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  1. You wouldn't have gotten kicked if you didn't tell me "do your job". You asked for it, entitlement (Exactly what you did there.) makes you act with disrespect. I am not anyone's dog. In fact, I did what you asked for, my job, which is making sure the community doesn't suffer from people like you. If you have a bad day, step away from your computer, get something to eat or a fresh drink, and enjoy something else. Treating people like literal shit is not something you want to keep on doing, for your mental wellbeing. Have a wonderful day!
  2. Firestorm Shop Refund Policy 2024 In the "Shop" section of our website, you can discover and purchase a variety of items and services. In this post, we've compiled essential information for you to be aware of before making a purchase. Please take the time to read this message carefully. Pay close attention to the descriptions of our shop products, including items, mounts, etc. Always compare them with the information available at wowhead.com. Conditions and restrictions for refunds. The restrictions are the following: If the purchased item is deleted, modified, or used, a refund will not be issued. Incorrectly purchased appearance set (transmog) parts are non-refundable. Refunds are not possible for appearance (transmog) sets, decorative items, or any acquired appearance. If you obtain the same item (or an upgrade/similar) through gameplay after purchasing, a refund is not possible. Services applicable to multiple characters or the entire account are non-refundable. Refunding professions, toys, mounts, pets and titles are not possible. Gold purchased is not refundable (with some exceptions as outlined by the shop support staff). Refunds are not possible during promotions and discounts, with some exceptions as outlined by the shop support staff. A refund is not possible for items purchased right before a server moves to a new expansion or update. Refunds are only possible within 7 days from the date of purchase. Note: An item or service set can only be refunded if all items are removed or all services purchased at the same time are cancelled (i.e., an item from a boost). Refunding items and item bundles You can refund individual items or item bundles but we will apply some rules and fees depending on how many are being refunded. This, of course, comes subject to the restrictions previously mentioned. Single items: 1st request — 100% amount of refund. From the 2nd to the 10th refund, the fee will increase by 10% for each request (same applies for the item bundle). Item bundles (in-game shop): 1-2 items from an item bundle — 100% 3-4 items — 10% fee. 5-7 items — 30% fee. 8-10 items — 50% fee. More than 10 items — 80% fee. «Character Boost» Refund policy Upon purchasing a "Character Boost" service, you have the option to request a full refund. It's important to note that, in this scenario, the character associated with the boost will be permanently deleted alongside the mount chosen. This, however, is subject to the restrictions specified above regarding multiple refund requests. You can request a refund multiple times; however, multiple "Character Boost" requests will imply a reduced amount refunded. You can also ask for an specific item refund from the boost (up to 2 max). Please be aware that refund requests for character boosts are only accepted within 7 days after the boost has been performed. 100% refund is made, provided everything is within the regulations for it. 33% fee for the second character. 66% fee for the third character. Fourth character — refund is not possible. No refund will be possible for character boosts purchased before a server moves to a new expansion or content update. Please keep in mind the mentioned restrictions and policies when requesting a refund.
  3. PVP SEASON 4 REWARDS The current Season from Patch 9.2.7 of Shadowlands is ending! We will end the PvP season and start it again: Eternal Gladiator! As always, we are putting here the reward tiers that will be distributed as soon as the new season begins (January 15th, 2024), following these ranges: Rewards will be distributed in the 2v2 bracket: Titles and Achievements: Top 7: The achievement Eternal Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 4 and Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 4, granting the title Eternal Gladiator and the mount Eternal Gladiator's Soul Eater. Top 15: Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 4 and the Mount Eternal Gladiator's Soul Eater. We also rewarded the top 50 players with Firestorm Points, following this scale: Top 1-10: 1500 Firestorm Points. Top 11-20: 700 Firestorm Points. Top 21-30: 455 Firestorm Points. Top 31-50: 240 Firestorm Points. Note: The rewards will also be available in Dragonflight, so the winners will have the PvP titles, mounts and achievements on both Shadowlands and Dragonflight. The Eternal Gladiator season will restart at the same time (January 15th): Thank you for your interest, and we hope you enjoy the Eternal Gladiator PvP season! Good luck to everyone! Have a great day. The Firestorm Team
  4. Administrators Name Position PM Shelby Project Manager & Core Developper Message Ouroboros Administrator & Core Developper Message Mieri Administrator (INT/EN) Message Bestial Administrator (PT) Message Strangëlove Administrator (ES-FR) Message Internecine Administrator (RU) Message Dragonflight (Valdrakken) Name Position PM Zhophis Executive Game Master Message Floupi Head Game Master Message Ektirun Head Game Master Message Beccie Game Master Message Prezence Game Master Message Shadowlands (Oribos) Name Position PM Zhophis Executive Game Master Message Floupi Head Game Master Message Ektirun Head Game Master Message Beccie Game Master Message Battle for Azeroth (Sethraliss) Name Position PM Floupi Executive Game Master Message Legion (Sylvanas & Greymane) Name Position PM Floupi Executive Game Master Message Warlords of Draenor (Gul'dan) Name Position PM Floupi Executive Game Master Message Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh) Name Position PM Mieri Executive Game Master Message Ektirun Head Game Master Message Support Name Position PM Mieri Head Support Message Qalmir Senior Support Message Yvolts Senior Support Message Echo Support Message Miszell Support Message Mythyrian Support Message
  5. The use of AI will make the drawings invalid. Please, for all the previous and the future ones let us know the method you've used for your drawings.
