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  1. Log in with both chars and retire the pets, close wow and login again and see if it still happens
  2. There was once a classic realm but there was very few players
  3. You are welcome, anyhting you need let me know
  4. You have to take the mission in orgrimmar/stormwind that give khadgar helper o something similar (is a red spirit) and it will give you a hearthstone to dalaran. There, go to your class hall and take missions in scout map
  5. Follow the steps in this guide
  6. What mission?
  7. There is a post about it, let me see if i can find it
  8. Try using the email instead of the name
  9. Not, it's forbidden. I Saw reporta where the character reportes used It and he was banned
  10. Nazjatar isn't available until june
  11. X2. I thought i was the only with this problem
  12. Not idea but later i go there and i let you know if It spawns there
  13. First if all, Happy birthday !! Do you have discord? So i can give you tips by there
  14. No, its both nnatioss, The main is when we have to read in other language in our channel . If we speak in spanish in world_es you insult us every haha as all english call us, but every sday we have to read in english in spanish channel ,. so who is the prroblem? Enlgish who see that speak english in spanish channel goes to fiorum so hey learn the rules,