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  1. Let me see if with one Char i have to do them and i abandon them and i can help you
  2. Hi^^ Try with this https://firestorm-servers.com/es/addons/detail/83 Let me know if it doesnt work and i look for another
  3. Legión Dungeon Finder doesnt work in bfa but although It worked nobody queues , people prefer missions ir killing mobs
  4. Hi^^ What error do you get?
  5. Dont worry^^ Close WoW, log in in the web with your account and use unstuck character option If you get 10 minutes sickness do It again and It Will disappear
  6. For the Next time if It happens again try queueing PvP. When you enter to BG you Will get desbug
  7. In seth if you are horde you can enter using .fsdie in the invisible wall, releasing, going through the invisible wall on Spirit and reviving inside so there wouldnt be any issue
  8. Hi@^^ I never tried but today i Will see if i can find a way and i let you know
  9. Everytime i have to install wod i get that error but some days later It get fix auto without doing anything
  10. Treasures in dark shore, there are 9 that you can open dialy. There is a video on yt with locations in firestorm
  11. Try unstuck character option in the web with the WoW close. If you get sickness , do It again and sickness Will disappear
  12. There is a trick . Die the nearest to the entrance you can. Release and go through the door in Spirit and when you are in the other side revive The easiest way to die near would be using .f or .fsdie when you are in the closed door
  13. si, entra en fstorm.cc/Discord
  14. Hi and welcome 1. Pandaria is Cross faction so horde and Ally is together in everything (pve groups guild) except in PvP 2. I never had a Rogue so i cant help you with that , sorry 3. Addons i recomend: dbm, recount, motor, atlasloot, npcscan y npcscan overlay, collectme, ackisrecipelist Anything you need let me know and It Will be a pleisure helping you