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      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
    • Melfela

      International Game Master Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings! The Firestorm International Staff is currently looking for Game Masters! Here you can see the state of recruitment for each expansion: Oribos, our Shadowlands realm : OPENED Sethraliss, our Battle for Azeroth realm: OPENED Sylvanas & Greymane, our Legion realms: OPENED Garrosh, our Mists of Pandaria realm: OPENED  
      What is a Game Master ?

      A Game Master's role is to help players, to guide them in their journey and to make sure that everyone's stay on Firestorm is as pleasant as possible, by making sure that we all respect the rules, and each other.
      You will thus be a support for the whole international community in game, and on the forum.  
        Prerequisites: A good knowledge of WoW as a whole, but with a strong emphasize on the expansion you are applying on.  Proper english skills, including a flawless spelling and the capability to follow and answer in a voice conversation. Having a great level of patience and compassion when in contact with players! Being at least 18 years old, and mature Having a functional mic, and a valid discord account A strong will to help, and being able to listen, not just hear! Being able to organize and schedule your own time  Being available at least 10 hours a week, regularly (if you can log 10h the weekend, but not at all during the week it won't do!) Being able to work autonomously but also being comfortable talking with your team!   Will be a good addition to your resume: Having a knowledge of GM Commands (Trinity / Mangos) Having a GM experience, even on another server (if so, which one ?) Anything that you can put forward in your application, that would make us chose you over someone else!  
      How to apply?  
      ↓ If you think you would fit in the position, and wish to join the International GM team, please write us an email here: ↓
      »   fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com   «
      Knowing and mastering everything isn't required! You will join a team of people with their own set of skills: diversity is a good thing!   When you send your application, the email must necessarily have: In the subject, the proper expansion tag: [BFA] / [Legion] / [MOP]  Your discord account username & tag. Example: Discord#1234 All of your Firestorm account emails Your forum account name       The more information and details you provide, the better! It shows involvement, but also helps us evaluate your potential as individual, and within the team.
      Telling us that you're motivated in two lines probably won't work out: we expect to get to know you a little bit when reading your application. To get some insight on you, your personnal experience and knowledge!

      Your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email back with our answer, usually within a week. If it gets accepted we will contact you directly on discord to proceed with a voice interview in order to get to know each other better!

      If you have any questions regarding the international GM position, you can send a private message to either Melfela#2038 or 'Pantoufle™#8984 on discord.
      The International staff thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you soon!
    • Melfela

      International Moderator Recruitment   04/27/21

        Greetings, The Firestorm Team is currently looking for Forum and Discord Moderators to reinforce its ranks. It is possible to apply for one of the two platforms only.     Who are we, what are our jobs? The moderators are the people mainly in charge of monitoring the Firestorm forum and the International rooms on the public Discord. They have almost no power in game and will never intervene in game (except in very exceptional cases). They monitor the forum in terms of its content, moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules. They also provide assistance to players and respond to those who encounter problems.     How to apply ? Applications should be sent to the following address: >> fsrecruitmentinter@gmail.com <<
      The subject of the email must start with the [Mod] tag.
      A minimum of information is to be provided when applying. It goes without saying that two lines to say that you are motivated will not be enough.
      We expect from you in this application an expression and development of your experiences / knowledge / personal information. If your application interests us, you will be contacted automatically by Discord or by email for a possible interview and then a test period will follow, the duration of which will depend entirely on you. Please indicate your firestorm account email as well as your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.
      Are required in your application: Be 16 years of age or older. Impeccable spelling. Know how to use a forum correctly. A minimum of knowledge on WoW. Being able to keep your cool, have rigor, regularity and autonomy. Discord & a functional microphone to facilitate intra-staff communication. Will be a plus for your application: Relatively wide schedules. Have already been a moderator on other forums or other discords (if so, indicate which ones). And what you may find interesting to highlight.   Please indicate your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.   The Firestorm Team thanks you for your future involvement.
      See you soon.
    • Hanzo

      International Firestorm Team Roster   08/21/21

      Here, you can find the list of members of the International Firestorm team. This topic also allows you to verify the team's identity so you won't make any mistakes or get scammed by a malicious player impersonating a staff member. Please note that no team member will ever ask for your credentials or personal information.  

