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Found 35 results

  1. Haven't been playing since august, and surprise-surprise... You have been disconnected. (BLZ51914003) On every login attempt. Tried removing cache and downloading WoW.exe + Utils from this forum -- dafaq, nothing helps.
  2. Me and many other players are wondering if you are going to add the character market place on sethraliss realm as we are in the last patch with shadowlands around the corner. not to mention 8.3 has become such a Grind that you can mostly only have 1 to about 2 characters max as it does take along time to obtain gear, corruption , essence. I think it would be a nice feature to have once you character is already max gear and you do not want to gear another you could just sell and try something else.
  3. One quest in the Worgen "campaing" or "History Quest" in Gilneas have a huge Bug, that block the progress of new players, i make a new character worgen is the first time that happens, HELP! i LOVE THIS SERVERS, i hard to see this but we need some help! FOR THE ALLIANCE!! the bug or not is in the quest The Battle for Gilneas City, i stock, as other player... help!
  4. I'm having this error the whole day. What is the problem? My internet is running smoothly.
  5. Hello there, I know this is maybe stupid question, but I have to ask. "Why is Sethraliss crashing so much?" - I just wanna know, because nobody likes server crashing all the time. Well, we can survive few bugs. It's ok, bcs just a game and every game has a few bugs. We're just people and we're not perfect at all, bla-bla-bla. I'm not a little more intelligent than everyone else, so I'm just asking.
  6. Hi! I think that if creating a script for the green fire quest line isnt a priority, the quest line should at least be made autocomplete, or, alternatively, the green flame effect should be added to the shop on BFA for loyalty points.
  7. I'm a Demon Hunter on Sethraliss server. From 29th May, one of my skill is on Cooldown for 13 days. I dont know how how did this happen. It looks a like a bug. But I'm having trouble with my playing experience because of this. I've never seen such thing happen before. Like ,how can your normal skill have 13 days of cooldown. The skill name is Immolation Aura. So, someone please help me. How to fix this tell me please. I seek the help of any mod , admin or any experienced player, please.
  8. Is there anybody who's using Tmorph/Jmorph? Wanna morph my mounts, but I can't find any working morpher.
  9. Does Time-Lost Proto Drake swans in Sethraliss? I have been trying to get in but no luck and someone told me that you cant find it on the BFA server only on the older expansions.
  10. Hello, I came from the legion servers back in 2019 and I've just been playing on the sethraliss server for about a week now and over the week I've been wondering if it's a bug regarding if warmode toggles or not. Here's whats happening, > Everytime I try to join a world boss for gear farm, almost everyone in the raid are locked in a different instance saying "This player got war mode on and are on a different instance, if you want to see this player you must turn your war mode on".. or something like that. I often toggle my warmode "on" whenever I see that but to no avail, even if my warmode is toggled on, I still cannot see them. > In regards to this, some people told me it's "toggled" on over at orgrimmar/ stormwind, yet again, I go to orgrimmar/ stormwind, toggle it (pressing my character icon then setting it to "on") then go to the place where a group is doing a world boss and yet i still cannot see them. Back on the legion servers, people don't really have the trouble with this and people usually see each other on the broken isles with no problem whatsoever, even if warmode is on or not. If there's any related thread regarding this, It would very much help me if you could link it here or if you got anything that could help me with this problem it would be very much appreciated.
