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Found 25 results

  1. Hi dears my char name Pekabo ( affliction warlock) My malefic rapture skill isn't working. It always says "you dont have any periodic effects active" but i have already dots.. I tried to fix it but it didn't work ( ex: cache folder deleted, character deleted than restored, all addon turned off etc...) Help me pls.
  2. Again this very bugged class. take a look on warlock absorb shield.
  3. please someone take a look on warlock fears, they spam incinerate (80-100k crits) and fear dont breaks. they one shot ppl without trinket, fear spam and win. (beside 300-400k crits, thats not normal at all).
  4. wow

    Hey Guys, Agony from Affliction Warlock does not work. deals ---> 0 <--- Dmg, even in Description 0 dmg. Please Fix it. thats a important spell for affli thanks
  5. Hey, The lock's corruption got nerfed incredibly. The damaged output is too low. Will this be fixed soon?
  6. Hi! I think that if creating a script for the green fire quest line isnt a priority, the quest line should at least be made autocomplete, or, alternatively, the green flame effect should be added to the shop on BFA for loyalty points.
  7. Hi! I recently created a warlock and wanted to ask, does the questline from Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for the green fire spells work? I've seen people selling it, but that doesn't mean it works, because they can be just scamming people
  8. Hi, I'm Remolkeman, the WoD/Legion warlock class master and i'm here because I would like to ask for warlock players opinion for the upcoming cycles for Legion. Last cycle a lot of major warlock features got fixed which means(in my opinion) that the class it's in a good spot right now, but of course it's missing stuff like talents, traits and some spell mechanics. The second cycle it's already started and the upcoming fixes are: -The 3 golden traits missing for each spec(Thal'kiel discord, Dimensional ripper and Soul flame) -Talents: Soul harvest, contagion - Spells: soul link New cycles for now are going to be 5-6 issues per class to try to bring fixes as fast as possible, so I was doubting what things should I choose to get fixed for the cycles 3 and 4 for now so I would like to heard your opinion. The possibilities we have for choosing are: -Fix for elite(1/1 non golden traits) and special traits(3/3 traits with mechanics) for each artifact weapon. -Fix for the missing talents for each spec. -Fix for PvP talents and missing ones. -Suggest something to focus on. Let me know your opinion by commeting below and tell me which things you would like to see working for those cycles. You want me to focus more on PvP? PvE? Let me know! You can always PM me if you have any doubt or need help for something. Have a nice day
  9. The Green Fire warlock questline does not work on Greymane. Is there any way to bypass the quest to be able to have green fire on my character on there? I have the codex or tomb that is written in an anchient language, but the pets won't allow me to talk to them to continue the questline. Please help.
  10. Hey guys, I started playing yesterday and after a few hours I noticed Skull of the Man'ari is not talking. I used to play on official blizzard servers but BfA is shit and wanted to play legion agian. I had no issues with artifact weapon on blizzard servers. So I want to know if this is bug or if this is supposed to happen? Just askin. Thanks for answer.
  11. warlock

    Hello , I have a problem witch warlock, his damage excessive so much http://www.wowhead.com/spell=196586/dimensional-rift , http://www.wowhead.com/spell=196447/channel-demonfire dmg also demonology http://www.wowhead.com/spell=77219/mastery-master-demonologist minions and http://www.wowhead.com/spell=30146/summon-felguard pet deal too much damage, they make unbelievable damage. it's impossible to play against warlock .. need big nerf realy big. i do not agree for season 1 ( 7.1.5 ) all warlock get titile cuz of bug . this is unfair and unlogic , warlock need nerf portal pet and damage nerf 80 % at least Enjoy bug warlock video -
  12. Hey, I have found that Affliction warlocks have some issues. First off the active spell for the Affliction Artifact is not working at all. Also the Legendary Ring that I got does not give a second talent that it promises. Also whenever I respawn in battlegrounds, my pet dies and becomes a guardian that i cannot control. I have to re summon it. Also in duels I have found that soul shards sometimes do not regenerate. I found this out when I dueled a paladin who went into an arena mid way through the duel and then we redueled and my soul shards would not regen or even reset from 0. I had to relog to fix it. Please help.
  16. Races Talents Glyphs Professions Reforging,Sockets and Enchants Macros Playable Compositions Gameplan Video Gameplay explained
  17. Best PvP Races for Warlock. Reforges/Gems/Enchants Best Talents /Glyphs How to open in a 3v3 Game. Tips Best COMPOSITIONS
  18. i dont know which talents i should take. Some warlock masters tell me which ones
  19. Hello. I just want to ask if it is possible to fix the hidden artifact appearence of warlocks artifact. I've seen everybody with hidden skins. I don't know if it is the only class with the same issue or not. I can't buy more with real money since paypal is not an option anymore. And besides that, it is kinda lame making only avaliable with real money anyway.. other classes can have hidden skins for free.. Ps: please don't tell me to do bugtrack posts becuase it is going to be erased by someone unknown..