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  3. Hey @dragnauta, You should report it on the bugtracker, GMs help with most in-game issue but NOT bugs. It can frustrating sometimes but in order for the issue to be fixed you should report it on the right place.
  4. Pet of DK becoming passive mode when i am in arena skirm or bg or when im dueling Please fix that problem i did report to Gm suport in the game, sent report in website - but noone looking at this probleb thei just dont care .
  5. me cri in the corner of me room coz no can play thy gaem why is offline comrades
  6. That's normal if you're using the minimal client, it needs to download few assets first in order for the game to launch
  7. Firestorm shadowlands wont launch/show.. After I choose the language nothing happens.. But I can see it in the task manager running.
  8. Aaaa, ok, thank you for telling me. ^^
  9. All covenant campaigns have 6/9 scripted chapters only.
  10. Hello, I've searched through the forums for a topic on the subject but wasn't able to find one. If there's one, please redirect me there, if not I'd be happy to find some solution to the following problem. I'm Renown level 33 with the Venthyr Covenant, which shows me 6/9 completed. The next story part is called "Confronting Sin", but there is no where to be found in order to start it. I checked the renown pages and I could see that I have unlocked the mission in the levels, I've completed everything before, but still, Prince Renathal or whoever should, gives me no other quests. To be mentioned that for the other Campaigns, I am for "Chains of Domination 3/9", and for the the other one "1/7". Should I continue those until it pops up or how? I really want to finish those 3 campaigns before DF hits, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. No, reputation is not working since wod, he probably did it on mop realm.
  12. Is the reputation also available if you start from fresh?
  13. Hello, this post is for the Shadowlands Realm, not the BfA realm. It sometimes can take more than 7days to receive the final quest.
  14. Title: make quests auto complete Type: In-game Description:  i would like ALL bugged/broken quests to be auto complete listen man i been here playing on/off since 2018 and a lot of players left or in the process of leaving maybe you dont care about the game BUT some of players that do so how about stop punishing players and give us auto completed quests im engineer on one character 20 points away from being maxed out and i cant fucking progress BECAUSE engineer quests are fucking broken come on man make them auto compleated and stop punishing players
  15. Reins of Springfur Alpaca doesnt work in BFA realm, done the 7/7 , no mount and command line to check progression shows 0/7 even if you do the daily quest.
  16. 10 minutes ago I got this error and I don't know how to solve it... I've already tried everything I've seen on the forum and I haven't been able to solve it.
  17. dc

    Hello, @Lyreta This problem could have been caused by many reasons, so i will give you possible solutions for it. You can try restarting your router and then flushing your DNS by opening the CMD and typing the following commands: ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns If that does not resolve your issue, you can try connecting through a VPN (for example, the UrbanVPN). I will also provide you with links to solutions of the most common Errors that you might have been experiencing: Error BLZ51901016 Error WOW51900312 If the issue persists, you can reply to this post and we will try to find other way to solve your problem. Best regards, Miszell.
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    There is a huge problem with disconnects, via Wifi AND via Ethernet on Oribos. Game has been installed multiple times (via Full and Minimal Client!) already, with a complete deletion of former game files. Healer isn't able to do Raids or M+ or anything at all, bc she always disconnects. The problem has been observed to occur mostly when their chars are in Oribos (ingame City of Oribos on the Server with the same name). Problem is not exclusively persistent on one char, but on every single one. The WiFi user is UNABLE to switch to an Ethernet connection, it still shouldn't be happening every single time she tries to play. Are there problems with the Client? Bc the player tested other realms and private servers just to check if it happens there as well, and no other PS or Server has the same problems, just Oribos Server. With those players, we lose some very important guild members for raids and mythics, especially since more and more people have problems with the connectivity, with different providers, all centered on when they try to play SL on Oribos. We heard from other players that they have connectivity issues as well, only happening on this specific server.
  20. Hello dear @Mandirigma, please create a Shop Ticket to receive better assistance: Firestorm | Shop Support Greetings, Senior Support, Qalmir
  21. Don't use the launcher, find the wow.exe file and try that. Set the whole folder as NOT read-only. Make sure the folder isn't on the desktop. Run the game in admin mode
  22. i purchased it using the white coin for 120. but have not receive it, please somebody help... im on Oribos server now, and my IGN: Heartfella Human Priest.
  23. I got Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal not long ago after killing Argus on Heroic, so it does work.
  24. Do yourself a favor, abandon all quests you have now and start Shadowlands campaign.
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