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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings ! The second phase of our Sethraliss Dungeon tournament is now over, and we have our 6 qualified teams for the final phase ! Congratulations to everyone who participated, let's meet our 6 finalists: Depletes High MS 12 IQ Rabbits STOMP Manbatman Three Two One The final phase, which is a double elimination bracket tournament will happen on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th December at 6:00PM Server time (CET) and will be streamed on our official Youtube channel ! The tournament will be hosted by Masoscrivere and Hothead, who will comment it for you in english ! Each round will be played in Best Of 3 on 3 different dungeons disclosed in advance (see below) except the grand final which will be Best Of 5. The affixes will be the same as phase 2, and keys will be +21: you can therefore already start preparing your strats for them and practice on the dedicated realm ! TOURNAMENT BRACKET The order of matches will be as follow: Upper bracket Round 1 Upper bracket Round 2 Lower bracket Round 1 Lower bracket Round 2 Upper Final Lower Final Grand Final The teams will at the end be ranked and rewarded as follow: 1st - Grand Final Winner - 5000€ 2nd - Grand Final Loser - 1500€ + 15000 Firestorm Points 3rd - Lower Final Loser - 1000€ + 10000 Firestorm Points 4th - Lower Bracket Round 2 Loser - 15000 Firestorm Points 5th / 6th - Lower Bracket Round 1 Losers - 10000 Firestorm Points The rewards will be for the team. The split inside the team will be made in proportion with the number of matches played, to make up for the potential subs that could join in (as a reminder, you are allowed to sign a 6th man, in case someone cannot play at a certain point). A quick reminder of the rules: - If your team fails to present 5 members when it is required, they will be automatically disqualified and ranked last. - If you are caught cheating / bug abusing, your team will be automatically disqualified and no rewards will be issued. Congratulations again to everyone involved ! This final phase is the culminating point of this first edition of dungeon tournament, and we're really excited to see it going live ! Special thanks to Masoscrivere and Hothead for being our commentators, please cheer for them as well ! Good luck to our 6 finalists, and see you on Saturday 18th on our Youtube channel for the stream at 6:00PM Server Time (CET) ! The Firestorm Team
  2. Hello, dear FS. Let me share the story with you, how FS admin, and the owner of the project, betrail our community. Some of you probably heard about PVP 2s Tournament which was taken place last Sunday, Oct. 3rd. This tournament was fully organized by two players, Dusti and Daug. Daug was given away the reward for the 1st place - full bis charter. Shortly after announcement, FS admin Shelby agreed to help with tournament, FS administration made an annoucement in discord channels plus Shelby agreed to give away gold points to the 8 teams - 100 € gold points equivalent for the 2nd place, 50€ for the third, 25€ for the 4th place. Here is the schreenshot as a proof of that Of course, it attracted many players, including me and my 2s partner, to participate. As a result, event had 32 players with 8 teams. Some people had take a day off from work to come, some had give up a holiday to participate. Personally, I had to wake up 4 am my local time in order to fight for the prize. We spent 4 hours for the event, fighting on the arena. The event went well, most of people did enjoy it, the winners were defined. The rewards to the 8 teams promised to be distributed within few days. On Tuesday, Shelby told us in 2s tournament discord group ( check it by yourself) that he wont give any rewards because one of the event holders (Dusti) said on his stream that on his opinion FS QA and developers are bad, and if FS will fix that, it could be a really good server. You can check that clip Only because of these words server owner decided not to keep his word and just shit on whole pvp community. I think most of you will agree to me, that it's not honest not to keep your word already after event is finished. People spent their time and effort for this event. So, if you don't keep your word after the work is done, what kind of person are you? True, a lier, the one who doesnt deserve any trust. More absurd here, is that according to the Shelby logic, people who participated in the event ARE RESPONSIBLE for the words of other people (in that case it's Dusti). Let me share the screenshot: Shelby is saying that Dusti shit on server. You all can check the clip and make sure that Dusti just gave his personal critic regarding 1 aspect of the server, it was already after the event. There were no hate, there were no trashtalk, just his personal opinion and it was given in a very polite manner. The only person who "shit on the server" in that case, is Shelby. He gave a word to support the event, give away the rewards to the players, but instead he just shown his total disrespect to the whole PVP community. Several people confirmed that Shelby is the main admin, so I dont expect that my post will change his opinion or some1 will fix his mistake and justice will prevail. At least, as a player, I can let all you guys know, who is the server owner really is. Shelby is not able to take any criticism, even in a light form, he doesnt respect our community and doesnt keep his word. A few words personaly to Shelby, if you will read it. You were afraid to give the rewards just because it could bring damage to your (or server) reputation. In fact, no1 can bring more damage to FS reputation than you, man. And you just did it. As I said, the only one who shit on server in that case, is YOU. If you think that you can waste people time, promising them rewards, then just fraud them and they will forget it, you are totally wrong.
