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  1. Hello there, nice to meet another Pandashan player!
  2. probably not, there's a lot of bugs on firestorm tbh - especially with old content
  3. I recently quit retail WoW just over a month after Dragonflight, just felt the same.. Farming reps, mythic+, rated pvp.. Farming old content/achievements was the only other option. Not to mention not having the time I used to have like I did back then.
  4. I enjoyed MoP PvP but I agree.
  5. I miss the MoP days.
  6. Bet
  7. Imma start playing on the MoP server here, for the memories lol. Anyone wanna play hmu
  8. I started out on Cata just before Pandashan, before MoP was released at the time.
  9. I used to PvP a lot back then.
  10. Oh nice, I was playing since Pandashan too. Frost DK, Worgey.
  11. If Sandra is still playing! Hello!
  12. Anyone from 2015-16 still playing? If so, let yourself be known!