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      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
    • Melfela

      International Game Master Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings! The Firestorm International Staff is currently looking for Game Masters! Here you can see the state of recruitment for each expansion: Oribos, our Shadowlands realm : OPENED Sethraliss, our Battle for Azeroth realm: OPENED Sylvanas & Greymane, our Legion realms: OPENED Garrosh, our Mists of Pandaria realm: OPENED  
      What is a Game Master ?

      A Game Master's role is to help players, to guide them in their journey and to make sure that everyone's stay on Firestorm is as pleasant as possible, by making sure that we all respect the rules, and each other.
      You will thus be a support for the whole international community in game, and on the forum.  
        Prerequisites: A good knowledge of WoW as a whole, but with a strong emphasize on the expansion you are applying on.  Proper english skills, including a flawless spelling and the capability to follow and answer in a voice conversation. Having a great level of patience and compassion when in contact with players! Being at least 18 years old, and mature Having a functional mic, and a valid discord account A strong will to help, and being able to listen, not just hear! Being able to organize and schedule your own time  Being available at least 10 hours a week, regularly (if you can log 10h the weekend, but not at all during the week it won't do!) Being able to work autonomously but also being comfortable talking with your team!   Will be a good addition to your resume: Having a knowledge of GM Commands (Trinity / Mangos) Having a GM experience, even on another server (if so, which one ?) Anything that you can put forward in your application, that would make us chose you over someone else!  
      How to apply?  
      ↓ If you think you would fit in the position, and wish to join the International GM team, please write us an email here: ↓
      »   fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com   «
      Knowing and mastering everything isn't required! You will join a team of people with their own set of skills: diversity is a good thing!   When you send your application, the email must necessarily have: In the subject, the proper expansion tag: [BFA] / [Legion] / [MOP]  Your discord account username & tag. Example: Discord#1234 All of your Firestorm account emails Your forum account name       The more information and details you provide, the better! It shows involvement, but also helps us evaluate your potential as individual, and within the team.
      Telling us that you're motivated in two lines probably won't work out: we expect to get to know you a little bit when reading your application. To get some insight on you, your personnal experience and knowledge!

      Your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email back with our answer, usually within a week. If it gets accepted we will contact you directly on discord to proceed with a voice interview in order to get to know each other better!

      If you have any questions regarding the international GM position, you can send a private message to either Melfela#2038 or 'Pantoufle™#8984 on discord.
      The International staff thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you soon!
    • Melfela

      International Moderator Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings, The Firestorm Team is currently looking for Forum and Discord Moderators to reinforce its ranks. It is possible to apply for one of the two platforms only.     Who are we, what are our jobs? The moderators are the people mainly in charge of monitoring the Firestorm forum and the International rooms on the public Discord. They have almost no power in game and will never intervene in game (except in very exceptional cases). They monitor the forum in terms of its content, moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules. They also provide assistance to players and respond to those who encounter problems.     How to apply ? Applications should be sent to the following address: >> fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com <<
      The subject of the email must start with the [Mod] tag.
      A minimum of information is to be provided when applying. It goes without saying that two lines to say that you are motivated will not be enough.
      We expect from you in this application an expression and development of your experiences / knowledge / personal information. If your application interests us, you will be contacted automatically by Discord or by email for a possible interview and then a test period will follow, the duration of which will depend entirely on you. Please indicate your firestorm account email as well as your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.
      Are required in your application: Be 16 years of age or older. Impeccable spelling. Know how to use a forum correctly. A minimum of knowledge on WoW. Being able to keep your cool, have rigor, regularity and autonomy. Discord & a functional microphone to facilitate intra-staff communication. Will be a plus for your application: Relatively wide schedules. Have already been a moderator on other forums or other discords (if so, indicate which ones). And what you may find interesting to highlight.   Please indicate your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.   The Firestorm Team thanks you for your future involvement.
      See you soon.
    • Hanzo

      International Firestorm Team Roster   08/21/21

      Here, you can find the list of members of the International Firestorm team. This topic also allows you to verify the team's identity so you won't make any mistakes or get scammed by a malicious player impersonating a staff member. Please note that no team member will ever ask for your credentials or personal information.  

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Found 25 results

  1. i downloaded shadowlands from firestorm i installed it properetly and launched game everything where good until i finnished 3 mission on my new created character after that i couldnt yous skill i cant still attack with my hands and weapons with normal attacks but i cant cast the spells cant yous my abbilitys i joined to my 45 level demonhunter and still same it cant yous abbilitys cant cast thye spells so plz help me if anyone knows solution
  2. Hello fellow champions. I'm fairmy new at this expansion and i follow youtube guids and all to assist me in my progress. With that said, i cant help but notice that the mission table for the shadowland is inaccessible, is there a special way to access to the elisyan hold or is there another way to unlock it, or it is just unavailable at the realm yet? Many regards
  3. Hello ! , i have a question , how can i play shadowlands on mac without download a minimal client ? , is there a way that i could play shadowlands downloading the full game without the downloadling while im playing?
  4. Hello people, I am looking for a working ElvUi for Shadowlands 9.5.1 Could someone tell me a working link? The version 12.58 from Tukui.org does not work for me.
  5. Greetings everyone! As we previously announced, next Wednesday, April 13th, all ratings will be reset and we are going to start the new season on Oribos in order to have a new challenge, so make sure to prepare your partner and of course your champion. PVP SEASON Let's get into the rewards thresholds of the previous season; 2v2 bracket: Titles and Achievements; Top 7: Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1, Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1, Sinful Gladiator and Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater. Top 15: Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1 and Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater. Not only that but also there will be Firestorm points that are going to be distributed as the following; Top 1-10: 1500 Firestorm Points. Top 11-20: 700 Firestorm Points. Top 21-30: 455 Firestorm Points. Top 31-50: 240 Firestorm Points. KORRAK'S REVENGE (ALTERAC VALLEY CLASSIC) We decided that it's better to give some information about the newest opened Battleground on our servers at the moment which is "Korrak's Revenge (Alterac Valley Classic)", this BG is the PvP special event during WoW's Anniversary that puts players in the classic Alterac Valley. First, The levels on that battleground doesn't matter because players can enter it with different levels. The goal from the battleground is to gain levels and gear. Your level will be increased until 60, not only that but also the gear ilvl can be increased to 158. Second, Capturing towers and all that stuff in the battleground will increase the multiplier for gaining experience. Third, With Timewalking currency, you can purchase some items which some of them can be listed as the following: Also, Other than that, there will be a vendor that sells Timewarp gear and it will be a better option for low level players. Finally, You have to know that all quests are daily, some are repetitive but we will exclude the Battle of Alterac Valley quest which is weekly. We can say this battleground will be a good addition to low level players to gain levels fast so gather your friends and prepare yourself for that challenge that will re-ignite the spark of war! Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for this new season! Have a great day, The Firestorm Team
