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Found 14 results

  1. is there gonna be a Headless Horseman Dungeon for halloweens event? please! 2020 will end soon I hope we get to enjoy hallow ends event.
  2. So, I thought I would make a map of where I've found eggs for the event. If this is against the terms, Im sorry and you can remove this post. But I thought it would be kinda like WoWhead would have a article with the locations. This post will be edited when I find new eggs. One thing that helped me out finding eggs, is making a macro with /target Easter Egg. Make sure you have you mini map showing your target, easier to find em that way.
  3. Spookings everyone! We have something planned for you to celebrate Halloween: we'll keep you busy as a bee ghost! On Garrosh (MOP), Sylvanas (Legion), Sethraliss (BFA), and Oribos (Shadowlands), malefic pumpkins are hiding across Azeroth, threatening to jumpscare anyone daring to approach: if you have the guts to initiate a conversation with them, they might reward you for your courage! The event will take place From Friday Oct 28th 12:00PM until Nov 7th 12:00PM. Here is how the pumpkin hunt works: Around 200 pumpkins are hidden in each realm in every part of the world, and you can participate in every one of them! Whenever you talk to one, it will reward you with loyalty points, and you won't be able to talk to it anymore on this account. On Sylvanas, Sethraliss, and Oribos you will also receive some experience points if your character isn't level max yet, and a tiny bit of currencies: Artifact Power on Legion Titan Residuum on BFA Soul Ash on SL If you are lucky, you might get some exclusive rewards including pets, toys, and mounts. On each realm those exclusive rewards are different! As you can see you should play the hunt on as many expansions as possible to make sure you get the most value out of the event! Pretty neat right? Let the hunt begin!
  4. Greetings everyone! It's been less than a month since we mentioned our upcoming stuff on Oribos and we definitely didn't lie about that since we are here today to let you know that all of the stuff are ready to go into our server. As we said before, everything looks good since the release and we spend most of our time if not all on improving the current content with working on new ones. We can say that we are close to be done with 9.0 & 9.05 content and our next plan will be 9.1 but it will take some time which is not that far too so don't worry. That's why we keep releasing new stuff such us our full time & week-end events that can make your stay with us enjoyable and busy you during that time. So i guess it's time to dig in and see what we are going to get now, lets go! RECRUIT A FRIEND We will start with "Recruit a Friend" system that we mentioned before, it's now a new and improved one. In a simpler way: You will be able to recruit a friend using an easy way and in return you both will receive some exclusive rewards, lets not talk about it here more than we said since you can find a detailed topic about that here, make sure to read it! MYTHIC + TIMEWALKING BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Now moving to our next and most wanted content "Timewalking", it wasn't that hard to do in such small time since our developers spent their full time to get that content ready so you have extra stuff to do. It's time to make your footstep into Timewalking dungeons and try to earn your place among the best players to get the rewards you deserve. We've made a separate topic in details about Timewalking, how will it work and the rewards you will get in return. You can find all information here. SHOP PROMO Yep! it's as you saw, we will have Easter Promo! You will get the opportunity to get +30% addition points on each purchase of Firestorm Points. The promotion will be up from Wednesday, April 13th until Monday, April 18th. To purchase Firestorm Points check here, then you can spend them at any time on the Firestorm Shop. The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter! EGG HUNT We can't get away from here without the Easter Egg hunt! You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt if you're playing on Shadowlands (Oribos) since you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight, so lets see what you will find! These eggs will be spread all over the places: In order to get what is inside, you simply need to click on them. You will receive random loots with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! This event will be up from Friday, April 15th, until Monday, April 18th, don't miss it out! PVP SEASON It's not a surprise anymore but it's needed at the moment, we can't leave you without a new season challenge. On Wednesday, April 13th, the current season will be reset and a new season will start, so prepare your champion for a new challenge incoming! Rewards of the previous season will be distributed as soon as possible, you can find more information about the rewards here. The PvP tournament is still being worked on, we didn't forget about it because we want to make something great for our players, not just a normal one. Just keep your eyes on our upcoming announcements. Note: Alterac Valley (Korrak's Revenge), we have given a small brief about that largest Battleground (up to 40v40), it's enabled right now and it has a lot of special rewards and those rewards will be replenished depending on the build. You can read more about it and its rewards here. As you read, we have so many features and events to give, all you have to do is to enjoy what we are providing, you will be busy the whole time with us here. It's very important to get your attention with us because entertainment is our main goal here. We hope you will enjoy all the events and features we have now, and that's not only what we are able to give, there is more and more! Have a nice weekend, The Firestorm Team
  5. Greetings Firestormers! As our x10 event and the Giveaway on Discord & Gleam are going on, we wanted to make this week more special! You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt so if you're playing on Garrosh (MoP), Sylvanas (Legion) or Sethraliss (BFA) you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight on all of Azeroth! This event will end on Monday (April 13th, 2020). These eggs will be spread all over the places: In order to get what is inside, you simply need to click on them. You will receive random loots, depending on the expansion you're playing on, with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! As a reminder, To celebrate Easter, we're having a shop promotion of 30%; This means every Firestorm Point purchase here will include an extra 30% points until Tuesday 14th April 11:55 P.M. Server Time! Then you can spend them on the shop here. The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter!
