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  1. Greetings everyone ! Yes, Shadowlands is coming soon. We've been working on it for the past months, and things are improving day by day on almost every aspect of the game ! It's not ready yet, but we'll soon be able to open a PTR like we did for Battle for Azeroth: a closed-access realm with invites being granted at an increasing rate. This will happen in November, so we're close ! It's planned to have it going for around a month with some content being added, switched with others to make sure everything gets reviewed so that the actual release of our realm happens as smoothly as possible ! When the time comes, another announcement will be made with details on how to download the client, what content will be available to test etc. Important thing to note: we'll release the client in 9.1 directly (but starting with 9.0 content, as usual) to allow for smoother updates and get the 9.1 class balance. We still have a month to make sure we're ready for that PTR release (and we'll be working as hard as ever !) but we wanted to share the current state of affairs with you to give you a better idea of what you can expect ! We're gonna remain focused on the state of each feature rather than a thorough explanation of what they are, but we'll include links so you can read about them if you' want to know more about the Shadowlands specifics We're really excited for this as we're sure most of you also are, so without further ado: Exile's Reach: This is the new level 1-10 zone where every race will make their baby steps. Much more "casual friendly" than what we currently had up until BFA, everyone will have to go through there first. It's gonna be finished in a few days and then our QA will test it so it's been properly tested before it ends up on the PTR. If you want more info, you can check this guide Chromie Time: This feature allows every player reaching level 11 to chose on which expansion they want to level up, scaling every creature & quests up to level 50. At first, we'll force everyone to chose for BFA since this is our best-scripted expansion (which has already been fully retested on SL). This means that alongside Exile's Reach, all of the leveling should be smooth & without any bugs ! In the future, we'll script Legion, and then eventually other expansions choices. If you want more info, you can check this guide Shadowlands' Intro: Starting automatically once you reach level 50, you'll go to ICC to begin your new journey, then to The Maw for some quests which then leads to Oribos, the expansion's main city. Already tested, it's working really well. Shadowlands' new zones: Bastion (level 50-52) - Madraxxus (level 52-54) - Ardenweald (level 54-57) - Revendreth (level 57 - 60) are all fully scripted including the World Quests, excepted for Bastion which should be finished in the following weeks. All 4 of them will be available on the PTR. The Maw (level 60+) while you'll be getting in and out of it during your leveling, the zone itself at max level hasn't been worked on yet, but since it's not much (short questline + a few dailies / weeklys / rares) it might be available for the PTR, albeit not right away. It's supposed to be the prerequisite to access Thorgast, but we will remove that condition on PTR if needed ! If you want more info, you can check this guide Torghast: 3 Wings (out of 6) are currently working, and almost all anima powers are scripted. The intro questline will be worked on soon, which includes some scenarios inside of Thorgast so you can get a grasp of its functioning. If you want more info, you can check this guide Covenants: Those 4 families (linked to the first 4 zones of Shadowlands) will have enough chapters scripted so you can access their spells, conduits, soulbinds, followers, missions & callings. They aren't ready yet, but should be for the PTR (maybe not right away, but during its time). If you want more info, you can check this guide Dungeons: All 8 should be available for the release, most during the PTR. Some are in a more advanced state than others (3 of them aren't fully scripted yet but should be soon). Affixes have been scripted & updated, and the rewards as well (including the new weekly chest, which has been redesigned entirely !) If you want more info, you can check this guide Raid: Castle Nathria: Every bosses are scripted in all difficulties, and testings have started progressively (first wings having received more feedback than last ones). It will be fully available on the PTR so you can check it thoroughly ! If you want more info, you can check this guide Legendaries: The crafting system has been scripted for a while, and so were most of the spells but because of their complex nature some are still in need of a review. They should be available for the PTR. If you want more info, you can check this guide Classes: As mentioned it will be 9.1 balancing, and their scripting has begun recently. Everything will be fully ready for the actual release, with the finishing touches applied during PTR time. This pretty much does it ! As you can see, most of the new systems are at least almost finished for the dev part, and testings have started for a while now. We haven't gone in depth of their core functioning because this would be fairly long, but we advise you to read the linked guides, which contain every information you may need ! Shadowlands brings a lot of new things that you will (re)discover soon, so having a bit of information beforehand can't hurt ! When the PTR opening date is set, we will provide more detailed guides of the available systems, as well as how you can help improving their quality for the release: we'll first invite our most active players, while steadily expanding the filter. There isn't much more to wait, and with the new PVP season & the MDI on Sethraliss you should have plenty of things to do while increasing your chances to be selected first for the PTR ! While all this happens, our developers and Quality Assurance members are giving their best We'll see you in a few weeks for more information regarding Shadowlands, in the meantime we wish you a nice experience on Firestorm ! Thank you for your time and fidelity, The Firestorm Team
  2. Greetings ! As we previously announced, next Wednesday, October 6th will mark the beginning of the new season 4 for PVP, as a way to give it a fresh breath and add some new features to make the whole system less bothersome. On top of that, we also mentioned that we wanted to organize our very own Firestorm MDI: a Mythic+ dungeon tournament with real cash prizes and this refresh of a season is a great timing to get things started ! More details below related to its organization, how to participate etc: make sure to read through the whole post so you won't miss on anything NEW PVP SEASON Since the 8.3 update shipped around 6 months ago, puting an end to the current season allowed us to "refresh" the ladder, give some rewards in the meantime but also make some large-scale changes without introducing them mid-season. Starting Wednesday October 6th, with the new season (which will still be a season 4 reward-wise) we will implement changes that tackle the most important issues forwarded to us for the past month: Unfairness to fight better-geared players: while it's perfectly normal that someone who is 475 ilvl has an easier time fighting a 425 ilvl player, the difference seemed to be overwhelming to the point that there was no chance at all for players to climb above a certain rating in rated arenas. Back when Sethraliss was released we decided not to implement retail's scaling because it had too many flaws, so we scripted something similar but simpler that we can tweak easily in