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  1. 10.1.0

    Only valor honor conquest and rating. But gold not
  2. Yes but Next monday the cap Will disappear
  3. No because we have the 10.1.7 cliente so It isnt necessary
  4. Not yet, it was added in 10.0.5 and we are still in 10.0.0. But they are testing the 10.0.5as yu can see in this post of the forum, so we have to wait
  5. It isnt available yet, we have to wait until they release more maps
  6. Do you have the wow in the "c:/program files" folder?
  7. Yes, although you have 100% downloaded , it will still appear as 0%
  8. Its transferred
  9. frustrating

    They said only 1k would be copied
  10. Its the same client so dont worry
  11. Heart of azeroth is normal becuase blizzard deleted the questline in shadowlands. For scouting map you have to do the questline that start in orgrimmar/stormwind
  12. you are welome
  13. In this pack you can download in the server web you can find elvui for this version https://firestorm-servers.com/en/addons/detail/453