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Found 25 results

  1. quest “brick by brick” - when you talk to Cordy nothing happens, in general an important quest for the covenant, the covenants themselves are an extra feature, it’s strange that it doesn’t work. I would like it to be fixed in the near future.
  2. There is a huge problem with disconnects, via Wifi AND via Ethernet on Oribos. Game has been installed multiple times (via Full and Minimal Client!) already, with a complete deletion of former game files. Healer isn't able to do Raids or M+ or anything at all, bc she always disconnects. The problem has been observed to occur mostly when their chars are in Oribos (ingame City of Oribos on the Server with the same name). Problem is not exclusively persistent on one char, but on every single one. The WiFi user is UNABLE to switch to an Ethernet connection, it still shouldn't be happening every single time she tries to play. Are there problems with the Client? Bc the player tested other realms and private servers just to check if it happens there as well, and no other PS or Server has the same problems, just Oribos Server. With those players, we lose some very important guild members for raids and mythics, especially since more and more people have problems with the connectivity, with different providers, all centered on when they try to play SL on Oribos. We heard from other players that they have connectivity issues as well, only happening on this specific server.
  3. Hello everyone! After several requests, we will be releasing this guide of mounts which are available and which are not available. Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.2.7 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm. But there will be alternatives if a mount is Not Available, from older expansion realms or from the Web Shop. Note2: If a mount is collected, for example on the Gul'dan (Warlords of Draenor) Realm, this mount will be also in your Oribos Realm collection. This is for all mounts, except for Gladiator mounts. A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out: Available - This mount is available, the same way, as it's available on retail WoW Not Available - This mount is not available Not Available - This mount is available but only on older expansion servers or from the Web Shop Removed from the game - This means, the mount has been removed from the game by Blizzard Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list. Classic Mounts: The Burning Crusade: Wrath of the Lich King: Cataclysm: Mists of Pandaria Walords of Draenor: Legion: Battle for Azeroth: Shadowlands: Firestorm Shop/Promotions: Last Update: 10.09.2023
  4. shadowland shop discounts is coming. But in this discount,Character Boost hasnt red word reminder now. So if i buy a 1500 point Boost now,can i get anthoer 1500 point Boost in DF?
  5. Hello Guys, I ' am a new player on Oribos (Level 60 mage named Sylhou , I a looking for Chromie in Stormwind but I have very contracitive data on internet, so if someone can explain to me please ? Thanks
  6. Hi! This post is to help answer the burning question each of you have that wants to do older content. Which instances are doable and which are not. Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.2.7 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm. A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out: Available - the instance is fully doable. Not available - the instance is not doable at all. Available - the instance is doable but there are a few minor issues, with this a workaround will be listed if there is one and what the exact issue is. Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list. Classic Dungeons: Blackfathom Deeps - Available Blackrock Depths - Available The Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dire Maul East - Available Dire Maul North - Available Dire Maul West - Available Ragefire Chasm - Available Maraudon - Available Lower Blackrock Spire - Available Gnomeregan - Available Razorfen Kraul - Available Razorfen Downs - Available Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stratholme - Available Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stockade - Available The Temple of Atal'hakkar - Available Uldaman - Available Wailing Caverns - Available Zul'farrak - Available Classic Raids: Molten Core - Available Blackwing Lair - Available Ruins of Ahn'qairaj - Available Temple of Ahn qiraj - Available The Burning Crusade Dungeons: Auchenai crypts Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shadow Labyrinth Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Sethekk Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mana Tombs Normal Mode - Available Mana Tombs Heroic Mode - Available The Slave Pens Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Steamvault Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Underbog Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Blood Furnace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Hellfire Rampart Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Shattered Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Mechanar Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Tempest Keep - Available The Botanica Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Magisters' Terrace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Old Hillsbrad Foothills Normal/Heroic Mode -Available The Black Morass Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available The Buring Crusade Raids: Karazhan - Available Gruul's Lair - Available Serpentshrine Cavern - Available The Eye - Available Magtheridons Lair- Available The Battle for Mount Hyjal - Available Black Temple - Available Sunwell Plateau - Available Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons: The Violet Hold Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Trial of the Champion Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of reflection Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Forge of Souls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Pit of Saron Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Nexus Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Oculus Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Azjol-Nerub Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Ahn'kahef: The Old Kingdom Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dark'Tharon Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Gundrak Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Utgrade Pinnacle Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Utgrade Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Stone Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Lighting Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The Culling of Stratholme Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Wrath of the Lich King Raids: Vault of Archavon 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Naxxramas 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Obsidian sanctum  10/25 Normal Mode - Available The Eye of Eternity - Not available