real-time to lesser the impact of ilvl differences: if you hit or heal someone who has better gear, your damage / heals will be boosted by a % calculated based on the ilvl gap. Obviously, you will never get an advantage by being the lower ilvl player, but this should render some matches a bit more skill based rather than relying solely on gear difference. We'll asses the initial values and tweak it if it's either too strong, or too weak to notice. The tedious process of gearing yourself: aside from being rewarded random gear at the end of battles, the current system gives you a specific piece of equipment when you cap your conquest each week, which sometimes mean you have to wait months before getting that piece you really need. So we're getting rid of that by introducing a custom PVP vendor which will sell every piece (and tokens to increase gear's ilvl) for conquest currency, located at your PVP hub in Mugambala or Hook Point. We're getting rid of the weekly quest, but you will still need to cap your conquest each week if you want to unlock the PVP weekly chest: aside from that you should be able to now regularly buy that specific gear your character is lacking ! The infamous wintraders: while our replay system made it impossible for high rated players to wintrade, some people still exploit the system to get gear at lower ratings, which is something troublesome. It makes it look unfair for those who play legit, and even if we catch them, everything they obtained will still remain after their account suspension has ended. Therefore, we will now remove every BFA gear from convicted wintraders depending on the case at hand. This should make most of them think twice before deciding to abuse this way. Our rulebook has been edited to reflect on that change, which you can access here. Echoes of Ny'alotha gains doubled: In every PVP activities you will receive twice as much echoes to help you get corruptions faster ! Malefic Core price halved: to help newcomers and alts increase their cloak level faster. While the last point isn't something that will really affect most of you, the first 2 are important changes that we think will help PVP as a whole, and may entice new players to try this very different aspect of World of Warcraft: if you have been hesitant to join the fray, now would be the time as it will feel fairer, and more rewarding ! We'll keep a close eye on their impact, and potentially tweak a thing or two based on your feedback: so don't hesitate ! FIRESTORM MDI Teased in our latest announce, it's now time to unveil the mysteries surrounding the Firestorm MDI first edition ! Special Thanks to Zuhal for his addon, and to Alexiuly for his help setting everything up The whole tournament will take place in 3 separated steps: Qualifiers 1st Round: Those will take place on Sethraliss starting Wednesday October 6th and will last around 4 weeks. Everyone's "dungeon skill" will be measured using a custom addon similar to the highest the key, and the faster the completion the better ! You can track your own (or Fio) here (link to be added soon™). Once this round of qualifiers is over, we will select everyone above a certain rating to enter the 2nd phase. This first selection will be fairly lenient, to allow for newcomers to have a shot even if they don't have a full BIS character. Qualifiers 2nd Round: Those will take place on a separate realm only dedicated to the MDI. Those who qualify will be granted access, and will find there vendors with every piece of gear, essence and corruptions to make the optimal build on their characters, and create their team of 6 players (the 5 main + a sub). Once their team has been validated, they will then need to compete there and build up their Fio. The top X teams will then access the final phase: the tournament itself. The Tournament: This part will be fully streamed, with a double elimination bracket. Two teams will race each other on a designated dungeon at a set key, and the fastest to complete it will move forward until the best team has been revealed ! Obviously, any abuse / exploit used during the tournament will result in instant disqualification. All matches of the tournament will be reviewed to ensure fairness from all parts. The cashprize will include 7500 euros, Firestorm Points and exclusive in game rewards. The first team will get 5000 euros, while the rest will receive splits of the remaining amount depending on their placements. To help newcomers participate, we will also have a special Boris from Friday October 8th to Friday October 15th that will give 430 ilvl gear so you can start running Mythic+ right away ! This is our first time setting up something like this, but we want to give it our best, because it could be the first of many Firestorm MDI! So spread the word, start preparing and contacting potential teammates, because the battle will be fierce ! See you soon, The Firestorm Team
  3. Greetings ! This announce will concern solely the PVP aspect for MOP, Legion & BFA where the current PVP season will end on Wednesday, September 29th at 11 AM ! This will be followed by an interseason of 1 week where all ranked matches will be disabled while we perform the last checks, and a new season will start on Wednesday, October 6th ! On top of that, we have some additional information to share specifically for MOP & BFA related to the PVP system so make sure to read through everything ! The rewards themselves, and the requirements aren't specified yet as things usually evolve quite fast in the last 2 weeks, but this post will be edited to include them once they are sorted out. In the meantime, give it your best so you don't have any remorse ! Good luck for the last push MISTS OF PANDARIA As we did last time, we'll also be rewarding the 2v2 bracket this time, and gladiators will also receive Firestorm points ! As mentioned above, the threshold still need to be decided, as well as the rewards but we would like to make it less "common" to get the mount & title, so there will be fewer places than last times: you will thus have to fight even harder to secure a top spot ! We plan on giving the Ruthless Gladiator title & mount for this season, but stay tuned for the official listing of rewards ! Additionally, we know many of you suffer from people using cheats in arena and we are happy to announce that we got a solution for that ! It requires an update of the client (more info & links will be provided in time) but starting next season there shouldn't be any cheater in your ranked games: skill only will matter ! LEGION Rewards will as usual be distributed in the 2v2 and 3v3 bracket. As this is the 8th season on Legion, we still need to discuss which gladiator title & mount we will give, but this will be a returning one which is what will happen from now on. Stay tuned for the list of rewards and their threshold ! BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Considering the time since this 4th season started, we though it was best to put an end to it and restart it freshly to give a second breath to PVP on Sethraliss. As usual the top players of the 3v3 and 2v2 will receive the seasonal gladiator title & mount, and we'll also give the regular gladiator to the best 2v2 bracket players considering its activity. Additionally we have some things planned to boost the PVP activity on the realm. We're aware of some of the issues there are, and similarly to the summer event introducing custom things on Sethraliss, we plan to do some specific things to make PVP more appealing: less randomness in rewards, a better chance to fight higher ilvl oppenents and a better control over wintrading. More information will come shortly once we've set up everything properly for the new season !
