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  1. Sooner than expected, good job!
  2. Do yourself a favor and join FS discord channel, ontop on all the news and info, there are giveaways. You dont need the discord program, browser works fine.
  3. Get Elvui v 13.46
  4. Visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar to turn off/on XP gain.
  5. Name: Whitehazard Realm: Oribos SL Discord: 1Nine Link:
  6. All covenant campaigns have 6/9 scripted chapters only.
  7. Reins of Springfur Alpaca doesnt work in BFA realm, done the 7/7 , no mount and command line to check progression shows 0/7 even if you do the daily quest.
  8. Do yourself a favor, abandon all quests you have now and start Shadowlands campaign.
  9. Good guide, thank you. Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake Drops in-game in Oribos.
  10. Entirely skip GSB and Valithria, between the kills of Rotface and Festergut wait 5 minutes and gate will close and PP will be targetable.
  11. Only like 5-6 of specific boxes drop the quest item ,in north of Zereth , idk name of boxes, ive done quest long ago, really quick.
  12. One GM said some time ago, if you cant see a npc, try changing WarMode.
  13. I know its alot of work but a full list of mounts that drop in-game and the corect % would be amazing.
  14. It spawns in money shop $$$ dont worry. Here comes my ban again LOL