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Found 56 results

  1. german

    Grüße Abenteurer! Eine Gilde ist immer nur so gut, wie ihre Mitglieder, deren Taten und Verhalten. Hast du Interesse, dich mit uns gemeinsam den Herausforderungen von WoW zu stellen oder begnügst du dich mit den einfachen Dungeons? Wir sind die Feierabend-Gilde 𝖀𝖓𝖇𝖊𝖚𝖌𝖘𝖆𝖒 und suchen deutschsprachige Spieler für die Herausforderungen des PvE-Contents (Dungeons/Raids). Wir wissen, dass junge Spieler oft sehr ambitioniert sind und schnell möglichst weit oben im Game mitmischen wollen. Daher richten wir uns an Spieler, die WoW als das sehen, was es ist - ein Spiel. 𝖀𝖓𝖇𝖊𝖚𝖌𝖘𝖆𝖒 ist keine hardcore progress Raid-Gilde. Deshalb suchen wir Raider, die über einen gewissen Ehrgeiz, eine entsprechende Raid-Disziplin sowie Reaktionszeit verfügen, aber auch Geduld sollte kein Fremdwort sein. Die Gilde befindet sich derzeit im Aufbau und bietet dementsprechend viel Potenzial. Wir teilen unser Wissen bezüglich des Spiels mit dir und nutzen dazu Discord. Wir bieten eine organisierte und strukturierte Gildenumgebung, die Raum für die täglichen Aktionen und das Entdecken von WoW lässt. Stell dich mit uns gemeinsam den Herausforderungen und melde dich bei uns ingame oder übers Forum für ein lockeres Gespräch. Denn.. durch Herausforderungen erreichen wir Episches!
  2. Greetings, players! After five months, it is time to say goodbye to the current Season 3! This Season will end many things, such as the Cosmic Gladiator PvP Season, the current Mythic+ affix (Encrypted) and the current pool of Mythic+ dungeons. However, this doesn't mean the adventure ends here... Season 4 will bring a few new and exciting, interesting things. First, the new PvP Season, called Eternal Gladiator, will start. The Season will also get a whole new pool of Mythic+ dungeons, a New Affix (Shrouded) and a new mechanic to all currently existing SL raids and World Bosses called Fated! Despite not adding new dungeons or raids, this will add new content to all existing content, having new ways to re-experiment all the content, with new challenges to overcome! This new Season will be implemented in Oribos and start on Monday, May 8th, at 10:00! Note: This means both the Valor and Conquest points will be reset as soon as the season starts. As always, we will dig deep into each feature of this Season. Let's go! NEW PVE SEASON Season 3 ends, and Season 4 starts! This new Season will bring two big things to the realm, which will be thoroughly detailed next. The first one is a new feature called Fated Raids, where players will have a new challenge for all the old raids from Shadowlands and better rewards. The second one is a new Mythic+ dungeon pool, but this time, many dungeons come from old expansions such as BFA, Legion and Draenor! This Season will be perfect for reliving old content and finding a new challenge in old content! Of course, this new Season will have recent obtainable achievements and rewards based on the seasonal Mythic+ Rating achieved at any point during the Season: Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 750 during Shadowlands Season Four. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1500 during Shadowlands Season Four. Title reward: %s the Shrouded. Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Shadowlands Season Four. Mount reward: Restoration Deathwalker Since this was already applied before, there will be no Valor Cap during the following Season, and it will remain like this with no changes. FATED MECHANIC This new feature is one of the central core mechanics of Season 4. Thanks to this new mechanic, even previous Shadowlands Raids and World Booses will become relevant again, adding a new challenge to all the previously visited places. Each week, a new rotation of raids and World Bosses will be applied, in which one raid and the World bosses associated with that raid will become Fated: During the first week of the release of Season 4, the raid Castle Nathria will start the cycle as Fated, while the other raids will remain untouched. Because of this, one of the World bosses associated with the raid's zone will also become Fated: Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos the Everbranching or Nurgash Muckformed. After the first week, the next raid, Sanctum of Domination, will become fated. The World Boss Mor'geth in the Maw will also be Fated. After that, the next raid will be Sepulcher of the First Ones, with the World Boss Antros in Zereth Mortis becoming Fated for that week. After that, the cycle will start again, Castle Nathria will be Fated, and so on! But what does Fated mean? What does it change? First, Fated will be a new mode that will be applied to every difficult mode of the raid, which means that the raid will have Fated Raid Finder, Fated Normal, Fated Heroic and Fated Mythic, respectively. Each difficult mode will have its rewards and associated achievements. Here, you can see a table of the rewards depending on what modality you are doing each raid: Note: The items obtained from Fated World Booses will have a fixed item level of 285, and the highest iLvl for each raid will only be dropped from the final 2 - 3 bosses of each raid. It will also increase the item level of the Conduits looted: When a raid is Fated, the enemies will be stronger, and new mechanics