  11. Hello! First of all thanks for reading. This post is an idea from this one in the French forum. The point of this post is for everyone to have a guide when looking for available (or unavailable) instances as the title says. This one might be NOT updated so if you find any other information that changes its state, please, feel free to tell us in a comment below and we will edit it as soon as possible. Thanks for the cooperation! ヅ Remember: - This list applies to the Realm of Sethraliss (Battle for Azeroth) and is inspired by the work done by Ahriman. - If you have any comments or want to report errors you can comment. - Don't send me bug reports! The correct place to report them is our Bugtracker. - Note that this list will have to be modified over time because all these instances have not yet been re-tested. - Remember to use ctrl+F to search for a specific word if you don't want to waste time scrolling through the whole list. (NM = Normal mode, HM = Heroic mode, MM = Mythic mode) Available = Is fully available Not available = Is not doable Available = Is available, but there are few bugs ↝ Vanilla dungeons (Classic) ↜ · Lower Blackrock Spire - Available · Wailing caverns - Available · Shadowfang keep - Available · Gnomeregan - Available (only 4/5 bosses, Grubbis unavailable) · Ragefire chasm - Available · Dire maul - Available · Razorfen kraul - Available (only 4/5 bosses, Blind hunter unavailable) · The stockade - Available · Sunken temple - Available · Maraudon - Available · Scarlet monastery - Available (last boss can get stuck) · The deadmines - Available (last boss unavailable) · Blackfathom depths - Available only 4/6 bosses, Aku'mai unavailable but the second to the last boss can be aggroed with a pet through a closed door) · Scarlet halls - Not available · Scholomance - Available 1/5 bosses, only Darkmaster handling, (Jandice Barov and Rattlegore are available with a blink or by jumping - other bosses are unavailable) · Razorfen downs - Available 1/5 bosses, only Amnennar the coldbringer is available · Stratholme - Available · Uldaman - Available only 7/8 bosses, Archaedas unavailable. · Zulfarrak - Available ↝ Vanilla raids (Classic) ↜ · Molten core - Available · Blackwing lair - Available · Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Available · Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Available ↝ Burning crusade dungeons ↜ · Old hillsbrad foothills - Available only 2/3 bosses, Epoch hunter unavailable. · Auchenai crypts - Available · The underbog - Available · The botanica - Available · The blood furnace - Available · Shadow labyrinth - Available · The steamvault - Available · The Mechanar - Available · The black morass - Available · The slave pens - Available · The shattered halls - Available · Sethekk halls - Available · The arcatraz - Available · Hellfire ramparts - Available · Magisters terrace - Available (HM requires completion of a quest) · Mana tombs - Available (Yor not available in heroic mode). ↝ Burning crusade raids ↜ · Serpentshrine cavern - Available (only 5/6 bosses, The lurker below unavailable) · The eye - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Astromancer Solaria unavailable) · Karazhan - Available (only 11/12 bosses, the Opera isn't available but the rest of the instance is) · The battle for mount hyjal - Available · Magtheridon's lair - Available · Sunwell plateau - Available · Gruuls lair - Available · Black temple - Available (sometimes Illidan Stormrage bugs out) ↝ WOTLK dungeons ↜ · Ahn'kahet: the old kingdom - Available · Azjol nerub - Available · Utgarde pinnacle - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Svala Sorrowgrave isn't available) · Draktharon keep - Available · Utgarde keep - Available · Gundrak - Available (only 3/5 bosses, Drakkari colossus and Gal'darah are not available) · Pit of saron - Available · The forge of souls - Available · Violet hold - Not available · The nexus - Available · Halls of lightning - Available · Halls of stone - Not available (2/4 bosses available) · The oculus - Available (No loot drops from Ley-guardian Eregos in HM) · Trial of the champion - Available · The culling of Stratholme - Not available (Arthas won't start the dungeon) · Halls of reflextion - Available ↝ WOTLK raids ↜ · Vault of Archavon - Available · Icecrown citadel - Available (only 11/12 bosses, Gunship armory not available. To not bug out Professor Putricide, you must first kill Festergut, and then Rotface, but before Professor Putricide comes out onto the balcony.) · The obsidian sanctum - Available · The ruby sanctum - Available · Trial of the crusader - Available · The eye of eternity - Available (no loot on, Malygos) · Naxxramas - Available (only 14/15 bosses) · Onyxia's lair - Available · Ulduar - Available (only 9/14 bosses, Flame Leviathan, Hodir, Thorim, Algalon the Observer and Yogg-Saron are not available. The train does not work, only a