  4. Greetings, BFA ! A bit later than we'd hoped, but still earlier than initially planned (we gave it our best, honest), we're here to announce the opening of Ny'alotha's full Mythic mode Wednesday August 11th 11:00AM ! All 12 bosses will be available right away: but be careful as they will each have unique new strats that will make them a lot harder ! We've compiled them for you here. Wrathion, the Black Prince Maut Prophet Skitra Dark Inquisitor Xanesh Hivemind Shad'har the Insatiable Drest'agath Il'gynoth Vexiona Ra-den Carapace of N'Zoth N'Zoth the Corruptor We're also re-doing the podium reward thing, but with increased stakes ! The top 3 guilds to kill N'Zoth in Mythic difficulty will get announced for everyone to see, and their members who managed to defeat him will be rewarded as follows: 500 points for the 1st guild, 300 for the 2nd one and 150 for the 3rd one. For those, we will need a proper screenshot / video as proof of the kill with raiding members visible With one week to prepare, you better give it your best ! We wish everyone good luck for this final content of the Battle for Azeroth expansion ! The Firestorm Team
  5. Greetings Sethraliss ! Summer has started, and that means holidays, sun and good times ! Apart from the expected release of Ny'alotha's fourth and final wing (that includes no less than an old god, heh) we also wanted to do something special that has never been done before. Because we know it can feel tiring having to wait for a next expansion (we are doing our best believe us !), with only a few raid bosses added regularly on a patch some of you have already covered back and forth. Therefore, we've decided to do two things that will start this week: Summer-long changes on the realm that should benefit everyone (from the casual player to the most implicated) Weekend "events" (from friday afternoon until monday morning so you can't miss it) that should give an additional incentive to play ! On top of that, we will up the pace for Ny'alotha's Mythic Mode release, which will be released as soon as it's ready (ETA 2 weeks) instead of waiting the usual 5. With all of this, we hope to make each and everyone of you happy ! Excited ? Good ! Let's dive in ! NY'ALOTHA'S LAST WING: N'ZOTH AWAITS ! The last Wing of the raid Ny'alotha, the Waking City, called The Waking Dream opens its doors on Wednesday, July 21st at 11:00AM in LFR, NM and HM difficulties ! Both encounters have a sanity mechanic like the one present in visions: do not let it drop to 0 or you will turn to a servant ! Carapace of N'zoth, where you will have to defeat the Fury of N'zoth before it manages to flee, so you can get access to the old god! N'zoth the corruptor, the final fight of the raid ! The encounter will consist of 3 phases and will push your team to the extreme! As mentioned in the intro, we will try to release the full Mythic Mode of the raid as fast as possible, so practice as much as you can in the meantime ! SUMMER EVENT ! With the image right above, you probably got an idea of our first event for the whole summer, but this is far from being over ! As we said at the beginning of the post, we are going to have several things implemented tomorrow Thursday 15th: The EXP x10 will be enabled on Sethraliss but also on all of our other realms until at least September 1st The 'Echoes of Ny'alotha' currency will be enabled so you can start gathering them for next Wednesday with the raid wing's release MOTHER in the chamber of the heart will sell corruptions & will also allow you to get essences on your alts if you obtained the rank 3 on another character ! You can find more info regarding the corruptions sold here. Every week, the first vision you will do will grant you automatically one free vessel whether you clear it or not: that way you can do another one right away ! Winning a Battleground will award 500 azerite and 500 coalescing visions, while winning an epic BG will grant twice the amounts ! Every week, if you clear the highest key on a given dungeon (only 10+ keys count), you will be awarded 10000 gold, as well as 1000 azerite and 2000 coalescing visions. The Warmode bonus for experience, azerite and reputation is increased by 20%: time to turn it on to farm more efficiently ! In LFR & NM difficulties, the individual loot chances on each boss will be increased by 20% Not bad right ? But wait, there's more coming up every weekend from Fridays 4:00PM until Mondays 10:00AM: The lootrate will be x2 for every non-gear item & azerite gains will be doubled while every MM+ run will grant 1 additional loot for the whole group. The chances to get corrupted gear in MM+, Raid BoPs, World Quests and PVP activities will be doubled Custom World Bosses will be spawned in Coldarra (Northrend) with exclusive rewards ! XT-500 :warning: Warning :warning: Warning :warning: Emergency call to all Heros! XT-500 as booted up. Make your way to BFA, Coldarra in Northrend and end his threat! The Firestorm world security system You can defeat this World Boss every weekend and receive your loot on those days! Resets daily! Doing it grants you chance to get the unique mount Good luck On top of it all, we will try to coordinate all of our teams to propose some wide-scale events in game where everyone will be able to participate to earn cool rewards ! A moment of fun to relax from time to time, which on top of that grants rewards: who would refuse ? We will edit this post like a patch note to add more information (such as events dates) and maybe even other new things added to the realm so keep an eye out ! This is our first time trying something like this, and we hope all of you will be pleased - if not by everything, at least by some of them ! Rendez-vous tomorrow to get things started, we wish everyone a nice summer The Firestorm Team
  6. Greetings ! Following the expected release schedule, the raid Ny'alotha will get 3 new bosses ! On Wednesday, June 2nd at 11:00AM, the 3 bosses of the "Gift of Flash" wing will be released in LFR, NM and HM difficulties: Shad'har the Insatiable, a boss shifting its elements based on the materials he eats ! Drest'agath, a difficult encounter where a good coordination and boss knowledge is needed ! Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn, a fight which will last until all of the organs of corruption are defeated ! With this release, 10 out of 12 bosses will be available: next up will be the fourth and final wing: The Waking Dream where N'zoth awaits ! Good luck to all of you champions of Azeroth !