will be present during the encounter. Think about this as if the raid was on Mythic+ mode, with affixes that will determine the course of the raid. While only one Fated Power will usually be available at all times, a second one can be activated using the Titan Console at the start of each raid: Chaotic Essence, Creation Spark, Protoform Barrier and Reconfiguration Emitter. More information about it can be seen in this Wowhead guide: This new mechanic will bring new challenges to players and, obviously, achievements for those capable of overcoming them. In addition, some will get unique titles, teleports to raids, and even a unique mount! The Fated mechanic will also bring a new way to upgrade the newly obtained Fated Items to their version in Heroic and Mythic using Cyphers obtained from looting bosses in those difficulty modes. You will also be able to acquire specific pieces directly using the elusive Puzzling Cartel Dinars and spending them on specific sellers around the Great Vault in Oribos! This guide has more information about upgrading and purchasing items using these resources. MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS AND POOL When the next Season starts, we will have a change in the entire pool of dungeons! As a difference from the previous seasons, this one will have a pool of dungeons from past expansions. The first six dungeons are both wings of the mega-dungeons released in past expansions (Tazavesh from Shadowlands, Operation: Mechagon from Battle for Azeroth, and Return to Karazhan from Legion), as well as two dungeons from the Warlords of Draenor expansion! The list of dungeons is as follows: Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder, from Shadowlands Tazavesh: So'leah’s Gambit, from Shadowlands Operation Mechagon: Junkyard, from Battle for Azeroth Operation Mechagon: Workshop, from Battle for Azeroth Return to Karazhan: Lower, from Legion Return to Karazhan: Upper, from Legion Grimrail Depot, from Warlords of Draenor Iron Docks, from Warlords of Draenor On top of that, there will be a new Seasonal Affix for Mythic+, and it'll be Shrouded! This new affix will spawn an NPC from Cartel Ta at the beginning of each dungeon. This NPC will show bounties to hunt dreadlords inside the dungeon, rewarding stacks of secondary stat bonuses, which will last for the duration of the dungeon! Players will get one stat or another depending on the type of bounty. This will cause certain NPCs to be replaced by dreadlords with visual aura, making them easier to spot. There's more to cover about this affix, so we recommend players check out this guide. There will be several achievements for completing different dungeons on a Mythic Level 20 or more within the time limit. Each achievement (for Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Return to Karazhan, Operation: Mechagon and Tazavesh) will also grant a teleport portal so you can go there immediately. ETERNAL GLADIATOR PVP SEASON With the end of Season 3 on Oribos, the Cosmic Gladiator season will finish, and in its place, the Eternal Gladiator Season will be active on the server. This means ending the current Season 3 and distributing all the rewards to the winners, including seasonal rewards and Firestorm points! You can find a post here detailing all the rewards that will be distributed and the tiers of winners. With this new Season, we will restart the leaderboards, and the Season should remain active for the next 5 to 6 months. It will also bring a significant gain on the item level of the PvP items. Here you can see a table of the new iLvl for the Eternal Gladiator items: Everything else should remain the same. However, this guide shows you all the information about the costs of upgrading items and sellers. BORIS IS BACK Of course, he is! After spending a few weeks hunting Easter Eggs and having fun, he's back to aid players on their adventures during this new Season! And what better way to do this than offering a Character Level boost to Level 60 with essential gear? It may not be much, but it's honest work. And did we mention that he's doing it for free? However, he'll be gone by May 15th, so don't wait too much! He will boost one character per account starting on May 8th; the perfect opportunity to try a new character class! He will also be waiting on every other expansion, giving a character boost on each realm. If you want to try older expansions, this is a good opportunity! And that will be all for the content of this new Season! Although it does not have unique content per se (regarding newly released dungeons or raids), this new system will allow players to have a new challenge in many different places, with improved rewards and achievements! We will monitor the progress of the best guilds in terms of Fated raids and the best players during this Eternal Gladiator's PvP season. We hope to see a lot of players giving their all to be on top of the lists and become the best of the best! Very soon, we will start talking about our current development of Dragonflight. Do not worry, we've already developed quite some content, but we want to wait a bit more before we can start hyping you guys with the new expansion. Let's end this expansion with the culmination of Season 4! Until then, we hope you have a fantastic week, and we'll see you soon! The Firestorm Team