  6. Greetings everyone! It's been less than a month since we mentioned our upcoming stuff on Oribos and we definitely didn't lie about that since we are here today to let you know that all of the stuff are ready to go into our server. As we said before, everything looks good since the release and we spend most of our time if not all on improving the current content with working on new ones. We can say that we are close to be done with 9.0 & 9.05 content and our next plan will be 9.1 but it will take some time which is not that far too so don't worry. That's why we keep releasing new stuff such us our full time & week-end events that can make your stay with us enjoyable and busy you during that time. So i guess it's time to dig in and see what we are going to get now, lets go! RECRUIT A FRIEND We will start with "Recruit a Friend" system that we mentioned before, it's now a new and improved one. In a simpler way: You will be able to recruit a friend using an easy way and in return you both will receive some exclusive rewards, lets not talk about it here more than we said since you can find a detailed topic about that here, make sure to read it! MYTHIC + TIMEWALKING BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Now moving to our next and most wanted content "Timewalking", it wasn't that hard to do in such small time since our developers spent their full time to get that content ready so you have extra stuff to do. It's time to make your footstep into Timewalking dungeons and try to earn your place among the best players to get the rewards you deserve. We've made a separate topic in details about Timewalking, how will it work and the rewards you will get in return. You can find all information here. SHOP PROMO Yep! it's as you saw, we will have Easter Promo! You will get the opportunity to get +30% addition points on each purchase of Firestorm Points. The promotion will be up from Wednesday, April 13th until Monday, April 18th. To purchase Firestorm Points check here, then you can spend them at any time on the Firestorm Shop. The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter! EGG HUNT We can't get away from here without the Easter Egg hunt! You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt if you're playing on Shadowlands (Oribos) since you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight, so lets see what you will find! These eggs will be spread all over the places: In order to get what is inside, you simply need to click on them. You will receive random loots with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! This event will be up from Friday, April 15th, until Monday, April 18th, don't miss it out! PVP SEASON It's not a surprise anymore but it's needed at the moment, we can't leave you without a new season challenge. On Wednesday, April 13th, the current season will be reset and a new season will start, so prepare your champion for a new challenge incoming! Rewards of the previous season will be distributed as soon as possible, you can find more information about the rewards here. The PvP tournament is still being worked on, we didn't forget about it because we want to make something great for our players, not just a normal one. Just keep your eyes on our upcoming announcements. Note: Alterac Valley (Korrak's Revenge), we have given a small brief about that largest Battleground (up to 40v40), it's enabled right now and it has a lot of special rewards and those rewards will be replenished depending on the build. You can read more about it and its rewards here. As you read, we have so many features and events to give, all you have to do is to enjoy what we are providing, you will be busy the whole time with us here. It's very important to get your attention with us because entertainment is our main goal here. We hope you will enjoy all the events and features we have now, and that's not only what we are able to give, there is more and more! Have a nice weekend, The Firestorm Team
  7. Mythic + Timewalking Battle for Azeroth Greetings Firestorm players! We've mentioned a lot of stuff in our previous announcements that we are working on and one of them was Timewalking which is an important element of our content that will make its entrance into the server so that you and everyone who play on Oribos have extra stuff to do while we work on other major content. Our developers did their best to make it happen as soon as possible and now we are here to introduce this to you Firestormers! Let's see how will it work and how you can earn your place among the best players, not only that but also what are the rewards that will be awaiting?! First, The dungeons that will be available are; Freehold. Atal'Dazar. Waycrest Manor. King's Rest. The Underrot. Shrine of Storm. Second, now we can explain how you start your Timewalking challenge; You will need to talk with Ta'hsup by the Great Vault in Oribos to obtain a Timework Keystone that will allow you to run to Battle for Azeroth Timewalking dungeons in the Mythic+ difficulties. Timeworn Keystone has the same level as your current Shadowlands Mythic+ Keystone. You need to know that completing BFA Timewalking Mythic+ dungeons will count towards the Great Vault requirements. Finally, there will be a new quest which is (Timework Keystone: Battle fore Azeroth) that will reward you some stuff which can be listed as the following; Multi-Modal Anima Container. x500 Timewarped Badge. Cache of Nathrian Treasures. Third, What are the benefits you're getting from Timewalking? Well, it will be all about Shadowlands gear according to the keystone you do! But of course it has more to give, lets see; Timewarped badges: Allow you to buy transmogs, pets and even mounts that have never been unlocked in our servers in-game before! so that's something that should get your attention, huh? Also, a Vendor List which contains the following; Fourth, Earning Timewalking badges progress; Well, after completing the M+, you will receive them as the following; 2 - 6 lvl key > x50 x50 7 - 9 lvl key > x75 x75 10 - 14 lvl key > x100 x100 15 - 19 lvl key > x125 x125 20+ lvl key > x150 x150 Finally, Mythic + BFA Timewalking Affixes and Rotation; Well, BFA Mythic+ Dungeons have a special set of affixes based on BFA season 4. Level 10+ Dungeons have a special affix exclusive to BFA, such as; Awakened. Those Affixes were also brought back; Skittish. Teeming. On the current week, Shadowlands keystone have main affix which is Tyrannical but in the Timewalking BFA, it will be Fortified or vice versa. We can list the Affixes Rotations of the week as the following; Tyrannical, Teeming, Volcanic Fortified, Bolstering, Skittish Tyrannical, Bursting, Necrotic Fortified, Sanguine, Quaking Tyrannical, Bolstering, Explosive Fortified, Bursting, Volcanic Tyrannical, Raging, Necrotic Fortified, Teeming, Quaking Tyrannical, Bursting, Skittish Fortified, Bolstering, Grievous Tyrannical, Raging, Explosive Fortified, Sanguine, Grievous On top of this Timewalking won't be a time-gated event. You will be able to keep going as long as you want! And eventually, we will add other xpacks to the dungeon rotation such as Legion, etc. Hope you are all ready to get into that new challenge and enjoy our newest content! Have a nice day, The Firestorm Team
  8. Hello guys, I write a post because on Chrome on Android I can't find the Search button.. And I don't know if this is the right forum section to post to. In case I'm wrong please move this post.. Warn: i know some time ago on the forum were written (English verb right?) that to play on Mac OS we need to build a Virtual Machine with Windows It's passed 1 or 2 weeks from when I Read that so I was wondering if there is an update? I remember time ago there were arctium patcher to play on private server, it doesn't exist for shadowlands patch? Thank you very much
  9. With the release of Shadowlands we move on and recruit new people to join us on our journey. What we are looking for Players who share our core value of integrity. Ambitious, skillful, and perceptive players with the competitive hunger to be the best. Players with a positive mindset and attitude that seek to contribute to the overall guild's success. Players in control of their schedules, who are willing to dedicate the time needed to be the best, and can commit to extensive raid schedules. Players who are willing and able to maintain atleast two or more raid ready characters and play them at a high level of competency. Players who can demonstrate from past experience, either in-game or out, why they would be a good addition to the guild. What you can expect from us A strong lead mythic team with a positive and constructive raid environment. A mature and friendly guild with active players who respect the game and each other. A stable raiding environment with atleast 4 raids / week Dedicated and devoted raiders with only one goal to be the best Off raid activity, either pushing high level Mythic+, leveling / gearing Alts, doing achievements. How to join us? You can now apply through our website: Complex-Unity.GG Alternative you can reach out to us with an application through Discord
  10. [A] <Mugiwara> Is currently recruiting experienced, exceptional players as we progress through Shadowlands. Lets build a warm and competitive community together. DM me or reply to this post if you are interested.
  11. Hallo Gamer, wir sind die deutschsprachige Gilde -Unbeugsam-. Wir sind auf der Suche nach aktiven Spielern und Spielerinnen mit denen wir gemeinsam den PVE Content bestreiten können. Was kannst du erwarten? 1. Einen Discordserver als Gildenplatform. 2. Eine organisierte und strukturierte Gildenführung mit mehrjähriger Erfahrung. 3. Austausch von Wissen über das aktuelle WoW-Addon auf dem die Gilde aktiv ist sowie Firestorm spezifische Dinge. 4. Ein Zusammenspiel von verschiedenen Personen, die alle ein gemeinsames Ziel vereint. 5. Vorausschauende Planung der Raidtage und deren Durchführung und Nachbereitung. 6. Absolvieren von PvE-Content wie: MM+; Torghast usw. Was erwarten wir von dir? 1. Da in der Gilde viele unterschiedliche Charaktertypen und Personen in unterschiedlichsten Altersgruppen heimisch sind, erwarten wir von allen Mitgliedern, dass sie sich im Ton und in der Wortwahl auf einem neutralen normalen Niveau unterhalten können. Gegenseitiger Respekt und Toleranz gegenüber anderen Meinungen sollten für Dich nichts neues sein. 2. Wir erwarten von unseren Mitgliedern, dass diese das Teamplay als oberstes Ziel anerkennen. Spieler die nur auf ihre eigene Stärke setzen, eigene Schwächen nicht erkennen wollen, passen nicht in dieses Gildenprofil. 3. Das du einen funktionierenden Discord client hast, ein funktionierendes Headset und die Bereitschaft dem Gildendiscord zu joinen. 4. Das du dich an die Regeln von FS hältst und keine unerlaubte Software von Drittanbietern verwendest, um sich so irgendeinen Vorteil im Spiel zu verschaffen. Gamer die solche Programme oder Hacks nutzen, passen nicht in das Gildenprofil. Denn durch Herausforderungen erreichen wir Episches ~Unbeugsam~ The english Version of the guild advertisment below
  12. Title: Copy characters to Shadowlands realm (Oribos) Type: Shop Description: It would be nice to be able to copy characters from previous expansions to Shadowlands. I'm sure this is a much needed feature as many players find themselves in the same boat, some even asked in world_en chat in game if this was possible. Currently we can't copy characters further than Legion, as someone who had a lot of alts back in the day and not being able to play any of them in current expansion I can definitely say this would be a great addition to the Shop.
