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Found 110 results

  1. The Home Stretch Quest bugged upon arriving at the docks all npcs disappear and cannot complete quest, tried /reload, log out/login, restarting client and abandoning quest. On Dragonflight (Open beta). Apologies in advance if its the wrong section to post in.
  2. So, I am new to this whole private server thing, and I love the fact that we are able to play this without having the monthly fee being an issue. That being said, I have to ask something and I wonder if anyone can clarify something for me. I just started up a new character and have been running around a bit, got the idea that I would be nostalgic and level up exactly the same way I did 15 years ago, sort of following in my own footsteps. But as I began to fiddle around in game, I noticed some things were off. For instance, guards patrolling in Elwynn Forest are just standing frozen in place. A travelling baker who is clearly supposed to be walking down the pathway is similarly just standing in the middle of the road. There seems to be something up with the automata of the game. Moreover, strange lorebreaking NPCs are found in various places, such as a "Gaunt Scourge" (basically a cold wraith unit) standing in the middle of Stormwind; and for that matter, I have also seen several NPCs being cloned, with their carbon copies standing inside and clipping through each other. Most grievous of all, however, was the immersion breaking experience of being able to buy reputation rewards without having reached the necessary reputation level. I just casually walked up to Stormwind's reputation vendor, bought a 16 slot bag off of her which clearly stated that I needed to be "Revered" with Stormwind to get it, while not even having gone past "Friendly" yet. Now, am I to understand that these things are bugs that are sort of symptomatic to private servers, hence unfixable and we are just supposed to look the other way? It might be a nitpick, but it just gives off the feel of a very subpar experience. Is it supposed to be like this on private servers or is this fixable clientside somehow?
  3. I am playing Necrolord campaign, I finished 6th chapter and to unlock 7th I had to complete 3 chapters from Chains of Domination campaign. After I did that I went back to the Seat of Primus but Draka does not give any quest (there is supposed to be "Blood from a bone" quest). And I got Secrets of the First Ones campaign unlocked and Primus talking to me even if I did not finish Chains of Domination. Anyone else has this issue?
  4. Hello, under this heading, let's share the errors(bugs) we found in DUNGEON and RAID in the Dragonflight version. (Legion RAID) Skorpyron, the first boss in The Nighthold, does not activate and the door does not open. I tried this in both Mythic and Heroic mode. Has this happened to any other player? If you write down the bugs you find in other Dungeons and Raids here, you can quickly proceed with a solution-oriented approach. Thnx..
  5. Hello, I am a player from CN sever, I found a bug that Retribution Paladin's talent 9-1 "Blades of Light" will make Final Verdict turn to Physical damage, It was supposed to be physical and Holy Damage.
  6. I'd like to report a bug with the Revival Catalyst. When I pick up the quest and do some progress on it, if I disconnect or relog, the quest dissapears and it restarts all over again. How can I get the tier set if this keeps happening? Thanks in advance.
  7. Stormslash weapons from Nokhud Offensive do NOT proc. You can literally just stand there auto attacking and they will never proc. I will NOT include screenshots as this is VERY easy to replicate by just auto attacking any training dummy.
  8. They killed the boss - I rolled the dice and won - the loot remained and I didn’t get it. There are screenshots from all angles and a video of defeating the boss. Set helmet for a death knight (heroic difficulty)
  9. Hello there, does anyone of you know about the Hati Questline? I started it, done the first Hati, absorbed his essence, and the following quest (Pay with Blood) leads me to Silithus, where i should met Grif Wildheart and the 2nd Hati to absorb his essence. Well like usual the npc isnt there Do i need to do something before or whats wrong with this quest? The first worked also
  10. Hello, I opened an ingame ticket about 4-5 days ago for the quest "To Valdrakken" the last of the Azur campaign quests. this will not be completed as soon as i get to valdrakken, neither by flight master, nor by flying myself, or by leaving the zone and going back in. so far i have not received an answer to this ticket as to why the quest is not being completed. i have also not yet received an answer from the support on the homepage. i have already accepted the quest 20 times without any changes. i go into the tower, use the teleporter to get to the top that works, the previous step, which is needed to finish the quest does not work for me, ingame no help, support no help, maybe someone can help me here? I'm slowly reaching the limit of my ideas and patience...