Ulduar - Available Trial of the crusader 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Onyxia's Lair 10/25 Normal Mode - Available Ice crown Citedal 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The ruby sanctum 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Cataclysm Dungeons: Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available End Time - Available Hour of Twilight - Available Zul'Gurub Normal Mode - Not available Zul'Gurub Heroic Mode - Available The Stonecore Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Grim Batol Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Halls of Origination Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Lost City of the Tol'vir Normal/Heroic - Available The Vortex Pinnacle Normal/Heroic - Available Blackrock Caverns Normal/Heroic - Available Well of Eternity - Available Throne of the Tide - Available Zul'Aman Normal - Not available Zul'Aman Heroic - Available Cataclysm Raids: Baradin Hold - Available Blackwing Descent 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available The bastion of twilight 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Throne of the Four winds 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available Firelands Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Dragon Soul 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mist of Pandaria Dungeons: Temple of the Jade Serpent Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mogu'shan Palace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Shado-Pan Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Siege of Niuzao Temple Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Stormstout Brewery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Mist of Pandaria Raids: Mogushan Vaults 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Terrace of Endless Spring 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Heart of Fear 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Throne of Thunder 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Seige of Orgimmar Normal/Heroic - Available Warlords of Draenor Dungeons: Auchindoun all difficulties - Available Grimrail Depot all difficulties - Available The Everbloom all difficulties - Available Bloodmaul Slag Mines all difficulties - Not available Skyreach all difficulties - Available Iron Docks all difficulties - Available Upper Blackrock Spire all difficulties - Not available Shadowmoon Burial Grounds all difficulties - Not available Raids of Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul all difficulties - Available Blackrock Foundry all difficulties - Available Hellfire Citadel all difficulties - Available Legion Dungeons: Important note: Scaling is off in legion so it will take you a while to kill any boss in these dungeons Violet Hold - Available Blackrook Hold all difficulties - Available Cathedral of Eternal Night all difficulties - Available Vault of the Wardens all difficulties- Available Court of Stars all difficulties- Available Darkheart Thicket all difficulties - Available Maw of Souls all difficulties - Available The Arcway all difficulties - Available Eye of Azshara All difficulties- Available Return to Karazhan - Available Seat Of Triumvirate all difficulties- Available Legion Raids: Emerald nightmare all difficulties - Available Trial of Valor all difficulties - Available Nighthold all difficulties - Available Tomb of Sargeras all difficulties - Available Antorus the Burning Throne - Available Battle for Azeroth: Doable solo. Freehold all difficulties - Available Ataldazar all difficulties- Available Waycrest Manor all difficulties - Available King's Rest all difficulties - Available Shrine of the Storm all difficulties - Available The Underrot all difficulties - Available Not doable solo but still doable. Siege of Boralus all difficulties - Available Tol-Dagor all difficulties - Available Temple of Sethralis all difficulties - Available The MOTHERLODE! all difficulties - Available Raids for Battle for Azeroth: Uldir Normal/Heroic Mode - Available Battle of Dazar'alor all difficulties - Available Crucible of the Storms all difficulties - Not available The Eternal Palace all difficulties - Not available Ny'alotha The Waking City all difficulties - Available Last updated on 02/11/2023
  7. Hello, The Home Stretch quest (WoD) bugged in the shadowlands realm. When I arrive to the docks with Khadgar and his company they vanished from the game and the quest doesn't make anithing. I try to relog, but it doesn't help. I have find the previous ticket about this problem, and I read that was solved but the error is still persist. Thank you for help, Veryanas (I send the ticket on behalf another character and account, account name: Tothti, character name: Bronwean)
  8. So my problem woud be more specifically is that , i do reached lv100 with shadowland blacksmithing , but the shadowgast recipes doesnt show up at the npc to buy. I turn the filters on so it shows recipes that i can learn and the ones that i cannot , and still it did not show up , any of the shadowgasts that as a blacksmith i shoud be able to learn and craft. I learned all other recipes from him. Thanks in advance for any tip or advice to what to do to be able to craft shadowgast items.
  9. Hey! Is the blood elf or any other core race heritage armor implemented in Oribos/Sethrallis? Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm new and I've been trying to play in the Oribos realm of Shadowlands. I am entering my account email and password correctly, and the specifications of my computer are: - macOS Big Sur - Version 11.7.1 - Intel but the following appears: You can see that the data in is the Firestorm default. Game folder after starting the Shadowlands client
  11. LFR is not supposed to be main end game content, it's basically just story mode so people can experience the content without missing out on it. But something I've noticed here is that LFR is taking significantly long time. I am talking over five hours to do LFR at all for any of them. Agonizing. So here's my idea. Tenacity buff that allows less people to do LFR content. The less people you have, the more buffed your stats are. Just like old school winter grasp. This would allow less people to get into the raid and continue doing it When people leave out of frustration. Again, keep in mind, LFR is not supposed to be endgame competitive content.
  12. greetings, new player here with some questions. ::about exp rate if you check realms, oribos is listed as x1.5 exp rate: but Ech0 said, its x2: so, its x1.5 or x2? ::about drop rate Gear loot chances are doubled everywhere, including bosses (dungeon, raid, world) ! From 30% chance to 60%. what does that exactly mean? when another server says it has 1x rate, does it mean they have 30% rate and firestorm does have 2x now? ::about refer a friend if i create a character and find someone to give me a boost, can i use it with the same character or do i need to create a new one? ::last question is the server located in EU? thank you very much and have a nice weekend!