  7. Greetings ! After the release of Ny'alotha's first wing a month ago with our 8.3 patch update, it's time to add a few bosses to the raid ! On Wednesday, April 28th at 11:00AM, the 4 bosses of the "Halls of Devotion" wing will be released in LFR, NM and HM difficulties: Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, with his infamous Void Orb ! Vexiona, a 3-phase encounter with a soft enrage mechanic at the end ! The Hivemind, which consists of 2 independent bosses you will need to manage properly ! Ra-den the Despoiled, where you will need to adapt your strategy based on the empowerment he has ! You will now have access to 7 bosses in total ! In around a month, we will release the 3rd wing, "Gift of Flesh" that includes Shad'har, Drest'agath and Il'gynoth, the 3 last bosses before Carapace of N'zoth, and finally N'zoth himself ! Good luck to everyone !
  8. The last PVP season on Sethraliss, our BFA realm has ended on Monday, March 22nd with the 8.3 update, and rewards have now been delivered ! Considering the state of the 3v3 bracket, rewards have only been distributed in 2v2 Here is the list of the Notorious Gladiators (top 12 / > 3050 rating): Ilövecharli (3315) Ilovecharli (3185) Arrivedercì (3181) Thracya (3165) Fakecerva (3151) Finarequiem (3134) Katsuýo (3129) Nizrå (3098) Kræx (3097) Lunæryxqt (3083) Dxdâñîsïmâ (3055) Pertinaxs (3051) Those people have been awarded the Notorious Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 3 Achievement, and its title, Notorious Gladiator. On top of those 12, the following 13 players are Gladiators (top 25 / > 2900 rating): Faridengav (3049) Hanexwl (3040) Zlatanbtw (3013) Trapdotcom (3003) Valtadiah (3000) Fouadiatorès (2977) Fjjawijtgoaw (2975) Xxià (2967) Waitscorka (2961) Желанние (2930) Dodotymyson (2922) Mascarell (2914) Animalzerg (2902) Those people have been awarded the Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 3 Achievement, the Gladiator title, and the Season 3 mount: Notorious Gladiator's Proto-Drake. Congratulations to all the gladiators, and Notorious gladiators ! As we explained last time, the gladiator title has been removed to everyone but those 25 people to make sure it keeps its value. SEASON 4 PVP DISCUSSION We would also like to take this opportunity to talk to you about PVP in season 4, what our thoughts and plans are. Even though we want to be as blizzlike as we can, we're also aware of the inherent differences that exist between Firestorm and retail: not all information regarding spells is easily found (that includes PVP mods), some bugs can induce a pretty important power shift in certain classes and as a whole, some generic stuff do not work, and thus do not feel exactly the same. Ideally, regardless of the class, or the specialization you wish to play in PVP, there should be a possibility for you to climb the ladder: no one should be prevented from obtaining a high rating just because of the "patch limitations" of his class, even if that was the case on retail. That doesn't necessarily mean reaching the top of the top, but at least it should feel good and relatively fair to play the class you like, because you would have a chance to win if you're better than your opponents. On top of that some items, essences or corruptions bear way too much power and make it less about skill, but more about having the right combination of spells: while it's important to remain "stronger" if you have better / more optimized gear, essences or corruptions it shouldn't translate to that much of a power gap we see sometimes. With that being said, we plan on doing 2 major things: Applying custom PVP tweaks to certain classes, or specializations depending on their state: a class that is strugling could get a 10% damage increase, while a rspec that is too overpowered could get -10% for example. Applying custom PVP nerfs to items / essences / corruptions that hold too much power, to give back space to player skills and class mastery. As of right now, nothing like this has been made yet but it might in the future, depending on what we see in PVP. You will be notified about those changes ! The goal isn't to stealthily make a class super OP or to break another one but to try and restore a bit of balance into all that. Since classes are in their final BFA state (aside from spell fixes that are still applied, there won't be any patch changes) this can be done slowly, and reviewed frequently. Stay on the lookout for those tweaks, as they could be a good opportunity for you to introduce your forgotten [insert weak class here] to the world of rated PVP ! Thank you for your time, and we'll see you soon, The Firestorm Team
  9. With Sethraliss, our BFA Realm upating to 8.3.7 on Monday 22nd March, you will need to update your client in order to connect! We've made it as simple as possible, continue reading for a simple tutorial. If you want to make sure you will be able to play right when the update ships, we advise you to prepare your client in advance. With that being said, once it's updated you will lose access to the 8.2 version ! The ideal scenario is thus to copy your current client folder, and to only update the copy: that way you can keep on playing on Sethraliss until March 22nd, and your 8.3.7 client will be ready for that day ! NB: The full client downloads every game data right away: it takes longer to download and requires a soft like bittorent, but once it's done you will have the whole game ready. The minimal client is smaller, faster to download, but will then download missing datas as you're playing, slowing you down. FOR WINDOWS: You have the 8.0 or 8.2 Client and you just want to update it: Download the 8.3.7 .exe here: (it is compressed in a .rar) Open your FS BFA client folder, where your current .exe is located, place the .rar you just downloaded there, and extract it. Your current .exe will be replaced (So you will no longer be able to log on 8.2) with the new one, click on it and you're on! You are using the launcher: Just restart your launcher once the 8.3.7 update is applied on Sethraliss: it will download the missing files for you. You don't have the game yet, and want to start playing on 8.3.7 Here is the full torrent Here is the minimal client link: Just extract it and start the .exe ! Please note: The first time you will open the 8.3.7 client, if it wasn't downloaded from the full torrent nor by the launcher, it will take a bit of time (between 2-5 minutes) to