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  1. In bfa or in legión realm?
  2. Contrats!!!
  3. You have to go to your class hall and take in scout map the 4 missions It gives to you. If you dont know how to go, go yo krasus height and you Will see a floating giant island where you have to arribe using double jump and wings and in the middle of It you Will see a portal that Will take you you to class hall . When you are there click in the middle of the room in the scout map Pd: sorry for my bad english
  4. You have to use the email you used to create the account in firestorm web
  5. Change set portal to SET portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com" Although you play bfa It has to be legion the set portal
  6. Yes, you have to complete storyline that starts with that mission https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53372/hour-of-reckoning
  7. Hi and welcome^^ Yes, lfr works except in wod and legión Dungeons (in pandaria dungeons i dont know) and you Will be teleport without issues Any other question let me know^^
  8. Try reseting interface user, disabling antivirus and firewall
  9. Yes , of course. Add my main Char Rafaelwar to friends un case you need something you can let me know. And if you have discord rafaelantunez#7826
  10. Yes , it's weird that it takes too long but It can happen
  11. Welcome Bro, anything you need let me know^^
  12. first time you have to wait around 25 minutes
  13. Try changing in cofig.wtf the set portal to set portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com"
  14. Mac or Windows?
  15. You are welcome