  3. Greetings, players! With Dragonflight here, it is time to access the content of Season 1. As announced in the Expansion Release post, most content will be available alongside Season 1 and released on Monday 18th, at 10:00 (server time). In this post, we will enter details and specifics about the content that will be unlocked now. Therefore, we will avoid explaining what we've already explained before and will mainly specify the new Season 1 content that will be available. Here we go! RAID - VAULT OF THE INCARNATES This raid will finally open its doors, and all eight bosses will be available to be challenged! Each boss will use different mechanics and will have unique complexities, making each boss encounter unique. While all of them will be available since the release of Season 1, the Mythic mode will not be implemented until mid-late January, giving players about one month to conquer the entire raid on the other difficult modes. The bosses on the raid will follow the next order, from left to right: From that list, we can distinguish three different types of bosses: The first four bosses (Eranog, Primal Council, Terros and Sennarth), Wing Bosses (Dathea, Ascended and Kuros Grimtotem) and the Final Bosses (Broodkeeper Diurna and Raszageth). The bosses follow the next loot table: Difficult Bosses 1 - 4 Wing Bosses Final Bosses Raid Finder 376 382 385 Normal 389 395 398 Heroic 402 408 411 Mythic* 415 421 424 *Note: Mythic mode will be available in mid-late January. All the remaining information about the raid (additional rewards, transmog sets, unique items) can be seen here. MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS Season 1 starts the seasonal affix Thundering, a new 8 Mythic+ dungeon pool rotation and an increase in item level rewards. We are going to mention them here briefly: As we specified before, the 8 Mythic+ dungeon pool of this season will be the following ones: Algeth'ar Academy (Dragonflight) (Mythic+ guide) Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight) (Mythic+ guide) The Azure Vault (Dragonflight) (Mythic+ guide) The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight) (Mythic+ guide) Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria) (Mythic+ guide) Halls of Valor (Legion) (Mythic+ guide) Court of Stars (Legion) (Mythic+ guide) Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor) (Mythic+ guide) The affix rotation will be as follows: Week # Affix 1 (Level 2+) Affix 2 (Level 4+) Affix 3 (Level 7+) Seasonal Affix (Level 10+) 1 Fortified Raging Quaking Thundering 2 Tyrannical Bursting Grievous Thundering 3 Fortified Sanguine Volcanic Thundering 4 Tyrannical Raging Storming Thundering 5 Fortified Spiteful Grievous Thundering 6 Tyrannical Sanguine Explosive Thundering 7 Fortified Bolstering Storming Thundering 8 Tyrannical Spiteful Quaking Thundering 9 Fortified Bursting Explosive Thundering 10 Tyrannical Bolstering Volcanic Thundering Finally, the item-level loot table will be as follows: Keystone Level End of Dungeon Ilvl Great Vault Reward* 2 376 382 3 376 385 4 379 385 5 379 389 6 382 389 7 385 392 8 385 395 9 389 395 10 392 398 11 392 402 12 392 405 13 392 408 14 395 408 15 398 411 16 398 415 17 402 415 18 402 418 19 405 418 20 405 421 *Note: The first Great Vault reward will be available 1 week after the Season 1 start (on December 25th!). During this season, the following achievements and rewards will be active: Dragonflight Keystone Explorer: Season One: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 750 during Dragonflight Season One. Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season One: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1500 during Dragonflight Season One. Title reward: The Thundering. Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season One: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Dragonflight Season One. Mount reward: Hailstorm Armoredon. Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season One: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2500 during Dragonflight Season One. Item reward: Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone There will also be specific achievements and rewards when beating a Mythic+ level 20 or higher dungeon within the time limit: you will get the Keystone Hero achievement for that dungeon and a Teleport to the instance directly! Check this link for more specific information about the Mythic+ dungeons this season (like detailed class guides and dungeon guides). PRIMAL STORMS AND WORLD BOSSES The Primal Storms will be the primary way to get PvE gear before adventuring on dungeons, raids, or trying to take down World Bosses. It will allow players to adventure in periodic Open World events, take down enemies, and get currencies to buy and upgrade gear. Elemental Overflow (the main currency that drops from Primal Invasion) from almost all mobs in the invasion. Elemental Overflow purchases the Rare quality (ilvl 359) gear from invasions. Storm Sigil (a weekly currency) can be obtained once per type of invasion per week. Storm Sigils are used to upgrade Rare-quality invasion gear into Epic quality gear (ilvl385). You may check this guide for more information about Primal Storms. World Bosses will be the next step to getting more powerful gear. They will follow a weekly rotation in which only one boss will be available