  13. Hi, if anyone could help me, because in-game ticket didn't work. The problem is, I finished 4th Chains of Dominations campaign, but didn't get any item or received flying. If anyone can help me fix that, please let me know! Thanks!
  14. Hello, I've skipped whole BfA on Firestorm (because just don't like this expansion) and have played all this years on Sylvanas realm, but after login to Oribos I've found my account lost 1-2 year of progress. Can administration help with transfer my actual progress(at least one main Character) from Sylvanas to Oribos for Firestorm Points for example?
  15. What is this Quest where u have to Jump on the Top of the Temple? Always "3rd floor" i get up and fall between booth of the flowers, impossible to land to get there
  16. If I leveling now on sethrallis, and i get 120, the char was merge on oribos or no?
  17. Hi What is the breakdown of how many players there are per faction (alliance-horde) on Oribos, looking at changing factions but would like to make sure that balance is maintained. thanks,
  18. Greetings everyone! We promised you news regarding the 9.2 update, and this post is here to do it! Most of our developers have been working on 'Eternity's End' for a while now, while others stayed on our current patch to make sure everything's running smoothly and that the remaining content - like Sanctum Mythic Mode - isn't delayed much. It's always something we have to balance when reaching the end of a patch, and we keep on assessing the global state of things to make sure we're splitting forces in the best way possible. As such, while Sylvanas got released quite recently you can rest assured: the state of 9.2 is quite advanced; we expect the update to be shipped in a few months. An important thing to note is that this patch will require a client update considering we're currently running a 9.1.5 client. Not to worry this only means a small .exe to replace (done automatically if you're using our launcher!), and a quick additional waiting time on your first new client launch. With the foreword now covered, we can get into detail regarding the new content shipped with this update, as well as its current state of advancement: Zereth Mortis: The forbidden land of the first ones, and the brand new zone of the patch. It includes: 7 story chapters of which 4 are scripted, which is enough to grant flying in the zone. First 3 will be released day 1, and then an additional one every week or so. World and daily quests: currently 17 out of 25 are scripted. Mini side-questlines needed to unlock flying: 2 of them are done, only one remaining! Rares & treasures are being worked on right now. Most of them will be available on release, the missing ones will join them shortly after. Cypher of the First Ones, a special talent tree requiring to farm a new currency has seen its development begin recently. It will allow you to gain different perks in-game, as well as a few collectibles. Torghast receives a new wing: Jailer's Gauntlet, a mini boss-rush type of run. It has been tested already, and works like a charm! Sepulcher of the First Ones: This new raid contains 11 bosses from which 2 are already scripted, alongside all the trashes from the raid. Those 2 are currently being tested and 2 developers are working on the remaining 9, with a third joining shortly. Tazavesh, the Veiled Market split: The megadungeon will be split into 2 normal sized ones, each part available in every difficulty including Mythic+. Everything's been done, and tests are ongoing. Class Tier Sets: After 2 expansions, they're making their return! Their effects are being scripted, and the new Creation Catalyst system which allows you to craft them will be worked on soon. Encrypted Affix: The new seasonal affix for the 3rd season has been fully scripted and implemented on every dungeon. Tests are being run to make sure it works properly. Cosmic Gladiator PVP Season: We're testing rewards and item upgrades to ensure everything is ready for the new season. The new 'Solo Shuffle' mode is also working! Class Balancing: alongside the new class tier sets, we have dedicated developers actively working on it, which will continue to do so once the update is shipped. Regarding the missing content from before the 9.2, players have been asking for information, and we are here to deliver it! Chains of Domination chapters: 3 chapters are missing, and one is almost done! You can expect chapter 7 to be released in 1 to 2 weeks, while chapters 8 and 9 will take a few more weeks. Do not worry, as the 3 missing chapters will be released before 9.2 arrives! Covenants chapters: Although we would like to have these ready before 9.2, the truth is that some of these chapters will take a lot of time to fully finish. Each covenant has big scenarios that need to be scripted, which would take too much time. To not delay the release of the new patch, we are putting the development of these on hold. We apologize. Mage Tower: Something similar here happens with the covenant chapters. While this content is very interesting, it would take too much time to have it fully ready before the 9.2 comes. However, we believe we can actually start working on this after the 9.2 is released, while we develop the content of the patch. No promises, though! Some exciting new content for sure! As you can see most of them are close to a releasable state but as usual, we want to make sure we maintain the quality you're being used to - and deserve. Once we're getting closer to the release you can expect a more detailed post of all those new features, our present goal being to keep you updated on the state of advancement rather than the content itself. You'll also then find a guide on how to update your client and everything you'll need to know! Until then, thank you for your time and fidelity. The Firestorm Team
  19. Still no idea which Shadowlands mounts are actually obtainable. Not talking about covenant mounts but all the rest - zone mounts, quest mounts, rares etc Please provide us with a list of SHADOWLANDS mounts that players can get in the game. Not talking about the shop. Tired of spending time chasing smoke and mirrors just to end up with NPC's or objects that you can't interact with or they just never spawn. Some of the mounts have very time-consuming process to acquire them, so ,please, respect our time too and make known, which ones work and if you even plan to make them work.