warrior or a Dk tank can reach Mimiron. The kills of Thorim, Hodir, Freya and Mimiron don't count, there is no loot from them, the door to the Yogg-Saron hall is locked.) ↝ Cataclysm dungeons ↜ · Blackrock caverns - Available · Lost city of the Tolvir - Available · Shadowfang keep (HM) - Available · Grim batol - Available · The vortex pinnacle - Available · End time - Available · The Stonecore - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Corborus is not available) · The deadmines - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Vanessa VanCleef is not available) · Hour of twilight - Available · Well of eternity - Not available · Halls of Origination - Available (only 3/7 bosses, Isiset, Ammunae, Setesh, Rajh are not available, the portal to the rest of the bosses cannot be used, and there's no loot from Earthrage Ptah) · Throne of the tides - Not available · Zul'aman - Available · Zul'gurub - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Jin'do the Godbreaker is not available) ↝ Cataclysm raids ↜ · Baradin hold - Available · Blackwing descent - Available (only 5/6 bosses, Nefarian not available NM/HM) · The bastion of Twilight - Available (Heroic mode not available only Normal 10 players) · Dragon soul - Available (only 5/8 bosses, Warmaster Blackhorn and Deathwing not available. No loot. Kills of 1st and 3rd bosses do not count. The battle on the ship is buggy and, accordingly, you can't go further.) · Firelands - Available. (in Lord Rhyolite you need to break both legs at the same time to kill him.) · Throne of the four winds - Available ↝ Mists of Pandaria Dungeons ↜ · Stormstout brewery - Not available · Shadopan monastery - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Master Snowdrift not available) · Scarlet monastery (HM) - Not available · Mogushan Palace - Available (You can kill the last boss with Concentrated Life Force, but only on Normal difficulty.) · Gate of the setting sun - Available (only 3/4 bosses, Commander Rimok not available and HM not available entirely) · Scarlett Halls (HM) - Not available · Scholomance (HM) - Not available · Siege of Niuzao Temple - Not available · Temple of the Jade Serpent - Available (only 3/4 bosses, no loot) ↝ Mists of Pandaria Raid ↜ · Mogushan vaults - Available (Implemented normal mode (25), but only 3/6 bosses. In heroic difficulty (25), you can also kill 3/6 bosses, but the loot from them is not implemented.) · Heart of Fear - Available (Implemented in normal mode: 1st and 2nd boss, not 3rd boss. You need to discard the 4th boss (for example, using the Heroic Leap ability) and thereby summon the 3rd. After killing the 3rd boss, you can go to the end. - Heroic: Likewise, but no loot from bosses has been implemented.) · Siege of Orgrimmar - Available · Terrace of Endless Spring - Not available (10HC and 25 HC are not available, but Tsulong is in 25nm available) · Throne of Thunder - Available · World bosses: - Chi-Ji: the Red Crane - Not available - Nalak: The storm lord - Available - Niuzao: the black Ox - Not available - Oondasta - Available - Ordos: God of the Yaungols - Available - Sha of Anger - Available - Xuen: The white tiger - Not available - Yulon the Jade Serpent - Not available ↝ Warlords of Draenor Dungeons ↜ · Auchindoun - Not available · Grimrail depot - Not available · The everbloom - Available ( 1/4 bosses available, Dulhu, Archimage Sol, Xeri’tac & Yalnu unavailable) · Bloodmaul slag mines - Available · Skyreach - Available (Only available in Normal and Heroic Mode, Mythic is empty) · Iron docks - Available (3/4 bosses in normal and heroic difficulty) · Upper blackrock spire - Not available · Shadowmoon burial grounds - Not available ↝ Warlords of Draenor Raids ↜ · Highmaul - Available (1st boss can despawn if you stop attacking him for too long, last boss can fall under the map (after some time he will come back up)) · Blackrock foundry - Available (8/10 bosses, "Hans'gar and Franzok" and "Operator Thogar" encounter wont start) · Hellfire citadel - Available (1st boss likes to bug sometimes but can be killed and the chest to loot will spawn) · Worldbosses: - Drov the ruiner - Available - Tarlna the ageless - Available - Rukhmar - Available - Supreme Lord Kazzak - Not available ↝ Legion Dungeons ↜ · Violet hold - Available · Black rook hold - Available · Cathedral of eternal night - Available · Vault of the wardens - Available ( The door after the first boss doesn't open properly) · Court of stars - Available · Darkheart thicket - Available · Maw of souls - Available · The arcway - Available · Eye of azshara dungeon - Available · Neltharion's lair - Available · Return to Karazhan - Not available · Halls of valor - Not available (mobs falls under the ground when the fight starts) · The seat of the triumvirate - Available ↝ Legion Raids ↜ · Antorus the burning throne - Available (First boss, Destroyer of Worlds Kin'garoth bugs out and you can't