  6. Example:
  7. Greetings, Humble Player. Claiming that you poor little thing did nothing is far from being true. Decisions are not done by me, I am the face of it, yes but the decision has come from a group of people deciding what's best for the players. No, we are not covering anyone, no. - The exploit could have been done by everyone on the server, the fact that you were specifically targeting the ones on top of the ladder doesn't mean that there are no more of them. Look at the big picture, you or your group could have been also banned if we use the same logic. Not only that but those who did the same during low-level keys to get gear faster and there are so many possibilities that it's impossible for us to track everyone's misbehavior. Do you understand this? We are not speaking about the guys you reported but about everyone on the server. When we spoke about "fairness" we meant that will be fair if we ban everyone who had exploited it, not only the ones reported. Let me tell you one thing, that's impossible to track. No, we are not childish, no, YOU are tho. - "Sheesh =)) everybody going silent XDXDXD. CASH IS KING, is that right MIERI?! XDXDXD" (Personal attacks) - "YT might be delighted of your handling skills" (Threats) - I will have this post screenshotted. We are aware of a few other exploits that we can use. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and not doing anything to the players involved. We've got the green light boys!!! (Confessing the knowledge of exploits but hiding them on purpose + confessing the future use) Poor choice of words being an adult, right? Very, very mature. So to sum things up. I am not going to repeat myself and I am not going to tolerate personal attacks. Next time I see you create drama on any of our platforms we won't hesitate to ban you from each of them, this is a warning. And yes, you have been removed from Discord because you were targeting me and my job, insulting me in a very nasty way that I'm pretty sure you won't like to see if it would happen to your sister, your mother, or any of your loved ones while doing what they do in the best way they can given the circumstances. Don't treat others in a way you don't want yourself to be treated. This is a private server created to allow people to play without having to pay for a subscription. Here as anywhere else in the world, we try our best to give the community what they need in a range of possibilities, meaning that we will listen to you but not always the results may be the ones you are expecting, sadly. We do understand your anger, but targeting specific people for it is not the correct way to go. This is after all a game and the people behind are working here as volunteers, meaning that they have to handle rants, insults and blame from people like you even if it's not their fault but a collective decision. Take some time to think about it, take a deep breath, or go for a walk. I'm pretty sure that the real you would understand the situation if you take the time to put yourself in our shoes. So I would advise you to stop the drama and keep playing on our servers in a peaceful way, we don't want to have to remove you because we understand that you have made friends here and enjoy your stay like everyone else on our servers. Drama or personal attacks will only cause your account to get banned. As a reminder: "Being on this server is a privilege which can be lost at any time, not a right to which you are entitled. Remember this in your interactions with other people." Have a wonderful rest of the day. Mieri, International Administrator.
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  9. Fake.
  10. Thanks Mikrole! Everything was edited, thanks for the feedback once again.
  11. Greetings! @Thaisun Sorry for the delay though! Try to contact me through discord (Milanova#7263) so I can assist you in a quicker way while we speak (if you still have the issue of course). Kind regards,Executive Game Master, Mieri.Firestorm International Team.