each time: Basrikron (The Waking Shores) → Strunraan (Ohn'ahran Plains) → Bazual (The Azure Span) → Liskanoth (Thaldraszus). The gear obtained from each boss will be limited. All the pieces will be ilvl 395. Each boss will drop one piece of equipment of each type and an extra one (5 in total): World Boss Cloth Leather Mail Plates Extra Basrikron Belt of Living Earth Stony Cragwalkers Petrified Bracelets Hardened Shale Breastplate Earthspeaker's Brooch Strunraan Stormshale Cuffs Tights of Twisting Winds Storm Chaser's Waistguard Striders of the Sky's Misery Static-Charged Scale Bazual Magmatic Vestments Cinderfang Wrap Basalt Brood Stompers Shackles of the Dreaded Flame Smoldering Sulfuron Signet Liskanoth Frozen Footwraps Glacial Bindings Horns of the Futurebane Icebound Girdle Frosted Scale Drape There's more specific information about each boss, locations, attacks, etc... in this guide. CRIMSON GLADIATOR PvP SEASON The PvP Season 1, Crimson Gladiator, and the ranking will officially start for Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds, and Solo Queue. Since the entire Season is linked with the 3 mechanics, we will describe each mechanic and mention item ilvls, costs and rewards, and all possible achievements. However, remember that the Seasonal Gladiator rewards will be adjusted once the Season ends to match the total number of players who participated in it and the maximum rating achieved during the season. First, players can get Drakebreaker Gear in Valdrakken this season using Bloody Tokens. These tokens will be obtained automatically by having Warmode on and doing World Quests after reaching level 70. This is the most basic PvP gear with custom PvP bonuses and two, four and six-piece sets. The pieces have base ilvl 366. The Drakebreaker Gear pieces can be upgraded to ilvl 385 using Trophy of Strife, a currency type of item that can be earned doing one of the four Sparks of Life quests delivered by various NPCs. The following gear would be the Honor gear. This gear can be purchased using Honor, obtained from any PvP activity. Honor gear has a base item level of 340 (scaled up to 411 in PvP), and the base item level can be upgraded using Honor: Armor Slot Purchase (ilvl 340) Rank 2 (ilvl 346) Rank 3 (ilvl 353) Rank 4 (ilvl 359) Rank 5 (ilvl 366) Helm, Chest, Legs 875 500 625 1000 1250 Shoulders, Gloves, Feet 700 400 500 800 1000 Cloaks, Bracers, Rings, and Belt 525 300 400 600 750 One-Hand Weapons 875 500 625 1000 1250 Gladiator Trinkets 525 300 375 600 750 DPS Trinkets 700 400 500 800 1000 Two-Hand Weapons 1750 1000 1250 2000 2500 Off-Hands 425 250 300 500 625 Finally, the best PvP gear would be the Conquest one. The primary source of Conquest is winning rated arenas and battlegrounds. There is a weekly Conquest cap of 550, which is raised by 550 every week. To purchase the gear, you will need the following Conquest points: Armor Slot Conquest to purchase Two-Hand weapons 1800 One-Hand weapons 900 to 1350 Helm, Chest, and Legs 875 Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet 700 Trinkets (DPS) 700 Trinkets (Gladiator) 525 Cloaks, Bracers, Rings, and Belt 500 Off-Hands Weapons 450 Despite the gear costing Conquest to be purchased, it will then cost Honor to be upgraded. The base item level will be 382 (upgradeable with Honor points) and will scale up to ilvl 424 in PvP (the highest ilvl during the Season). To upgrade the Conquest gear, you need a specific seasonal arena rating as requirement: Upgrade level Rating Requirement 1 -> 2 Combatant I (1000) 3 Combatant II (1200) 4 Challenger I (1400) 5 Challenger II (1600) 6 Rival I(1800) 7 Rival II(1950) 8 Duelist (2100) 9 Elite (2400) Finally, there will be a weekly arena rotation to ensure that players have a plan of what arenas they could encounter and strategies for them. The rotation will be as follows: Pool A Pool B Pool C Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena Dalaran Arena Ruins of Lordaeron Hook Point The Tiger's Peak The Tiger's Peak Tol'viron Arena Enigma Crucible Empyrean Domain Ashamane's Fall Empyrean Domain Blade's Edge Arena The Robodrome Ashamane's Fall Maldraxxus Coliseum Mugambala Maldraxxus Coliseum Black Rook Hold Arena Enigma Crucible Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds There will be rewards for the season's top players when Season 1 ends and we move to the next one. As we said before, we cannot specify how many players for each tier will win, primarily since most achievements and rewards are obtained during the season and not at the end. New Gladiator title: Crimson Gladiator (and achievement Crimson Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 1). New Solo Queue title: Crimson Legend (and achievement Crimson Legend: Dragonflight Season 1). New Gladiator mount: Crimson Gladiator's Drake (and achievement Crimson Gladiator's Drake). Unique Dragonriding appearance: Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Crimson Gladiator. Unique Gladiator weapon illusion and pennant. New Gladiator Tabard: Crimson Gladiator's Tabard. New Gladiator cloak: Crimson Gladiator's Prestigious Cloak. New Vicious mounts: Vicious Sabertooth for the alliance and Vicious Sabertooth for the horde. If you need more information about the PvP season, you may watch the following pages: Overview and class guides. Gear sellers, types and bonuses.