go further. You can kill him with the help of a warlock, who previously selected the Absolute Corruption talent in the Affliction specialization, throwing DoTs on the Decimator and Annihilator. · The emerald nightmare - Available (On Mythic difficulty, Il'gynoth doesn't take damage from slugs. Can be killed manually in about 10 minutes) · Trial of valor - Available (mobs usually fall under the ground when the fight starts). · The nighthold - Available (Gul'dan, is not available in Mythic mode) · Tomb of Sargeras - Available ↝ BFA Dungeons ↜ · Atal'dazar - Available · The Motherlode - Available · The underrot - Available · Waycrest manor - Available · Freehold - Available · Kings Rest - Available · Shrine of the storm - Available · Siege of Boralus - Available · Temple of Sethraliss - Available · Tol Dagor - Available ↝ BFA Raids ↜ · Uldir - Available · Battle of Dazar'alor - Available · Crucible of Storms - Available · The Eternal Palace - Available · World bosses: - Hailstone construct - Available - Azurethos - Available - Ivus: the forest lord - Available - Ji'arak - Available - Dunegorger Kraulok - Available - Warbringer Yenajz - Available - T'zane - Available - Ulmath - Available - Wekemara - Available -
  12. Greetings ! On Monday November 8th at 4:00AM server time, the first round of qualifiers for our MDIs will be over: every player with a Fio ranking of at least 3000 will be accepted to participate in our second phase, happening on a dedicated realm ! To check your rating, you can access that page on our website: This 2nd phase will start 2 days after, on Wednesday November 10th at 4:00AM server time, and will last 4 weeks as well. We initially planned to have it shorter but we then made adjustements to our plans in order to make it more entertaining, fairer and more challenging for everyone involved. Here is how things will work out, please read this very carefuly: On Monday, November 8th every account that has at least one character who validated phase 1 will be granted access to the dedicated realm. You will be able to create there as many characters as you need, up to the client's limit. This is in order for you to have time to prepare yourself in advance, so that on Wednesday when phase 2 kicks off you won't have to waste time ! On this realm, you will remain in one dedicated zone: the Preparation Area and have at your disposal different vendors which sell max ilvl gear, all corruptions and all essences you might need alongside dummies & a reset-CD NPC (to test your damage / heal), a stable and all of the BFA NPCs needed to upgrade your cloak, heart of Azeroth, change traits, remove corruptions etc. That way, you can trully get your ideal build for every specialization of every classes you play ! Once Phase 2 starts, each week you will be able to get 3 different keystones from an NPC so everyone runs the same 3 dungeons in a set difficulty & affixes (you can read below what the schedule will look like). This means keys won't deplete nor upgrade: after you complete a dungeon you will need to get another keystone from that NPC. A special page will be available on the website here (link will be updated soon) showing the top teams on each dungeons, so you can track your own progress compared to your competitors. With that being said, we'll internally track each team based on their accounts (and not characters: you can therefore adapt your composition to the dungeon). At the end of those 4 weeks, all dungeons will have been covered. We'll then select using a specific formula available below the global top 8 teams to participate in the final phase: the streamed tournament, to fight for glory and the cashprize ! Important note: if one account is linked to more than 1 of those 8 teams, this will automatically disqualify one of them ! you thus need to make sure that your 4 teammates aren't actively playing with another team or you might end up being left out. How we will rank the teams internally (this won't be displayed anywhere on our website): for each dungeon, the best run will award points to its team based on the timer. A key completed in 21 minutes and 30 seconds will grant 21.50 points; we'll sum up all of your points and the 8 teams with the least amount of total points will advance. To be eligible you will need your team to have made at least one run on each dungeon ! DUNGEON SCHEDULE Below you can find the prepared schedule for the 4 weeks of Phase 2. As a reminder, each week you will only be able to run on those 3 dungeons: a ranking will be available on our website displaying the top teams for each dungeon. WEEK 1: WEEK 2: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: We wanted to congratulate everyone who managed to pass the first round of qualifiers, but also to thank everyone for your interest and patience towards this pretty big project we're doing ! This is a first but we're really trying our best to make it an interesting and entertaining experience for you ! With that being said, we wish good fortune to everyone fighting during this second phase, where the real test begins ! We'll see you on Monday, The Firestorm Team
