worked on, and tests will start shortly after they are scripted (since some Mythic+ dungeons are still being worked on, some achievements and rewards cannot be tested yet). New PvP Season: This will bring the Eternal Gladiator sets, mounts, and titles. It will also mean new items and achievements to check, including vendors. The entire feature is ready, and when the new season starts, everything will be updated: The vendors and the new PvP rewards will be available for everyone! Class balancing: About the classes, when we released patch 9.2.0 on the server, we applied all the S4 changes that blizzard applied, preventing many classes from unbalancing during that season. However, we will still look to fix spells and mechanics if there are any like that! That's everything we have for now. But don't worry, as a Content Update post is on its way, where we will describe every feature that will come with Season 4, so everyone is familiar with what's about to come and what to expect from this new Season! The Firestorm Team
  16. Greetings, players! With The Jailer added in the raid and the Mythic mode coming in just a few weeks, we are almost done with all the content! Of course, we don't mean the Patch's content, but Season 3's content! This Season is getting close to ending! Of course, we will give players some time to achieve the latest feat of the Season before moving, which is beating the entire raid in Mythic mode, including the Jailer, but after some time, we will move on to the next Season, which seems very promising! Until then, we will implement a few things that will take effect immediately. CHARACTER BOOST AND GEAR DISCOUNTS With the current season close to the end, the current gear and armor will soon feel a bit low. Therefore, we have a great deal for everyone! All the gear items cost 300 Firestorm points each, and the full character boosts cost 3000 points. With the discount applied, both services will be 50% off! That means that, until the current Season ends, every gear item will cost 150 points, and the full character boosts will cost 1500 points! But not only that! Buying a character boost while the discount is enabled will flag the character for another discount when the next Season starts! This means you can boost your character twice (once now and the next time after Season 4 gets implemented), spending 3000 points between the two boosts! Now that's a great deal! Notice that the discount will be enabled on the same character boosted during Season 3. We have also added miscellaneous discounts on other Shadowlands services and products, such as legendaries, conduits, and double legendary power. Gear up properly and defeat the Jailer once and for all with these awesome shop deals! NEW MOUNTS AND BATTLE PETS Considering we moved the Patch a few months ago, and with the recent update we applied in the realm, which finally fixed and enabled battle pet duels in Oribos, it's just fitting to increase our stock of mounts and pets for sale! Of course, these won't be added simultaneously but in small bundles! New mounts will be added to our shop every week, so review our shop now and then! Soon enough, we will also start adding Battle Pets to the shop, so players can collect and get them from here! This will be added very soon, don't worry! We will also be open to suggestions, so if you want your favorite mount and pet to be added, you may suggest it to us, and we will consider it! NEW PAYMENT METHOD! A new paying method is coming to the server: Kinguin! Thanks to the payment methods offered by this page, you can purchase points with various payment methods at your reach, including PayPal! Don't forget to take a look at it! With The Jailer being implemented on the raid, the last boss of the expansion, and then Mythic mode being close to being released too, people may think that there's nothing else going to be implemented into the realm anymore. However, the following Patch brings exciting and never seen mechanics, such as Fated Mode added on raids, a new Seasonal Affix that will be activated inside raids, and new Mythic+ rotation for dungeons. And do not forget that this Fated Mode will be added on every Shadowlands raid, not only the last one! All the raids will be a new challenge, new mechanics will have to be learned, and you must gear up your character and thoroughly prepare it! The biggest challenges will come with the next Patch, and we will be preparing special attention to the first guilds who beat each of the raids in Mythic: Fates Mode. And who knows... maybe there'll be rewards waiting for you! We will give more details when the next Season is close to starting, don't worry! We hope you have a great adventure on our servers and keep providing you with the best content possible! The Firestorm Team
  17. Hello, (TL;DR below) Some pre-story: The Werebear Form seems to be something which was available during the Legion expansion for Guardian Druids, unlocked by playing/advancing in the "Mage Tower". In Shadowlands this "Mage Tower" is no longer present, so this skin is unobtainable. How it looks: I heard from some players that you can download any of the old expansions from The Firestorm Launcher, play on that specific server, and whatever you do/win in the old expansions will be reflected in your account on the Shadowlands server. Before wasting time to level up a toon and grinding the Mage Tower for this skin - only to find out that this might not work at all => I wanted to ask you if this is actually possible and this is how it was ment to work? This kind of makes sense and explains why all these old-expansion servers are kept alive, even though almost no one plays there. TL;DR If I download the Legion expansion via the Firestorm Launcher > create and level up a new Guardian Druid > Play the Mage Tower > Unlock the Werebear Form => Will this skin also become available on my Shadowlands account? Also, should I do anything additional to "link" my SL and Legion accounts, or logging in with the same user/pass is enough? P.S. I have already obtained the Artifact Weapon for Guardian Druids in Shadowlands > Transmogged my weapon into it > The Barber only has "Guradian of The Glade" available for it: https://imgur.com/gallery/qKChnVZ Thanks in advance for any input into this matter. BR.