  3. Hello am playing here since pandashan start and i had pause from the games for few months.Yesterday i started to play on tournament realm beacuse I saw that there is a possiblity to buy few nice mounts.I had in mind that they are going to split to my other characters on other realms on WoD.They dont....So if you could tell me whats the point of farming mounts on tournament if they dont split to other characters? My idea is to make them split then there would be any sense of playing on this realm.
  4. Greetings fellow Stormers! I have been wanting to do this for a while but haven't found the right server to do it on, however I feel that Firestorm is that server. I would like to do a 3v3 Tournament consisting of every WoD server on Firestorm. Now, I'm not sure if that's possible but I guess if we got every single 3v3 team that regularly queues 3s to just stop and then only have the two teams that need to fight eachother to go, then it would work. However, I'm not perfect at this sort of thing so I'd definitely need help from Staff. I would stream this as well as get the word out to everyone I can and that can hopefully bring others to Firestorm. I, myself, have taken part in many tournaments on other realms and it has been great for them, so I think doing one here would be as well. Just kind of a request out to the GM's and Devs to hopefully get this thing going. We did a 1v1 Tournament yesterday on the Tournament realm so I know this wouldn't be necessarily impossible, however it's much more difficult than that. Anyway, thanks for reading and +1 this to hopefully get the attention of everyone! PS. If a GM would like to message me to talk about this, I would be very grateful, thanks!
  5. Why tournament realm ? Of course there maybe questions about our choice of server. Since "instant level 100" feature offers a great highway to shape your character and gearing up, we thought that the realm still the best choice. Also, you can obtain any profession of choice and master it in a short time. Thus, you'll get even more chance to colour your character with the features of these professions. Gold is free, means a flexible movement around the server. STORMWIND ROYAL VANGUARD We are a squad of loyalist Alliance elites who serve to the King and the higher seats of Kingdom. Thus, there is no ranking in the guild. Only titles to prove that you are an experienced member or not. Our aim is to protect the Alliance and the royal palace against any threat it can face. You can be anything [ex: Lord, Baron, Countess, Corporal...] as long as it doesnt contain somewhere related to lore. [For example: We wont allow yourself as Lord of Redride, Baron of Duskwood...In such cases, you should use somewhere imaginary, that doesnt exist in Azeroth] Those who want to join us and prove their roleplaying experience willingly are welcome ! You will attend a short test to detect your role playing skill, and all be done. Planning to make countless transmog runs and role playing events. Whisper "Llyena" if you want to have a look !
  6. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!
  7. Two suggestions with reasons to make the fun realm actually fun. 1. Remove Hillsbrad Foothills 2. Reset conquest cap every few days instead of weeks, (I'm suggesting 3 - 4 days) Okay, why I think Hillsbrad Foothills (at LEAST the PvP aspect) should be removed is because on a good day, you get about 40 people spending however long they're on WoW in that place and on a bad day, more than fifty people are in that zone alone. This is severely irritating because as I am mainly an Alliance player, when I come to Hillsbrad Foothills every once in a while, there's a massive clusterfuck of hordes ganking alliance players, and I can't even get a decent 2v1 or 1v1 there. As soon as I attack one guy, five more show up. But the main reason that zone is so bad is because people there don't do anything. They don't queue arenas, they don't queue BGs, they just stay there their whole time. There was a time I was in an arena queue for more than an hour (this was around 19:00 UK time) which is when a lot of people are usually on, and that, really, is just ridiculous. I go to Hillsbrad Foothills, type /who and see there are 49+ people there (since /who only shows 49). It's absolutely ruining the "fun" and I usually find myself more bored than anything. As a suggestion, I'd say players should spawn in Ogrimmar and Stormwind respectively when they make their character, and all the portals and quests should be available in the capitals. Feel free to be as flexible as you want with this suggestion, but personally, I think Hillsbrad Foothills is the worst zone ever. Secondly, I think conquest caps should reset every three days because there are some people, (Anade, Belvic (Full on all his characters, I'd add them all, but the list would go on forever), Dwayne, Aggronor, Brume, Qlymaxou, Mercadin, Flintz, Thifin, Angelightt, Stonesour, Armatrix, etc, etc) who are all full geared and queue arenas on a regular basis. Since this server doesn't seem to have MMR or a large amount of players queueing arenas and battlegrounds, I find myself coming against two full geared players almost every time in 2v2. Their gear makes lower geared players winning against them second to none and it's honestly just the most annoying thing because it takes people that have no gear (600ilevel) far too long to get geared. There was a time (some time in late November) when players got 620ilevel gear when they created their character and that just did more harm than good. It was an utter lark and the key to actually balancing gameplay, I think, would be to lower the time it took for conquest cap to reset to about three days, I think. But I don't know, mess around with this as much as you want, but all I know is that the "fun realm" is no fun at all.