  4. Hello i want to say that there is problem with Headless Horseman dungeon right now on Sethraliss, there is no bonus loot when you finish dungeon you only get some gold, you don't get Loot-Filled-Pumpkin which contains few things and the mount Headless Horseman Reins that can drop it from, dis are some screen shots from how it should be and how is now on Sethraliss.
  5. Hi everyone! i was wondering about merge groups with cross-faction raid and dungeon like retail while dungeons-in-timetravel through patches is possible, so why can't we use Dungeon or Raid Finder to group our friends in the other side? (because is already possible to do cross-faction bgs why not also arenas?) Thanks, Kaalari.
  6. All zones was tested alone, without group. Most of the dungeons was tested once. Mist of Pandaria Dungeons: Raids: Warlords of Draenor: Dungeons: Raids:
  7. Hey. I think there might be problem with scalling in lower tier dungeons. Tank with almost full heirloom gear gets one shot by 3 trash mobs. It's really unfun (and sometimes impossible) to do any dungeons this way. Tank without heirlooms and with just full blue gets one shot by 2 monsters. Could you please downscale it a bit that it would be possible to do dungeons and get gear?
  8. Warlords of Draenor: Quick disclaimer(s) (and question): Dungeons: Skyreach 97 - 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Normal perfect, heroic fcked Possible to enter: YES Drops: YES Notes: Normal: - It's perfect. Heroic: - It's empty and after entering you are stuck. Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upper Blackrock Spire 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Fcked Possible to enter: YES Drops: Trash yes. Notes: Normal: - First boss don't have working mechanics and is invincible so you can't progress any further. Heroic: - Same. - Trash don't give loot. Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloodmaul Slag Mines 90 - 100 Tested: 01.06.2020 State: PERFECT? Possible to enter: YES Drops: YES Notes: Normal: - Not tested boss mechanics. Heroic: -NOT TESTED- Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grimrail Depot 100 Tested: 01.06.2020 State: Does not exist Possible to enter: NO Drops: NO Notes: Normal: - Can't enter instance Heroic: - Can't enter instance Mythic: - Can't enter instance - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shadowmoon Burial Grounds 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Does not exist Possible to enter: NO Drops: NO Notes: Normal: - Can't enter instance Heroic: - Can't enter instance Mythic: - Can't enter instance - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iron Docks 92 - 100 Tested: 26.05.2020 State: Bugs / boss missing Possible to enter: YES Drops: YES Notes: Normal: - Boss "Grimrail Enforcers" are missing. - Invisible, aggresive, killable with AOE "TRIGGER_CANNON_BARRAGE_BOSS" on ship with last boss. Heroic: -NOT TESTED- Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Everbloom 100 Tested: 01.06.2020 State: Bugged / impossible to finish Possible to enter: YES Drops: See notes Notes: Normal: - Something is invisible, aggresive, nontargetable, killable with AOE - Boss "Ancient Protectors" doesn't give loot! - Boss "Archmage Sol" doesn't give loot! (And respawns, LOL) - Can't start fight with boss "Xeri'tac", lair closed (no spider) - Can't start fight with boss "Yalnu", portal not appearing Heroic: normal mode bugs + - Most of trash decided that loot is not nececary - Boss "Witherbark" decided that loot is not nececary - Boss "Archmage Sol" doesn't spawn. Mythic: - Mythic version is just empty (I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auchindoun 95 - 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Fcked Possible to enter: Drops: Some trash drops items. Notes: - NPC in front of dungeon is attackable so you can't take quest. Normal: - No bosses. - Basically broken dungeon. Heroic: - No bosses. - Basically broken dungeon. Mythic: - NOT TESTED - - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raids: Hellfire Citadel 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Not existing. Possible to enter: NO Drops: NO Notes: - Nothing. Not even portal to raid. Just... nothing. - I wish there would be challenge mode on mythic diff from WOD, I want transmogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blackrock Foundry 100 Tested: 26.05.2020 State: Bugged / impossible to finish Possible to enter: YES Drops: MOST OF BOSSES YES / 95% OF TRASH NO Notes: Normal: - Boss "Flamebender Ka'graz" don't have working mechanics. - Boss "Kromog" walks to you and you have to fight inside him without posibility to see anything on ground. - "Iron Horde Chests" are empty - In boss "Operator Thogar" trains are painfully slow + you are REQUIRED to have some distance dmg to destroy cannons. - Boss "Operator Thogar" doesn't give loot! - In boss "The Iron Maidens" You can destroy cannon or cannon trigger before fight. - Boss "The Iron Maidens" doesn't give loot! - Killing "The Iron Maidens" doesn't open gate to npc with quest "Sigil of the Black Hand" - Killing every single boss in Raid (X in Adventure Guide) doesn't open gate to "Blackhand" Heroic: -NOT TESTED- Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Highmaul 100 Tested: 04.06.2020 State: Fcked Possible to enter: YES Drops: NO Notes: Normal: - After taking lift up ogres are lying dead and you are stuck. Heroic: - Same. Mythic: -NOT TESTED- - I wish there would be challenge mode from WOD, I want transmogs.