download the missing files, but in the meantime nothing will appear on your screen, that's normal ! Do not open it 43 times, just once and then wait a bit. Once it's done, you will be fully set up! FOR MAC: You want to download the full torrent. If you proceed that way, you will still need to then download the minimal client. The streamed data will obviously be lower, but only the minimal client contains the .app You prefer to download the minimal client: In both cases, you will need to do those following steps in order to be able to play: If you have downloaded the full torrent, unzip it in a folder we will call "WOW FS BFA". Then, extract the .zip from the minimal MAC client inside it. If you downloaded the minimal client only, extract the .zip into a folder we will call "WOW FS BFA" Open a terminal, and place it inside the WOW FS BFA folder Type the following command in the terminal: sudo xattr -rd ./World\ of\ Launch World of Warcraft, you're good to go! If you have troubles updating, you can write contact our staffmembers on the support channel of our Discord, or you can create a forum post here
  10. This is it ! The last and final BFA update, Vision of N'Zoth, is ready to be released on Sethraliss. We wanted to make extra sure this would be happening as softly as possible: you can now mark down on your calendar the Monday, March 22nd ! The realm will be shut down for a short period of time while we update it, but do not worry we will keep you posted on Discord, Facebook and Twitter so as soon as it's back up and updated, you are notified. Since this update includes a client change, you will need to do something on your side as well ! HOW TO DOWNLOAD / UPDATE TO 8.3.7 CLIENT: Whether you already have an 8.2 client or not, everything is detailed in this quick & easy tutorial we've made for you! BORIS To celebrate this release, Boris will be back on Firestorm ! From Thursday, 25th March 5PM until Tuesday 30th March 10AM server time, Boris will be available in all capitals & starting zones on all of our realms! Speaking with him will allow you, once per account and per expansion, to get a free boost to the max lvl (110 on BFA instead), fully geared and ready to start exploring the continents, and discovering the content! NEW CONTENT The last content that was released on Sethraliss was the 8.2.0 one, and we're gonna update the client straight to 8.3.7: you might think that between those 2 there were several content patches, but in reality only the 8.3.0 was really relevant. We have a habit to release the content "in order", but here we won't separate the 8.2.5 and 8.3.0 ones: you will get everything right from the start ! A few exceptions are the raid, which will be released wing by wing as always, and some additions that retail introduced later in the patch, which we will delay as well to ensure that the content is experienced as it should. This post is here to help you get a first look at the changes and the new things that will be waiting for you, namely: Horrific Visions & the Legendary Cloak ! N'Zoth Assaults in Uldum & Vale of Eternal Blossom Mythic+ & PVP Season 4 Ny'alotha Raid The new allied races The Corruption system Below you will find more details about each of those main features. HORRIFIC VISIONS & LEGENDARY CLOAK Those 2 new systems are deeply intertwined which explains why we're regrouping them in the same section: The first questline you will be able to do from the 8.3 content will grant you an upgradable legendary cloak: Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, which will help you fight the corruption of N'Zoth, both inside the visions, and on your equipment (that part will be covered in a later section below). It starts at Rank 1 at item level 470, and upgrading it will increase its power while adding other unique effects including some new spells ! More details on it are available here. Horrific Visions are instances challenges for 1 to 5 players happening in either a Stormwind, or an Orgrimmar twisted future where N'Zoth's corruption reigns. You will constantly lose sanity inside, putting a clock on your journey. Completing objectives inside them will grant you resources used to upgrade the cloak, which will help you better counter the sanity loss and thus allowing you to progress further into the Visions, and earn greater rewards. Entering a vision will cost a vessel (that can be obtained in various ways) which means you won't have limited tries per week. A thorough guide is available here, and we suggest you read it ! As you can see, it's a pretty simple combination: the cloak helps you survive in visions, where you get the necessary reagents to upgrade it, which in turns makes it even more effective inside the visions allowing you to get even deeper and get better rewards: upgrading your cloak will thus be one of your main focus in this patch. ULDUM / VALE OF ETERNAL BLOSSOMS ASSAULTS N'Zoth has been freed from his titanwrought prison, unleashing destruction and terror across Azeroth ! His forces are gathered to lay siege on the titan facilities in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Each week, one of the 2 zones will be overwhelmed by the Old God's minions, giving you plenty of contents to do: defeating them of course (including rares and World Bosses !) but also looting treasures, participating in events and completing various objectives. Once you've drawn back their forces enough, you will have to face the lieutenant leading them: defeating him will reward you with powerful gear, and a Vessel to enter the Horrific Visions. While you're taking parts in those Assaults, you will also earn progress towards 2 new reputations: Uldum Accord & Rajanni, which provide new rewards to purchase. You will also be able to enter Lesser Visions alone or with friends which will, not unlike their horrific counterparts, put your sanity to the test for a chance to obtain rewards ! You will find a lot of additional details in this guide. MYTHIC+ & PVP SEASON 4 Season 4 of Mythic+ will begin right away, while the PvP one will be put on hold until Wednesday, 31st March at 12PM (noon server time). in PVP, the Corrupted Gladiator season will begin, with updated rewards! To get more info, you can check this link. The conquest system you know since season 1 returns, with the new loots matching this table (note the extra 5 caps !): in Mythic+, the seasonal affix will now be Awakened (instead of Beguiling for the previous