  13. Greetings everyone ! Ever since Battle for Azeroth some of you have been voicing their concern about faction balancing, and the fact that as an Alliance player it was quite difficult to find progress guilds or people to group with. For 9.2.5 Blizzard announced that they would finally enable cross-faction despite the war between Horde and Alliance being a central element in WoW's lore: this is something we've done on all of our older expansions here at Firestorm for quite a while, and we thus figured we could anticipate a bit and enable it on Oribos on Monday February 21st. That way we get the best of 2 worlds: reducing the faction balancing problems and staying blizzlike ! Here is a list of the specifics: Guilds can now contain players from both factions. That doesn't mean you have to invite everyone, but at least now you can ! You can now group in raids and dungeons with people from both factions, meaning it will be easier and faster to gather the needed amount of characters ! This also applies to LFG filtering. PvP still remains Horde vs Alliance as the system doesn't easily allow for a change. You can still obviously chose to enter mercenary mode if needed ! World Channels will be fused so Horde and Alliance players can now talk together. Since they will be able to join hands in several activities now, it didn't make much sense to keep them separated. We'd understand if some of you felt like this isn't something needed, but try to see it that way: this doesn't revoke any rights (if you want to keep your guild all-horde you can), it only adds new opportunities ! A new player asking questions in world chat will have more people available to help him, and you will find groups faster for any non-PvP activity. We hope that this new addition will have the positive impact we want, and we'll keep an eye out to see if everything goes according to plan ! See you soon, The Firestorm Team
  14. Dear Firestorm Devs and managers . we obviously did not ask for cross faction and we obviously don't need it . this will make our Word Of Warcraft experience basically dead , the game is about war between 2 faction and its fun since we have enemy to fight .
  15. Greetings everyone ! Let's start by doing a little recap: Oribos, our Shadowlands realm has been released for 3 weeks now, and things have been looking great. We've continued to apply fixes and script things ever since the 20th of December, but nothing major has been hindering player's experience so far. This time has been valuable to us, as we didn't want to release the major content (Mythic+, rated PVP and the raid) without making sure it would be in the best possible state while at the same time not making wait too much. For the past weeks you've been able to experience the new leveling system, the Shadowlands questline, Torghast, dungeons and a lot of cool features. That being said we're aware of the limits those have, and we can now safely add new content for your to enjoy ! On Monday January 17th 10:00AM Server Time, we'll be starting the Season 1 of Shadowlands, which include the Mythic+ mode for dungeons, rated PVP, but also the release of the first wing of Castle Nathria in LFR, NM and HM difficulties alongside the weekly chest: The Great Vault. 2 New World Bosses will also be added in rotation (1 will be available each week) that loot 207 ilvl gear: Mortanis and Oranomonos the Everbranching. Finally, we have a full rework of the Battleground system, which you can read about below ! On top of that, at the same time Boris will also be returning to our servers for a full week to offer a free boost to the max lvl (50 on Oribos) to get you started or help you get a new alt ! Feeling excited ? Let's see a bit more in depth what this release includes ! THE GREAT VAULT Let's start by looking into the Great Vault, Shadowlands' new weekly chest system. Back on Battle for Azeroth you were used to 2 different chests: a weekly Mythic+ and a weekly PVP one. The gear contained in both was random, which means you could get an unnecessary piece several weeks in a row. On Shadowlands, this frustrating system got changed: there is now only 1 chest, that can contain up to 9 gear proposals unlocked through Mythic+, PVP and Raiding. When you open your vault located in Oribos, you will be able to select the piece of gear that you like best among the ones which are proposed to you, making it far more efficient: the more activities you complete the higher the chances of you getting that BIS item you're missing ! Here is how you unlock the different gear proposals: In Raid: You will have to kill a certain number of different raid bosses: 3 to get the first proposal, 6 for the second and 9 for the third. Killing the same boss in a different difficulty won't count, and the ilvl of the gear will depend on the highest difficulty in which you slained the required number of bosses. If you kill 4 bosses in HM and 2 in NM, all of them being different ones the first proposal will be HM ilvl, and the second one NM ilvl. At the time of the update, since only 3 bosses will be available you will only be able to unlock the first proposal for the Raid category. In Mythic+: You will have to complete a certain number of Mythic+ runs: 1 to get the first proposal, 4 to get the second and 10 to get the third. The ilvl of the gear will be determined by the lowest level of your top 1, 4 and 10 dungeons of the week. Let's take an example and consider you ran 10 dungeons successfuly at those key levels: 14-13-11-11-9-7-7-7-7-2: you therefore unlocked all 3 proposals, the first on being based on the 14 key, the second one on the 11 key and the third one on the 2 key. It's thus important to complete 10 dungeons each week at the highest key level possible to make sure you not only get the 3 proposals but that each one contains the highest ilvl possible ! In PVP: You will have to gain a certain amount of honor from rated PVP each week: 1250 to get the first proposal, 2500 to get the second and 6250 to get the third. The ilvl of the rewards will be determined by your highest rank achieved last week. In case no loot interests you, you can instead chose to get 3 Mystesriously Thrumming Orb which grant Stygia. Pretty straightforward ! Even if you only wish to play Mythic+ or PVP, doing so will still grant 3 proposals instead of 1 on BFA. But this new systems is also a good incentive for your to make sure you play a bit of each content ! MYTHIC+ SEASON 1 The endless trial you're already familiar with begins ! Tougher challenges, new affixes, but also better rewards: push your key to get the best possible gear at the end of the dungeon and in the weekly Great Vault. Loots ilvl will follow this table: The affix system is the same as you experienced on BFA starting at keystone level 2 with either Fortified or Tyrannical. At level 4 a second affix is added, and a third at level 7. If your key is level 10 or above, the season affix Prideful will always be present ! A few changes have occured for the affixes, we've compiled a brief summary for you here: Teeming and Skittish have been removed from the rotation. They might return in future seasons though ! Bursting is now a Magic effect that can be dispelled. Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health. Volcanic damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health. Additionally, players hit are now knocked high into the air. Sanguine's pool duration has been reduced to 20 seconds (from 60). Grievous: Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level, rather than a percentage of players' maximum health. Non-periodic heals remove 1 application of Grievous Wound. Explosive: Now appear slightly farther away from enemies that summon them. NEW: Inspiring - This new level 4 Keystone affix will cause some non-boss ennemies to have an inspiring presence that strenghthens their allies. It works like the Tide emissary from BFA's Beguiling affix. NEW: Spiteful - This new level 4 Keystone affix will cause corpses of non-boss ennemies to spawn Spiteful Shades that pursue random players and inflict heavy melee damage NEW: Storming - This new level 7 Keystone affix will cause ennemies in combat to periodically summon whirlwinds that inflict damage and knock back players. The season 1 affix is Prideful, and works similarly to Reaping from BFA: At every 20% Enemy forces killed, a Manifestation of Pride will spawn near player's location. Killing it will grant them Prideful for 60 seconds, increasing their damage, healing, movement speed and mana regeneration by a significant amount. If the group drops combat with the Manifestation (by death or other means) its health won't reset and it will simply return to its spawn location. On top of auto attacking the highest threat target, the Manifestation has 2 spells: Bursting With Pride - every 2 seconds - dealing AOE damage and gaining a stack, increasing subsequent cast damage by 40%. The damage will therefore increase with every cast, meaning you need to kill it before it gets overwhelming. If you wipe, the stacks will reset to 0. Belligerent Boast - every 7 seconds - targetting a random player and placing a 4 second debuff onto them: once it expires, 4 missiles will be fired from the player, dealing high damage and stunning any ally it passes through. VALOR By doing Mythic+ dungeons, you will also earn Valor, a new currency. As you may have noticed, gear pieces you obtained by doing dungeons in MM0 difficulty had a 1/12 rank: those you will obtain in MM+ will have a rank depending on the keystone level, but you can also spend valor to upgrade them ! The amount of Valor you can get each week is gated by a season cap, meaning if you missed some weeks you will be able to catch up. The cost of an upgrade depends on the gear type, and some ranks are gated by achievements: To upgrade past rank 5 you will need the Keystone Explorer To upgrade past rank 7 you will need the Keystone Conqueror To upgrade past rank 9 you will need the Keystone Master Guide on how to earn valor:here For the past weeks you discovered the new dungeons and got acquainted to them, now it's time to up the stakes ! With tweaked and new affixes, we wish you all good luck, and will display your achievements on our ranking page ! PVP SEASON 1: SINFUL GLADIATOR For those of you that thrive in the heat of PvP fights, start climbing the ladder in 2vs2 and 3vs3: face your opponents in the arena and prove your worth as a champion of Azeroth - and the Shadowlands ! This will be the first PvP season and will last until the second raid, Sanctum of Domination is released (expected duration is 6 months). Since Oribos' release, you can already earn honor by participating in PVP activities which you can then spend at the vendors to get honor gear starting at rank 1 (ilvl 158) which you can then upgrade up to rank 7 (ilvl 197) with this currency, gated by your renown level. By playing in rated PVP, you will earn a new currency: Conquest. With this you will be able to buy conquest gear. Starting at ilvl 200, you will then be able to upgrade it using honor, gated by your pvp rank: Unranked (from vendor): Item level 200 Combatant (1400-1599): Item Level 207 Challenger (1600-1799) :Item Level 213 Rival (1800-2099): Item Level 220 Duelist (2100+): Item level 226 Elite (2400+): Item level 233 *Weapon, Shield, Offhand ONLY If you fall below the minimum cutoffs (1400, 1600, 1800, 2100, and 2400 respectively) you have a 30 point leniency period where you remain in the same bracket. Conquest gains are gated by a season cap, meaning if you missed some weeks you will be able to catch up. Upgrades cost in honor are pretty high on top of needing you to climb the ladder, but this new system will be a lot less stressful and much more rewarding to gear yourself up doing pvp activities ! Also remember that getting honor from rated PVP every week will unlock gear proposals for the weekly Great Vault ! We wish you good fortune in the battles to come, and may you become a Sinful Gladiator ! RAID: CASTLE NATHRIA The first wing of Castle Nathria; 'The Leeching Vaults' will be released in LFR, NM and HM difficulties ! It contains the following 3 bosses (including guides to help you): Huntsman Altimor Hungering Destroyer Lady Inerva Darkvein Although in NM and HM you should have to go through Shriekwing first, it will be disabled so you can go straight to Huntsman Altimor. As explained in our previous post, we prefered to release wing by wing to ensure the good state and follow-up of the raid. With that being said, the release schedule will be speeded up to every 2 weeks: This means you can expect the second wing: 'Reliquary of Opulence' to be released on Monday January 31st. Remember to kill all 3 bosses every week to unlock an additional proposal in your great vault, and in the highest difficulty possible to increase its reward's ilvl ! BATTLEGROUND SYSTEM REWORK One of our developers has been hard at work on the Battleground system for the past months, and after a round of testings it's ready to be finally applied on Oribos ! Basically the whole code has been rewritten, but here is a list of the notable changes: You can now rejoin a Battleground if you disconnected in it (from Internet issue, or if you close the game manually). You can now queue for multiple Battlegrounds at the same time (max 3). Same goes for LFG. Quick joining has been added: if you join a group of people in queue, you will automatically be added to the queue. Cross-faction has been removed in BG: if there is any imbalance between horde and alliance in queue, you will be offered to toggle mercenary to fight for the other faction and fasten queue time. Matchmaking has been rewritten to more accurately find players of the same rank Deserter system has been fixed to now work as it does on retail. Battlegrounds that already started will now be prioritised to add new players who just entered the queue. In addition, they can now start as soon as enough players are available (this will fasten queue time) All battlegrounds are now pre-loaded, which reduces stress caused to both server (delay) and client (FPS) On top of that, we have a few news: A new arena has been implemented: Empyrean Domain Wintergrasp is updated to 9.0.5 version (some bugs were fixed) Isle of Conquest has been updated and bugs were fixed There are now new buffs on all Battlegrounds Various fixes for all battlegrounds (mostly visual effects) We hope you'll enjoy those changes, and we'll keep a close eye in case anything weird happens ! Ready ? Fight ! With all of those new contents added on Oribos, and more to come in the following weeks you should be busy enough ! We're continuing to keep a close eye on the reports you guys are making, and are applying fixes daily to improve the server: make sure to check them on our website here: https://firestorm-servers.com/changelog/sl Thank you so much for your patience and your help in this new adventure into the Shadowlands, we'll see you next Monday ! The Firestorm Team
  16. So when we eventually transfer to Shadowlands, will our gold,characters,items and etc be transfered or will we have to work to get those again?
  17. Hi all, I have a problem with OBTR Shadowlands server. When I want to connect, after entering the user code and password, I get the following error message: No realms are currently available (WOW51900309). How can i solve this problem.. Thnxx
  18. Whenever I try to talk to the Enchanting trainer in Orgrimmar, he turns towards you and plays the MP3, but no menu appears. It's been a problem for some time, actually; any idea what's up with that?