  9. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in making a 90-91 twink raiding guild with me? Can be either horde or alliance, doesn't bother me which side it's on. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to message me on here or contact me on my discord Reedpriest#1003. thank you and have a wonderful day or night wherever that you may be in the world.
  10. hi i want to ask how it works on the pve server when there is just a lot of play to play back sry me eng is bad speak deutsche and cz/sk hungary:D
  11. With the release of Shadowlands we move on and recruit new people to join us on our journey. What we are looking for Players who share our core value of integrity. Ambitious, skillful, and perceptive players with the competitive hunger to be the best. Players with a positive mindset and attitude that seek to contribute to the overall guild's success. Players in control of their schedules, who are willing to dedicate the time needed to be the best, and can commit to extensive raid schedules. Players who are willing and able to maintain atleast two or more raid ready characters and play them at a high level of competency. Players who can demonstrate from past experience, either in-game or out, why they would be a good addition to the guild. What you can expect from us A strong lead mythic team with a positive and constructive raid environment. A mature and friendly guild with active players who respect the game and each other. A stable raiding environment with atleast 4 raids / week Dedicated and devoted raiders with only one goal to be the best Off raid activity, either pushing high level Mythic+, leveling / gearing Alts, doing achievements. How to join us? You can now apply through our website: Complex-Unity.GG Alternative you can reach out to us with an application through Discord
  12. Καλησπερα παιδια ειμαστε μια παρεα απο ολοκληρη την ελλαδα και προσφατα αρχησαμε να παιζουμε στο Firestorm εχουμε φτιαξει ενα ελληνικο Guild <Ordo Hellenicus> με σκοπο να κανουμε raids και PvP events. Ειστε ολοι ευπροσδεκτοι να μπειτε στην παρεα μας και να παιζουμε ολοι μαζι. Εγω ειμαι ο z0gra και κανω livestreams καθημερινα.Αυτα ειναι τα λινκς απο τα livestreams.Αυτο ειναι το λινκ απο το discord server
  13. Somos a Brazucas!!! Buscamos jogar em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem stress. Onde procuramos jogadores que se identificam com esse perfil. Para fazer raid com a gente, você precisa ser do tipo de jogador que estuda as lutas antes de executá-las. Valorizamos jogadores que dominam as mecânicas e têm alta sobrevivência. Atualmente 6/7N em Pesadelo Esmeralda REQUISITOS PARA RAIDAR: ILV 840+ Possuir o addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) devidamente instalado no WoW Disponibilidade e comprometimento de Horários Estudar e saber as lutas na teoria ( Guias e Vídeos) Interessados podem mandar wisper para: Halif, Khayliel, Bigodones, Hãrusame, Kalyfax, Murfina, Fenna, Fennale, Fennita, Celecia, Shayza ou demais membros que façam parte da guild
  14. [A] <Mugiwara> Is currently recruiting experienced, exceptional players as we progress through Shadowlands. Lets build a warm and competitive community together. DM me or reply to this post if you are interested.
  15. Hey! I've just recently started playing here on Legion - Sylvanas. Unfortunately, I didn't check the average population online and once I did, it got me thinking: after reaching full lvl, is there enough to do? I like to go PvP too but I can imagine with not enough people it may take ages to get into BG. As I checked the other servers, Legion seems to be dead overall. Is it worth to XP?
  16. Have a holy priest 438, blood dk 431, marksman hunter 425, Looking for an english guild running raids. I need to experience bfa raids. I fall asleep running dungeons on repeat all day everyday. *sigh*
  17. Boas pessoal, Somos os <Lvsiadas> Os Lvsiadas é uma guild horde Portuguesa fundada recentemente, que tem como objetivo principal o PvE no futuro. Aceitamos jogadores de qualquer nível ou experiência e contamos com uma comunidade ativa e um discord pessoal, se estiverem interessados não hesitem em falar comigo. Esta é a ditosa Pátria minha amada - Pela união dos portugueses.