  18. So.. which of the Shadowlands mounts are actually obtainable? And those that don't work - will they be fixed?
  19. So I've just seen on discord that there is the option to download Shadowlands for Macs now, however I have downloaded said file to no avail, can anyone point me in the correct direction
  20. Hello guys, I write a post because on Chrome on Android I can't find the Search button.. And I don't know if this is the right forum section to post to. In case I'm wrong please move this post.. Warn: i know some time ago on the forum were written (English verb right?) that to play on Mac OS we need to build a Virtual Machine with Windows It's passed 1 or 2 weeks from when I Read that so I was wondering if there is an update? I remember time ago there were arctium patcher to play on private server, it doesn't exist for shadowlands patch? Thank you very much
  21. Greetings, players! Today we bring unexpected news, as a lot of content (and I mean, A LOT) has just arrived on the server in the form of adorable yet powerful creatures: Battle Pets! No, it's not a jest! Unexpectedly, one of our developers decided to revamp the entire system entirely from scratch single-handedly, and he's been busy! All the content he's managed to fix and implement will surprise you! All the pets from Open World have been fixed (no more pets with level 0 or glitched stats anywhere), and they are capturable like on Retail. Although the capture pets' achievements will not work, the collection one will work! Not only that, but most (if not all) pet spells have also been fixed! You may want to check this guide. Of course, what good is capturing pets and having working spells without any content? Well, that's not true, as the initial pet battle questline from Retail up to Pandaria has also been added! All the pet trainer questlines are working, including the pet dungeons, leveling achievements, and even Safari achievements! You have a guide to the start of the Battle Pet questlines here: (ALLIANCE | HORDE). Also, here's a guide about the battle pet dungeons. But do the fights even work? Of course! PvP ones? Well, duh, yes! Duels work, PvP matches work (including achievements), and even Pet Battle Challenges! And before you start with BFA and SL content... of course! All the BFA Master Trainers work, all the Shadowlands Pet Tamers have been implemented, and even the Special Pets! In addition, all the World Quests from BFA and SL are available! About tournaments, the Pandaria tournament (Celestial tournament) is available! Here's a guide about it! Finally, these are the following working Battle Pet challenges (with guide links): Wailing Caverns, Deadmines, Gnomeregan, and Stratholme! Blackrock Depths is also available, but you must complete the quests from the four previous challenges to access this one. We are aware that not everything is fully working at the moment. Most of the issues we found are being worked on as this announcement is being written. If you find more problems, do not hesitate and let us know on the Bugtracker so we can be aware of them and fix them, too! We hope you enjoy this quite different content, and we hope you guys have a fantastic time capturing and collecting pok... I mean, pets!
  22. LFR is not supposed to be main end game content, it's basically just story mode so people can experience the content without missing out on it. But something I've noticed here is that LFR is taking significantly long time. I am talking over five hours to do LFR at all for any of them. Agonizing. So here's my idea. Tenacity buff that allows less people to do LFR content. The less people you have, the more buffed your stats are. Just like old school winter grasp. This would allow less people to get into the raid and continue doing it When people leave out of frustration. Again, keep in mind, LFR is not supposed to be endgame competitive content.
  23. Hello people, I am looking for a working ElvUi for Shadowlands 9.5.1 Could someone tell me a working link? The version 12.58 from Tukui.org does not work for me.
  24. Hi there, Just wondering since I saw a VIP status on the website when trying to buy points and saw that there are a lot of benefits of being a VIP member. Is it also available on Shadowlands server? Thanks!
  25. Hello ! , i have a question , how can i play shadowlands on mac without download a minimal client ? , is there a way that i could play shadowlands downloading the full game without the downloadling while im playing?