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  1. It sometimes takes a few extra days until a patch is pushed to the Server, also it requires a Server restart to make the fix work.
  2. The Seat of the Triumvirate is now open again, enjoy.
  3. Hay there! i cannot give you a exact release date for the next patch, but it's around the corner! It will be announced in the Forum and in our Discord Server. Kind Regards, Firestorm Staff, Qalmir
  4. Hello! Yes, the currentöy client version is 10.1.7, therefore, if you want to install AddOn, the best choice would be for the 10.1.7 as well. Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  5. Hello there @hypothesis, Are you using the full installation or the minimal client? Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  6. Hello there @Northwain, Just download the 10.1.7 minimal client from here and drop it into the _retail_ folder, it will download a few files to downgrade your 10.2.0 to 10.1.7. Download our minimum client. Unzip the minimum client "Dragonflight - Firestorm - 10.1.7 -" and put the client "Wow 10.1.7 - 51261.exe" inside the folder where you installed the game client. Execute Wow 10.1.7 - 51261.exe. The client will then update the game files according to Firestorm's needs and launch the game on the correct version! Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  7. Hello there @Taraxon96, that only 1k per character above level 30 got transfered from Shadowlands to Dragonflight, is intended. It was stated in the Dragonflight announcement. Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  8. Login with your email instead of your Account Name.
  9. Hello there! There are currently no plans for a instant Lv 70 PvP Dragonflight Server.
  10. Grüße @Linzheer, an sich ist es nicht verboten einen Link zu Firestorm unter deine Youtube Videos in die Beschreibung zu packen. Kritisch wird es, wenn man Firestorm Streamt. Zumindest auf Twitch kann es da zu Problemen kommen, da dort mehr auf den Copyright geachtet wird. Zumindest bei größeren Streamern. Ich hoffe ich konnte dir weiterhelfen! MfG Senior Moderator, Qalmir
  11. Bug

    Hello there! For that, please create a Ingame Ticket. Kind Regads, Senior Support, Qalmir
  12. Hello @keopx, a character transfer to Oribos is not available. Your level 100 characters would be level 40 on Oribos anyways, due the level squish. your collected mounts, pets, etc. are available on Oribos as well. Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  13. Hello @marmarmico1, if you find any bugs, please report them to our bugtracker: Firestorm | Bugtracker Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  14. Hello again @zephi94, appearently, the season 4 chest wont be added, because it came within the DF pre-patch, which means, we would have to upgrade the client to a higher build, and this is not going to happen. Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir
  15. Hello @torrente111, as andyblast already suggested, use the same method i've written in the linked post. Kind Regards, Senior Support, Qalmir