  18. gilda

    La gilda orda Neighborhood riapre le gildature! Gilda orientata prevalentemente al PvE costituita da roster con anni di esperienza alle spalle. Siamo principalmente alla ricerca di ulteriori giocatori con un'ottima conoscenza della propria classe nonché abilità nell'ambito generale del PvE. Ci definiamo una gilda Progress e non Social poiché Neighborhood è un progetto che affonda le radici sul rapporto tra persone e non tra players. Il legame che si crea all'interno della gilda nel corso del tempo si è rivelato fondamentale per l'ottimo esito di Dungeons/Raids. Un progetto che comporta sforzi da parte di ciascun membro che non si vedrà lasciato in disparte ma sarà unità integrante della gilda. Una gilda che non ha a cuore i suoi membri non è definibile tale, motivo per cui non vediamo il senso di doverci definire social. Link di sotto dell'encounter della first kill italiana di Gul'Dan in normal a Nighthold, uno stendardo da battaglia che dimostra l'atmosfera di serietà mista a divertimento che regala questa splendida community. Attenzione: contiene Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, spiegazione tattica durante boss, crash al 5% e quel pazzo di Crilin che fa cose. Vi aspettiamo! Per info /w Masoscrivere
  19. What are my priorities? and explain why?
  20. türkçe

    Merhabalar, Bu server'a Kasım ayında başladık ve Alliance tarafında Zardanya isimli bir guild kurduk. Rahat, keyifli ve çok zorlamadan oynayabileceğimiz bir guild olsun istiyoruz. Yardımlaşma ve birlikte gelişme ortamı yaratmak hedefimiz. Bu tarz sevenler ve yeni başlayanlar için ideal olacaktır. Katılmak isteyenleri bekleriz. Biralar benden Oyundan ulaşabileceğiniz karakter isimlerimiz: Dunbeard, Ciho Görüşmek üzere.
  21. <Prophecy> <Prophecy> Is a Horde English Hardcore PvE Guild focusing on Raids and High Mythic keys. Current Raid progress Uldir 8/8 HC; 2/8 MM; Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir HC Friday/Saturday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir MM Optional raids will be on the Sunday/Monday for alts and friends/family guild members. Our current plan is to recruit new members to bolster our ranks to prepare for 8.2 release and to progress Uldir MM. If you wish to join our guild you must have 350+ Item level and use Discord. For invite or additional information DM me on Firestorm or on Discord : Kostantin#0990;
  22. Hello everyone! If you read our announcement about Sethraliss’ 3rd content update, you’re aware that for a little while now, we started working on the development of 8.1 content on a 8.2 client. At first, only a few devs were assigned to it, but now almost all of them are working on it, which also explains why our 8.0 development is lighter now (less tickets in the live changelog is one of the symptoms). In that last announcement done in July, we mentioned that we were aiming for a release mid October: we’re halfway there, so we figured it would be a good time to share with you our progress and aims for the release! The ETA of the release is now the end of October (just a slight delay in 2 months worth of development). In the meantime, we’re still taking care of Sethraliss and making sure our 8.0 version is stable, don’t worry! A few developers are still monitoring it and making sure the important issues are addressed (major spell bugs, main questline / Uldir issues, etc). As we said before, the client itself will be an 8.2 client (the latest we can), but the content we are scripting is the one directly following what you currently have on Sethraliss: 8.1 questlines, zone & raid. We do not wish to skip anything from the content part, but having an 8.2 client will allow us to keep on scripting up to 8.2 without having to update the client again, which is a huge gain of time for us. So do not worry, you won’t miss on anything BFA has to offer! For those that remember our Legion’s development, we did a similar thing when updating our client from 7.1.5 to 7.3.5, without skipping any of the 7.2 content. One thing worth mentioning though is the class balance that will be taken from 8.2 right away when the 8.2 FS client is released. We’re aware that this means you won’t be doing the content with its related balancing, but there are several reasons that made us stick to this choice (again, the same way it was done on Legion): It drastically reduces dev time: between each game version, a lot of balance changes are done, including removal & addition of new traits or spells: Altering one spell for 8.1, and then again when we’d get into 8.2 content would take twice the amount of time. In essence, later versions are often “better” balanced than earlier ones: some bugs or unintended features are fixed, and the strongest classes are usually slightly nerfed while the weakest are buffed, which leads to a healthier state of the game. That point is up for debate, we’re aware, but it still explains why we also believed this was a good approach. For a few weeks now, our Quality Assurance team is focussing on making reports of class changes, and our developers are fixing them. On the side, some QA members are testing the next raid, Battle of Dazar’Alor (most bosses have their main script done, and require feedback for adjustment). As a reminder, you can apply to join our Quality