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  3. schneller Fliegen als gedacht ^^
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  5. Are the ways to skip Dark Portal quest all bugged? I tried the Timeless Isle teleport method (campfire can't be clicked), taking Ashran portal and flying to Frostfire Ridge to try to start garrison quests (Thrall/quest giver won't talk to me), tried flying to Iron Docks but the Horde flightpath guy isn't there. Maybe they'll make it autocomplete instead of fixing. I hate doing the Dark Portal.
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  7. Title: BUGG Type: In-game Description:  IM TIRED OF THIS SERVER FULL wITH BUGGS IN 10x10 bg (wsg) in one side where 12. Remove fucking horde/ally swaping from pvp when u can't fix it.
  8. Hi you are welcome to our guild, OPLAN TOKHANG, fun and loving members willing to help and cooperate to gearing. We may have our rules but deep inside mga tarantado kami
  9. Hi, is somewhere and option to insta get lvl 100 i want 1 mount who is not optainable on BFA and i dont really want to lvl from 1 to 100 on a dead server
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  11. This tutorial is in Spanish, but it is made to follow the step by step and it will work correctly Hello everyone, a launcher has been created to be able to install firestorm in linux, the following video explains step by step how, this has already been approved by the server administrators, so I post it, so that anyone who wants to play it can enter. the requirements for its use are to have lutris, wine, dxvk and graphics card drivers installed. debian-based systems such as ubuntu are recommended, I RECOMMEND USING POP_OS! Since it has many packages pre-installed and pre-compiled, remember that almost the entire process will depend on your Internet download speed, in the description of the video there are the links to the system and more. Thank you very much to the server admins, for allowing me to make an official post, since the idea of this is to make the firestorm community grow, and gaming on linux.
  12. I have the same problem, still haven´t found a way to fix it.
  13. Can devs open Alterac Valley Bg (Epic Battleground) we need it, it's the best Epic Bg out there why is it closed +and+ on Sethralis (BFA) of all realms!? we want it to be accesible specially for next World Event, Children's Week [For The Children] there is a PVP achievement to do on March. Answers...
  14. ho appena iniziato su BFA, prendete ancora membri?
  15. I've got A Celestial Invitation quest , but there are no NPS on the place. NPS must be Algalon the Observer with some pets, I have to win the pet battle to get wonderful Stardust rabbit . So, the question is - may I get this item for free as all pet battles are bugged and the NPS is absent ?
  16. one of my characters' heart of azeroth quest got a bug... pls..help to fix me,gm quest - a friendly face fact- i can't talk to npc quest man (Spiritwalker Ebonhorn) Character name - Côldzee (night elf Demon hunter)
  17. Will it ever be possible to bring my characters from Legion to BFA? I spent a lot of it to bring them up and I'm sorry to throw them away like this, it's not fair ... Nowadays on legion there are few people and I have not played anymore waiting to be able to move them but I'm losing hope.
  18. Happy Ending - is an Asian English Guild looking for dedicated active players for keys and raid progress. Nya' lothya HC 3/12. Our raiding time is 15:00 ST. Discord and DBM is a must! Whisper us for more info or invites Shimhaehae / Bahnkalak / Creampuffs
  19. Ok, I have the exact same thing and i will try to help you with what i can. First, Firestorm can't do anything about that. It's not a server problem, but a blizzard problem. In 8.3 on retail, the game suffered from memory leak and this has been fixed. But in 8.3.7 the problem come back for a lot of people and he was not fixed. In SL, that's seems ok. Like you say, using DX11 legacy was the temporary solution but it's shitty as f**k. If, in 8.2, you used the DX 11, i recommend you to use DX12 if you can. For some people that's fixed the problem. In my case, i can't use DX12 and for a week i was not able to play the 8.3.7 cause of big freeze. But, after lot of research, i can now play with DX11 and my normal FPS with very rare freezes. N° 1 : You need to disable the "Talking head box", you can do that with the addon "BeQuiet", or leatrix. N° 2 : If you use RareScanner (or others addon like that), you need to disable the 3d model in the pop up N° 3 : You need to disable addon like "Immersion" and "Storyline" N° 4 : If you use Addon to custom your UI, you need to disable any 3D portrait N° 5 : You need to not open any panels like Tmogs/mounts etc. If you do and you don't freeze, continue to play, but if you freeze you need to restart the game. To use your character screen without freeze, you can use the command " /run CharacterModelFrame:Hide(); " . I recommend you to make a macro with that and use when you log in. You can reverse by changing "Hide" in "View". If you freeze, you need to close the game, wait a few seconds to clean memory, and restart. Victory windows of island expedition and BG can freeze too but it's rare for me. I know, it's not good.. But, that's let me play and i freeze/crash rarely since all this things. Hope this can help you, or other people with the same issues.
