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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, players! After five months, it is time to say goodbye to the current Season 3! This Season will end many things, such as the Cosmic Gladiator PvP Season, the current Mythic+ affix (Encrypted) and the current pool of Mythic+ dungeons. However, this doesn't mean the adventure ends here... Season 4 will bring a few new and exciting, interesting things. First, the new PvP Season, called Eternal Gladiator, will start. The Season will also get a whole new pool of Mythic+ dungeons, a New Affix (Shrouded) and a new mechanic to all currently existing SL raids and World Bosses called Fated! Despite not adding new dungeons or raids, this will add new content to all existing content, having new ways to re-experiment all the content, with new challenges to overcome! This new Season will be implemented in Oribos and start on Monday, May 8th, at 10:00! Note: This means both the Valor and Conquest points will be reset as soon as the season starts. As always, we will dig deep into each feature of this Season. Let's go! NEW PVE SEASON Season 3 ends, and Season 4 starts! This new Season will bring two big things to the realm, which will be thoroughly detailed next. The first one is a new feature called Fated Raids, where players will have a new challenge for all the old raids from Shadowlands and better rewards. The second one is a new Mythic+ dungeon pool, but this time, many dungeons come from old expansions such as BFA, Legion and Draenor! This Season will be perfect for reliving old content and finding a new challenge in old content! Of course, this new Season will have recent obtainable achievements and rewards based on the seasonal Mythic+ Rating achieved at any point during the Season: Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 750 during Shadowlands Season Four. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 1500 during Shadowlands Season Four. Title reward: %s the Shrouded. Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Four: Attain a Mythic+ Rating of at least 2000 during Shadowlands Season Four. Mount reward: Restoration Deathwalker Since this was already applied before, there will be no Valor Cap during the following Season, and it will remain like this with no changes. FATED MECHANIC This new feature is one of the central core mechanics of Season 4. Thanks to this new mechanic, even previous Shadowlands Raids and World Booses will become relevant again, adding a new challenge to all the previously visited places. Each week, a new rotation of raids and World Bosses will be applied, in which one raid and the World bosses associated with that raid will become Fated: During the first week of the release of Season 4, the raid Castle Nathria will start the cycle as Fated, while the other raids will remain untouched. Because of this, one of the World bosses associated with the raid's zone will also become Fated: Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos the Everbranching or Nurgash Muckformed. After the first week, the next raid, Sanctum of Domination, will become fated. The World Boss Mor'geth in the Maw will also be Fated. After that, the next raid will be Sepulcher of the First Ones, with the World Boss Antros in Zereth Mortis becoming Fated for that week. After that, the cycle will start again, Castle Nathria will be Fated, and so on! But what does Fated mean? What does it change? First, Fated will be a new mode that will be applied to every difficult mode of the raid, which means that the raid will have Fated Raid Finder, Fated Normal, Fated Heroic and Fated Mythic, respectively. Each difficult mode will have its rewards and associated achievements. Here, you can see a table of the rewards depending on what modality you are doing each raid: Note: The items obtained from Fated World Booses will have a fixed item level of 285, and the highest iLvl for each raid will only be dropped from the final 2 - 3 bosses of each raid. It will also increase the item level of the Conduits looted: When a raid is Fated, the enemies will be stronger, and new mechanics will be present during the encounter. Think about this as if the raid was on Mythic+ mode, with affixes that will determine the course of the raid. While only one Fated Power will usually be available at all times, a second one can be activated using the Titan Console at the start of each raid: Chaotic Essence, Creation Spark, Protoform Barrier and Reconfiguration Emitter. More information about it can be seen in this Wowhead guide: This new mechanic will bring new challenges to players and, obviously, achievements for those capable of overcoming them. In addition, some will get unique titles, teleports to raids, and even a unique mount! The Fated mechanic will also bring a new way to