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Found 9 results

  1. Hello there, does anyone of you know about the Hati Questline? I started it, done the first Hati, absorbed his essence, and the following quest (Pay with Blood) leads me to Silithus, where i should met Grif Wildheart and the 2nd Hati to absorb his essence. Well like usual the npc isnt there Do i need to do something before or whats wrong with this quest? The first worked also
  2. Hello, I want to ask, I see Creepy Crate in Ogrimmar but I can't get it. No one is able to write me back so I'm asking here. Can you only get it for Halloween or is it bugg? I want enough of that pet and I don't know how to get it, thank you in advance for your answer.
  3. When I tried to start a pet fight I got this message: "pet journal is locked by another user on this account". For clarification, I will add that I have a character on Oribos (probably automatically) imported from the BfA game server, because I have never created any character on Shadowlands. Should I remove a character from the BfA server to be able to fully use it on Shadowlands? Is the problem elsewhere?
  4. Basically I was changing pets quite often, but keeping the first one you get as a night elf hunter, the white tiger cat, he used to have growl from the start, but all of the sudden it disappeared and I just can't find it again. I'm new to WoW in general, tried searching a lot for the solution but couldn't find it, is it a bug or did I do something wrong? My character is level 43. Either relogging or the server reload fixed the bug, I guess.
  5. Hello there, I've just purchased the Feathermane Taming Book from the Hunter Orderhall (the Stablemaster sells it for 1000 order resources), but I cannot tame any feathermane beasts (Hypogryphs, Gryphons Owlcats, etc...). I'd like to know if anyone is experiencing this problem before I report as a bug? Thanks in advance.
  6. warlock

    Hello , I have a problem witch warlock, his damage excessive so much , dmg also demonology minions and pet deal too much damage, they make unbelievable damage. it's impossible to play against warlock .. need big nerf realy big. i do not agree for season 1 ( 7.1.5 ) all warlock get titile cuz of bug . this is unfair and unlogic , warlock need nerf portal pet and damage nerf 80 % at least Enjoy bug warlock video -
  7. Hello everyone, did anyone else notice that our pets are taking a tremendos amount of damage from aoe spells/abilities? I believe that the devs forgot to flag the spells to not go through avoidance...... avoidance should take 90% of the damage of the aoe spell and on top of that, you have Versatility which reduces the damage taken even further..... Developers, please take a look into this issue... Guys, please bump this thread >.<
  8. can you somehow "fix" your ghoul pet again ? after testing with the glyphs like skeleton or geist appearance for the ghoul, it still remains in the skeleton appearance ( + after trying the Geist glyph, it just grows in size but remains as a skeleton)
  9. You drop all those + at me... what is this aritmethics?