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  3. Hi, I’m not going to give u an answer u are looking for. But if you are doubting the output a specific spell is doing. The best advice I can give you is making a Sim. The simc I modified tailored to this server best i could should help you with that which u can find on the addon page. Do a patchwork dummy sim with all the buffs u have available when doing a dummy 5min fight. Afterwards compare the breakdown and see if anything stands out. Hope this helps Golee
  4. hundreds of hours in this game.
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  6. Covenant Campaign Ch 7 & onward isn't implemented.
  7. Title: ПИПЕЦ Type: In-game Description:  ВСЕМ привет такая у меня ошибка, любое действие вызывает фриз на пол минуты.Играю на драгонфлай
  8. I am playing Necrolord campaign, I finished 6th chapter and to unlock 7th I had to complete 3 chapters from Chains of Domination campaign. After I did that I went back to the Seat of Primus but Draka does not give any quest (there is supposed to be "Blood from a bone" quest). And I got Secrets of the First Ones campaign unlocked and Primus talking to me even if I did not finish Chains of Domination. Anyone else has this issue?
  9. Storm Warning quest on Valdrakken Server is it bugged cant start it after recieving quest
  10. Title: iranian player Type: Launcher Description:  Hello, I have a problem entering the game. I am sure of the internet, but after entering the user and password, it gets stuck in the counting section. Can anyone help me fix this problem? please help me i cant find any page for share this problem
  11. Greetings @elessar07 Please submit a bug tracker here on your issue. The Bug Tracker is where issues like the one you are presenting are investigated. Best Regards, Mythyrian
  12. Hello, I recently purchased a faction change for my Shaman, changing from Troll to Dwarf, because I wanted to take advantage of the Dwarf racial passive ability, "Might of the Mountain," which increases critical strike damage by 2%. However, after the faction change, I noticed that the "Might of the Mountain" passive is not working as intended. My critical strike damage has not increased and remains the same as it was when I was a Troll. I have double-checked my character stats, and there is no change in my critical strike damage. Could you please investigate this issue and confirm whether the "Might of the Mountain" passive is working correctly? I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this matter or any guidance on steps I might take to fix the issue. Here are the details of my character and the issue: Character Name: [Shockwavè] Realm: [Valdrakken] Class: Shaman Previous Race: Zandalari Troll Current Race: Dwarf Issue: "Might of the Mountain" passive ability not functioning I would appreciate it if you could investigate this issue and provide a resolution. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards,Shockwavè
  13. Title: iranian players Type: In-game Description:  Hello, I play from Iran. I have many problems to enter the game. Have you created a limit for Iranian players or not?
  14. Firestorm | Tracker
  15. Quest Straight to the heart in maldraxus is buged
  16. Hello, You can test if your ISP is blocking the connection by using a VPN. The information you are requesting is not available to the public. Best Regards, Mythyrian
  17. No, its a workaround, which doesnt REALLY cost u anything. I would guess there oughtta be a time moratorium on acc. merges after the other server was absorbed. Again, Loyalty is extremely easy to farm, unless u collect ALL types of mogs, then it becomes limiting. Feel free to search forums, there's a thread describing ALL maneuvers u can do to get LP.
  18. german

    Raid Update:Gewölbe der Inkarnationen NM: 8/8; HC: 8/8; MM: -/8.Abberus NM: 9/9; HC 5/9; MM -/9. Und weiter geht die Reis. Es ist ja nicht so, als ob die Bosse buggy sind, aber genau das ist der Fall auf Firestorm. Was für "Wunder" man allein aus den Logs lesen kann, ist der Hammer! Ein großes Danke schön, an unsere Raidleitung, die sich immer wieder mit den Bossen auseinandersetzt und analysiert. Es beweist sich wieder einmal, dass man nur mit einem unbeugsamen Willen eine Chance hat.