  20. affliction

    Don't tell me that this is only my problem because it can't be.... it just can't. i know that must be other afflictions feeling the same in pve. I tried to give my best dps in this specific VH HC dungeon (like always). I'm ilvl 836 with artifact weapon lvl 829. Now look at my damage..... -.- .... lol .... -.- the top dps player gave almost the triple of my dps.. 1st question: why did unstable affliction dmg got nerfed without a being announced on the latest changelog? and why did you nerfed it without resolving the main problem of unstable affliction (the stacks not stacking properly + the dispel consequence). 2nd question: what about the other important affliction spells? Like the Grimoire of Sacrifice extra aoe damage or SOME of the artifact abilities (both passive and actives), both major and minor traits not being activated since the beginning of the expansion... 3rd question: i've played affliction since the stone age in other private servers and my damage contribute to a team as never been so poor... WTF is happening ????? I know that affliction is not good in pve this expantion but this is worse than not being good... this dps is too low for my ilvl and wlvl so something must not be right.. the top dps player gave almost 3x my dps. is it my fault?!
  21. Before I start I'll just warn you, reader, that I'll be letting out my opinion in this post, which may not be equal to yours but then again, I think you do have some respect for other people so without further ado, I'll begin. So... Warlocks. The one class that, for a while, everyone was talking about for it being too overpowered and for it being really easy to play. Well I agree but also really disagree. Yes, it's true, affliction was borderline broken (and still kind of is, just not at the extent it was before) a while back but, that's it. What about Demonology which is a brand new, reworked specialization? What about the good old spell-spewing Destruction that used to dish out a bajillion damage? Right, that's what I want to focus this rant on. I've been playing warlocks since I've started playing the game (roughly at the beginning of WotLK) and my main spec was destro. The thing is, and don't worry I know this isn't only the devs's fault, that spec along with demonology are actually garbage now. They do such low damage that, if you get into a dungeon you'll get kicked out or if you go to a PvP scenario you won't be able to kill anyone unless you have someone else do most of the work. What I'm asking here, perhaps not only for me but for more people playing this class is that, if you can, when you have the time, could you please take a look at some of the bigger issues with these two specializations? I know that won't get done instantly as there are more urgent things that need to be taken care of and I also know things won't get magically fixed if people don't report them to the bugtracker but I contribute for that when I find things that are worthy of reporting. It's just that, as a warlock player that really wants to play their favorite class, I don't want to be forced to play affliction. Cheers and thanks for your time.
  22. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/6174 Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!
  23. Hecks Affliction Guide First of all, i'd like to state, that my english is not the best, and i also know that there are better warlocks than me, and this guide rely much on my experience and researches. Feel free to look up on google for other guides and try any other build that suits you more. Please keep in mind this is my first guide and any additional information is welcome. : ) 1. Stats 2. Talents. 3. Glyphs 4. Enchants. 5. Additional informations. 1. Stats INTELLECT > HASTE => MASTERY > MULTISTRIKE => CRIT > VERSATILITY Intellect is main stat cause it increases our dmg, and healing, then haste, mastery etc. Afaik most people goes with haste, so do i. From my experience with haste our dot's tick more often and increases also the proc chance of multistrikes, which means more dot = more multistrike = more damage. With drain soul we have a great chance to also deal quite a lot dmg. Also what i saw that Versatility isn't that good, critical strike is not that necessary. 2. Talents Tier 1:: Harvest Life From my experience this talent with glyph does a lot of healing, and can be real annoying to other people. Since soul leech is totally worthless, and Dark Regeneration has 2 min cd and only goes well with Health Stone, which gives u more mobility and you can dps meanwhile, i would only recommend this talent if u have a healer, unless you dont go for Harvest Life, Tier 2.: Howl of Terror Well i've only chosen this, because it's so easy to pull comps together and cc both of them with one instant single spell, that's not require you positioning. The CD goes down quickly vs melee comps, but vs caster comps it's not that good or if you play with shadowpriest you soon get in trouble, so the second best choice is ofcourse Shadowfury which can be also very effective, but for me i dont like positioning, and i often see people can move while stunned (Lag <3) and people just run quickly out of the selected area. Tier 3.: Sacrifical Pact Now this is the best defensive ability so far, usually it can provide us with 120-180k dmg absorb, really depends on how much health our pet have, and by health i mean the actual health. Sometimes i meet ppl who kills my pet, okey, go on, kill it. With soul burn i get a new pet with full health, that means i get the most dmg absorb out of it, and with Grimoire of Supremacy VW 20% dmg absorb + a shield