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  3. As the title says, i have issues encountering the questline, i dont know if i have to finish shadowlands questline in order to get to dragonflight or not,im kinda new to this since i didnt play since BFA in 2020 so i hope i get a good response
  4. I played before dragonflight season 1 is good ,after change and update server 10.0.5 is not good latency for me .some one know help me pls.
  5. Last week
  6. After the server restart happened right now, everything seems be back to normal.
  7. Hello there. I'm the one whos experiencing lag in game? The Character is in Valdrakken and I cannot even mount up on drake. Maybe I need to clear some game cache? It's not something i've made in last few years, someone can point me up to the folder i need to clear? Thanks
  8. I'm running everything fine (almost) with addon for 10.1.7
  9. Hy all. I have M2 MacBook Air and I can't run game client. But I have the original wow and it's run perfect. I need some help how can I install this game on Mac. But is see nother topic but I can't install game step by step.
  10. Hi.. well.. i didn't write a guide during retail for this but since i know how my felow drooods like the felbear form in this server lets make them all have it fast and easy i'll try and make things simple and basic so any type of players with any kind of setup can use it easy.. first of all open your talent pane and create a "new loadout" for MGT >> after its done and saved select your new MGT loadout and clear all actione bars and everything. we'll just have what we need for this challenge on the screen and on the bars. open macros pane ( /m ) and create these macros and put them on your action bars: MGT-1 MGT-2 MGT-3 MGT-4 MGT-5 MGT-6 MGT-7 Rg Brst (example talent build) (example setup) (example action keys) Phase1 : you'll start with HoTW and moonfire the boss1 you'll mainly just spam MGT-2 keybind all the time during P1 , MGT-2 will keep shooting boss with moonfire while automaticly clear any eye adds spawn so you don't need to care about them just keep running around boss and do not go insid the decay circle when boss cast drain life (the DBM alert sound will say "intrupt") press MGT-1 keybind and then move out of circle When "Nether Horrors" spawn Press MGT-5 and pack them up then press (MGT-4 + Thrash) falowed by Typhoon, if anything went wrong just cast massintanglment to root them and get away. ( use Rg / frenzy regen ) if something went wrong to heal up. you won't need to use up any holy orbs and will keep them for P2. Rg keybind will spend the clear cast regrowth proc while making sure you won't shift out of bear by mistake if you hold the key long or press more Repeat till Boss1 die and phase2 starts: Phase2 : Press Brst keybind and spam Mgt6 + Mgt7 in melee range and Mgt3 at range from boss when DBM alarm tells to intrupt press same key as P1 >> Mgt-1 when Dbm alarm tells Defensive if you are full HP and have bark rdy to use then pop defensives+heals, if not use 1xHoly orb you can ignore the beams, don't let them distract you from what you're doing. do not stand in green podels they kill fast. when "Nether Horrors" spawn, same as P1 >>> Mgt4+Thrash flowed by typhoon (typhoon will also knock back boss and slow it) when you train this once you'll see your fingers will get use to press same combo keys at same situations and you won't have to even think about the reactions. just put them in right places that you'll use them confirtable or customize as you wish. (example result data) Good luck. o / (( about this fight and all the fel on ground and everywhere if you had trouble with staying out of podels becasue your screen gets busy.. there is a vendor at darkmoon camp forest next to where moonfang spawns. she sells a potion that will have the black light effect. using it will darken the screen for abit and give all those fel podells a nice shiny flourescent effect with makes them super easy to notice and dodge ))
  11. Thanks for reply @Mythyrian I didn't mention that but I did it already right after first try to lunch the game. I added it to an exceprion list in antivirus section and firewall section also and stil I have to disable compleltely the Avast to run the game, than I can log in to the game and after that i can turn the antivirus back on. This is a little weird and I don't know what causes this issue.
  12. Hello @val00r20 You need to add the wow client to your antivirus exception list. You will need to look up how with your antivirus Best Regards, Mythyrian
  13. Hello. I have a problem with a wow client, it's crashing when i type in login data and than click on login button. It won't happen when i turn off avast antivirus. Does anyone have this issue?
  14. That's what I have been trying to do. Getting it up on just one character so I can then take advantage of the double/4 times renown gain but it's still not going up on some days. Does this mean we shouldn't play alts at all as it may bug out like you describe? Otherwise how do we fix this because now I can't level up the renown whatsoever.
  15. Renown levels are tied to ID, so whole acc on retail. Here that mechanism is OBVIOUSLY not in place. So, when u have lets say X renown on ur main, then u go on alt, get 200 rep to valdrakken on alt, then u come back to main, the whole renown numbers that show AT EACH STAGE of this whole maneuver go wonky. The UI for rep/renown doesn't show correct. Till there is a fix gets in place (if at all, cuz acc bound rep isnt easy to code), u would be well advised to max renown farming on 1 char of acc.
  16. Playing on warlock, I was trying to farm some renown and noticed that instead of leveling up, the point counter goes over (so like 2400 points + 200 renown rolls over to 100) but does NOT increase rank. Tried it with a couple of renown factions and it's the same thing. This seems like a pretty huge bug and have noticed others in chat mention that it happened to them as well. When I relogged on the character, it was like all the points were rolled back.
  17. Hello @cosminelu This is a known bug. You can either go back to shadowlands to complete the quests needed in Revendreth that has you use condemn. Alternatively you can create an in-game ticket to have it removed. Best Regards, Mythyrian
  18. Guys, Can we please have the Intro Teaser/Carousel at the main website landing removed. Its been a while with DF launch & the thing is just an extra hassle when navigating to unstuck or realm status check... Gracias.
  19. you can use it also in arena on retail so i dont get where the problem is
  20. i dont understand how its abuse if you can do the same on retail?
  21. Title: Older Content fix Type: In-game Description:  hey, i know this server foucses on the current expansion of the game which is dragonflight and i have 0 complaints about it you guys coded it perfectly and im greatful for your hard work, but ive been playing on this server for a bit and theres something about older dungeons and raid not working properly and making mount farming or tmog hunting possibile, now i know this might not be the point of a private server i know its point is to foucs on the current expansions, but it would be more fun if older content worked properly it would give the server a more blizzlike feel for the people who enjoy collecting even if there are a few of them.
  22. SAME try as charge druid .
  23. Greetings ! DO SOMETHING WITH WARRIOR CHARGES ! ALL THE TIME IS FALLING DOWN BECAUSE OF TEXTURE ! 2 TIME DIFERENT KEYS ! bored playing that class because of charges ! CD ON Charges you can see it .)
  24. Server is dead ???
  25. I am trying solo Battle of Dazar'alor. on the 8th Boss. When I start attacking the boss, the boss disappears, and the battle resets. Is this a bug, or do I need to find another way to continue the fight?
  26. i have a problem with my talent, i m war arms and i don t have execute, it s replace with another ”Condems” i reset talent but still available , i ask another war he say is from the last patch this talent/skill. help me with this because war is main char ,, thx
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  28. Hello, on Deadcrazer and Powerdox I have a problem with Obstacle Course quest (37890) I'm stuck in the wrong stage of Tannan Jungle, I abandoned this quest years ago and now I can't complete it because of this problem because I don't see any npc in this location. So I would ask you to remove the quest The Invasion of Tanaan (37889) so that I can do this questlink again. Thank you
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