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  1. FS website post, probably the original: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/news/post/220
  2. Delete this file and folder (present in the torrent, but not downloaded by the FirestormLauncher): Interface/FrameXML/SecureCapsule.lua Interface/Addons/Blizzard_StoreUI
  3. As of September 13th, 2017 (Update #34) all should be able to skip these quests and ask http://www.wowhead.com/npc=86058/garrison-ford#comments to make your Garrison. Take the portal from the Eastern Earth Shrine in Stormwind to Shadowmoon Valley or the Western Earth Shrine in Orgrimmar to Frostfire Ridge, and you will be teleported to the feet of Garrison Ford, literally. Changelog for update: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/25359-update-34/ Garrisons You can now talk with Garrison Ford to create your garrison. Fixed several garrison visual bugs.
  4. Bummer... thank you for noticing, telling us this. Luckily I downloaded these version a few months ago, and I will upload them next week, when i'm back online. Greetings, Dallaryen
  5. If you have downloaded the recently released torrent which contains a zip file, then this is not an issue anymore, as the files unzipped have no readonly flag. That was caused by the uTorrent client "protecting" the files from modification so it can seed it to downloaders. Most probably you have a different issue, and failed to notice that the error message is different. This topic is about the error message "failed to create storage component". The image above shows a similar, but different error. Probably you have that "failed fetching the CDN configuration file", thats a connection issue. Keep on searching the forum or post a tech support question (this is an option for the lazies). If you submit to tech support, be aware that "didn't work" is zero information. Submitting the screenshot and/or copying/typing your exact error message is the way to go if you expect any help. Greetings, Dallaryen
  6. One tip for older realms: on WoD/MoP you boost in 2 steps. First to max level, no gear. You get 4 bags in your backpack, be sure to equip those bags, then only talk to Boris again for the gear boost. It happened to me that there was not enough space in my backpack and I got... no gear at all... but the boost option is now disabled as if I got the gear properly. I hope this does not happen to others.
  7. Easy solution to skip the whole Assault on the Dark Portal scenario (instance in technical parlance). As Alliance: Take the "Portal to shadowmoon" (with a small 's') from Stormwind to go to Draenor (/way 74 18.8). It looks like a miniature Dark Portal. It is in the middle of the Eastern Earthshrine in the lake north of Stormwind, where almost all the portals are. If you are flying there, look for the Panda balloon in the air. In Shadowmoon go north following the road to the place where your garrison will be, then go northeast to the beach where the ships ran on the shore (area: Eventide Landing or Eventide Bay) and talk to Prophet Velen (/way 27 8), he will offer you the quest Step Three: Prophet! or Finding a Foothold. If not, then this shortcut does not work for you. Do this quest and the following quests: Step Three: Prophet! Finding a Foothold For the Alliance! Looking for Lumber Ravenous Ravens Quakefist -- offered by Yrel Establish Your Garrison And there you are in your garrison! As Horde there is probably a similar solution, I will post it when I did that too. To start you find the "Portal to Frostfire Ridge" in Orgrimmar with the other portals, at the Western Earthshrine, on the hill over Valley of Wisdom (/way 51 36.9). To get there go up to the Flight Master, then go north through the elevator tower and the bridge. Look for questgiver Farseer Drek'Thar at /way 40.8 67 in Frostfire Ridge.
  8. If this happens to someone, make an in-game ticket: Please add the quest "The Kargathar Proving Grounds", the quest-giver Khadgar is missing from the northern side of Tar'thog Bridge. I have completed previous quest "Altar Altercation". .quest add 34425
  9. Shakil was a polite, diplomatic GM who made a good effort to help players, thank you for your service @Shakil!
  10. One more surprising result: search for Something must be done return zero results: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/search/&q=Something must be done&sortby=relevancy While the exact phrase is in the title of this topic:
  11. Last version of the Launcher for Windows, if it helps: FirestormLauncherSetup-2017-04-17.exe https://mega.nz/#!XsRSwICS!ZgjWbCPbW-uXowyP_0ofu1l-uHqINfCHn4ndaOOQz34 Client download links, Mac included: Kind regards, Dallaryen
  12. This guide helps you in creating your own multiplayer mount, the Sandstone Drake even if you don't have any gold. It is primarily targeted at new players and those who don't have 140k-200k gold in their coin purse to buy the mount on the auction house. This mount carries one passenger seat on its back, although it is not a true multiseat mount: you, the owner is itself transformed into a Dragon! Find out how you can acquire this gorgeous mount to have fun with your friends. Start with a very helpful video with maps: Vial of the Sands Materials Farming Guide Also, Icy Veins has written a super-detailed guide on farming the materials: Gold Making: The Vial of the Sands And there is the wowhead recipe listing: Vial of the Sands Though this guide is not concerned about farming the recipe itself, there is a good video for it: Fastest Way to Farm the Vial of the Sands Recipe! To summarize, you need: 36x Pyrium Bar - this will be the most difficult/expensive to get: bought from auction costs 36k on 2017-07-24, it is made from: 12x Elementium Bar (100-200 gold on auction) + 12x Volatile Earth (Transmuted ONE PER DAY with Alchemy 520 -> 12 days - if you have Alchemy, this is the cheap solution, all the mats cost only 2k on auction. Ideally you will have a Transmutation Master for Truegold) OR 72x Pyrite Ore (Mining 525 to Smelt, from Uldum and Twilight Highlands) 120x Volatile Fire ("fished" in Mount Hyjal or Twilight Highlands and 14% drop from Brimstone Destroyer , Flame Terror in Hyjal, or Enslaved Inferno in Twilight Highlands ) 120x Volatile Water (13% drop from Muddied Water Elemental or 14% from Enslaved Waterspout in Twilight Highlands -- Remember to run with a Potion of Luck when you are farming those Water elementals) 120x Volatile Air (28-36% drop in dungeon The Vortex Pinnacle in south-east Uldum) 128x Volatile Life (Herbalism 1 from Whiptail, some from Azshara's Veil and Cinderbloom) 128x Whiptail (Herbalism 1 in Uldum and Tol Barad) 64x Azshara's Veil (Herbalism 1 in Vashj'ir and Tol Barad Peninsula) 64x Cinderbloom (Herbalism 1 in Deepholm , Twilight Highlands and Mount Hyjal or 46% drop by Fiery Minion in Hyjal ) (Ideally you will have an Elixir Master for both sets of the flasks) 8x Albino Cavefish (26% loot, fished in Deepholm ) Vendor items from Yasmin in Uldum: 1x Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial for 5000g 8x Sands of Time for 8x3000g = 24k 16x Crystal Vial for pennies from any Alchemy / Trade Supplies npc For those, who want to use the mount to occasionally give free rides to low level characters or beginners: I will buy the vendor items for you in exchange of some extra materials, and hook you up with an Alchemist to cook you the Vial of the Sands. To help you with exchanging materials, contact me on the forum or ingame: Dallaryen on Sylvanas (Legion) Yours kindly, Dallaryen
  13. Interesting read: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments/To-Many-Chargebacks/td-p/1137800?profile.language=en
  14. To install AddOns, unzip the downloaded .zip file into the WoW\Interface\AddOns folder Each individual addon should be one folder (not zip!) in AddOns, otherwise the client will not find nor load them. If you did well, you will see a red AddOns button in the bottomleft corner of the character selector screen after logging in. Pressing this button will show the loaded addons. Also, you might need to enable "loading out of date addons" for certain not updated addons. The client will ask you to do so, if this is necessary.