  13. Following our last post about what's awaiting you in our new expansion Battle for Azeroth, many seem to still have questions about some of the features and systems. Most of the questions are related to the copy of your characters from Sylvanas to Sethraliss, and we are here to answer all of them! Let's get started. First and foremost, your characters will be copied. All of them, for free! This means that all the content you have on Legion will still be there. We are not forcing you to switch to Battle for Azeroth. With that being said, the progress you do on Sylvanas after the Copy moment (Copy will be done on the 15th at midnight CET) won't be updated on Sethraliss! Now for common questions that we have seen on the forums: Gold Gold limitation is indeed 10k gold per character. We have some limitations applied to prevent exploits. Our goal is to avoid Sylvanas’s huge inflation to also switch to Sethraliss. Items, bag and bank content Characters will keep their items, bags and bank content that they had on Sylvanas. Account bound data All the account bound data such as mounts, pets, titles, transmogs and artifact skins you have gathered in Sylvanas will be also copied over to Sethraliss. Guild Banks Guild bank gold and their content will be wiped. Migrations Migrations won't be available at the start but we expect to implement them soon! At least from other Legion servers. We won't do it at the start from other BFA private servers for balancing reasons. Future transfers We will allow players to copy again in the future at their own will! Characters already copied won't be able to be copied again. Greymane? We are not going to copy the characters from Greymane since Greymane is a fun PvP realm with instant level ups and other fun type realm features! Sethraliss falls under the rule of a progressive realm type with x3 rates (same as Sylvanas). Therefore, it's only fair we do not copy Greymane's database over to it. Why only copy from Sylvanas? Our players have the freedom to copy from any realm to Sylvanas. It felt right to only copy Sylvanas since its a direct progressive line. Legion → Battle for Azeroth. We hope this post makes things clear to everyone. If you have further questions leave them on the thread and we will add them to the main post. Thank you all and good luck on your adventures on Sethraliss! The Firestorm Staff
  14. sethraliss

    Hello everyone, I would really like to ask if there is any of the CZ/SK guild where I can join on sethraliss ? I am playing for both, Horde and also for Aliance so it would be great if there would be any Horde / Aliance Sk/CZ guild. I would really love to join u guys. c: My Alliance character is nicknamed Katália (lvl 120) and for Horde, it´s Júnpei (lvl 60). (Also sorry for my bad english x-D )
  15. Greetings Sethraliss ! Summer has started, and that means holidays, sun and good times ! Apart from the expected release of Ny'alotha's fourth and final wing (that includes no less than an old god, heh) we also wanted to do something special that has never been done before. Because we know it can feel tiring having to wait for a next expansion (we are doing our best believe us !), with only a few raid bosses added regularly on a patch some of you have already covered back and forth. Therefore, we've decided to do two things that will start this week: Summer-long changes on the realm that should benefit everyone (from the casual player to the most implicated) Weekend "events" (from friday afternoon until monday morning so you can't miss it) that should give an additional incentive to play ! On top of that, we will up the pace for Ny'alotha's Mythic Mode release, which will be released as soon as it's ready (ETA 2 weeks) instead of waiting the usual 5. With all of this, we hope to make each and everyone of you happy ! Excited ? Good ! Let's dive in ! NY'ALOTHA'S LAST WING: N'ZOTH AWAITS ! The last Wing of the raid Ny'alotha, the Waking City, called The Waking Dream opens its doors on Wednesday, July 21st at 11:00AM in LFR, NM and HM difficulties ! Both encounters have a sanity mechanic like the one present in visions: do not let it drop to 0 or you will turn to a servant ! Carapace of N'zoth, where you will have to defeat the Fury of N'zoth before it manages to flee, so you can get access to the old god! N'zoth the corruptor, the final fight of the raid ! The encounter will consist of 3 phases and will push your team to the extreme! As mentioned in the intro, we will try to release the full Mythic Mode of the raid as fast as possible, so practice as much as you can in the meantime ! SUMMER EVENT ! With the image right above, you probably got an idea of our first event for the