  19. Greetings everyone ! This is it, Firestorm's next expansion: Shadowlands will be released on Monday, December 20th 10:00AM server time on its realm Oribos ! After a month of Beta realm (OBTR) where you could discover in advance the new features of this 8th World of Warcraft Expansion and give us feedback, it is now time to get the real thing started ! We really wanted to have it ready before Christmas, as a 'gift' to you all: you've been really patient, now it's time for you to get rewarded for it ! Our OBTR will remain opened until Sunday, December 19th when it'll then be shut down. As we mentioned in our previous announcement, any progress made on it won't carry over onto Oribos (the "real" realm): this was a bound-to-disappear realm only meant for testing purposes. In the meantime you can obviously keep on playing it as much as you'd like ! To be able to play right on the 20th, you will need to have your Firestorm Shadowlands client downloaded in advance: many other players will want to join in at the same time, therefore we strongly advise you to prepare yourself right now ! It's easy, all you need to do is either access our regular download page or visit our dedicated guide here: http://fstorm.cc/EN-SL-Download. Please note that our Launcher is now updated to include Shadowlands, yet we advise you to download the full client via torrent if possible. Two days prior to Oribos' opening, we will be copying every character from Sethraliss so you can resume your progression where you left it. A few things of importance to note: Each character's gold will be capped to 10000 Every item in inventories will be bound to your character meaning you won't be able to sell in the AH nor trade them anymore Guild banks are gonna be wiped (items deleted + gold set to 0) on Oribos (your guild bank won't be affected on Sethraliss, don't worry) Finally, character's level and their gear's ilvl will be scaled down to Shadowlands (120 characters will become level 50, with this expansion's max level being 60) Now that we have covered all the preliminary explanations, let's dive in to see what awaits you on Oribos, our Shadowlands realm ! NB: Even though our client is a 9.1.5 one, we will release at 9.0 patch first ! Every system will be scripted in 9.0 fashion, except the class balancing which will be 9.1.5. SPECIAL LAUNCH REWARDS As a token of appreciation (and because you guys waited a long time while we were working hard on that new expansion !) we wanted to give a little something to those of you who join the adventure the very first week following the release ! Those who will log on Oribos before Monday December 27th will receive on their account: The Ensorcelled Everwyrm mount The Anima Wyrmling pet The Wraithchill cosmetic weapon effect The Eternal Traveler's Hearthstone toy The Vestments of the Eternal Traveler That's kind of a nice timing, with Christmas right in the middle don't you think ? Thank you for your support ! NEW LEVELING EXPERIENCE For the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, a heavy rework was made in regards to leveling, and learning the game. Before Shadowlands, every new expansion meant a higher max level and therefore a longer grind to get there, starting with a fairly unfriendly first step into the world of Azeroth: it all changes here ! On Shadowlands, the maximum level has been scaled down from 120 to 60: From levels 1-10, you will be learning the ropes of the game in a beautiful new zone called Exile's Reach. This place will be common to all races (when before each one had its own starting zone), and will feature a whole new questline designed to help new players learn the mecanisms of WoW much better, and faster. Even if you already have all of your characters above level 10, this new experience is gonna be refreshing, and could also help some friends of yours who never picked the game get into it much more easily. From levels 10-50, you will be leveling doing the Battle for Azeroth main storyline, which is fully scripted (its first quest will automatically be given to you). No more changing zones every 10 levels, battling to find working quests or killing monsters endlessly ! It's possible that in the future we will allow for different storylines (like the one from Legion for instance), but our main goal was that everyone doesn't feel bad creating a new character because they are dreading the leveling: it will now be a smooth and nice experience for newcomers and die-hard players alike ! Finally from levels 50-60, you will be making your way into the Shadowlands for the first time ever in World of Warcraft, to experience the wonder and horrors of the afterlife accross five new zones: the gleaming fields of Bastion, the scarred battlefields of Maldraxxus, the eternal twilight of Ardenweald, the opulent keeps of Revendreth, and the horrific Maw. NB: The "Thread of Fate" mecanism allowing you to skip the main storyline to level from 50-60 by other means is not yet implemented (we plan to add it further down the line), so for each character you will have to run the questline for now ! Back on BFA's expansion, its main storyline made you progress from level 110 to 120, while now it will be from level 10 to 50: this shows how much faster your leveling will be on this new expansion, greatly lightening the burden you could feel when when wanting to try out a new class. In 2 simple words: faster & easier ! On top of that, we will add a 50% increase to all exp gains: it used to be higher on older expansions, but with the whole content now fully scripted this will be enough to allow you to reach the necessary level thresholds easily. On top of that, Allied races will start level 10, meaning they can skip the first part. Death Knights and Demon Hunters will still pursue their starting questline (since it's specific to the class and not the race, by the way DKs got a brand new one !) before rapidly reaching level 10 and starting BFA's storyline. As a reminder, your characters from Sethraliss will be copied onto Oribos, so you won't have to start again. But we're pretty hyped with the idea of having a smooth leveling experience to propose, because this has always been one of Firestorm's weaknesses, as we focus on the end game: not anymore ! THE SHADOWLANDS Who thought dying was the end ? Welcome to the Shadowlands ! Once you reach level 48, a quest will automatically be given to you, asking you to head to your capital to begin the storyline. Beginning in Icecrown Citadel, it will then bring you to the afterlife's realm ! After a quick stop at the Maw, you will then arrive at your new capital, where Horde and Alliance gather: Oribos, the Eternal City ! (Yes, we took inspiration from it for our realm's name...) From there on, you will follow the main storyline which will make you travel accross all 5 zones: Bastion, (level 50-52) which is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant. Ordered and purposeful, souls sent here seek virtue. Maldraxxus, (level 52-54) which is ruled by the Necrolord Covenant. Heart of the Shadowlands' military might, souls sent here survive by the rule of the fittest. Ardenweald, (level 54-57) which is ruled by the Night Fae Covenant. Emerald Dreams's dark mirror, it's a place of rest and rebirth. Revendreth, (level 57-60) which is ruled by the Venthyr Covenant. Land of dark secrets, prideful souls are atoning there. The Maw, (level 60+) which is ruled by The Jailer and where Torghast, Tower of the Damned is located By visiting all zones, you will learn of the troubles reigning in the Shadowlands and the schemes orchestrated by the Jailer. Each zone will have its own world quests, rares, dungeons and World Bosses ! This will be your central play area, learning the specifics of all 5 (especially the Maw, a tormented land not easy to survive in !) will be key in your adventure. You can find more information around those 5 zones and their questline here. TORGHAST The Tower of the Damned is located at the heart of the Maw, and is the place where the Jailer hoards his most precious souls. This feature offers a brand new type of gameplay: instanced dynamic content featuring new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor layouts and enemy mob types for 1 to 5 players. Each visit in Thorgast will be a new experience ! This content is central to your Shadowlands experience as it will be your way to gather Soul Ash, a currency needed to create customizable Legendary Armor (yes they are back !) thanks to an important character held in the tower: the Runecarver. An introduction questline will detail the functionning of Torghast: this has many specific mecanisms, but you will get to know them all rapidly so do not worry ! Here is how things broadly work there: Each run you do contains different floors, and you will have a set number of deaths allowed (for the whole group if you're playing with friends). If the "Death counter" reaches zero, The Tarrague will be spawned, meaning your run will probably be over... On the other hand, if you manage to finish it, you will unlock the next "layer" (basically the next difficulty). To help you in your run, you will find Anima Orbs and Powers: the orbs which you will get after killing certain NPCs allow you to chose between 3 powers that last until the end. Some of them are available to all characters while others are class specific. Some vendors can also sell you upgrades or perks for Phantasma (a currency gathered during your run), helping you get further. These vendors are present in floor 3 and 6. Whenever you die in Torghast, you will respawn at the beginning of the floor you are currently on, and will lose any temporary buffs you may have. There are different wings in Torghast, with only 2 of them available each week and rotating. On floor 6 of each layer an end boss awaits you: kill him to complete your run ! With a total of 12 different layers, you will have quite a lot to do in Torghast. But do not dread, as you have up to 4 friends to help you ! For more details on Torghast, you can visit this link. COVENANTS Briefly named above, there are 4 different covenants that rule the