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  1. Yesterday i read to someone in server discord that if you choose drustvar as first map there isnt any issue but if not, you have to finish the questline of the choosen map in order to be able to take another map
  2. Try /resetchat
  3. Yes, initial draenor questline is bug. Take portal in portal room in orgrimmar to ashran and swim to another maps. Then, look in every flight route for missions
  4. Yes, it counts as manually. Then dark iron armor you wont be able to get it except you lvl one manually. I read once in wowhead that in retail happened the same
  5. Did you buy a boost in the shop or you lvlup manually?
  6. you are welcome, anythin you need let me know and sorry my bad english hehe
  7. You are welcome About those missions i would like to help you but i only completed horde questline
  8. 50 is only for shadowlands. In bfa you have to be level 110 or 120 i dont remember well
  9. Do you have utorrent bittorrent or another torrent client installed in your pc?
  10. If you arent in the same guild it takes 1 hour to arrive
  11. I asked it to you because when they released 8.3 they reseted titanum residum and they gave gold as it happened when retail released 8,3
  12. When was the last time you had titan residiumn?
  13. Let me see if i can find one and i let you know. Although i have never usted It , It Will be difficult and sadly i dont know anybody Who uses it Ed: true, last version i found was for 8.2 You can try vuhdo, grid or healbot. As i have never tried them i dont know which is better but i am reading all are good replacements
  14. Ohh ty very much <3
  15. wtf, how do you kill the twins boss that are untargeteable and thogar who isnt activated? Oo