whole summer, but this is far from being over ! As we said at the beginning of the post, we are going to have several things implemented tomorrow Thursday 15th: The EXP x10 will be enabled on Sethraliss but also on all of our other realms until at least September 1st The 'Echoes of Ny'alotha' currency will be enabled so you can start gathering them for next Wednesday with the raid wing's release MOTHER in the chamber of the heart will sell corruptions & will also allow you to get essences on your alts if you obtained the rank 3 on another character ! You can find more info regarding the corruptions sold here. Every week, the first vision you will do will grant you automatically one free vessel whether you clear it or not: that way you can do another one right away ! Winning a Battleground will award 500 azerite and 500 coalescing visions, while winning an epic BG will grant twice the amounts ! Every week, if you clear the highest key on a given dungeon (only 10+ keys count), you will be awarded 10000 gold, as well as 1000 azerite and 2000 coalescing visions. The Warmode bonus for experience, azerite and reputation is increased by 20%: time to turn it on to farm more efficiently ! In LFR & NM difficulties, the individual loot chances on each boss will be increased by 20% Not bad right ? But wait, there's more coming up every weekend from Fridays 4:00PM until Mondays 10:00AM: The lootrate will be x2 for every non-gear item & azerite gains will be doubled while every MM+ run will grant 1 additional loot for the whole group. The chances to get corrupted gear in MM+, Raid BoPs, World Quests and PVP activities will be doubled Custom World Bosses will be spawned in Coldarra (Northrend) with exclusive rewards ! XT-500 :warning: Warning :warning: Warning :warning: Emergency call to all Heros! XT-500 as booted up. Make your way to BFA, Coldarra in Northrend and end his threat! The Firestorm world security system You can defeat this World Boss every weekend and receive your loot on those days! Resets daily! Doing it grants you chance to get the unique mount Good luck On top of it all, we will try to coordinate all of our teams to propose some wide-scale events in game where everyone will be able to participate to earn cool rewards ! A moment of fun to relax from time to time, which on top of that grants rewards: who would refuse ? We will edit this post like a patch note to add more information (such as events dates) and maybe even other new things added to the realm so keep an eye out ! This is our first time trying something like this, and we hope all of you will be pleased - if not by everything, at least by some of them ! Rendez-vous tomorrow to get things started, we wish everyone a nice summer The Firestorm Team
  16. Wrath of The Lich King Hello, Team Tuxedo wants to introduce a new style of making our tables. We hope that you like the new colorful style. This list of dungeons and raids is for expansion Wrath of The Lich King (WoTLK) Every Raid/Dungeon name works as a link that transfers you to WoWHead Quick guide on how this list works: Works properly on both difficulties -> Works on Normal / Heroic without difficulties. Works Properly -> Works correctly on the only difficulty there is. Works with difficulties (read below) -> Something doesn’t work / one of the difficulties isn’t scripted. Not working -> This Boss, Dungeon or Raid doesn’t work. Raids Vault of Archavon: Archavon the stone Watcher -> Works properly on both difficulties Emalon the Storm Watcher -> Works properly on both difficulties Koralon the Flame Watcher -> Works properly on both difficulties Toravon the Ice Watcher -> Works properly on both difficulties This raid works properly with no problems in it. You can start any boss you want and it will work. Naxxramas: Anub’Rekhan -> Works properly on both difficulties Grand Widow Faerlina -> Works properly on both difficulties Maexxna -> Works properly on both difficulties Noth the Plaguebringer -> Works properly on both difficulties Heigan the Unclean -> Works properly on both difficulties Loatheb -> Works properly on both difficulties Instructor Razuvious -> Works properly on both difficulties Gothik the Harvester -> Works properly on both difficulties The Four Horsemen -> Works properly on both difficulties Patchwerk -> Works properly on both difficulties Grobbulus -> Works properly on both difficulties Gluth -> Works properly on both difficulties Thaddius -> Works properly on both difficulties Sapphiron -> Works properly on both difficulties Kel’Thuzad -> Works properly on both difficulties This raid works properly with no problems with it. The only tricky thing inside this dungeon is boss Sapphiron you have to clear whole raid and wait till he spawn. The Obsidian Sanctum: Sartharion -> Works properly on both difficulties This raid works properly with no problems with it. The Eye of Eternity: Malygos -> Not Working on both