afterlife in the Shadowlands: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae and Venthyr. During your questing you will learn their traits and particularities before having to chose one at level 60. Each of them has its own storyline, divided into chapters. As you're playing you will advance in Renown, a way to show your standing among your chosen family. This is a weekly caped system, unlocking various things such as storyline chapters. Chosing your covenant is the most character-defining thing in Shadowlands, and changing your mind won't be forgiving ! So you will need to chose carefuly as going back will be time costly. By alligning yourself with a Covenant, you will unlock various things: A signature Ability common to all members of the covenant A class ability, common to all members of your class within the covenant Soulbinds and conduits, a new system of progression unique to each covenant unlocking various powers through an artifact-like talent tree. A sanctum, the base of operation of your covenant, from which you can run missions, quests, world quests and more in order to raise your covenant's power back to its former level Several unique rewards ! Each covenant's caimpaign contains 8 chapters. At the release, only the first one will be available (because of the Renown progress cap) but so far the first 2 are scripted, while the others will be released whenever they are ready (Expected ETA is around 2 weeks / chapter) accross all covenants. You can check a more detailed guide about Covenants here. DUNGEONS The Shadowlands contain 8 different dungeons: 4 of them are accessible during your leveling, while the remaining others will be unlocked once you reach level 60. At the release, 7 out of those 8 will be available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic Difficulty. A few weeks later we will start the Mythic+ season, to give us some time to make sure everything is working properly. Here is the list of the dungeons: The Necrotic Wake - Bastion - Accessible while leveling Plaguefall - Maldraxxus - Accessible while leveling Mists of Tirna Scithe - Ardenweald - Accessible while leveling Halls of Atonement - Revendreth - Accessible while leveling Theater of Pain - Maldraxxus - Accessible level 60 De Other Side - Ardenweald - Accessible level 60 Spires of Ascension - Bastion - Accessible level 60 → This one is missing 2 bosses at the moment, but should be ready soon after the release Sanguine Depths - Revendreth - Accessible level 60 For more information related to the dungeons, you can read this guide. RAID: CASTLE NATHRIA The first raid of Shadowlands, Castle Nathria will be released wing by wing, but unlike our previous raids we will speed up that process, with one wing every 2 weeks (instead of every 4-5 weeks). The first one will open in LFR, Normal, and Heroic difficulties a few weeks after the release alongside the Mythic+ difficulty for dungeons. Once the 4th and final wing has been released, the full Mythic mode will follow ! Located in Revendreth, here is a list of its bosses with their corresponding wing: The Leeching Vaults (1st wing) Huntsman Altimor Hungering Destroyer Lady Inerva Darkvein Reliquary of Opulence (2nd wing) Artificer Xy'Mox Sun King's Salvation Council of Blood Blood from Stone (3rd wing) Shriekwing Sludgefist Stone Legion Generals An Audience with Arrogance (4th wing) Sire Denathrius You can read more about the whole raid here. PLAYER VS PLAYER With Shadowlands, a highly requested features makes its return in PVP: the vendors ! It has been fairly hard on Legion & BFA to gear up your characters by doing PVP, and vendors are here to fix this: by engaging in PVP activities, you will earn Honor and Conquest, both used to purchase pieces of gear and upgrades for them (caped by Renown for honor gear, and caped by PVP rank for Conquest gear). Just like the Mythic+ season, the rated PVP season will start a few weeks after the opening. This time will be crucial for us to make sure everything begins in the smoothest state possible ! In the meantime you can still train in skirmishes and battlegrounds, try out builds and talents ! For more information related to the new PVP System, you can head there. A new expansion release is something really special, and we can't wait to see you log on Oribos, after months of hard work and a pretty successful beta realm ! We detailed the main features, but you can expect many more new things for Shadowlands ! As with every new release, you can expect us to be on the deck to fix every issues hindering your gameplay, your enjoyment being our priority ! If you haven't done it yet, scroll back up and check our guide to download the client, so on the 20th you can be among the first to log, and get our special thank-you rewards ! In the meantime remember that our beta realm is opened to everyone, so you can log there to try the expansion, and give us feedback on our bugtracker which will help us ! Only 10 days to wait for, which we'll spend polishing everything ! See you then The Firestorm Team
  20. With our Shadowlands realm opening, you will need a new client to connect ! Do not worry, we made it as simple as possible for you to do so, no headache guaranteed! Note: if you have played on the Open Beta, you do not need to do anything, as this is the same client ! Hooray ! If you want to be able to play as soon as you get access, we advise you to download your client in advance ! Many players will be downloading it, which may slow the process so the earlier you get ready the better ! NB: The full client downloads every game data right away: it takes longer to download and requires a soft like bittorent, but once it's done you will have the whole game ready. The minimal client is smaller, faster to download, but will then download missing datas as you're playing, slowing you down and extending your loading times FOR WINDOWS: You have Retail's Shadowlands Client in 9.1.5 version (which is the one we're using): Clone your Folder into a new one, called for example "FS Shadowlands" Download the Firestorm Shadowlands .exe here: http://fstorm.cc/SL-Minimal (it is compressed in a .rar) Open your FS Shadowlands client folder, place the .rar you just downloaded at the root (not in the '_retail_' subfolder), and extract it. Click on your new .exe and you're on! You are using the launcher: Just start it, and you will see the Shadowlands section on the bottom left: press download ! Launcher has been added ! You don't have the game yet: Here is the full torrent (if possible try to use this one rather than the minimal, but you will need a torrent software like bittorrent) Here is the minimal client link: http://fstorm.cc/SL-Minimal. Just extract it and start the .exe ! Please note: The first time you will open the FS Shadowlands client, if it wasn't downloaded from the full torrent, it will take a bit of time (depending on your connexion speed) to download the missing files, but in the meantime nothing will appear on your screen, that's normal ! Do not open it 43 times, just once and then wait a bit. Once it's done, you will be fully set up! FOR MAC: The Mac Intel / M1 client is now available ! Just follow this link that contains a readme.txt: http://fstorm.cc/SL-MAC-Download If you have troubles installing, you can contact our staffmembers on the support channel of our Discord, or you can create a forum post here
  21. Greetings everyone ! As we previously discussed in our Shadowlands Devblog, our Open Beta Test Realm (shortened OBTR) has opened its doors and we will be sending the first batch of invitations shortly ! We will begin by granting access to the most active accounts of the past few months. Then, we'll regularly increase the number of accesses by sending new "waves" of invitation. If your account is granted access, you will receive an email with all of the information so you can head in without wasting a single minute, and also invite a friend of your chosing there by sharing the extra access key ! We'll also offer keys in giveaways, or events in game that you can then use or send to friends. At some point, everyone will get access to the OBTR though, so you will be able to test it do not worry ! If you're a streamer, you can contact an admin to get access & keys to give during your streams ! How to use your access key to enter the open beta ? By accessing your account page here and entering it in the designated box ! Be careful, as a key can only be used to grant access to one single account ! On this OBTR, all of your characters from Sethraliss have already been copied, with the level squish applied (level 120 characters will be scaled down to level 50; 60 being Shadowland's max level). The copy was made on November 4th at around 5:00AM server time meaning everything you did afterwards has not be taken into account on the OBTR. There are several purposes served by having a OBTR, which is why we resort to it everytime before a new expansion or client update is released: Making sure that the copy of characters from Sethraliss happens without any issue: when the real realm gets released, a similar copy will be made therefore it's important to make sure nothing goes wrong there. Testing realm stability: while our Quality Assurance team is working on our Shadowlands test realm for month, having a few characters online at the same moment doesn't stress the realm as much as having several hundreds or thousands. This also explains why we're going to give access gradually, to give us time to fix any issue in that regard. Providing an opportunity for you to test, and report issues you encounter in game on our bugtracker since not everything can be easily spotted on test realms (nor can it always actually be so, since having more players doing things can affect certain behaviors) All in all, the final aim is to get a Firestorm Shadowlands release as clean as possible for everyone to enjoy: so when you get access (because you will at some point !) make sure to log in, and have fun while also taking a bit of time to forward issues you find Important Note: Unlike what was announced in our devblog, the client will actually