  20. I have a problem here since your patch release. My system was running the game fine up until that point. Hardware is Ryzen 2200G, GTX 1050ti, 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz - I have reinstalled Nvidia drivers, no change, reinstalled the game, also no change, ran the game off of Vega 8 IGPU, the same thing still occurs with up to date drivers. Here’s a rundown of what is happening and how it can be recreated a lot of the time: Upon starting the game, everything works fine and you wouldn’t know any difference. Once you attempt to open either the character screen, mounts/pets panel or transmog collection page(basically anything with a 3D character model involved or even just walking around without anything else) the game stutters for a second and then freezes for 5-10 seconds. During this time the following happens: GPU/CPU usage drop to idle levels: both being between 0 and 5%. RAM utilisation jumps up by 200-1000MB. CPU usage jumps back up after a few seconds then another 2-3 seconds after that, the game stutters and starts to run normally again. I don’t think it’s area specific as it happened to me in Boralus, Silithus(hopefully spelt right!!), Uldum and Valley of the eternal flower, generally in any place it happens. They are not plugins, I have restarted the interface, cleared cache and WTF, and practically configured from scratch every plugin and the freeze is still happening. I have also denied the Hotfix notes blog (which many blizzard users also gave it as a possible temporary solution) but it has not worked either. Temperatures during this time are way below thermal throttling with around 65-70C on the 2200G and no higher than 71c on the 1050Ti. I don't know if this is a topic you are looking at but can you stop asking everyone to update their drivers and remove this and that. If you need any more information then please ask me and i will provide all i can, I am testing with DX11 Legacy according to blizzard users, they have given it as a temporary solution but this has cost me between 40-55 fps lost, especially in bolarus. I look forward to your prompt response.
  21. The last PVP season on Sethraliss, our BFA realm has ended on Monday, March 22nd with the 8.3 update, and rewards have now been delivered ! Considering the state of the 3v3 bracket, rewards have only been distributed in 2v2 Here is the list of the Notorious Gladiators (top 12 / > 3050 rating): Ilövecharli (3315) Ilovecharli (3185) Arrivedercì (3181) Thracya (3165) Fakecerva (3151) Finarequiem (3134) Katsuýo (3129) Nizrå (3098) Kræx (3097) Lunæryxqt (3083) Dxdâñîsïmâ (3055) Pertinaxs (3051) Those people have been awarded the Notorious Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 3 Achievement, and its title, Notorious Gladiator. On top of those 12, the following 13 players are Gladiators (top 25 / > 2900 rating): Faridengav (3049) Hanexwl (3040) Zlatanbtw (3013) Trapdotcom (3003) Valtadiah (3000) Fouadiatorès (2977) Fjjawijtgoaw (2975) Xxià (2967) Waitscorka (2961) Желанние (2930) Dodotymyson (2922) Mascarell (2914) Animalzerg (2902) Those people have been awarded the Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 3 Achievement, the Gladiator title, and the Season 3 mount: Notorious Gladiator's Proto-Drake. Congratulations to all the gladiators, and Notorious gladiators ! As we explained last time, the gladiator title has been removed to everyone but those 25 people to make sure it keeps its value. SEASON 4 PVP DISCUSSION We would also like to take this opportunity to talk to you about PVP in season 4, what our thoughts and plans are. Even though we want to be as blizzlike as we can, we're also aware of the inherent differences that exist between Firestorm and retail: not all information regarding spells is easily found (that includes PVP mods), some bugs can induce a pretty important power shift in certain classes and as a whole, some generic stuff do not work, and thus do not feel exactly the same. Ideally, regardless of the class, or the specialization you wish to play in PVP, there should be a possibility for you to climb the ladder: no one should be prevented from obtaining a high rating just because of the "patch limitations" of his class, even if that was the case on retail. That doesn't necessarily mean reaching the top of the top, but at least it should feel good and relatively fair to play the class you like, because you would have a chance to win if you're better than your opponents. On top of that some items, essences or corruptions bear way too much power and make it less about skill, but more about having the right combination of spells: while it's important to remain "stronger" if you have better / more optimized gear, essences or corruptions it shouldn't translate to that much of a power gap we see sometimes. With that being said, we plan on doing 2 major things: Applying custom PVP tweaks to certain classes, or specializations depending on their state: a class that is strugling could get a 10% damage increase, while a rspec that is too overpowered could get -10% for example. Applying custom PVP nerfs to items / essences / corruptions that hold too much power, to give back space to player skills and class mastery. As of right now, nothing like this has been made yet but it might in the future, depending on what we see in PVP. You will be notified about those changes ! The goal isn't to stealthily make a class super OP or to break another one but to try and restore a bit of balance into all that. Since classes are in their final BFA state (aside from spell fixes that are still applied, there won't be any patch changes) this can be done slowly, and reviewed frequently. Stay on the lookout for those tweaks, as they could be a good opportunity for you to introduce your forgotten [insert weak class here] to the world of rated PVP ! Thank you for your time, and we'll see you soon, The Firestorm Team
  22. Yes, initial draenor questline is bug. Take portal in portal room in orgrimmar to ashran and swim to another maps. Then, look in every flight route for missions
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  24. I have a vulpera dk lvl 90, as I entered the dark portal khadgar didn't gave me any quest
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  26. Yes, it counts as manually. Then dark iron armor you wont be able to get it except you lvl one manually. I read once in wowhead that in retail happened the same
  27. the dark iron buyed to 110 but the kul tiran is manually and still no armor. Also, if i make an allied race dk (Starting at 58) still counts as manually lvl up?
  28. Hi I accidently bought book of flying pathfinder 1. Tome of rapid pathfinding Dreanor 2. Tome of Broken Isle part 1 and part 2 Which I thought that also included BFA flying. Can I redeem it back my votes points? Please help. Sincerely, Rossilla
  29. Did you buy a boost in the shop or you lvlup manually?
  30. No te preocupes jajajaja Still dont have the armors nor i cant start the quest. Anyone else has any idea?
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