Assurance team and help us bring out the best release possible here! Here is our developer assignment at the moment: 1 dev on Sethraliss monitoring & major bug fixing 3 devs on BoD (one per wing, so 3 bosses each) 2 devs on class fixing 2 devs on the continuation of the war campaign (one for each side) 1 dev on Darkshore 1 dev on PVP invasions Also, as you may have seen for the past months (and still ongoing) we have a few developers that work on low-level zones or older expansion questlines: Gilneas & Kezan have been rescripted, Elwynn Forest is on the way and we also have a developer working on WoD’s main questline: the idea is to then rescript fully a “leveling route” that will allow you to level up from 1 to 110 as easily as you can level up from 110 to 120 on BFA’s questlines. This means, broadly, scripting 1 zone of each level range available where every race can go without too much effort. Now for the more detailed list of what’s planned on our 8.2 client release! Currently on Sethraliss, every 8.0 content short of the Island Expeditions are available. We know we announced them a while ago, but their development got delayed: rest assured, one of our developers is working on them at the moment, and 3 islands should be available at the release! As usual, when doing a client update / new expansion release, a Public Test Realm will be set up so players can test the new contents. 8.2.0 release content at launch: 8.2 Class balance 8.1 War campaign continuation New allied races / Kultiran / Zandalari 1st wing of Battle of Dazar'alor New endgame zone Darkshore Siege of Boralus and Kings' Rest available on Heroic difficulty. PVP Invasions Azerite gear Vendor New Azerite traits Then, from there on we will script content as it was released on retail: 2nd and 3rd wing of BoD, then the full Mythic mode, then the 3rd Raid Crucible of Storms alongside its quests, and finally 8.2 zones. As you noticed, we plan on releasing BoD wing by wing (like we used to on Legion) and not fully at once as we did with Uldir. We initially thought that releasing the raid all at once would help deliver a better experience for players, and this point still stands; but what we underestimated was the impact in terms of workflow: It’s harder to test all the bosses at once for the QA, and harder for the developers as well, who have to make some bug fixes as long as 3 months after the boss was released. On top of that, we saw on Uldir that only a few guilds actually profited from the full release, as most were progressing (in HM at least) at a pace close to 1 wing / month, which is what we plan on doing on BoD. Easier to test & to fix means higher quality, to the “price” of quantity. We thought we could manage it on Uldir, but it wasn’t really conclusive so we’re switching back to the old, more manageable way! FIRESTORM Q&A It’s been a while since we gave you guys the chance to ask us about Firestorm, and the 8.2 client update sounds like a great opportunity! On Tuesday, October 1st 6 PM Server Time, we will be hosting a Questions & Answers on the public discord! Its system will be the same as the previous times: We’ll unlock a channel for you to post questions, then lock it and take time to answer them: there will be about 5 or 6 rounds. Please read carefully everything in this devblog to not waste questions on stuff that we already explained! EDIT: Transcript of the Q&A available here! Thank you for your time! We hope this will shed some light on the 8.2 client update! The Firestorm Staff
  23. Hey guys! I'd like to know what you guys think about Shadow Priest performance in PvE on Firestorm BFA. I used to play shadow priest on WOTLK and I just love the spec, however I don't know if it's still a viable option. Thanks!
  24. The Warlords "The Warlords" is an Alliance English PVE oriented guild. Our rosters are divided carefully according to each and every player's abilities and skills. Our highest and most skilled roster is able to join the higher difficulty raids, while others that are lower item level and with less knowledge, are learning and progressing themselves in lower raids. Every week we do trials and tests to give a chance to every member to make it to the higher roster, as well as help them progress as fast as possible to join it. Besides raiding, our guild values friendship and loyalty, that is why we do Guild Events monthly in order for all of us to spend some time together. This activity is not obligatory of course and its mostly for people to spend time, have some fun and chill. We also have giveaways with several prizes to spoil our members a bit. If you wish to know our progress or wish to join us, follow the comments below or ask me personally in game as Yashirou or in discord as Yashirou#0489. We use discord: You can also visit our website: Best Regards, Yashirou
  25. Alliance English speaking guild Limitless recruiting ppl of all lvl and nationality for our (atm) leveling guild, that will become strong PvP force and leading PvE guild on BFA realm. 🏹 Join now to our casual environment and friendly fellas, who will help you improve your skillz and side by side dominate the endgame! 💪 We have Discord channel, and soon DPS system. --- Contat any of officiers --- ⛏️ Paladin CL - Shubì ⛏️ Warrior CL- Støja ⛏️ Mage CL - MageIceshards