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  1. So, new trys, but its like before. On first earthquake cast, he dropped sometimes 1 or 2 stones, also sometimes i get hit by one which was not visible and died instantly. Ive got Screens where you can see the area and the combat time i spent infight and the amount of stacks on Jorgmund. This is legit bugged to hard to complete it.
  2. Windwalker Monk Mage Tower - Tugar Bloodtotem " Earthquake - Tugar casts this and it drops rocks in three spots around the area. Jormog the Behemoth will tunnel under the ground and do laps around the room, occasionally surfacing. When he surfaces, he will then charge at you. You want Jormog the Behemoth to charge into as many of the rocks that fell during Earthquake as you can, he starts with a 90% damage reduction buff, each rock he hits removes a stack of that allowing you to kill him in stage two. DO NOT GET HIT BY THE CHARGE. Jormog the Behemoth will stun you if you are hit. " So i was doing round for round today evening.. When Earthquake is casted, rocks should drop down to the floor, with the Eggs. Well, sometimes the eggs dropped, without the stone which marks the area Jormog should charge through. Means in his charge phase, no way to stack his buff down. In other scenarios, earthquake got casted, but without the rocks or the eggs. This Challenge for Windwalker, (i dont know if its like that for other classes like for me) cant be finished. Ive got some screens, as good as i could take, where its visible that the rocks are missing or phases are gone without eggs. https://ibb.co/ZB6B4j0 https://ibb.co/bHs4p0x https://ibb.co/j4CKx4b Something messed up with the upload here. The chatlog said he lost a stack, but he always came up with 9 stacks, also there arent any rocks where he could crash to loose the stacks. Are there any chances to get this fixed probably ?
  3. Hey there, is there a Chance to get a scripted Tower gameplay?^^ For me its generally bugged in damage and sometimes Random invisible casts that just 1 shotting. ive posted specific things which Are Safe Not normal Like on Retail into Bugtracker. dont know how some People Managed this, but all i tried didnt work Like it did on retail
  4. Why is in Macro MGT1 wild charge on boss when its not skilled in youre talent tree ?^^ dont get this^^
  5. yes but is this flask available for any of my characters when i bought it?
  6. Hello, i didnt found anything about thoose cosmetics from COSMETICATOR 3000, i bought 1 to test and got the bottle. With this flask, i get into this cosmetic window thing, but what i want to know is, if thoose cosmetics viable on any character on the account, if so, how can i get into this window with a character i didnt bought the flask? Or do i have to buy specifics i want for the chars ? best regards
  7. Hello, maybe its a dumb question, but i dont realy get into it.. The Gameversion is 10.1.7 right? The game it self runs a way before that patch maybe 10.0.1 - 10.0.5 or am i wrong? So what kind of addon version should be taken, to get the best out of it, without lua errors, or any other error messages popping off and annoying messages about versions and so on
  8. Hello, does anything on the homepage save the ingame settings? a few addon profiles have destroyed my interface, the settings could not be reset. then i copied my shadowlands folder again and installed it for dragonflight. i deleted addons, cache and the whole wtf folder, but as soon as i'm back in the game, the settings of the deleted config are applied again? could it be that the saved settings are still coming from somewhere else? i have never had some settings like bubbles or trade symbols being displayed above npcs, or that the nameplate changes from a name to a life display. does anyone here know anything about this? for example this picture, nutral (yellow) npcs, change to health bar. never had this before
  9. Hello there, does anyone of you know about the Hati Questline? I started it, done the first Hati, absorbed his essence, and the following quest (Pay with Blood) leads me to Silithus, where i should met Grif Wildheart and the 2nd Hati to absorb his essence. Well like usual the npc isnt there Do i need to do something before or whats wrong with this quest? The first worked also
  10. yes of corse, no change, tryed it 1min again. i dont know tried everything possible nothing change or happen to complete this quest, if a admin is here, i would recommand to finish the quest with a command by a gm. i dont see another chance to finish it to let my progress go on... its kinda annoying : (
  11. Hello, I opened an ingame ticket about 4-5 days ago for the quest "To Valdrakken" the last of the Azur campaign quests. this will not be completed as soon as i get to valdrakken, neither by flight master, nor by flying myself, or by leaving the zone and going back in. so far i have not received an answer to this ticket as to why the quest is not being completed. i have also not yet received an answer from the support on the homepage. i have already accepted the quest 20 times without any changes. i go into the tower, use the teleporter to get to the top that works, the previous step, which is needed to finish the quest does not work for me, ingame no help, support no help, maybe someone can help me here? I'm slowly reaching the limit of my ideas and patience...
  12. y how to find out which version works and how to download them from github honestly?
  13. also no version of elvui is working correct? name patterns are installed loaded but no barrs, no map, npo chat nothing
  14. How can I get the game path from Shadowlands to Dragonflight so that I can simply patch over my shadowlands folder and keep my ui setups etc? copying the data from the oribos to the df folder did not work with elv ui can't import a single created profile