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  1. Is the reputation also available if you start from fresh?
  2. Hello, this post is for the Shadowlands Realm, not the BfA realm. It sometimes can take more than 7days to receive the final quest.
  3. Hello dear @Mandirigma, please create a Shop Ticket to receive better assistance: Firestorm | Shop Support Greetings, Senior Support, Qalmir
  4. Hello dear @FLYSNOW, please contact the Shop Support: Firestorm Shop Support Greetings, Senior Support, Qalmir
  5. Hello everyone! After several requests, we will be releasing this guide of mounts which are available and which are not available. Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.2.7 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm. But there will be alternatives if a mount is Not Available, from older expansion realms or from the Web Shop. Note2: If a mount is collected, for example on the Gul'dan (Warlords of Draenor) Realm, this mount will be also in your Oribos Realm collection. This is for all mounts, except for Gladiator mounts. A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out: Available - This mount is available, the same way, as it's available on retail WoW Not Available - This mount is not available Not Available - This mount is available but only on older expansion servers or from the Web Shop Removed from the game - This means, the mount has been removed from the game by Blizzard Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list. Classic Mounts: The Burning Crusade: Wrath of the Lich King: Cataclysm: Mists of Pandaria Walords of Draenor: Legion: Battle for Azeroth: Shadowlands: Firestorm Shop/Promotions: Last Update: 10.09.2023
  6. Hello dear @zephi94, we do not have any date yet, when the season 4 boxes will be added to this vendor. Greetings, Qalmir
  7. Hello, moving this to the Forum Archive, because we're not on 7.0.3 anymore. If you like to download the ElvUI for 7.3.5, you can do this here: Firestorm AddOns | ElvUI 7.3.5 Greetings, Qalmir
  8. Hello @Boomkinbear, great post! I've added the Firestorms AddOn page to your message! For new players reading this, always download the correct version of your AddOns for the Game: Shadowlands - Oribos: 9.2.7 Battle for Azeroth - Sthralis: 8.3.7 Legion - Sylvanas/Greymane: 7.3.5 Warlords of Draenor - Gul'Dan: 6.2.4 Mists of Pandaria - Garrosh: 5.4.8 Cataclysm - Deathwing: 4.3.4 Wrath of the Lich King - Icecrown: 3.3.5 Greetings, Qalmir
  9. Hello dear @pcmaniac, sorry for the late reply! The AddOn page is not really moderated, and I'm not sure why players upload Battle for Azeroth AddOns into the Legion category, but most of them wont work correctly in older versions of the Game. Already download the correction AddOn version for the game. Legion => 7.3.5 BfA => 8.3.7 Greetings, Qalmir
  10. Hello dear @Zoeyboey, the Interface\AddOn folder should be creature by your first launch of World of Warcraft. If the folders are still missing, you can add this folder by yourself. ..\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Greetings, Qalmir
  11. Hello dear @bHold, if a server is offline, can be caused by serveral reasons, but the two main reasons are: crash or restart/maintance. Greetings, Qalmir
  12. quest

    Hello @florla, could you try to cast Soulshape? Just enter the following command into the ingame chat: /cast Soulshape Greetings, Qalmir
  13. Hello dear @fridgemagnet, if the boosting service is offered for in-game gold, it is not against our rules. If boosting serverices get offered for IRL currency, this would be against our rules. Greetings, Qalmir
  14. achievement

    Hello deat @AshenOneHUN, you should get the mount into your bags. Greetings, Qalmir