thats together really good vs melee. Soul Link only works with Glyph of Eternal Resolve, that gives u all together 30% dmg absorb total, and with Dark Regeneration this would be a good combo with a healer, but this build is only effective with Glyph of Siphon Life aswell... Tier 4.: Blood Horror This is one of my favorite. Before arena starts i always have it on, very effective vs melee comps, good to keep aways hunter pets and double fear for some time to escape or just get some time to breath. Burning Rush more like a pve talent and Unbound Will for me, is a big no no. The cost of this talent is just too much. I've found myself in deep trouble using this talent cause i lost so much health and it's just didn't worth it. Only effective vs comps that doin some good cc, and / or if u have a healer who need some help. Tier 5.: Grimoire of Supremacy Well i see often warlocks with Sacrifice, and affli locks w sacrifice makes me cry....seriously. The buff it gives is so small, and the amount of choices that Supremacy gives is just way better to roll that.Supremacy WW gives you free soul link for example. Griomire of Service with Tier 7 Talent Demonic Servitude does the most dps, but in pvp LoS is usually a problem and cause Doomguard needs 3 second to cast it's not that effective. Supremacy makes your pet do more dmg, increases damage absorb of Sacrifical Pact (more hp more absorb ) and on top, Observer can dispell and silence, which gives us more control, but Doomguards and Infernals aren't that effecitve, they do only better dps. And playing with builds i came to a conclusion that usually we have to choose between dmg and control, and finding balance between brings you harmony Tier 6.: Kil'Jaedens Cunning You might find this surprising, but i often get into situations where this talent becomes a real cookie cutter. Gives you the kiting ability, and freedom to cast, chase others and dps while moving. Really good in arenas, and very effective when you're being bursted hard. Second choice is ofcourse Archimonde's Darkness that's really good for dps and burst, but i usually use Dark Soul with Trinket and as a solo buff i didn't find it that good. Ofcourse in trouble this is a good talent to use for getting health back with Drain Life, or put some more pressure, but so far i like Kil'Jaedens Cunning cause of mobility. Tier 7.: Soulburn: Haunt This talent is really effective, but requires you to multidot, for single targeting i found this poor, cause you are in need of soul shards... a lot, and if we want to do some dps, we need soul shards, and for soul shards multidot. Soul Burn Seed of Corruption really effective in BG's, people usually walk together and it's so easy to put corruption up on 4-5 targets, and in 2s Soul Swappin the way. This talent increases your dmg of all your dots, so even in 2s if you focusing on 1 target and keeping Haunt on this target, second target will be affected of dmg increase, and double dps is really can work well, but sometimes even enough to keep a single corruption on our 2nd target, As i mentioned earlier Demonic Servitude -> Grimoire of Service. 3. Glyphs Major Glyphs: - Glyph of Healthstone: Good healing , works well with Drain Life - Glyph of Drain Life: With the talent and Glyph altogether can do a lot of healing, in early start of 2s it's really effective and let's u save Healthstone for later use. - Glyph of Soul Swap: Good for mobility really. - Glyph of Unending Resolve: -10% Dmg absorb for 1 minute less CD. This is some good thing if you play versus people who really do a lot interrupt, cc and stuff like that. Keep it in mind that you also have to face often that people will do anything to interrupt you, stun, fear etc. and i usually keep my trinket for times like this. - Glyph of Siphon Life: I only recommend this if you have a healer, unless this talent, for me pretty useless. I usually go with Healthstone - Drain Life and Unending Resolve with the current talents i use this goes well for me... 4, Enchants Well i keep using haste on everywhere except wep, where i use +Mastery. The main reason for that, that haste builds up slowly and breaks easily. Enough said. 5, Additional Info Soulburn is one of our most effective spell, use it at all situation wisely. Enchanting our teleportation to make us faster, or Soul Swap insta dots is a must. I usually cry when an Affli lock with Sacrifices goes at me with casting UA first and i easily interrupt it and put my burst on him in seconds meanwhile he can't do anything..Soul Swap our second best friend, reapplying your dots not just make them last longer, and increases their duration, but you can't be interrupted. Focus and Macros are a must have. in pvp. Clicking spells on your actionbar is more like vanilla pve style, trust me. Portals really can be a life saver, and try to keep your eyes on sight, dont go too far from them, or put them down again. Putting Circle and Gateway in same spot makes you teleport twice, there, and back, which also can be good to make some warrior exhausted For Macros i usually go with this. /stopcasting /cast Fear /stopcasting /use [target=Focus] Fear /petfollow /cast Optical Blast /petfollow /cast [target=Focus] Optical Blast You can also bring spells together like Drain Soul and Drain Life for example or Fear on current target and Fear on focus which looks like the following /cast [mod:alt] Spellname 1 /cast [nomod] Spellname 2 I hope this method works, i dont really use modifiers, and if it's not working properly let me know to fix it. Thanks for reading through my very first guide, any other info welcome, releted to my guide or affli locks : )