be in version 9.1.5 and not 9.1. This is retail's current build, but as usual we'll release content in the normal order: 9.0 first then moving forward. We chose to go for that newest version because it didn't require that much more work on our end, but included several quality of life changes that you will be really glad to have right away ! Also, progress on this realm won't be carried over to the final SL realm. This is a test realm, and its progress will eventually be wiped. How to download the client ? Just follow this link, nice and easy ! http://fstorm.cc/EN-SL-Download Now that we have the basics covered, let's see what you will be able to discover on our OBTR ! EXILE'S REACH & LEVELING Before heading into shadowlands content itselft, let's talk a bit about the "early game". Even though you will be able to resume the experience where you left it on Sethraliss, Shadowlands includes a rework of the leveling experience for players, making it faster, simpler and less of a chore for newcomers as well as veterans wanting to create alts ! We worked on that system, and here is how it's gonna look like: When you create a character (allied races, DKs and DHs excluded), you will be forced into this new "common zone" where every other new characters are too: Exile's Reach. This zone includes a tutorial, and some easy quests that will help you get started in World of Warcraft. The fact that everyone is forced there allows us to maintain a 100% functionnal zone: everything will work properly, and will continue to do so for the entirety of the expansion ! Once you get to level 10 (allied races starting there, DKs and DHs too right after their small intro questline), you will have the opportunity to chose an expansion to "re-live" up until your level 50. Right now, you will be forced to chose BFA, as it was our best working one, and the easiest to maitain but in the future we plan to have others (starting with Legion). This means that you will do that expansion's main questline, which should give you more than enough to get to level 48, when you'll receive the intro quest to Shadowlands ! Just like Exile's Reach, it will now become a lot easier for us to ensure your full leveling doesn't encounter any issues: before we would have had to fix all expansions, while now only BFA (for now) is required. No more getting stuck ! As explained in the introduction, the max level on Shadowlands is 60 compared to BFA's 120. It will also be a lot faster to get to the max level compared to before: all of those changes were added to make the beginner's experience a lot better than it used to be. On top of that, interface has been edited a bit so you won't end up wondering where you should head or which quest to prioritize: coupled with the high quality content, getting to the starting point of Shadowland's questline should feel really smooth ! With that being said, if you encounter any issues there we'd be happy to hear about them on our bugtracker to make sure it gets the attention required. THE SHADOWLANDS Welcome to the Shadowlands, where all souls get judged and then dispatched for the remainder of their afterlives ! This world of composed of several places: Oribos is the capital, where the judgement is made by 'The Arbiter': this will be your main hub, horde and alliance alike. From there you can access the 5 zones of the expansion Bastion which is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant Maldraxxus which is ruled by the Necrolord Covenant Ardenweald which is ruled by the Night Fae Covenant Revendreth which is ruled by the Venthyr Covenant The Maw which is ruled by The Jailer and where Torghast, Tower of the Damned is located During your questing you will visit all 5 zones in that order (except a quick detour to the Maw at the beginning !), to finally reach level 60. Everything is scripted, so if you find an issue remember to report it on our bugtracker ! TORGHAST The Tower of the Damned is a new system that was never seen before: a scalable dungeon from 1 to 5 players generated randomly, which means every run will be different ! Unlike Mythic+, you won't have a set time to complete your run though, meaning your can explore at your own pace. An introduction questline will help you understand the mecanism of this mode, and you'll then be able to play on 3 different wings in total, with 2 being available each week and rotating. This mode is central to Shadowlands as it's the source of currencies needed for you to get your legendary items: but don't worry ! Even though it's a new feature you will quickly get the hang of it, and you can always have some friends to help you ! COVENANTS Briefly named above, there are 4 different covenants that rule the afterlife in the Shadowlands: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae and Venthyr. At some point, you will need to align with one of them, providing your character with different spells, cosmetics, activities and followers to send in missions for various rewards ! Each of them has its own storyline, divided into chapters: the first 2 will be available at some point on the OBTR, while the 3rd ones should follow shortly after. As you're playing you will advance in Renown, a way to show your standing among your chosen family. This is a weekly caped system, unlocking various things such as storyline chapters. Chosing your covenant is the most character-defining thing in Shadowlands, and changing your mind won't be forgiving ! So you will need to chose carefuly as going back will be time costly. During your progression you will unlock soulbinds, a new artifact-like talent tree system giving various bonuses obtained by linking your soul to a member of your covenant. DUNGEONS The Shadowlands contain 8 different dungeons, 6 of them being available right away on our OBTR ! 4 of them are accessible during your leveling, while the remaining others will be unlocked once you reach level 60. On our OBTR, you will be able to play them in all difficulities including Mythic+. Here is the list: The Necrotic Wake - Bastion - Accessible while leveling Plaguefall - Maldraxxus - Accessible while leveling Mists of Tirna Scithe - Ardenweald - Accessible while leveling Halls of Atonement - Revendreth - Accessible while leveling Theater of Pain - Maldraxxus - Accessible level 60 De Other Side - Ardenweald - Accessible level 60 - Currently still under development (ETA: 1 week) Spires of Ascension - Bastion - Accessible level 60 - Currently still under development (ETA: 3 weeks) Sanguine Depths - Revendreth - Accessible level 60 RAID: CASTLE NATHRIA The first raid of Shadowlands, Castle Nathria will be available on our OBTR in LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties ! Located in Revendreth, you will be able to fight your way towards its 10 bosses which are all scripted: Shriekwing Sun King's Salvation Artificer Xy'Mox Huntsman Altimor Council of Blood Hungering Destroyer Lady Inerva Darkvein Sludgefist Stone Legion Generals Sire Denathrius OTHER FEATURES On top of all that, you will be able to experience much more: The legendary gear system is returning, with some changes ! You can now craft them, and then infuse those items with legendary powers collected through your questing. PVP players can rejoice, as you will be able to do arenas and battlegrounds, earn honnor and conquest to then purchase your gear to vendors ! This was something wanted for a long time, and it's making its return on SL, and on our OBTR ! The warmode system from BFA still persists, so you can chose whether you want to be able to battle the other faction or not in open world ! The weekly chest has been revamped, and will be far less random now ! By battling raid bosses, doing Mythic+ keys and PVP activities you'll then be able to select through an increasing number of gear to get what you trully need ! World Quests will be available on all zones, and World Bosses will be added a bit later on the OBTR Classes have been adjusted, and you will be able to discover how your new favorite class looks like ! As a reminder, all balance changes will be those of 9.1.5 which includes a lot of optimization compared to the fairly chaotic 9.0 one. We are excited to bring all of those content to you guys, and hope you are eager to discover it as well! We cannot stress this enough, your feedback will be of great importance to make sure that our actual release goes as well as possible! So please take the time to write reports about the issues you encounter on the bugtracker. Thank you for reading, and see you on our Shadowlands OBTR ! The Firestorm Team
  22. Hallo, ich wollte mal fragen,wie gehyped ihr auf das neue Addon so seid. Und wenn ja, woher holt ihr euch eure Infos dazu? Ich schaue mir sehr oft die englischen Youtuber an und ab und zu auch Deutsche. Hier mal ein sehr interessanter Link: Wenn ihr noch interessante Quellen habt, könnt ihr die hier ja posten. Natürlich bin ich auf keinem böse, wenn sich Infos später nicht als "richtig" herausstellen, weil Blizz die Inhalte zur Veröffentlichung löscht. Es läuft halt eben noch die Alpha ^^ LG Neo
