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  1. play raid at morning less players time mean less lag
  2. sometimes Que bug so you need to reque after 5min of not que also higher rating takes longer also saying in world channel to healer to que will make it faster and last thing dont que if you bad be better in gear and skill because much will be angry even if its random you should sitll be better
  3. yes there tricks to skip them
  4. whats your char name i will help you in killing them
  5. cheating

    multibox allowed if he not do pvp or new raids dungeons
  6. they wont fix the quest so players keep suffering get on with it
  7. tell high ilvl to help you in gold and gear in type /join world_en
  8. change DNS to
  9. after you click the file wait 1hour depend in your internet speed
  10. Can you add him again thanks also make him drops deathwing mount and extra mounts if possiable
  11. /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:152094::::::::70:::::\124h[Taeshalach]\124h\124r"); if you want mount of class hall play legion exp if you want any xmog use the firestorm loyal point
  12. play what you like report whats bug most class reports get fast fix if you asking what most the op thats differnece
  13. try relog many time in where you find the bug (most time fix the problems) if not work try retake the quest if not work report it in bug tracker to be fixed
  14. im from 2013 playing (Pandashen)
  15.*1k8diba*_ga*MjQ5ODg0MjIyLjE2Nzc3MjM3MTI.*_ga_CEVYC7924W*MTY3NzcyMzcxMi4zLjEuMTY3ODM5NjY2My41OS4wLjA.&_ga=2.154788720.956857261.1678396458-249884222.1677723712 Install win and play game in mac like you play in win