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  1. You are put in a queue so you only have to wait
  2. Do you have the mission to go to nazjatar in your questlog? If yes, complet It and see if you get "a nation united" after that
  3. Not idea, a friend post It in the guild discord
  4. It has released yet but i dont remember well where. If you have discord and you want add me to friends and i send It to you from there Muy discord id is rafaelantune#7826
  5. Unlock world quests, complete the quest chain for legendary cloak, get archievements for flying in zuldazar and kultiras
  6. You are welcome
  7. Corrupcion yes, you only have until you can buy whatever you need because corruptiond that are sold change every X days as happenef in retail About essences Range 3 you Will be vale to buy those essences you have at least in Range 3 with another Char in the account
  8. When i tried to complete that quest i had to try it several times until i get to the right place, justo be patient
  9. Log in in the web with your account and use unstucking carácter opción. Your issue Will be fixed auto
  10. Tomorrow when i can play, i see if It happens the same to me and i let you know
  11. Horde or ally?
  12. you are welcome
  13. 72 hours
  14. Yes , you will be able to use them there
  15. Its very weird because i am reading in wowhead that the drop is 99%, and those 2 last days a friend of mine got it 3 times