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  1. Hello, you can submit this suggestion here: Greetings, Qalmir
  2. Hello @chirsblakas, if PSC is available or not depends on your country. Greetings, Qalmir
  3. Hello dear @Pain Nigouto, there is still a open report about this quest: Firestorm Bugtracker | Hir'eek, the Bat Loa Greetings, Qalmir
  4. Hello dear @sh0dinkydink, some of the mounts can be obtained and some cannot. For example, old gladiator mounts cannot be obtained. Most mounts from the Meta achievements also cannot be obtained. If there are mounts which you want to try to get ingame, you can ask here or in the ingame world chat. Greetings, Qalmir
  5. Hello, please create a Ticket ingame with your issue and contact Gamemaster Ektirun#8530 on Discord with your character name and expansion / realm. Greetings, Qalmir
  6. In most starting zones and capital cities.
  7. Hello dear @wildelicious, the greenfire questline is not working on the Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands realm, and you cannot farm there. As mentioned above, you can do the questline on the Mists of Pandaria realm and have the on all servers above. Here is a guide how to do the questline. Greetings, Qalmir
  8. Hello @Heyiisrandom, is your issue on Oribos Server? The is a Battle for Azeroth quest and you're posting this in the Legion topic. The quest should work fine on BfA Server but has issues on the Oribos Server. Greetings, Qalmir
  9. Hello @wildelicious, is still spawning in Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria. There are two phases of that zone. If you're in the N'Zoth Assault phase, speak with to get phased to the normal version of that zone. If you face any other issues, you can create a support ticket here: Firestorm Support If you face any bugs, you can create a bugtracker report here: Firestorm Bugtracker Greetings, Qalmir
  10. Hello @Fresnikson, have you checked already the settings of your chats? Maybe the world_en is hidden? Hello @dylanland234, you can join the word chat with the following command: /join world_en if you're a English speaker /join world_es if you're a Spanish speaker /join world_ru if you're a Russian speaker /join world_fr if you're a French speaker /join world_CN if you're a Chinese speaker /join world_de if you're a German speaker There are probably a lot more language channels. Greetings, Qalmir
  11. Hello @Sebastian98, if you find any bugs ingame, please report them to our Firestorm | Bugtracker Greetings, Qalmir
  12. Hello @inget2, are you now able to login into the Icecrown server? Greetings, Qalmir
  13. Hello @Feinaz, your question has been answered here:
  14. Hello @Feinaz, i see you've upgraded your sanctum before accepting this quest. To get your quest completed, please create a Ticket In-Game by press ESC and Select "Help". A Game Master will complete the quest for you. Greetings, Qalmir
  15. Hello @Thuzy, If you only care for the apperance of that item, you can simply just buy it via your weardrobe. Copy the script i am posting here and paste it into the ingame chat. The item will be linked in the chat and you can view it and the wardrobe and purchase it with either shop- or loyalty points. /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cff1eff00\124Hitem:60715::::::::70:::::\124h[Vial of Chloroform]\124h\124r"); Greetings, Qalmir