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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, under this heading, let's share the errors(bugs) we found in DUNGEON and RAID in the Dragonflight version. (Legion RAID) Skorpyron, the first boss in The Nighthold, does not activate and the door does not open. I tried this in both Mythic and Heroic mode. Has this happened to any other player? If you write down the bugs you find in other Dungeons and Raids here, you can quickly proceed with a solution-oriented approach. Thnx..
  2. I have seen a few posts about this and it doesn't look like there was ever a solution. Am I just doomed to not be able to sell things?
  3. freakz

    Hello, I'm an old Freakz player and I had merged my account with Firestorm back in November, but didn't play yet due to lack of time. Now I decided I'd like to give it a try once again, so I tried to login and it says this to me: "We couldn't log you in with what you just entered. Please try again. (BLZ51900003)" Can anyone help me with this problem? I'm pretty sure my password is right. Thank you!
  4. Guide to fixing Launcher error: The CAS System was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create storage component. After downloading the client uTorrent makes the folder and files readonly (to protect the integrity of the torrent contents...). As a result when you start the client you get the infamous CAS System error: Further keywords to aid finding this guide: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE To FIX this remove the readonly flag from the folder and it's contents: Rightclick the folder, find the checkbox for the read-only flag, untick (make it empty), then press Ok / Apply.
  5. I'm new and I've been trying to play in the Oribos realm of Shadowlands. I am entering my account email and password correctly, and the specifications of my computer are: - macOS Big Sur - Version 11.7.1 - Intel but the following appears: You can see that the data in is the Firestorm default. Game folder after starting the Shadowlands client
  6. I tried everything, It does not work
  7. Hi, I have been away for a few months, has this particular error message and how to fix it been discussed?
  8. Hi i downloaded BFA full client and i cant play because i got error message blz51900003 which is NOT EVEN EXIST at blizzards site. I want to play but i can't. Tried almost everything. Iam sure i didnt miss write password and username and also there is network.
  9. Haven't been playing since august, and surprise-surprise... You have been disconnected. (BLZ51914003) On every login attempt. Tried removing cache and downloading WoW.exe + Utils from this forum -- dafaq, nothing helps.
  10. Sorry for my bad English in advance. DEVELOPERS AND GAME MODERATORS/ADMINISTRATORS OF FIRESTORM!!! i play on the BFA server and i experiance so many bugs that i cant count anymore i played this game on Mis of Pandaria same stuff pls fix it. IMPORTANT READ IT! Blizzard rules state that if a exspansion is not new like right now shadowlands and BFA being a old expension now you can legally ask them for the game script of BFA yes it will cost you money but there is more ways to make money than just extorting your player base please fix it i love this private server and i cant even play it others wont join me because of how buggy the game is if you could put it on the forums i PROMISE you people will provide the money if you do buy the games original script for BFA and then you can use that script as a referance and use it to fix the other expensions so pls do this. now you must be wondering well how are we suppose to profit then ? simple set up a support for that people can support you make it so if people dont want to wait in que's to play the game they can pay a fee for that every week/month setup shops so that people can buy gear cause people who play on private servers dont have that much time or are impatient to wait so they buy it. this is how they have make money and they make ALOT OF IT!!! so pls FireStorm fix it and thank you for reading this. also if you did please respond you would give the community some hope. and for random people reading this tell me bellow do you agree to this ?
  11. I can t login in my character after the server went down, i was doing a mythic key and now when i want to login it gives me a error. Unstuck doesn t work btw.
  12. Hello is there any solution to fix this Error #132 0x85100084 i tried everything listed to this topic but doesnt work is there any other solution? My dad told me that its because all the game is downloading to my OneDrive so if its beacuse of this can anyone please help how to fix it?
  13. I've just started BFA on Firestorm. Made my character, all normal, and then when I try to "Enter World" the game crashes, happend multiple times. If anyone knows something please reply.
  14. Hi, I just installed Firestorm, registered through the site and download the launcher. However, once I start the game it pops this message up... Any solutions to this?
  15. I don't know why, but suddenly I can't login. I was playing normally earlier today, and now when I try to login i get the error "Data/enUS/wow-update-enUS-17325.MPQ: Cannot stream required archive data. Please check your network connection. For more information, see:" Don't have any clue why. Nothing works from internet. Deleted WTF, Cache, tried a million ways to make the damn folder not only-read, nothing works. Please help. MOP 5.4.8
  16. error

    hola hay un error con los transmutadores (transmog) no deja hacerla y solo queda el personaje como si no hubiese clickeado
  17. Hello all. I am brand new to this server but I can't seem to access any content. I installed the launcher and client and even tried the repair option but no matter what I get the "Cannot stream required archive data. Please check the network connection" error message. I get it when I don't use the launcher as well. My realmslist is set to Firestorm, my firewall allows access. Can anyone provide any help or guidance on fixing this issue or is this client simply unplayable for me? Thanks for any help!
  18. Hey guys! This error occurred today while trying to launch the game. I can't fix it. Tried some stuff on the internet but it's still the same result. If anyone can help I'd be thankful! Best regards!
  19. Can anyone tell me what's the problem with this?
  20. A few days ago I posted an error and some people commented that they had the same problem and nothing worked, after a few days without entering the forum, I found the error solution in Portuguese (my native language) and I come to bring the solution, first check if this is your problem, follow the link from my previous post with prints and description of the error: >>> The CAS error I was having <<< Well, if you have the same error the solution is as follows: just download this zip file, unzip it separately from any folder and run the WOWx32 or WOWx64 file directly (I've already run as administrator). There in the lower left corner will not say it is the firestorm version, but it's only you log in with your account and it will work. >>>>ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD<<<< >>>>ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD EN<<<< Original portuguese solution
  21. Hello, can someone help me with this error?