  20. Greetings everyone! As we've been telling you in our latest announcements regarding Oribos, our focus has been for the past months on the 9.1 Patch: Chains of Domination. We've currently exhausted most of the 9.0 and 9.0.5 content, therefore 9.1 is our next main stop: while it's still a tad too early to disclose an official release date, know that it's going to be very soon! Our developers have been working hard and our testers spent the past weeks verifying every new feature and change. You'll be happy to know it's now in really good shape, and we wanted to take a moment to share with you the state of advancement, just like we did prior to Oribos's release. We won't get too much in-depth (this will come in the next post !) so don't worry: no boring details here! One last thing before we jump in: since our client is already in 9.1.5, you won't have to download - or do - anything when this update ships Korthia and Desmotaeron: The 2 new zones of the patch, where you will spend most of your time. The main questline is scripted up to the 3rd chapter (4th is under dev), but daily quests aren't there yet. A good portion of rares and treasures are already there, and the 2 new factions are fully scripted! The World Boss will be worked on this week. Most of the remaining work is gonna be put on adding what's missing, as well as scripting the rest of the story's chapters. Torghast: The Tower of the Damned received a loooot of changes and new additions, which have all been scripted already as our dev began working on it early. Our Quality Assurance team is currently testing and giving feedback to make sure everything works fine for the release. Sanctum of Domination: The new raid of 9.1 has 8 bosses out of 10 scripted in LFR, NM, and HM difficulties. The first wing has already been fully tested, and the testers are now focussing on later ones. Achievements are done, and Mythic Mode development will being once the remaining 2 bosses are done. Real-condition tests will be done before the release to ensure no issue hinders the progress Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: A new megadungeon with 8 bosses. All of them have been tested several times, including the hard mode which still requires additional verifications. First boss is still missing the intro, which is mandatory to test its hardmode. Tormented Affix: The new seasonal affix for the Mythic+ 2nd season has been fully scripted and implemented on every dungeon. Tests are next to complete. Unchained Gladiator PVP Season: We're testing rewards and item upgrades to make sure everything is ready for the new season. The ilvl increase for pvp gear in pvp context is already scripted and working! Renown rewards: They have all been worked on by our developers and are still being tested. Class Balancing: Since we're already working with the 9.1.5 class state from the moment Oribos was released, no changes are to be expected in that regard. Obviously, class balancing is an everlasting process and some of our developers are still working on it every day! This pretty much does it! As you can see, most of the new contents and changes are at least close to being done, with only additional testings to be done, to make sure this gets to you as fast as possible - but also in the best state possible! Stay close, as our release post will follow shortly, this time with more detailed information and guides so when the update hits live you'll be fully prepared! Thank you for your time and fidelity, The Firestorm Team
  21. Greetings everyone! As we previously announced, next Wednesday, April 13th, all ratings will be reset and we are going to start the new season on Oribos in order to have a new challenge, so make sure to prepare your partner and of course your champion. PVP SEASON Let's get into the rewards thresholds of the previous season; 2v2 bracket: Titles and Achievements; Top 7: Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1, Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1, Sinful Gladiator and Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater. Top 15: Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1 and Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater. Not only that but also there will be Firestorm points that are going to be distributed as the following; Top 1-10: 1500 Firestorm Points. Top 11-20: 700 Firestorm Points. Top 21-30: 455 Firestorm Points. Top 31-50: 240 Firestorm Points. KORRAK'S REVENGE (ALTERAC VALLEY CLASSIC) We decided that it's better to give some information about the newest opened Battleground on our servers at the moment which is "Korrak's Revenge (Alterac Valley Classic)", this BG is the PvP special event during WoW's Anniversary that puts players in the classic Alterac Valley. First, The levels on that battleground doesn't matter because players can enter it with different levels. The goal from the battleground is to gain levels and gear. Your level will be increased until 60, not only that but also the gear ilvl can be increased to 158. Second, Capturing towers and all that stuff in the battleground will increase the multiplier for gaining experience. Third, With Timewalking currency, you can purchase some items which some of them can be listed as the following: Also, Other than that, there will be a vendor that sells Timewarp gear and it will be a better option for low level players. Finally, You have to know that all quests are daily, some are repetitive but we will exclude the Battle of Alterac Valley quest which is weekly. We can say this battleground will be a good addition to low level players to gain levels fast so gather your friends and prepare yourself for that challenge that will re-ignite the spark of war! Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for this new season! Have a great day, The Firestorm Team
  22. Title: Legion Class mounts Type: Shop Description: I would suggest add the Legion class mounts to the shop for ppl to buy for the server Legion,Bfa,Shadowlands so that ppl who didnt get it have a chance to still get them even if its for real money