  23. Greetings everyone ! Yes, Shadowlands is coming soon. We've been working on it for the past months, and things are improving day by day on almost every aspect of the game ! It's not ready yet, but we'll soon be able to open a PTR like we did for Battle for Azeroth: a closed-access realm with invites being granted at an increasing rate. This will happen in November, so we're close ! It's planned to have it going for around a month with some content being added, switched with others to make sure everything gets reviewed so that the actual release of our realm happens as smoothly as possible ! When the time comes, another announcement will be made with details on how to download the client, what content will be available to test etc. Important thing to note: we'll release the client in 9.1 directly (but starting with 9.0 content, as usual) to allow for smoother updates and get the 9.1 class balance. We still have a month to make sure we're ready for that PTR release (and we'll be working as hard as ever !) but we wanted to share the current state of affairs with you to give you a better idea of what you can expect ! We're gonna remain focused on the state of each feature rather than a thorough explanation of what they are, but we'll include links so you can read about them if you' want to know more about the Shadowlands specifics We're really excited for this as we're sure most of you also are, so without further ado: Exile's Reach: This is the new level 1-10 zone where every race will make their baby steps. Much more "casual friendly" than what we currently had up until BFA, everyone will have to go through there first. It's gonna be finished in a few days and then our QA will test it so it's been properly tested before it ends up on the PTR. If you want more info, you can check this guide Chromie Time: This feature allows every player reaching level 11 to chose on which expansion they want to level up, scaling every creature & quests up to level 50. At first, we'll force everyone to chose for BFA since this is our best-scripted expansion (which has already been fully retested on SL). This means that alongside Exile's Reach, all of the leveling should be smooth & without any bugs ! In the future, we'll script Legion, and then eventually other expansions choices. If you want more info, you can check this guide Shadowlands' Intro: Starting automatically once you reach level 50, you'll go to ICC to begin your new journey, then to The Maw for some quests which then leads to Oribos, the expansion's main city. Already tested, it's working really well. Shadowlands' new zones: Bastion (level 50-52) - Madraxxus (level 52-54) - Ardenweald (level 54-57) - Revendreth (level 57 - 60) are all fully scripted including the World Quests, excepted for Bastion which should be finished in the following weeks. All 4 of them will be available on the PTR. The Maw (level 60+) while you'll be getting in and out of it during your leveling, the zone itself at max level hasn't been worked on yet, but since it's not much (short questline + a few dailies / weeklys / rares) it might be available for the PTR, albeit not right away. It's supposed to be the prerequisite to access Thorgast, but we will remove that condition on PTR if needed ! If you want more info, you can check this guide Torghast: 3 Wings (out of 6) are currently working, and almost all anima powers are scripted. The intro questline will be worked on soon, which includes some scenarios inside of Thorgast so you can get a grasp of its functioning. If you want more info, you can check this guide Covenants: Those 4 families (linked to the first 4 zones of Shadowlands) will have enough chapters scripted so you can access their spells, conduits, soulbinds, followers, missions & callings. They aren't ready yet, but should be for the PTR (maybe not right away, but during its time). If you want more info, you can check this guide Dungeons: All 8 should be available for the release, most during the PTR. Some are in a more advanced state than others (3 of them aren't fully scripted yet but should be soon). Affixes have been scripted & updated, and the rewards as well (including the new weekly chest, which has been redesigned entirely !) If you want more info, you can check this guide Raid: Castle Nathria: Every bosses are scripted in all difficulties, and testings have started progressively (first wings having received more feedback than last ones). It will be fully available on the PTR so you can check it thoroughly ! If you want more info, you can check this guide Legendaries: The crafting system has been scripted for a while, and so were most of the spells but because of their complex nature some are still in need of a review. They should be available for the PTR. If you want more info, you can check this guide Classes: As mentioned it will be 9.1 balancing, and their scripting has begun recently. Everything will be fully ready for the actual release, with the finishing touches applied during PTR time. This pretty much does it ! As you can see, most of the new systems are at least almost finished for the dev part, and testings have started for a while now. We haven't gone in depth of their core functioning because this would be fairly long, but we advise you to read the linked guides, which contain every information you may need ! Shadowlands brings a lot of new things that you will (re)discover soon, so having a bit of information beforehand can't hurt ! When the PTR opening date is set, we will provide more detailed guides of the available systems, as well as how you can help improving their quality for the release: we'll first invite our most active players, while steadily expanding the filter. There isn't much more to wait, and with the new PVP season & the MDI on Sethraliss you should have plenty of things to do while increasing your chances to be selected first for the PTR ! While all this happens, our developers and Quality Assurance members are giving their best We'll see you in a few weeks for more information regarding Shadowlands, in the meantime we wish you a nice experience on Firestorm ! Thank you for your time and fidelity, The Firestorm Team
  24. So yesterday, they announced Shadowlands will come on 27th OCtober 2020, but when it will be avaible on Shadowlands and will be my Characters from Realm Sethrallis transfered to the new Shadowlands Realm?
  25. Greetings, BFA ! It's been a month and a half since TEP's 2nd wing got released, and it is now time to press on! We're going to release the Eternal Palace's 3rd and Final Wing, 'The Circle of Stars' on Wednesday, October 21nd! Some unforeseen issues had us delay this release, to make sure it gets shipped on Sethraliss in the best state possible. Only the Mythic mode will be left, before the 8.2 content is fully available. We also wanted to take this opportunity to discuss with you what's next: the 8.3 client & content update, but also the next expansion: Shadowlands in a devblog kind of post. We thank you for your continuous interest! ETERNAL PALACE 3RD WING: THE CIRCLE OF STARS The third and final wing of the 8.2 Raid, Azshara's Eternal Palace will be released in LFR, NM & HM difficulties: it's time to put an end to the Queen's evil plan! The 'Circle of Stars' wing will include the last 2 bosses: Za'qul Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Strategy Guide, a 4-phase encounter where you will be dragged to different realms: this is a mechanically complex fight, and you will need a great understanding of the boss abilities! Queen Azshara Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Strategy Guide, herself, another 4-phase encounter with 2 intermissions. Keep the Ancient Wards energised to survive! On the 'Queen Azshara' fight, you will be able to loot Aqueous Reliquary, just like on Radiance of Azshara and Queen's Court from the first and second wings. Around the end of November, the full Mythic Mode of TEP should be released, where bosses will reveal their true potential: take the time to assimilate their Heroic stategies as well as possible until then! 8.3 UPDATE - VISIONS OF N'ZOTH With the Eternal Palace raid coming to a closure, we'll have wrapped up the 8.2 content, which means it will be time to look forward to the last patch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion: Visions of N'zoth! Since our client is currently in 8.2 version, it will require a client update, to the 8.3.7 version. Then, the content will be released progressively, to follow retail's - and our usual - order. Our developpers have switched their focus to the 8.3 for a little while now, and things are already in a pretty advanced state, so we expect a release early 2021. Here is how we're standing right now: The Horrific Visions system has been scripted: those are scenarios designed for 1-5 players taking place in alternative versions of Stormwind or Orgrimmar where N'Zoth's corruption thrives. You need to hold as much as possible before losing all your sanity! The legendary cape Ashjra'kamas' questline is being scripted: this item can be upgraded through Visions and will offer protection against sanity loss, and against Corruption on equipment, a new feature of 8.3! The Mythic+ Season 4 Affix: Awakened has been prepared: the obelisk system & spawns are fully done in all dungeons: next step is scripting the Commanders Assaults development is still in the early stages, but work has started Operation: Mechagon will now be splitted in two (think like Return to Karazhan in Legion) and available in Heroic & Mythic+ difficulties. The developper who scripted the dungeon is working on it right now. The first wing of the new raid: Ny'alotha has already been scripted, and the testing session will begin shortly. As with every client update, some class changes occured: those are being worked on and tested by the QA team. The work on the 2 new allied races (Vulperan & Mecagnomes) has started: their stats, starting zone, and heritage armor are scripted. We still have to work on their racials ! The new system that replaces titanforging, called Corruption has not been worked on yet. Once it's done, the spells themselves will have to be scripted. The reworked Auction House has been scripted! There are still some important systems to work on, but as you can see we already worked on quite a lot of the big changes patch 8.3 brings. We'll be able to share more in the near future, so stay tuned! SHADOWLANDS ON FIRESTORM Many of you must be wondering, and the answer is yes: Firestorm will release Shadowlands! The early work on it has already been started, but it's obviously way too early to share anything concrete right now. Although, as soon as the 8.3 gets released on Sethraliss, you can expect the development team to slowly shifts to SL. As we did with BFA, we do not intend to rush things, and would rather be able to offer you a great release, much likely after an open PTR phase. As for the 8.3, as time goes by we'll be able to share more details, so again stay tuned! In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the release of TEP's 3rd wing, and good luck for the first Heroic kill on Queen Azshara! The Firestorm Team