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      Firestorm International is looking for Game Masters for Sethraliss, Sylvanas, Garrosh and Gul'dan. We're currently looking for members from all regions that wish to join our staff team. Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. Remember that there are requirements for the position. By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more. Please put an effort into your application as we provide the general format for you and all you do is have to fill it in. Click here to read the requirements and apply!
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      New Graphic Ideas   07/29/19

      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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  2. In Scarlet Monastery Zone in Trisfal Glades of Eastern Kingdoms, There should be two dungeons: One is Scarlet Halls Dungeon and one is Scarlet Monastery Dungeon. I just went to check the Scarlet Halls and I Have noticed that Scarlet Halls does not exist also Scarlet Monastery Dungeon Portal is misplaced. In the Right Side there should be Scarlet Halls Dungeon Portal In the Left Side there should be Scarlet Monastery Dungeon Portal I have opened this topic because I am waiting the community's support in order to Developpers fix this bug and we can have a better gaming experience, please check this out. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/98785 https://imgur.com/a/ZG1Ro35 This is Right side, Right now There is Scarlet Monastery Dungeon Portal; Which is misplaced, Here Should be Scarlet Halls Dungeon Portal and This is the Left side, Right now This is Empty, There Should be Scarlet Monastery Dungeon Portal So, Scarlet Halls Dungeon and Scarlet Halls Dungeon Portal Does not Exist. https://www.wowhead.com/scarlet-halls https://www.wowhead.com/zone=6109/scarlet-monastery, https://www.wowhead.com/tirisfal-glades
  3. Today
  4. Name: Alreadywon Realm: Sethraliss Title: The Fire Lord
  5. Nickname: Crazykurta Realm: Sethraliss
  6. Character Name : Âmmunition Realm : Sethraliss Title : Hallows' Eve
  7. Character Name : Celebrity Realm : Sethraliss Title : Hallows' Eve
  8. Character Name : Cärbon Realm : Sethraliss Title : Halloween Heads
  9. Name: Arkhàngelsk Realm: Sethraliss Title: Ursoc, female version of humanoid
  10. Yesterday
  11. Name: Naeisha Realm: Sethraliss
  12. https://firestorm-servers.com/report - Please ensure you also post this on the bug-tracker to be looked into by the qa team.
  13. Name: Sketter Realm: Sethraliss Title: One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask... what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?
  14. Hello I would also have a problem from what I understand affects other classes and not only my problem class being addressed to CC mode such as polymorph ring of frost.sap.blind, paralysis fear etc. and we found the cause of the problem when it gives life with spells in time such as the specialty Rdruid or essente or whatever you heal in time CC will be broken instantly
  15. Name: Arksteel Realm: Sethraliss Title: Even monsters have nightmares
  16. Name: Edgybiscuit Realm: Sethraliss Haha, poor kids ending up loosing their flesh after summong us. *The horse nods* Oh another kid came. Don't worry boy, we won't do you any harm, my horse friend said that he likes your pony ! *The horse nods again* Well well then... We heard about a certain insolent man who claims to be a horseman, and you know what ? He has no head ! *Both the horse and his master get irritated* We cannot allow that ! Us and only us represent a horseman ! Wanna join us young man ?
  17. Name: Bambamhamham Realm:Sethraliss
  18. Name: Palàdin Realm: Sethraliss Title: Titan Keeper
  19. ill try this, thanks. hopefully it does the trick
  20. Name: Framelag Realm: Sethraliss Title: N'zoth Highlord Happy Halloween
  21. Change set portal to SET portal "legion.logon.firestorm-servers.com" Although you play bfa It has to be legion the set portal
  22. Last week
  23. Cześć. Oczywiście, ogłoszenie dalej aktualne. Dodaj mój nick do znajomych "Davren" jak tylko będę online to napisz do mnie. Do zobaczenia
  24. I've got the same problem
  25. Moin, ich suche eine Deutsche kleine Gilde zum gelegentlichen daddeln Auf Horde Seite Habe zwar keine zeit tryhard den Content jeden Tag zu spielen aber wäre toll wenn man sich gelgentlich mal unter einander austauschen kann. mfg
  26. Blizzard versucht was Neues ^^
  27. Name: Ðëâth Realm: Sethraliss Tittle: Yes, it's me, death. 🎃🎃🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃🎃🎃
  28. Name: Skyclap Realm: Sethraliss Title: Pepothink
  29. Name: Celestt Realm: Sethraliss Title: Harvest time
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