season). There will be 4 Black Empire obelisks throughout the dungeon: by clicking on one, you will enter N'Zoth's realm inside which you will skip the normal mobs, but will have to face a strong lieutenant instead ! For additional details regarding this new affix, you can click here. As usual, the rewards will also be updated and will follow this table: (please note that the chest generated on the 24th March week will still be a 'season 3' chest and won't fall into this table) Thaumaturge Vashreen, the Titan Residuum Vendor will be updated to sell increased ilvl Azerite gear, but you will lose all of your current titan residuum, therefore you should spend it now ! NY'ALOTHA, THE WAKING CITY The fifth and final raid of the expansion will open its doors right on release ! The first wing 'Visions of Destiny' will be available in LFR, NM and HM difficulties. It includes the following bosses: Wrathion, the Black Emperor Maut The Prophet Skitra. If you're looking at a more general guide of the whole raid (including the following bosses !) here it is! A peculiarity of Ny'alotha is that its entrance isn't static like the rest of the raids you're used to: it will be located in the zone currently under attack by the forces of N'Zoth, either Uldum or Vale of Eternal blossoms. As usual, we plan on releasing a new wing every 3-4 weeks, and the full Mythic mode 3-4 weeks after the fourth and final wing is made available. NEW ALLIED RACES Two new allied races will be available right away, without any requirements: Mechagnomes for the Alliance Vulperas for the Horde Each of them has its own racial spells, so be sure to check their guide to get the best out of them! CORRUPTION SYSTEM This one is important, so read carefuly ! With this update, the warforge / titanforge system that you've known for years will be gone: the items that you loot will always have their ilvl fixed, determined solely by the context in which you obtained them without any chance of having a higher ilvl. Rest assured it's not just gone, it's actually replaced: instead of the chances to "proc" to a higher ilvl, gear (with the exception of trinkets and azerite gear) will now have a chance to become "corrupted", with added effects: A corruption effect that increases your power in some way when you equip the item An amount of "corruption stat" that will weigh in that stat's total for your character This adds a risk / reward parameter into your choices of gear: the more corrupted gear or the more powerful the corruptions you equip, the higher your corruption stat will be, leading to increasingly negative effects on your character. If you remember the part about the legendary cloak that we covered earlier, upgrading it will grant you higher corruption resistances, meaning you will be able to equip more or stronger corrupted items as times goes by. This whole system is pretty complex, but at the heart of this patch so we advise you to read a thorough guide like this one in order to take out the best of corruption ! Important Note: The Corruption vendor will not be available on release. This was something added later by blizzard to allow for faster catchup and we intend on keeping the same idea. But those aren't the only improvements coming along with this update ! There will also be several smaller changes that you will discover on day one: The reworked Auction House will be there ! The Operation: Mechagon dungeon will be split in 2 parts for the added Heroic and Mythic+ difficulties ! Some older content received some love, and will keep on getting more throughout the patch ! Namely Pandaria and Draenor zones, including the infamous Hellfire Citadel, Blackhand in BRF and the dungeons Auchindoun, Everbloom and End of Time ! Some new essences are added, and the Heart of Azeroth itself will be tweaked. More informations here ! The ending of the War Campaign will be available on release: finish what you started at the very beginning of BFA ! Darkmoon Faire has been rescripted ! With all this the Battle for Azeroth expansion will be fully covered on Sethraliss after just a little bit more than 2 years ! Its Bugtracker will also be wiped (since we're upgrading the client, and a lot of changes occurred, old reports might have lost their meaning). Thanks for your patience, we will be monitoring the update closely to address any issue that arises! See you on Monday! The Firestorm Team
  11. Three months ago, we discussed for the first time the state of the upcoming update on Sethraliss, our BFA realm: the 8.3 patch Visions of N'Zoth. For those of you that missed it, or simply want to compare the evolution since then, you can find the post here. We also had our first talk about what comes afterwards: Shadowlands. While it's still too early to give additional details about this next expansion of World of Warcraft, we thought it was time to give you some fresh news on the 8.3, and every change it includes. As a reminder, our current client is in 8.2.0 version, which means it will need to be updated when this ships to live: some of you are used to it, it will consist on a small patcher download (around 40Mbs), that will need to be placed in your client folder and started to get all of the new assets & client changes. Simple ! Content will then be released progressively, to reflect what happened on retail, and what you're used to here. But I'm getting ahead of myself: rest assured we'll cover that in details in due time. For now let's take a look at what we have in store ! The Horrific Visions system is working, and testing phase has already started: those are scenarios designed for 1-5 players taking place in alternative versions of Stormwind or Orgrimmar where N'Zoth's corruption thrives. You need to hold as much as possible before losing all your sanity: this mode will allow you to upgrade your legendary cloak. The legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas' questline has been scripted: this item can be upgraded and will offer protection against sanity loss during your Horrific Visions run, and against Corruption on equipment. Its different appearances are working, but the two spells it can bear are still a WIP. The Mythic+ Season 4 Affix: Awakened is fully scripted, including commanders. Final tests will be done to check if everything is working as intended. The new PVP Season's rewards have been scripted and tested for the most part at the moment. The reworked Deepwind Gorge is also working ! Assaults are soon done, then testing phase will start. Happening in either Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossoms, they will come with dailies, events, rare mobs to slay and even more ! The 2 new World Bosses will be worked on shortly, and will then require testings Operation: Mechagon will now be splitted in two (think like Return to Karazhan in Legion) and available in Heroic & Mythic+ difficulties. The developper in charge has scripted everything, and testings are ongoing ! The first wing of the new raid: Ny'alotha is fully working and has been tested quite extensively. Following wings (that won't be released at the same time) have already been scripted for the most part, and tests have begun. Most class balance changes have been reported, scripted, and confirmed as fixed ! The 2 new allied races (Vulperan & Mecagnomes) are close to be fully operationnal: only one Vulperan racial still needs work. The new system that replaces titanforging, called Corruption is fully working, and the corruption spells themselves have also been scripted, and they are being tested as we speak. Titanic Purification will be worked on soon: this will allow you to remove the corruption effects from items. An alternative way exists that will swap the corruption effects for a guaranteed socket ! The Azerite vendor has been updated, but tokens still need to be fixed: reminder that unlike the last season change this time you will NOT keep your titan residuum so don't mind spending it now ! The reworked Auction House will be fully working! Some older contents received a bit of love, but this part is still a work in progress, so we're keeping it a surprise for now ! As you can see, things have evolved since last time, but there is still quite a lot of work to be done especially on the testing side since a client update induces a lot of generic changes: we want to make sure that your player experience is improved upon release, meaning everything that works now needs to be working, alongside all of the new content we'll bring ! For those reasons, we still cannot give you any estimated date of release yet, but we're getting closer every day, and doing our best to make it a successful and enjoyable release ! As a reminder, if you wish to help testing you could do so by joining our Quality Assurance team: if you're interested, or have any question feel free to contact Astagan#6584 or Tarkkhbeast#8316 / Beastial, respectively Head and Admin in charge of the BFA QA. You can both find them on our public discord. Thank you for your patience and fidelity, The Firestorm Team
  12. Greetings, BFA ! Following the release of The Eternal Palace's 3rd and final wing in LFR, NM and HM difficulties, it is now time to open the raid's mythic doors! The difficulty is already available on our Sethraliss realm since November 18th, 2020! Prepare yourselves for 8 encounters with additional mechanics: Abyssal Commander Sivara Blackwater Behemoth Radiance of Azshara Lady Ashvane Orgozoa Queen's Court Za'qul Queen Azshara We also wanted to spice things up, so we will also be rewarding the top 3 guilds to kill Azshara in Mythic difficulty by announcing it, and by offering Firestorm points to the guild members who managed to defeat her as follows: 300 points for the 1st guild, 200 for the 2nd one and 100 for the 3rd one. Who will claim the podium? The race is on! We wish everyone good luck for this final 8.2.0 content! The Firestorm Team
  13. Greetings! The Firestorm International Staff is currently looking for Game Masters! Here you can see the state of recruitment for each expansion: Sethraliss, our Battle for Azeroth realm: OPENED Sylvanas & Greymane, our Legion realms: OPENED Garrosh, our Mists of Pandaria realm: OPENED What is a Game Master ? A Game Master's role is to help players, to guide them in their journey and to make sure that everyone's stay on Firestorm is as pleasant as possible, by making sure that we all respect the rules, and each other. You will thus be a support for the whole international community in game, and on the forum. Prerequisites: A good knowledge of WoW as a whole, but with a strong emphasize on the expansion you are applying on. Proper english skills, including a flawless spelling and the capability to follow and answer in a voice conversation. Having a great level of patience and compassion when in contact with players! Being at least 18 years old, and mature Having a functional mic, and a valid discord account A strong will to help, and being able to listen, not just hear! Being able to organize and schedule your own time Being available at least 10 hours a week, regularly (if you can log 10h the weekend, but not at all during the week it won't do!) Being able to work autonomously but also being comfortable talking with your team! Will be a good addition to your resume: Having a knowledge of GM Commands (Trinity / Mangos) Having a GM experience, even on another server (if so, which one ?) Anything that you can put forward in your application, that would make us chose you over someone else! How to apply? ↓ If you think you would fit in the position, and wish to join the International GM team, please write us an email here: ↓ » « Knowing and mastering everything isn't required! You will join a team of people with their own set of skills: diversity is a good thing! When you send your application, the email must necessarily have: In the subject, the proper expansion tag: [BFA] / [Legion] / [MOP] Your discord account username & tag. Example: Discord#1234 All of your Firestorm account emails Your forum account name The more information and details you provide, the better! It shows involvement, but also helps us evaluate your potential as individual, and within the team. Telling us that you're motivated in two lines probably won't work out: we expect to get to know you a little bit when reading your application. To get some insight on you, your personnal experience and knowledge! Your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email back with our answer, usually within a week. If it gets accepted we will contact you directly on discord to proceed with a voice interview in order to get to know each other better! If you have any questions regarding the international GM position, you can send a private message to either Melfela#2038 or 'Pantoufle™#8984 on discord. The International staff thanks you for your interest, and hopes to hear from you soon!
