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  1. Die once (in game) to reset the bug. lol
  2. You can get BFA minimal client (2Gb) and get your points there.
  3. Hi, open a ticket in-game, upload somewhere a screenshot non cropped of your achievment and drop the link to it in the ticket, wait for a GM to respond and unlock Lunarwing for you. Npc to unlock form is missing from Moonglade, maybe it will added sometimes soon.
  4. You don't get it do you. Never saw another server who releases raids or dungeons and expects players to check them for bugs (which Dev. team should do) and give nothing in reward. I understand loot and titles/achievment's arn't fair to give since they might not be achieved in the intended way and get an easier advantage over other players who will play after raid is bug free. But make a reward system, motivate the players to work with you, not for you. Give some points, give a crappy pet or a mount or you figure it out, for the ones who submit a defined number of bugs/exploits etc. You are giving away pixels. Not hard to give a mount or a transmog item. I saw this is very hard for you to do, since day 1 of Sylvanas. You promised custom Title,Mount and a pet for those who log on Sylvanas launch day. When you saw how many players logged (5000 aprox.) you didn't bother to give us the mount, expecting for us to donate for it. I've donated 20 euros, but I got nothing in reward.(Premium account). GM's dodge my tickets, who might I say are very well written and with all information needed about my issue and even how to fix it sometimes. Tho, got my ticket answered once, needed only the last quest for Green fire chain for warlock. It doesn't affect interaction with other players, it's just a visual. The answer I got is that if I get help with finishing my last quest from the chain, is like hacking in battlegrounds. Because logic. I've helped lots of new players, mostly guidance on how to hit 110 which is still annoying for some players who don't know how to manage the existent bugs, or helping players with some world quests, you know basic stuff. Didnt expect nothing in reward but for something as ample as a raid, you need to properly motivate players to report as many bugs as they can, so the PvE queens are happy. And your server to offer quality and attract players, not to make the scatter as fast as possible. e.g When last time Boris promotion was available, realm had queue, (5000 cap) yet in very short time population went to half. Make your Dev. team work a little hard and offer quality content, that will attract players who will not feel cheated when they donate to Firestorm. Also I would appreciate if mods don't delete or edit my again , posts in future. Or warn me with ban, for stating realm current situation. I'm up for helping, but not helping when you treat players like garbage and expect to put in work and donate alot to make you happy. It's morning and didn't had my coffee, I'm not sorry for any orthographic mistakes I've made. P.S.:Iriil has mental issues. ( *See post above).
  5. Sure, let players do your job and also act cocky about it.
  6. How are the developers working so hard when you release the dungeons for us to test to see which are the bugs. Vault of the Wardens was released before, I didn't get the chance to check it but I've heard it was undoable. But wait, how about Suramar ? I remember Firestorm stating TWICE that Suramar quest line works. More like first 2 quests work and nothing else. What about Firelands and Dragon Soul? Long ago you stated, fully working. Still after like 2-3 months, they are not fully working. Sure its old content but you guys wrote they fully work. On website it was wrote that if you log on launch day for Sylvanas , you will get a Mount, Companion and a Title. Lots of people logged, around 5000. We didn't get the mount, probably cause you wanted people to donate for it and not receive some free pixels. I've donated twice, to get some mounts and not be a peasant. What do you do for the ones who donate? Nothing. You cant even skip queue time if you are a donor. You got no perks. So whats the point giving you money and keeping the server alive when you do nothing back for us. Boris brought alot of people , don't you think more people will donate to get the perk to skip queue ? More money for you. You don't like money ? There's so much to say and I woke up not long ago and I'm not very coherent, got a little off topic and I'm gonna stop here. Forum moderators please don't edit my post, again. PS: I'm not sorry for any ortographic errors.
  7. Title: Premium accounts, No que. Type: Shop Description:  Hello! Boris promotion attracted lots of players and the queue was a bit high the last couple of days. I've donated twice to support the development. People who donated should have no queue time. Support back the players who support you. Give donor accounts, premium status and ability to skip que. Thanks.