  23. Greetings Firestorm ! It's been 3 months since the release of our Shadowlands realm: Oribos and we wanted to take this opportunity to gather all of its related information: what you can already experience on the realm as well as what we have in store for you. If you missed our previous posts, this one will make it up by summarizing everything so make sure you read it thoroughly ! So let's start with the features you're all familiar with: Our leveling experience is at an all time high: from Exile's Reach to BFA's and SL's storyline you can fully level up smoothly without any major issues while Thread of Fate allows for an easier journey for your alts. All 4 covenants as well as their respective zones are available on top of The Maw, home of the infamous Jailer ! We know how painful swapping covenants was on retail and we thus added something to allow you to freely and effortlessly change ! All 8 dungeons are scripted in all difficulties including MM+ All PvP activities are available and the battle to secure gladiator spots in rated rages on ! The raid Castle Nathria is fully available in all difficulties: 10 bosses await ! Valor, a new currency allows you to upgrade dungeon equipment: gearing yourself has never been as easy and pleasing ! We enabled interfaction to ease everyone's experience: this feature was only added later on retail but we chose to release it as soon as possible to remove some barriers. Horde or Alliance can talk, venture and fight together ! All in all we're pretty happy with how things went since the release: we've continuously made improvements to available content while at the same time releasing new one steadily. That being said aside from the remaining Covenant Campaign chapters yet to be released (more on that below) we're pretty much done with 9.0 & 9.0.5 content, the next step being 9.1 update. As you can imagine this will require a fair amount of dev time and we didn't want to let you guys wait months without any major changes. So without further ado, let's jump right in ! ORIBOS CONTINUOUS & WEEKEND EVENTS Those of you who played on Sethraliss last summer will probably feel familiar with this one ! It's fairly simple: starting right now you will be able to experience 2 types of events on Oribos: Continuous and Weekend ones. The former will be active at all times until 9.1 starts while the latter will activate on Fridays 4:00PM and will remain until Mondays 4:00AM server time. That way you will always benefit from special features, and get even more during the weekend ! Full-time events: All experience gains are doubled. This is already in place since last week: fairly straightforward event ! Gear loot chances are doubled everywhere, including bosses (dungeon, raid, world) ! From 30% chance to 60%. Conduit loot chances increased from all sources from 40 to 60% You can now send Soul Ash to your alts by purchasing Packaged Soul Ash from Au'Dara located in Oribos (Ring of Transference, near the flight master) Valor gains are now uncapped: you can obtain as much as you need without restrictions ! Conduits can now be obtained in various World Quests: it will always be one you do not have or an upgrade to one you own ! We made it so you will get on average one conduit a day by this mean. Renown Catchup has been improved: all activities have double the chances to grant renown, and will now grant 2 at once ! Soulbind trees are now Account bound: you won't need to wait for the corresponding covenant chapter to be done in order to chose the tree you want if you already did it on your main character. This is still covenant specific and the renown restrictions for their corresponding conduits still apply. NB: You will need to connect your main character once to "save" his soulbinds unlocks before being able to benefit from them on your alts. Week-end events: A custom World Boss is now available in Northrend (Coldarra - Borean Tundra), rewarding a lootbox to any champion strong enough to defeat him ! You can loot it once per week at the moment. All Mythic+ dungeon runs will include one additional loot for the whole group ! You can re-run already completed Torghast wings as many times as you want to obtain 20% of the initial value in Soul Ash each time. All of those events take effect right now: stay tuned as we might add some additional ones along the way ! On top of that, we've got stuff cookin' ! Let's see what the future holds ! UPCOMING ON ORIBOS On top of those events, and before the 9.1 update is ready we have features in store - at various stages of advancement - to keep you entertained: First of all, the Covenant Campaign's 6th chapter should be ready for Monday April 4th. While this is not as huge as the rest, it's still worth noting ! We will be improving the VIP perks to include different teleport locations on top of your capital: Oribos, all 8 dungeons entrances, Nathria's entrance as well as your covenant's sanctum will be added so you won't have to waste time moving to those places anymore ! As a reminder you can become a VIP by purchasing points on our store (everything is detailed here) but this soon won't be the only way... Refer-a-friend will make its return, in a simpler way: once per month you will be able to refer a character, boosting it to level 50 with some basic gear. If that characters gets to level 60, manages to gear himself up to a set ilvl and completes various activities with you, you will both get VIP for a month as well as a free mount from our store ! A comprehensive guide will be made when this feature is released, which is very soon ! Back on BFA we had our very first Firestorm MDI. Well it's time to have another one ! We're rebranding it to FDT which stands for Firestorm Dungeon Tournament and will make some organization changes to it so it feels better for you to participate, while also expanding the range of rewards ! We're still working on it, but you can expect an announcement for it in the following weeks. For our PVP enjoyers here we wanted to help re-ignite the spark of challenge by reseting the season: basically hand over rewards as a regular season end (with extended range meaning more people will get something) and