upgrade the newly obtained Fated Items to their version in Heroic and Mythic using Cyphers obtained from looting bosses in those difficulty modes. You will also be able to acquire specific pieces directly using the elusive Puzzling Cartel Dinars and spending them on specific sellers around the Great Vault in Oribos! This guide has more information about upgrading and purchasing items using these resources. MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS AND POOL When the next Season starts, we will have a change in the entire pool of dungeons! As a difference from the previous seasons, this one will have a pool of dungeons from past expansions. The first six dungeons are both wings of the mega-dungeons released in past expansions (Tazavesh from Shadowlands, Operation: Mechagon from Battle for Azeroth, and Return to Karazhan from Legion), as well as two dungeons from the Warlords of Draenor expansion! The list of dungeons is as follows: Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder, from Shadowlands Tazavesh: So'leah’s Gambit, from Shadowlands Operation Mechagon: Junkyard, from Battle for Azeroth Operation Mechagon: Workshop, from Battle for Azeroth Return to Karazhan: Lower, from Legion Return to Karazhan: Upper, from Legion Grimrail Depot, from Warlords of Draenor Iron Docks, from Warlords of Draenor On top of that, there will be a new Seasonal Affix for Mythic+, and it'll be Shrouded! This new affix will spawn an NPC from Cartel Ta at the beginning of each dungeon. This NPC will show bounties to hunt dreadlords inside the dungeon, rewarding stacks of secondary stat bonuses, which will last for the duration of the dungeon! Players will get one stat or another depending on the type of bounty. This will cause certain NPCs to be replaced by dreadlords with visual aura, making them easier to spot. There's more to cover about this affix, so we recommend players check out this guide. There will be several achievements for completing different dungeons on a Mythic Level 20 or more within the time limit. Each achievement (for Grimrail Depot, Iron Docks, Return to Karazhan, Operation: Mechagon and Tazavesh) will also grant a teleport portal so you can go there immediately. ETERNAL GLADIATOR PVP SEASON With the end of Season 3 on Oribos, the Cosmic Gladiator season will finish, and in its place, the Eternal Gladiator Season will be active on the server. This means ending the current Season 3 and distributing all the rewards to the winners, including seasonal rewards and Firestorm points! You can find a post here detailing all the rewards that will be distributed and the tiers of winners. With this new Season, we will restart the leaderboards, and the Season should remain active for the next 5 to 6 months. It will also bring a significant gain on the item level of the PvP items. Here you can see a table of the new iLvl for the Eternal Gladiator items: Everything else should remain the same. However, this guide shows you all the information about the costs of upgrading items and sellers. BORIS IS BACK Of course, he is! After spending a few weeks hunting Easter Eggs and having fun, he's back to aid players on their adventures during this new Season! And what better way to do this than offering a Character Level boost to Level 60 with essential gear? It may not be much, but it's honest work. And did we mention that he's doing it for free? However, he'll be gone by May 15th, so don't wait too much! He will boost one character per account starting on May 8th; the perfect opportunity to try a new character class! He will also be waiting on every other expansion, giving a character boost on each realm. If you want to try older expansions, this is a good opportunity! And that will be all for the content of this new Season! Although it does not have unique content per se (regarding newly released dungeons or raids), this new system will allow players to have a new challenge in many different places, with improved rewards and achievements! We will monitor the progress of the best guilds in terms of Fated raids and the best players during this Eternal Gladiator's PvP season. We hope to see a lot of players giving their all to be on top of the lists and become the best of the best! Very soon, we will start talking about our current development of Dragonflight. Do not worry, we've already developed quite some content, but we want to wait a bit more before we can start hyping you guys with the new expansion. Let's end this expansion with the culmination of Season 4! Until then, we hope you have a fantastic week, and we'll see you soon! The Firestorm Team
  2. Dear Devs and Players! Please don't want Season 4 on Firestorm! On retail it is a mess and it won't feel like Shadowlands. Sincerely, A reatail player (for 3 years)