  14. Greetings, BFA ! It's been a month and a half since TEP's 2nd wing got released, and it is now time to press on! We're going to release the Eternal Palace's 3rd and Final Wing, 'The Circle of Stars' on Wednesday, October 21nd! Some unforeseen issues had us delay this release, to make sure it gets shipped on Sethraliss in the best state possible. Only the Mythic mode will be left, before the 8.2 content is fully available. We also wanted to take this opportunity to discuss with you what's next: the 8.3 client & content update, but also the next expansion: Shadowlands in a devblog kind of post. We thank you for your continuous interest! ETERNAL PALACE 3RD WING: THE CIRCLE OF STARS The third and final wing of the 8.2 Raid, Azshara's Eternal Palace will be released in LFR, NM & HM difficulties: it's time to put an end to the Queen's evil plan! The 'Circle of Stars' wing will include the last 2 bosses: Za'qul Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Strategy Guide, a 4-phase encounter where you will be dragged to different realms: this is a mechanically complex fight, and you will need a great understanding of the boss abilities! Queen Azshara Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Strategy Guide, herself, another 4-phase encounter with 2 intermissions. Keep the Ancient Wards energised to survive! On the 'Queen Azshara' fight, you will be able to loot Aqueous Reliquary, just like on Radiance of Azshara and Queen's Court from the first and second wings. Around the end of November, the full Mythic Mode of TEP should be released, where bosses will reveal their true potential: take the time to assimilate their Heroic stategies as well as possible until then! 8.3 UPDATE - VISIONS OF N'ZOTH With the Eternal Palace raid coming to a closure, we'll have wrapped up the 8.2 content, which means it will be time to look forward to the last patch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion: Visions of N'zoth! Since our client is currently in 8.2 version, it will require a client update, to the 8.3.7 version. Then, the content will be released progressively, to follow retail's - and our usual - order. Our developpers have switched their focus to the 8.3 for a little while now, and things are already in a pretty advanced state, so we expect a release early 2021. Here is how we're standing right now: The Horrific Visions system has been scripted: those are scenarios designed for 1-5 players taking place in alternative versions of Stormwind or Orgrimmar where N'Zoth's corruption thrives. You need to hold as much as possible before losing all your sanity! The legendary cape Ashjra'kamas' questline is being scripted: this item can be upgraded through Visions and will offer protection against sanity loss, and against Corruption on equipment, a new feature of 8.3! The Mythic+ Season 4 Affix: Awakened has been prepared: the obelisk system & spawns are fully done in all dungeons: next step is scripting the Commanders Assaults development is still in the early stages, but work has started Operation: Mechagon will now be splitted in two (think like Return to Karazhan in Legion) and available in Heroic & Mythic+ difficulties. The developper who scripted the dungeon is working on it right now. The first wing of the new raid: Ny'alotha has already been scripted, and the testing session will begin shortly. As with every client update, some class changes occured: those are being worked on and tested by the QA team. The work on the 2 new allied races (Vulperan & Mecagnomes) has started: their stats, starting zone, and heritage armor are scripted. We still have to work on their racials ! The new system that replaces titanforging, called Corruption has not been worked on yet. Once it's done, the spells themselves will have to be scripted. The reworked Auction House has been scripted! There are still some important systems to work on, but as you can see we already worked on quite a lot of the big changes patch 8.3 brings. We'll be able to share more in the near future, so stay tuned! SHADOWLANDS ON FIRESTORM Many of you must be wondering, and the answer is yes: Firestorm will release Shadowlands! The early work on it has already been started, but it's obviously way too early to share anything concrete right now. Although, as soon as the 8.3 gets released on Sethraliss, you can expect the development team to slowly shifts to SL. As we did with BFA, we do not intend to rush things, and would rather be able to offer you a great release, much likely after an open PTR phase. As for the 8.3, as time goes by we'll be able to share more details, so again stay tuned! In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the release of TEP's 3rd wing, and good luck for the first Heroic kill on Queen Azshara! The Firestorm Team
  15. Greetings, BFA ! It's been a month since our 8.2 content update, and things are looking really good now: our team has ensured that all the important issues were dealt with rapidly, while everyone could enjoy a lot of new things on Sethraliss, our BFA realm. Well we've got some more content for you: after a year of tease & announcements, it's time for us to kill the meme! Island Expeditions are now available on Sethraliss! On top of it, the 2nd wing of Eternal Palace's raid will be released next week, on Wednesday September 2nd! ISLAND EXPEDITIONS Assemble your party of 3, and set sail to a mysterious Island on your ship, with a simple goal: gather as much Azerite as possible, as fast as possible ! This new content is an efficient way to obtain Azerite for your Heart: you can do it PVE style, or PVP, battling another 3 players party in an Azerite hoarding race ! Currently, 8 islands are available: The Dread Chains The Rotting Mire Verdant Wilds Ungol Ruins The Molten Cay Skittering Hollow Snowblossom Village Whispering Reef Soon to come: Crestfall Each week, 3 different islands will be available, taken at random from the pool. Visit the Expedition Map to see which ones are up this week ! To unlock island expedition, you need to progress in your war campaign until you have 2 footholds done, and you need to be level 120. You will then receive a quest that will guide you to the Expedition Map NPC. There are several difficulties available when queuing, each rewarding a different amount of Azerite on your weekly progress bar: fill it to obtain Treasure Maps, Azerite for your Heart, and even an essence: Volatile Worldvein ! We are still working on improving the system, and all of its content: more islands will be released later as well ! For a more in depth look of this special BFA feature, you can read this guide. ETERNAL PALACE 2ND WING: DEPTHS OF THE DEVOTED The second wing of the 8.2 Raid, Azshara's Eternal Palace will be released in LFR, NM & HM difficulties! The 'Depths of the Devoted' wing will include 3 new bosses: Lady Ashvane, a 2-phase encounter where you will need great coordination to work around the Hardened Carapace mechanic Orgozoa, which can cause Heart-Stopping Paralysis ! The Queen's Court is a 2-boss encounter, periodically altered by Queen Azshara's decrees, which you must by all means follow ! On the 'Queen's Court' fight, you will be able to loot Aqueous Reliquaries, just like on Radiance of Azshara from the first wing: this will help get the raid essences faster, as you will now have 2 encounters who can loot them. The third and final Wing, 'The Circle of Stars' which include the Queen Azshara's battle will be released in late September / early October, while the full Mythic mode on the whole raid will follow a few weeks later, as announced last time ! We hope you enjoyed this release, and are hyped about Island Expeditions coming along (better late than never right ?), as well as 3 new raid bosses. Our developpers have started working on the 8.3 client & content, but we'll share more in a future devblog, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we wish you all a nice day, and happy Azerite hunting ! The Firestorm Team