then restart it over, like a Season 1 bis. While we do not have a set date yet, it's gonna happen in early April so do not waste time and climb as high as you can as soon as possible ! We know you guys would like a tournament to be held as well and we'd like to deliver. Still at the early thinking stages, we'll keep you upated ! Finally maybe our biggest surprise to date: BFA dungeon Timewalking ! While it has been done on retail at a later patch (and for Legion dungeons) we believe we can make it work by next month on Oribos as our Quality Assurance team is currently testing it and giving feedback. Some things are still left to be decided (rewards, exact functionning) but we plan on making it interesting for all types of players so stay on the lookout for it ! We're also looking into Raid timewaling but this looks more challenging to implement: once dungeons are out we'll try to work things out on that part ! As you can see between our events and the upcoming features we won't let you rest ! It's important for us to keep you entertained: retail has been taking inspiration from private server features so we need to get to the next level. And we believe we have what it takes ! We hope you'll enjoy the continuous and weekend events for now and that you're thrilled for our upcoming releases ! Have a nice weekend, The Firestorm Team
  24. Greetings everyone ! Ever since Battle for Azeroth some of you have been voicing their concern about faction balancing, and the fact that as an Alliance player it was quite difficult to find progress guilds or people to group with. For 9.2.5 Blizzard announced that they would finally enable cross-faction despite the war between Horde and Alliance being a central element in WoW's lore: this is something we've done on all of our older expansions here at Firestorm for quite a while, and we thus figured we could anticipate a bit and enable it on Oribos on Monday February 21st. That way we get the best of 2 worlds: reducing the faction balancing problems and staying blizzlike ! Here is a list of the specifics: Guilds can now contain players from both factions. That doesn't mean you have to invite everyone, but at least now you can ! You can now group in raids and dungeons with people from both factions, meaning it will be easier and faster to gather the needed amount of characters ! This also applies to LFG filtering. PvP still remains Horde vs Alliance as the system doesn't easily allow for a change. You can still obviously chose to enter mercenary mode if needed ! World Channels will be fused so Horde and Alliance players can now talk together. Since they will be able to join hands in several activities now, it didn't make much sense to keep them separated. We'd understand if some of you felt like this isn't something needed, but try to see it that way: this doesn't revoke any rights (if you want to keep your guild all-horde you can), it only adds new opportunities ! A new player asking questions in world chat will have more people available to help him, and you will find groups faster for any non-PvP activity. We hope that this new addition will have the positive impact we want, and we'll keep an eye out to see if everything goes according to plan ! See you soon, The Firestorm Team
  25. Greetings everyone ! This is it, Firestorm's next expansion: Shadowlands will be released on Monday, December 20th 10:00AM server time on its realm Oribos ! After a month of Beta realm (OBTR) where you could discover in advance the new features of this 8th World of Warcraft Expansion and give us feedback, it is now time to get the real thing started ! We really wanted to have it ready before Christmas, as a 'gift' to you all: you've been really patient, now it's time for you to get rewarded for it ! Our OBTR will remain opened until Sunday, December 19th when it'll then be shut down. As we mentioned in our previous announcement, any progress made on it won't carry over onto Oribos (the "real" realm): this was a bound-to-disappear realm only meant for testing purposes. In the meantime you can obviously keep on playing it as much as you'd like ! To be able to play right on the 20th, you will need to have your Firestorm Shadowlands client downloaded in advance: many other players will want to join in at the same time, therefore we strongly advise you to prepare yourself right now ! It's easy, all you need to do is either access our regular download page or visit our dedicated guide here: Please note that our Launcher is now updated to include Shadowlands, yet we advise you to download the full client via torrent if possible. Two days prior to Oribos' opening, we will be copying every character from Sethraliss so you can resume your progression where you left it. A few things of importance to note: Each character's gold will be capped to 10000 Every item in inventories will be bound to your character meaning you won't be able to sell in the AH nor trade them anymore Guild banks are gonna be wiped (items deleted + gold set to 0) on Oribos (your guild bank won't be affected on Sethraliss, don't worry) Finally, character's level and their gear's ilvl will be scaled down to Shadowlands (120 characters will become level 50, with this expansion's max level being 60) Now that we have covered all the preliminary explanations, let's dive in to see what awaits you on Oribos, our Shadowlands realm ! NB: Even though our client is a 9.1.5 one, we will release at 9.0 patch first ! Every system will be scripted in 9.0 fashion, except the class balancing which will be 9.1.5. SPECIAL LAUNCH REWARDS As a token of appreciation (and because you guys waited a long time while we were working hard on that new expansion !) we wanted to give a little something to those of you who join the adventure the very first week following the release ! Those who will log on Oribos before Monday December 27th will receive on their account: The Ensorcelled Everwyrm mount The Anima Wyrmling pet The Wraithchill cosmetic weapon effect The Eternal Traveler's Hearthstone toy The Vestments of the Eternal Traveler That's kind of a nice timing, with Christmas right