  19. This doesn't really solve the issue. Since I have the achivement I'd like the tier armor back.
  20. Use Dresser addon & loyalty/gold points
  21. yea it is bs, to me also isn't clear why if you win 4-5 games out of 6, more often than not playing even well, doing cc at the right time, 1st or 2nd in damage etc, you get minus something in rating i'd be interested in reading how the rating points distribution works, its logic, etc, if anyone has a link to a thread about it can't find it on the forum the only reason I can bet on by looking at your screenshot, and considering my games too when that happens, is that most of other participants are lower in rank but if the algorhythm works that way, well is crap cause even if you're 1700 and other ppl are 1000, how are you supposed to win 6/6 if one of them literally suicides? by not using a single defense etc, you can keep 1-2 on cc depending on your class/spec but you'd lose in damage, I won't even dip down into mechanics cause if you played 3 solo arenas total in your life you know what I mean
  22. yea it is bs, to me also isn't clear why if you win 4-5 games out of 6, more often than not playing even well, doing cc at the right time, 1st or 2nd in damage etc, you get minus something in rating i'd be interested in reading how the rating points distribution works, its logic, etc, if anyone has a link to a thread about it can't find it on the forum
  23. Hello, I submited in game ticket like 2 days ago but no answer yet. This account was recently merged from WOW freakz. I noticed that many of my transmogs are missing and I am not sure if there is anything to be done about that but may be it could be a chance to recuperate my Mists of Pandaria Golden Challenge Dungenon Armor tier set which can no longer be obtained in the game. You can check my achivements and see it was done in2017. IfI could get that back I would really apreciate Thank you!
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  25. Title: Old Raids that need fixing + transmogs. Type: Website Description:  Greetings respected team, it is with highest of respect that I'm writing this note to you about somethings that I think might not only improve the gameplay experience just for me but for a lot of other people as well. I wanted to inform you that many of the old raids and dungeons are quiet bugged to the point they are unplayable. I say unplayable not as an exaggeration but an actual fact as the dungeon ( Razorfen Downs) is completely bugged. The first boss "The Giant Spider" hanging from the celling is not interactable and there is no bell also to engage the trigger that starts the combat. Furthermore, the second boss " Mordresh Fire Eye" phases out of existence as soon as you taunt or even touch him. At that point I was forced to leave the dungeon as it was without a doubt in need of great refinement. Now when I continued on my hunt for old items and mounts I decided to pay a visit to the raid " Icecrown Citadel" there I did not encounter many bugs for the most part but I did notice that alot of encounters were completely missing including the "Icecrown Gunship battle". Moreover, the boss "Deathbringer Saurfang" was a little bugged as he's dialog script that engaged was for the Horde players not the Alliance ones and as I went as an Alliance player, he bugged out a bit but I was able to kill him so a little bit of work is needed there as well. I haven't tried any other raids and dungeons as of now but the Legion raids were working fine for the most part. The only raid boss that was bugged was "Helya" in the raid "Trial of Valor" as even after clearing up all her adds she is still not targetable and does not engage or can be engaged. Lastly on the bugged side of things are the old the quests in the old existing areas such as "Kul Tiras" where there is a quest named "Burn it Down!" which is the final quest for the chain "The Cycle of Hate" located in the "Stormsong Valley" in which the flame thrower ends up burning you more then the enemy and its a instant death for you. Plus none of the buildings get burned by you, they just don't add up in the quest count. Work is also needed in the older questing areas. Finally, there is one whish I would like to be added in this server is that I directly came from Legion X 100 to Firestorm. There was a unique feature in that server that when you collected a soulbound item or bind an item to be soulbound on plate class despite it being cloth, leather or mail it would be added in your appearance tab. And when you logged in with your alts who had cloth, leather or mail armour they had these new items added in thier appearance tabs despite not eqiuping it themselves. I would really love it if you added this feature into this server as well as I love collecting different transmogs for my characters. But this new thing that you cannot add items of other nature to your tabs despite them being soulbound is quiet annoying and sometimes really leaves a sour taste in the mouth. All in all the amount of effort you people have put in this game and server is exceptional and deserves admiration of the highest honor. If you add the few things I have suggested I'm pretty sure they will be quiet well received by the community and the player base aswell. I hope you have a great day and this note finds you in the best of health and circumstances. Best Regards, Your Loyal Player.
  26. Title: Otacon Type: In-game Description:  I am aware of your mistakes, it will not happen again, please unblock my IP address, I want to continue playing, I only have this account and I will not abuse BORIS again
  27. So i played BFA , all fine, played Valdrakken the new one , all fine. Now i wanted to try Shadowlands. Downloaded full client , unzipped. Pointed launcher to it , still fine. Wow boots up , intro movie , get to login screen. Now for the life of me , it doesnt want to login ? Stays on connecting for a minute or 2 , then disconnected (BLZ51901021). Tried a few times Internet seems fine as i can play on Sethraliss(BFA) and Valdrakken (DF) just fine from same launcher. I also deleted the WTF.Cache.Logs folders to be sure , still no dice and no connection
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