  12. Hello! First of all thanks for reading. This post is an idea from this one in the French forum. The point of this post is for everyone to have a guide when looking for available (or unavailable) instances as the title says. This one might be NOT updated so if you find any other information that changes its state, please, feel free to tell us in a comment below and we will edit it as soon as possible. Thanks for the cooperation! ヅ Remember: - This list applies to the Realm of Sethraliss (Battle for Azeroth) and is inspired by the work done by Ahriman. - If you have any comments or want to report errors you can comment. - Don't send me bug reports! The correct place to report them is our Bugtracker. - Note that this list will have to be modified over time because all these instances have not yet been re-tested. - Remember to use ctrl+F to search for a specific word if you don't want to waste time scrolling through the whole list. (NM = Normal mode, HM = Heroic mode, MM = Mythic mode) Available = Is fully available Not available = Is not doable Available = Is available, but there are few bugs ↝ Vanilla dungeons (Classic) ↜ · Lower Blackrock Spire - Available · Wailing caverns - Available · Shadowfang keep - Available · Gnomeregan - Available (only 4/5 bosses, Grubbis unavailable) · Ragefire chasm - Available · Dire maul - Available · Razorfen kraul - Available (only 4/5 bosses, Blind hunter unavailable) · The stockade - Available · Sunken temple - Available · Maraudon - Available · Scarlet monastery - Available (last boss can get stuck) · The deadmines - Available (last boss unavailable) · Blackfathom depths - Available only 4/6 bosses, Aku'mai unavailable but the second to the last boss can be aggroed with a pet through a closed door) · Scarlet halls - Not available · Scholomance - Available 1/5 bosses, only Darkmaster handling, (Jandice Barov and Rattlegore are available with a blink or by jumping - other bosses are unavailable) · Razorfen downs - Available 1/5 bosses, only Amnennar the coldbringer is available · Stratholme - Available · Uldaman - Available only 7/8 bosses, Archaedas unavailable. · Zulfarrak - Available ↝ Vanilla raids (Classic) ↜ · Molten core - Available · Blackwing lair - Available · Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Available · Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Available ↝ Burning crusade dungeons ↜ · Old hillsbrad foothills - Available only 2/3 bosses, Epoch hunter unavailable. · Auchenai crypts - Available · The underbog - Available · The botanica - Available · The blood furnace - Available · Shadow labyrinth - Available · The steamvault - Available · The Mechanar - Available · The black morass - Available · The slave pens - Available · The shattered halls - Available · Sethekk halls - Available · The arcatraz - Available · Hellfire ramparts - Available · Magisters terrace - Available (HM requires completion of a quest) · Mana tombs - Available (Yor not available in heroic mode). ↝ Burning crusade raids ↜ · Serpentshrine cavern - Available (only 5/6 bosses, The lurker below unavailable) · The eye - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Astromancer Solaria unavailable) · Karazhan - Available (only 11/12 bosses, the Opera isn't available but the rest of the instance is) · The battle for mount hyjal - Available · Magtheridon's lair - Available · Sunwell plateau - Available · Gruuls lair - Available · Black temple - Available (sometimes Illidan Stormrage bugs out) ↝ WOTLK dungeons ↜ · Ahn'kahet: the old kingdom - Available · Azjol nerub - Available · Utgarde pinnacle - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Svala Sorrowgrave isn't available) · Draktharon keep - Available · Utgarde keep - Available · Gundrak - Available (only 3/5 bosses, Drakkari colossus and Gal'darah are not available) · Pit of saron - Available · The forge of souls - Available · Violet hold - Not available · The nexus - Available · Halls of lightning - Available · Halls of stone - Not available (2/4 bosses available) · The oculus - Available (No loot drops from Ley-guardian Eregos in HM) · Trial of the champion - Available · The culling of Stratholme - Not available (Arthas won't start the dungeon) · Halls of reflextion - Available ↝ WOTLK raids ↜ · Vault of Archavon - Available · Icecrown citadel - Available (only 11/12 bosses, Gunship armory not available. To not bug out Professor Putricide, you must first kill Festergut, and then Rotface, but before Professor Putricide comes out onto the balcony.) · The obsidian sanctum - Available · The ruby sanctum - Available · Trial of the crusader - Available · The eye of eternity - Available (no loot on, Malygos) · Naxxramas - Available (only 14/15 bosses) · Onyxia's lair - Available · Ulduar - Available (only 9/14 bosses, Flame Leviathan, Hodir, Thorim, Algalon the Observer and Yogg-Saron are not available. The train does not work, only a warrior or a Dk tank can reach Mimiron. The kills of Thorim, Hodir, Freya and Mimiron don't count, there is no loot from them, the door to the Yogg-Saron hall is locked.) ↝ Cataclysm dungeons ↜ · Blackrock caverns - Available · Lost city of the Tolvir - Available · Shadowfang keep (HM) - Available · Grim batol - Available · The vortex pinnacle - Available · End time - Available · The Stonecore - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Corborus is not available) · The deadmines - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Vanessa VanCleef is not available) · Hour of twilight - Available · Well of eternity - Not