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  1. /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:152094::::::::70:::::\124h[Taeshalach]\124h\124r"); if you want mount of class hall play legion exp if you want any xmog use the firestorm loyal point
  2. play what you like report whats bug most class reports get fast fix if you asking what most the op thats differnece
  3. try relog many time in where you find the bug (most time fix the problems) if not work try retake the quest if not work report it in bug tracker to be fixed
  4. im from 2013 playing (Pandashen)
  5.*1k8diba*_ga*MjQ5ODg0MjIyLjE2Nzc3MjM3MTI.*_ga_CEVYC7924W*MTY3NzcyMzcxMi4zLjEuMTY3ODM5NjY2My41OS4wLjA.&_ga=2.154788720.956857261.1678396458-249884222.1677723712 Install win and play game in mac like you play in win
  6. use parallels VM then not only good for wow but also anyother program that dosent support mac even if performance not good you will find a way to make it better
  7. use vmware to run windiows on mac problem solved
  8. update graphic card this last thing you can do and make sure its the default graphic card when game runs if all didnt work (buy ssd then its cheap 250gb or 480gb is enough install game and windows 10 from fresh there )
  9. try different account try to put the game in ssd than hdd change your dns to and make sure you using 4g
  10. Try using usb internet connection its faster than hotspot connect your phone with usb cable to your computer and there opition on phone that enable you to share internet via usb also remove any limit in data opition
  11. Report them in the firestorm fourm each time you find one or( many) with video or screenshot and keep getting rid of these players (by banning them) until you find good bg with not bot players
  12. try relog most time fix the problem check wowhead for how the quest should be done also if relog didnt work
  13. Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve not possible to get it in Shadowlands Please add it to buy it in vendor for gold or any currency Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve
  14. try to get it in legion or BFA
  15. Title: Transfer From Garrosh to Orbius Type: In-game Description:  Hey there Copy from Garrosh to Syvlnus but i want to copy them to orbius