in the middle don't you think ? Thank you for your support ! NEW LEVELING EXPERIENCE For the first time in the history of World of Warcraft, a heavy rework was made in regards to leveling, and learning the game. Before Shadowlands, every new expansion meant a higher max level and therefore a longer grind to get there, starting with a fairly unfriendly first step into the world of Azeroth: it all changes here ! On Shadowlands, the maximum level has been scaled down from 120 to 60: From levels 1-10, you will be learning the ropes of the game in a beautiful new zone called Exile's Reach. This place will be common to all races (when before each one had its own starting zone), and will feature a whole new questline designed to help new players learn the mecanisms of WoW much better, and faster. Even if you already have all of your characters above level 10, this new experience is gonna be refreshing, and could also help some friends of yours who never picked the game get into it much more easily. From levels 10-50, you will be leveling doing the Battle for Azeroth main storyline, which is fully scripted (its first quest will automatically be given to you). No more changing zones every 10 levels, battling to find working quests or killing monsters endlessly ! It's possible that in the future we will allow for different storylines (like the one from Legion for instance), but our main goal was that everyone doesn't feel bad creating a new character because they are dreading the leveling: it will now be a smooth and nice experience for newcomers and die-hard players alike ! Finally from levels 50-60, you will be making your way into the Shadowlands for the first time ever in World of Warcraft, to experience the wonder and horrors of the afterlife accross five new zones: the gleaming fields of Bastion, the scarred battlefields of Maldraxxus, the eternal twilight of Ardenweald, the opulent keeps of Revendreth, and the horrific Maw. NB: The "Thread of Fate" mecanism allowing you to skip the main storyline to level from 50-60 by other means is not yet implemented (we plan to add it further down the line), so for each character you will have to run the questline for now ! Back on BFA's expansion, its main storyline made you progress from level 110 to 120, while now it will be from level 10 to 50: this shows how much faster your leveling will be on this new expansion, greatly lightening the burden you could feel when when wanting to try out a new class. In 2 simple words: faster & easier ! On top of that, we will add a 50% increase to all exp gains: it used to be higher on older expansions, but with the whole content now fully scripted this will be enough to allow you to reach the necessary level thresholds easily. On top of that, Allied races will start level 10, meaning they can skip the first part. Death Knights and Demon Hunters will still pursue their starting questline (since it's specific to the class and not the race, by the way DKs got a brand new one !) before rapidly reaching level 10 and starting BFA's storyline. As a reminder, your characters from Sethraliss will be copied onto Oribos, so you won't have to start again. But we're pretty hyped with the idea of having a smooth leveling experience to propose, because this has always been one of Firestorm's weaknesses, as we focus on the end game: not anymore ! THE SHADOWLANDS Who thought dying was the end ? Welcome to the Shadowlands ! Once you reach level 48, a quest will automatically be given to you, asking you to head to your capital to begin the storyline. Beginning in Icecrown Citadel, it will then bring you to the afterlife's realm ! After a quick stop at the Maw, you will then arrive at your new capital, where Horde and Alliance gather: Oribos, the Eternal City ! (Yes, we took inspiration from it for our realm's name...) From there on, you will follow the main storyline which will make you travel accross all 5 zones: Bastion, (level 50-52) which is ruled by the Kyrian Covenant. Ordered and purposeful, souls sent here seek virtue. Maldraxxus, (level 52-54) which is ruled by the Necrolord Covenant. Heart of the Shadowlands' military might, souls sent here survive by the rule of the fittest. Ardenweald, (level 54-57) which is ruled by the Night Fae Covenant. Emerald Dreams's dark mirror, it's a place of rest and rebirth. Revendreth, (level 57-60) which is ruled by the Venthyr Covenant. Land of dark secrets, prideful souls are atoning there. The Maw, (level 60+) which is ruled by The Jailer and where Torghast, Tower of the Damned is located By visiting all zones, you will learn of the troubles reigning in the Shadowlands and the schemes orchestrated by the Jailer. Each zone will have its own world quests, rares, dungeons and World Bosses ! This will be your central play area, learning the specifics of all 5 (especially the Maw, a tormented land not easy to survive in !) will be key in your adventure. You can find more information around those 5 zones and their questline here. TORGHAST The Tower of the Damned is located at the heart of the Maw, and is the place where the Jailer hoards his most precious souls. This feature offers a brand new type of gameplay: instanced dynamic content featuring new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor layouts and enemy mob types for 1 to 5 players. Each visit in Thorgast will be a new experience ! This content is central to your Shadowlands experience as it will be your way to gather Soul Ash, a currency needed to create customizable Legendary Armor (yes they are back !) thanks to an important character held in the tower: the Runecarver. An introduction questline will detail the functionning of Torghast: this has many specific mecanisms, but you will get to know them all rapidly so do not worry ! Here is how things broadly work there: Each run you do contains different floors, and you will have a set number of deaths allowed (for the whole group if you're playing with friends). If the "Death counter" reaches zero, The Tarrague will be spawned, meaning your run will probably be over... On the other hand, if you manage to finish it, you