  6. Hello. I am writing because I managed to walk through the invisible wall on the pandaria and I was able to find your parkour event;) as proof, I am sending a photo of one of the parkour. greetings
  7. This addon is called HandyNotes_SummerFestival. It is a great addon that allows you to find the bonfires on world map with ease. It displays those bonfires as small icons on your map. You can find the original addon on curse, though it currently has a bug. So, it will not work for you if you get it from curse. Here is a fixed version: I have packaged the addon with a required addon named HandyNotes. So, download the file and extract into your Interface\AddOns folder and enjoy. This fix is done by me.You will find another fix on the comments on curse. Though, it will not work for you. For those who have paranoia and worried about malware. I assure you that addons do not contain viruses. Anyways, if you still have doubts, you can do the following: Quit your game client fully. Download the HandyNotes addon from curse: Download the HandyNotes_SummerFestival addon from curse: Extract both addons into your Interface\AddOns folder. Open the Interface\AddOns\HandyNotes_SummerFestival folder. Edit the Core.lua file using Notepad. Go to line 282 by using Ctrl+G. You will find this line: local _, eventHour, _, eventType, state, _, texture = CalendarGetDayEvent(monthOffset, day, i) Replace the word texture with title. Go to line 284 by using Ctrl+G. You will find the line: if texture == 235473 or texture == 235474 then Replace the entire line with: if title == "Calendar_Midsummer" then Save the file and you are done.
  8. Greetings! This week-end being a special one, we wanted to offer you something special! Double that up actually: You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt, similar to the one we had last year (but updated!) and we'll also put on a promo on the shop! Both will start at 6 P.M. server time on Friday, April 19th and end at 11:59 P.M. server time on Monday, April 22nd. EGG HUNT Based on the one we did last year, if you're playing on Garrosh (MoP), Sylvanas (Legion) or Sethraliss (BFA) you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight on all of Azeroth! These eggs will be spread all over the continents: by clicking on them, you will receive random loots, depending on the expansion you're playing on, with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! On top of that, this year, the location of the eggs will change every day! This way, even if you found them all (which you probably won’t) on the first day, you can still enjoy the thrill of the hunt the following days! SHOP PROMO During this timeframe (Reminder: From Friday, April 19th at 6 P.M. server time, until Monday, April 22nd at 11:59 P.M. server time) every purchase of Firestorm points here will include 30% additional points! Now is the time to snatch that shiny mount or transmog you wanted! To see what's available for purchase, please click here, The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter! See you soon!
  9. The Darkmoon Faire is in town! Enter the Darkmoon Carousel for a crazy ride! Thank you for Maræne and the other guy for having fun together and making this spontaneous photoshoot! Enjoy and have a good laugh :-)
  10. Greetings, I'm Tavari QA/Cm and wanna ask if you can add this event pls. Booty Bay run Quiz and Hide and Seak!! Booty Bay Run! We have a groupe with players who try to run from Nordshire to Booty Bay as level 1 Human! Rule Don't use Mounts. Only if you are in the Event groupe you can win. If the Event started you leaved and want to get inv again you don't get a inv. Account gear is not Allowed! Speed spells,flask, food not Allowed! Game Master Job. 1. Inv the Players. 2. 2-3 Game Master follow the Groupe ( Last player / Mittle of the groupe / Fist player ) 3. 1-2 Are in Booty Bay and inv the first 10 players for the next Event. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ World of Warcraft Quiz! The Quiz will be on the top of icc. The Game Master will ask you some Questions about the WoW Lore. If you have to a correct anwer you are in the next round "Hide and Seak" Only 10 Guys can come to this Quiz ( the 10 Guys where are first by the Game Masters by the Booty Bay event.) Rule If you jump down you get kicked from the groupe. If you flame a player or the Game Master you get kicked from the groupe. If you ask the Game Master to add you something you get kicked. Game Master Job! 1. inv the winner from the last even in a other groupe "who won". 2. teleport all on the players in the groupe on the top of icc. 3. Befor you start make sure you have questions for the players. 4. Kick players who break the rules. 5. Inv the player who won the Quiz. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hide and Seak!! We will do Hide and Seak in dalaran. You need to find the GM's who are morphed in Dalaran. If you found a GM you need to /wave him. You need to find all GM's who are morphed! (2-4 Game Master only) Only 5 Players who won the quiz get inv. Rule. Stay in the Groupe. Don't tell the players where the Game Master are. Don't flame Game Master or Player. Don't ask for items. Only leave the groupe only if the Game Master tell u to leave. Game Master Job! 1. Inv the player who won the Quiz. 2. Tell the players how many GM's they need to find. 3. One Game Master whisper the player who found all Game Master and inv him in a Groupe. 4. Only 3 Player can win and get the Price. 5. The Players who won get teleported to the GM box and get there Price (and can do screens with the Game Master if they want.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you will add this event, because i think it will be funny!
  11. Hey, I have a super fun idea for the events. I was thinking about a PvP Maze run. MazeRun (pvp) it's an event where you are with several players in a group (Players determine their own teams or the GM does.). The groups are put down in front of the entrance and they have first got to get to the other side before the other team does. In the maze they are certainly not alone ... There are bosses and other players that they have to beat to win. The maze must be big and confusing, because it should not be too easy. The maze must be in a place where the players pvp is turned on. and there is no mounts may be used. spells that accelerate your speed is allowed but keep it in your team! I would like it if I see this event in this server.