  3. This is it ! The last and final BFA update, Vision of N'Zoth, is ready to be released on Sethraliss. We wanted to make extra sure this would be happening as softly as possible: you can now mark down on your calendar the Monday, March 22nd ! The realm will be shut down for a short period of time while we update it, but do not worry we will keep you posted on Discord, Facebook and Twitter so as soon as it's back up and updated, you are notified. Since this update includes a client change, you will need to do something on your side as well ! HOW TO DOWNLOAD / UPDATE TO 8.3.7 CLIENT: Whether you already have an 8.2 client or not, everything is detailed in this quick & easy tutorial we've made for you! BORIS To celebrate this release, Boris will be back on Firestorm ! From Thursday, 25th March 5PM until Tuesday 30th March 10AM server time, Boris will be available in all capitals & starting zones on all of our realms! Speaking with him will allow you, once per account and per expansion, to get a free boost to the max lvl (110 on BFA instead), fully geared and ready to start exploring the continents, and discovering the content! NEW CONTENT The last content that was released on Sethraliss was the 8.2.0 one, and we're gonna update the client straight to 8.3.7: you might think that between those 2 there were several content patches, but in reality only the 8.3.0 was really relevant. We have a habit to release the content "in order", but here we won't separate the 8.2.5 and 8.3.0 ones: you will get everything right from the start ! A few exceptions are the raid, which will be released wing by wing as always, and some additions that retail introduced later in the patch, which we will delay as well to ensure that the content is experienced as it should. This post is here to help you get a first look at the changes and the new things that will be waiting for you, namely: Horrific Visions & the Legendary Cloak ! N'Zoth Assaults in Uldum & Vale of Eternal Blossom Mythic+ & PVP Season 4 Ny'alotha Raid The new allied races The Corruption system Below you will find more details about each of those main features. HORRIFIC VISIONS & LEGENDARY CLOAK Those 2 new systems are deeply intertwined which explains why we're regrouping them in the same section: The first questline you will be able to do from the 8.3 content will grant you an upgradable legendary cloak: Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, which will help you fight the corruption of N'Zoth, both inside the visions, and on your equipment (that part will be covered in a later section below). It starts at Rank 1 at item level 470, and upgrading it will increase its power while adding other unique effects including some new spells ! More details on it are available here. Horrific Visions are instances challenges for 1 to 5 players happening in either a Stormwind, or an Orgrimmar twisted future where N'Zoth's corruption reigns. You will constantly lose sanity inside, putting a clock on your journey. Completing objectives inside them will grant you resources used to upgrade the cloak, which will help you better counter the sanity loss and thus allowing you to progress further into the Visions, and earn greater rewards. Entering a vision will cost a vessel (that can be obtained in various ways) which means you won't have limited tries per week. A thorough guide is available here, and we suggest you read it ! As you can see, it's a pretty simple combination: the cloak helps you survive in visions, where you get the necessary reagents to upgrade it, which in turns makes it even more effective inside the visions allowing you to get even deeper and get better rewards: upgrading your cloak will thus be one of your main focus in this patch. ULDUM / VALE OF ETERNAL BLOSSOMS ASSAULTS N'Zoth has been freed from his titanwrought prison, unleashing destruction and terror across Azeroth ! His forces are gathered to lay siege on the titan facilities in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Each week, one of the 2 zones will be overwhelmed by the Old God's minions, giving you plenty of contents to do: defeating them of course (including rares and World Bosses !) but also looting treasures, participating in events and completing various objectives. Once you've drawn back their forces enough, you will have to face the lieutenant leading them: defeating him will reward you with powerful gear, and a Vessel to enter the Horrific Visions. While you're taking parts in those Assaults, you will also earn progress towards 2 new reputations: Uldum Accord & Rajanni, which provide new rewards to purchase. You will also be able to enter Lesser Visions alone or with friends which will, not unlike their horrific counterparts, put your sanity to the test for a chance to obtain rewards ! You will find a lot of additional details in this guide. MYTHIC+ & PVP SEASON 4 Season 4 of