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  1. Hello i want to say that there is problem with Headless Horseman dungeon right now on Sethraliss, there is no bonus loot when you finish dungeon you only get some gold, you don't get Loot-Filled-Pumpkin which contains few things and the mount Headless Horseman Reins that can drop it from, dis are some screen shots from how it should be and how is now on Sethraliss.
  2. So i have full torrent version of 8.2.5 that i was using on previous patch now when i started Firestorm Launcher it updated around 43 mgb, the time needed to lunch game took about 40 min i have ssd and good connection, so it finally started the game and guess what IS ON MINIMAL CLIENT version of game even though i have full torrent game 8.2.5 HOW, how is this possible i need to download another 58 gig game because it cant properly updated the game through your Launcher, pls if you are doing something at least try to work. Ty that would be all.
  3. So i played last night and it was all ok now when i started to lucnh Bettle For Azeroth today i get this error and when i click on the first link on this window it cant open page so is ther solution for this, thios anyone got same problem !?
  4. Well according to their bugtracker is fixed and i will tell you how they say is fixed, they say is fixed by swiching specs every time you login,join dungeon, raids, bgs, arenas, you need to swich spec to bm or sv to mm and that way you get Hunter*s Mark working /dublefacepalm