  11. I just can't play the game at all. Can't even login. I try to login and I get that my credentials are invalid.
  12. achievement

    Hey guys. I didn't get the mount. Any help?
  13. Tuning the Gnomecorder quest is bugged. Please fix it.
  14. Hi, today i was solo in dungeon and my character stucked in void i cant teleport or kill my char. Can somebody help me and tell me what should i do? Thx <3
  15. Hey everyone! There is a weapon which is healing way too much in arena, and mostly the member who is use the weapon actually unkillable in arena mode. The weapon has a proc which gives instant heals every 30 seconds, and mostly overhealing plus 100k or sometimes a few million. The weapon name is Genesis Lathe and the weapon's spell is Ephemeral Effusion. And there is a video how it looks after an arena on a shadow priest,
  16. Is very easy to install AddOns on the game, right? You just need to drop the folder on Interface/AddOns : D But when ive to open the game... where is the "AddOns Botton"? Well... idk no nice peoples will say "Haha is cause ure in linux lmao" but others mods works in others games perfectly here : )
  17. The unusually large mushroom is still bugged after almost 2 years as evidenced in this forum post below in December 2021. I'm trying to farm mounts but can't.
  18. Now iv got the quest iv watched handfull off videos how its done and yea not happening for like killing around 30-50 mobs most of them was elites and some big dogs iv got 1 chain then iv killed more and more dunno how much but it was alot for quest that wants to kill us elites with around 200k life .... it shoud drop evry time or atleast almost evry time not like almost never!!!! Pls fix the chance of drop of this quest or its impossible to be done !
  19. Hello guys, how its going? I'm trying to get the Theldurin's Fist mog from the quest "The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened" but aparently is bugged, on the retail quest we enter in a "scenario" kinda like and kill the Deathwing, but on the Shadowlands - Oribos isn't possible, someone know how to do this quest, or pick the Theldurin's fist mog? I'll apreciate every help or tip.
  20. Maybe someone can enlighten me, since I didn't find any answers on the forum. I'm playing on the Oribos atm and most of the Shadowland stuff works (at least on the 2nd try). When I want to do the Kul Tiras Questline some stuff seems super broken though (atm you can't get the Heart of Azeroth for example, so all Azerithe rewards are for naught). I was told this won't be fixed soon, since the team focuses on the newest Expansion before fixing the rest. Are these areas less broken when you switch to the server that is hosting that expansion (= Sethralis)? So, like, if I want MoP content I need to switch to Garrosh? Related question: I noticed that I could still play the characters I created on Sethralis when logging onto Oribos, but I can't play the characters I created on Oribos when switching to Sethralis (even though beside cosmetics there's nothing that's not supported). Does it always work like that and does it in turn make the most sense to create a character on Icecrown which you can then use on all other servers?
  21. In the Worgen-Quest " The Hunt for Sylvanas" you have to follow Tobias Mistmantle into the Cathedral of Gilneas. But on the way there he suddenly disappears when vanishing into the shadows and the quest doesn't go on. Unfortunately Gm- Tickets don't work anymore Is there any Quest-Zone that is not bugged to unplayability?
  22. Hi, I started the quest Hir'eel, the Bat Loa. So if i want to poison the Bat I have to talk to Jo'chunga in the blood pool first. The problem I have is that he is not in the pool. I completed the quest with my first character without any problems. I don't know what to do about it. Thanks for the help
  23. Hi guys! The quest appears as completed as you are in the cave but, back to the quest giver Two-Shoed Lou, you can't close it. Anybody else? Any adivce? Thanks & Ciao
  24. I did everything that wowhead says to start that quest but nothing happens. How i suppose to get Admiral Tattersail as follower if i can start that quest?
  25. Hi all, i try to relog, delete cache etc but don't resolve the problem. I start the chain quest and when i arrive in holywave monastery ( i think in english have this name) i can't do nothing, Taelia disappear and can't take quest and continue the storyline. can u try help me to fix o i don't know? i can't do this quest , thx for any help In the pict u can see i can't fount any npc