will unlock the next "layer" (basically the next difficulty). To help you in your run, you will find Anima Orbs and Powers: the orbs which you will get after killing certain NPCs allow you to chose between 3 powers that last until the end. Some of them are available to all characters while others are class specific. Some vendors can also sell you upgrades or perks for Phantasma (a currency gathered during your run), helping you get further. These vendors are present in floor 3 and 6. Whenever you die in Torghast, you will respawn at the beginning of the floor you are currently on, and will lose any temporary buffs you may have. There are different wings in Torghast, with only 2 of them available each week and rotating. On floor 6 of each layer an end boss awaits you: kill him to complete your run ! With a total of 12 different layers, you will have quite a lot to do in Torghast. But do not dread, as you have up to 4 friends to help you ! For more details on Torghast, you can visit this link. COVENANTS Briefly named above, there are 4 different covenants that rule the afterlife in the Shadowlands: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae and Venthyr. During your questing you will learn their traits and particularities before having to chose one at level 60. Each of them has its own storyline, divided into chapters. As you're playing you will advance in Renown, a way to show your standing among your chosen family. This is a weekly caped system, unlocking various things such as storyline chapters. Chosing your covenant is the most character-defining thing in Shadowlands, and changing your mind won't be forgiving ! So you will need to chose carefuly as going back will be time costly. By alligning yourself with a Covenant, you will unlock various things: A signature Ability common to all members of the covenant A class ability, common to all members of your class within the covenant Soulbinds and conduits, a new system of progression unique to each covenant unlocking various powers through an artifact-like talent tree. A sanctum, the base of operation of your covenant, from which you can run missions, quests, world quests and more in order to raise your covenant's power back to its former level Several unique rewards ! Each covenant's caimpaign contains 8 chapters. At the release, only the first one will be available (because of the Renown progress cap) but so far the first 2 are scripted, while the others will be released whenever they are ready (Expected ETA is around 2 weeks / chapter) accross all covenants. You can check a more detailed guide about Covenants here. DUNGEONS The Shadowlands contain 8 different dungeons: 4 of them are accessible during your leveling, while the remaining others will be unlocked once you reach level 60. At the release, 7 out of those 8 will be available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic Difficulty. A few weeks later we will start the Mythic+ season, to give us some time to make sure everything is working properly. Here is the list of the dungeons: The Necrotic Wake - Bastion - Accessible while leveling Plaguefall - Maldraxxus - Accessible while leveling Mists of Tirna Scithe - Ardenweald - Accessible while leveling Halls of Atonement - Revendreth - Accessible while leveling Theater of Pain - Maldraxxus - Accessible level 60 De Other Side - Ardenweald - Accessible level 60 Spires of Ascension - Bastion - Accessible level 60 → This one is missing 2 bosses at the moment, but should be ready soon after the release Sanguine Depths - Revendreth - Accessible level 60 For more information related to the dungeons, you can read this guide. RAID: CASTLE NATHRIA The first raid of Shadowlands, Castle Nathria will be released wing by wing, but unlike our previous raids we will speed up that process, with one wing every 2 weeks (instead of every 4-5 weeks). The first one will open in LFR, Normal, and Heroic difficulties a few weeks after the release alongside the Mythic+ difficulty for dungeons. Once the 4th and final wing has been released, the full Mythic mode will follow ! Located in Revendreth, here is a list of its bosses with their corresponding wing: The Leeching Vaults (1st wing) Huntsman Altimor Hungering Destroyer Lady Inerva Darkvein Reliquary of Opulence (2nd wing) Artificer Xy'Mox Sun King's Salvation Council of Blood Blood from Stone (3rd wing) Shriekwing Sludgefist Stone Legion Generals An Audience with Arrogance (4th wing) Sire Denathrius You can read more about the whole raid here. PLAYER VS PLAYER With Shadowlands, a highly requested features makes its return in PVP: the vendors ! It has been fairly hard on Legion & BFA to gear up your characters by doing PVP, and vendors are here to fix this: by engaging in PVP activities, you will earn Honor and Conquest, both used to purchase pieces of gear and upgrades for them (caped by Renown for honor gear, and caped by PVP rank for Conquest gear). Just like the Mythic+ season, the rated PVP season will start a few weeks after the opening. This time will be crucial for us to make sure everything begins in the smoothest state possible ! In the meantime you can still train in skirmishes and battlegrounds, try out builds and talents ! For more information related to the new PVP System, you can head there. A new expansion release is something really special, and we can't wait to see you log on Oribos, after months of hard work and a pretty successful beta realm ! We detailed the main features, but you can expect many more new things for Shadowlands ! As with every new release, you can expect us to be on the deck to fix every issues hindering your gameplay, your enjoyment being our priority ! If you haven't done it yet, scroll back up and check our guide to download the client, so on the 20th you can be among the first to log, and get our special thank-you rewards ! In the meantime remember that our beta realm is opened to everyone, so you can log there to try the expansion, and give us feedback on our bugtracker which will help us ! Only 10 days to wait for, which we'll spend polishing everything ! See you then The Firestorm Team