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  1. What is this Quest where u have to Jump on the Top of the Temple? Always "3rd floor" i get up and fall between booth of the flowers, impossible to land to get there
  2. ... Gotte nice attitude there: Quite: "Otacon April 15, 2022 Greetings, the selected purchases are older than 1 month. We are not allowed to refund you the balance or exchange them. Have a nice day and follow the security measures when going out of home (face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc...)." nothing to do with an refund or anythign else..
  3. Ah y nvm. found them bought them 2019, December. And now i should rebuy them when i already bought booth for 100FP? It could be possible to switch them by a GM? I mean this would be pretty fair
  4. So when they were purchased I do not know I, as there is also no "order summary". I think that was so august september rum last year. and since these are from the purchased store, I will not buy them twice. and if I could use the from the store as mogg, I do not understand why I can not use them then best regards
  5. yep, as i told in quote I bought them out of this shop ;D so why should i buy them twice if i could mogg them out of the shop
  6. Hi there, theyre out of the shop from Battle for Azeroth, so why couldnt i mogg them ? : D
  7. That mean i have to do the timewalk questline about the glaive? does it work? : )
  8. Hello all, I wanted to ask here, how can I please transmog the warglaives of Azzinoth on my Demonhunter or other sword class? I have both Off and Main hand in my INventory, but I can't select them on the Transmogger. Thunder Wrath for example I can transmog on any sword without any problems.
  9. Hello people, I am looking for a working ElvUi for Shadowlands 9.5.1 Could someone tell me a working link? The version 12.58 from Tukui.org does not work for me.
  10. Hey guys, how to start the questline of nazmir and voldun to get honor of talanjis and voldun to get the world quests unlocked? PLease help
  11. When will be the 8.2.5 patch live after the PTR?
  12. Title: tier 14 dungeon challenge holy warrior plate Type: Shop Description:  Hey Firestorm Devs / Admins i just would to ask if its possible to take this awesome set into the tmog shop? :3 https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/transmogrification-paladin-challenge-mode-set its out of WoD and not in List but its just to awesome :3 I know right its an archivment Set, but its just the look a like or what ever, u dont get anything from it just the mogg. It would be awesome, sry if i posted into wrong forum Have a nice day
  13. #Push up pls
  14. Title: Cloudsong Glaive Type: Shop Description:  Hey guys, in youre old shop you got " Cloudsong Glaive ", in the reworked shop i cant find it anymore. Did u take it out? http://www.wowhead.com/item=118409/cloudsong-glaive Maybe you could add this Weapon for Mogg again pls? This would be just awefull Thank you