available · Halls of Origination - Available (only 3/7 bosses, Isiset, Ammunae, Setesh, Rajh are not available, the portal to the rest of the bosses cannot be used, and there's no loot from Earthrage Ptah) · Throne of the tides - Not available · Zul'aman - Available · Zul'gurub - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Jin'do the Godbreaker is not available) ↝ Cataclysm raids ↜ · Baradin hold - Available · Blackwing descent - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Nefarian not available NM/HM) · The bastion of Twilight - Available (Heroic mode not available only Normal 10 players) · Dragon soul - Available (only 5/8 bosses, Warmaster Blackhorn and Deathwing not available. No loot. Kills of 1st and 3rd bosses do not count. The battle on the ship is buggy and, accordingly, you can't go further.) · Firelands - Available. (in Lord Rhyolite you need to break both legs at the same time to kill him.) · Throne of the four winds - Available ↝ Mists of Pandaria Dungeons ↜ · Stormstout brewery - Not available · Shadopan monastery - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Master Snowdrift not available) · Scarlet monastery (HM) - Not available · Mogushan Palace - Available (You can kill the last boss with Concentrated Life Force, but only on Normal difficulty.) · Gate of the setting sun - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Commander Rimok not available and HM not available entirely) · Scarlett Halls (HM) - Not available · Scholomance (HM) - Not available · Siege of Niuzao Temple - Not available · Temple of the Jade Serpent - Available (only 3/4 bosses, no loot) ↝ Mists of Pandaria Raid ↜ · Mogushan vaults - Available (Implemented normal mode (25), but only 3/6 bosses. In heroic difficulty (25), you can also kill 3/6 bosses, but the loot from them is not implemented.) · Heart of Fear - Available (Implemented in normal mode: 1st and 2nd boss, not 3rd boss. You need to discard the 4th boss (for example, using the Heroic Leap ability) and thereby summon the 3rd. After killing the 3rd boss, you can go to the end. - Heroic: Likewise, but no loot from bosses has been implemented.) · Siege of Orgrimmar - Available · Terrace of Endless Spring - Not available (10HC and 25 HC are not available, but Tsulong is in 25nm available) · Throne of Thunder - Available · World bosses: - Chi-Ji: the Red Crane - Not available - Nalak: The storm lord - Available - Niuzao: the black Ox - Not available - Oondasta - Available - Ordos: God of the Yaungols - Available - Sha of Anger - Available - Xuen: The white tiger - Not available - Yulon the Jade Serpent - Not available ↝ Warlords of Draenor Dungeons ↜ · Auchindoun - Not available · Grimrail depot - Not available · The everbloom - Available ( 1/4 bosses available, Dulhu, Archimage Sol, Xeri’tac & Yalnu unavailable) · Bloodmaul slag mines - Available · Skyreach - Available (Only available in Normal and Heroic Mode, Mythic is empty) · Iron docks - Available (3/4 bosses in normal and heroic difficulty) · Upper blackrock spire - Not available · Shadowmoon burial grounds - Not available ↝ Warlords of Draenor Raids ↜ · Highmaul - Available (1st boss can despawn if you stop attacking him for too long, last boss can fall under the map (after some time he will come back up)) · Blackrock foundry - Available (8/10 bosses, "Hans'gar and Franzok" and "Operator Thogar" encounter wont start) · Hellfire citadel - Available (1st boss likes to bug sometimes but can be killed and the chest to loot will spawn) · Worldbosses: - Drov the ruiner - Available - Tarlna the ageless - Available - Rukhmar - Available - Supreme Lord Kazzak - Not available ↝ Legion Dungeons ↜ · Violet hold - Available · Black rook hold - Available · Cathedral of eternal night - Available · Vault of the wardens - Available ( The door after the first boss doesn't open properly) · Court of stars - Available · Darkheart thicket - Available · Maw of souls - Available · The arcway - Available · Eye of azshara dungeon - Available · Neltharion's lair - Available · Return to Karazhan - Not available · Halls of valor - Not available (mobs falls under the ground when the fight starts) · The seat of the triumvirate - Available ↝ Legion Raids ↜ · Antorus the burning throne - Available (First boss, Destroyer of Worlds Kin'garoth bugs out and you can't go further. You can kill him with the help of a warlock, who previously selected the Absolute Corruption talent in the Affliction specialization, throwing DoTs on the Decimator and Annihilator. · The emerald nightmare - Available (On Mythic difficulty, Il'gynoth doesn't take damage from slugs. Can be killed manually in about 10 minutes) · Trial of valor - Available (mobs usually fall under the ground when the fight starts). · The nighthold - Available (Gul'dan, is not available in Mythic mode) · Tomb of Sargeras - Available ↝ BFA Dungeons ↜ · Atal'dazar - Available · The Motherlode - Available · The underrot - Available · Waycrest manor - Available · Freehold - Available · Kings Rest - Available · Shrine of the storm - Available · Siege of Boralus - Available · Temple of Sethraliss - Available · Tol Dagor - Available ↝ BFA Raids ↜ · Uldir - Available · Battle of Dazar'alor - Available · Crucible of Storms - Available · The Eternal Palace - Available · World bosses: - Hailstone construct - Available - Azurethos - Available - Ivus: the forest lord - Available - Ji'arak - Available - Dunegorger Kraulok - Available - Warbringer Yenajz - Available - T'zane - Available - Ulmath - Available - Wekemara - Available -