Mythic+ will begin right away, while the PvP one will be put on hold until Wednesday, 31st March at 12PM (noon server time). in PVP, the Corrupted Gladiator season will begin, with updated rewards! To get more info, you can check this link. The conquest system you know since season 1 returns, with the new loots matching this table (note the extra 5 caps !): in Mythic+, the seasonal affix will now be Awakened (instead of Beguiling for the previous season). There will be 4 Black Empire obelisks throughout the dungeon: by clicking on one, you will enter N'Zoth's realm inside which you will skip the normal mobs, but will have to face a strong lieutenant instead ! For additional details regarding this new affix, you can click here. As usual, the rewards will also be updated and will follow this table: (please note that the chest generated on the 24th March week will still be a 'season 3' chest and won't fall into this table) Thaumaturge Vashreen, the Titan Residuum Vendor will be updated to sell increased ilvl Azerite gear, but you will lose all of your current titan residuum, therefore you should spend it now ! NY'ALOTHA, THE WAKING CITY The fifth and final raid of the expansion will open its doors right on release ! The first wing 'Visions of Destiny' will be available in LFR, NM and HM difficulties. It includes the following bosses: Wrathion, the Black Emperor Maut The Prophet Skitra. If you're looking at a more general guide of the whole raid (including the following bosses !) here it is! A peculiarity of Ny'alotha is that its entrance isn't static like the rest of the raids you're used to: it will be located in the zone currently under attack by the forces of N'Zoth, either Uldum or Vale of Eternal blossoms. As usual, we plan on releasing a new wing every 3-4 weeks, and the full Mythic mode 3-4 weeks after the fourth and final wing is made available. NEW ALLIED RACES Two new allied races will be available right away, without any requirements: Mechagnomes for the Alliance Vulperas for the Horde Each of them has its own racial spells, so be sure to check their guide to get the best out of them! CORRUPTION SYSTEM This one is important, so read carefuly ! With this update, the warforge / titanforge system that you've known for years will be gone: the items that you loot will always have their ilvl fixed, determined solely by the context in which you obtained them without any chance of having a higher ilvl. Rest assured it's not just gone, it's actually replaced: instead of the chances to "proc" to a higher ilvl, gear (with the exception of trinkets and azerite gear) will now have a chance to become "corrupted", with added effects: A corruption effect that increases your power in some way when you equip the item An amount of "corruption stat" that will weigh in that stat's total for your character This adds a risk / reward parameter into your choices of gear: the more corrupted gear or the more powerful the corruptions you equip, the higher your corruption stat will be, leading to increasingly negative effects on your character. If you remember the part about the legendary cloak that we covered earlier, upgrading it will grant you higher corruption resistances, meaning you will be able to equip more or stronger corrupted items as times goes by. This whole system is pretty complex, but at the heart of this patch so we advise you to read a thorough guide like this one in order to take out the best of corruption ! Important Note: The Corruption vendor will not be available on release. This was something added later by blizzard to allow for faster catchup and we intend on keeping the same idea. But those aren't the only improvements coming along with this update ! There will also be several smaller changes that you will discover on day one: The reworked Auction House will be there ! The Operation: Mechagon dungeon will be split in 2 parts for the added Heroic and Mythic+ difficulties ! Some older content received some love, and will keep on getting more throughout the patch ! Namely Pandaria and Draenor zones, including the infamous Hellfire Citadel, Blackhand in BRF and the dungeons Auchindoun, Everbloom and End of Time ! Some new essences are added, and the Heart of Azeroth itself will be tweaked. More informations here ! The ending of the War Campaign will be available on release: finish what you started at the very beginning of BFA ! Darkmoon Faire has been rescripted ! With all this the Battle for Azeroth expansion will be fully covered on Sethraliss after just a little bit more than 2 years ! Its Bugtracker will also be wiped (since we're upgrading the client, and a lot of changes occurred, old reports might have lost their meaning). Thanks for your patience, we will be monitoring the update closely to address any issue that arises! See you on Monday! The Firestorm Team