difficulties This raid works but after killing Malygos you can’t leave the instance because the portal doesn’t work. Since you drop from the dragon you will fall in an endless death loop, You can’t use (Portal, Teleport, or Heartstone). Ulduar: Flame Leviathan -> Works with difficulties (read below) Ignis the Frunace Master -> Works properly Razorscale -> Works properly XT-002 Deconstructor -> Works properly The Assembly of Iron -> Works properly Kologarn -> Works properly Auriaya -> Works properly Hodir -> Works with difficulties (read below) Thorim -> Not Working Freya -> Works with difficulties (read below) Mimiron -> Not Working General Vezax -> Works properly Yogg-Saron -> Not Working Algalon the Observer -> Not Working This raid works with some specific difficulties. Boss Flame Leviathan will despawn when you don’t start him in the vehicle. After attacking him few times you can get out and finish him as your 120 character. Doing it in the vehicle is not good because the vehicle is locked on the level of a raid. Boss Hodir is working properly with loot but after killing him he will not spawn in the main hall as he should. Boss Thorim will instakill you all the time. The strategy doesn’t work. Boss Freya is working properly with loot but after killing her she will not spawn in the main hall as she should. Boss Mimiron you are not able to get to him because the “TRAIN” doesn’t work. Boss Yogg-Saron and Algalon the Observer we can’t say 100% that they don’t work because we weren’t able to get them after killing boss General Vezax doors behind him don’t open. Trial of the Crusader: The Northrend Beasts -> Works properly on all difficulties Lord Jaraxxus -> Works properly on all difficulties Champions of the Alliance -> Works properly on all difficulties Twin Val’kyr -> Works properly on all difficulties Anub’arak -> Works properly on all difficulties This raid works properly with no problems with it. Onyxia’s Lair: Onyxia -> Works properly on all difficulties This raid works properly with no problems with it. Icecrown Citadele: Lord Marrowgar -> Works properly on all difficulties Lady Deathwhisper -> Works properly on all difficulties Icecrown Gunship Battle -> Not Working Deathbringer Saurfang -> Works properly on all difficulties Festergut -> Works properly on all difficulties Rotface -> Works properly on all difficulties Professor Putricide -> Works with difficulties (read below) Blood Prince Council -> Works properly on all difficulties Blood-Queen Lana’thel -> Works properly on all difficulties Valithria Dreamwalker -> Not Working Sindragosa -> Works properly on all difficulties The Lich King -> Works with difficulties (read below) This raid works with some specific difficulties. Boss Icecrown Gunship Battle doesn’t work (you can’t start this fight) Boss Professor Putricide works only on N10, N25, and HC10. We advise you to start with Festergut and then go to Rotface. Boss Valithria Dreamwalker you can’t heal her up after reaching a specific amount of health she will disappear and you are not able to continue the boss fight. Boss The Lich King because of Professor Putricide on HC25 you are not able to start him (ONLY HC25). The Ruby Sanctum: Halion -> Works properly on all difficulties This raid works properly with no problems in it. Dungeons Utgarde Keep: Prince Keleseth -> Works properly on both difficulties Skarvald the Constructor -> Works properly on both difficulties Dalronn the Controller -> Works properly on both difficulties Ingvar the Plunderer -> Works with difficulties (read below) This dungeon works with some specific difficulties. Boss Ingvar the Plunderer is not working on HC only on Normal. The Nexus: Commander Stoutbeard (HC) -> Works properly Grand Magus Telestra -> Works properly on both difficulties Anomalus -> Works properly on both difficulties Ormorok the Tree-Shaper -> Works properly on both difficulties Keristrasza -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. Azjol-Nerub: Krik’thir the Gatewatcher -> Works properly on both difficulties Hadronox -> Not Working Anub’arak -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works with some specific difficulties. Boss Hadronox is not present in a dungeon on both difficulties Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom: Elder Nadox -> Works properly on both difficulties Prince Taldaram -> Works properly on both difficulties Jedoga Shadowseeker -> Works properly on both difficulties Herald Volazj -> Works properly on both difficulties Amanitar (HC) -> Works properly This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. Drak’Tharon Keep: Trollgore -> Works properly on both difficulties Novos the Summoner -> Works properly on both difficulties King Dred -> Works properly on both difficulties The Prophet Tharon’ja -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. The Violet Hold: Erekem -> Not Working Moragg -> Not Working Ichoron -> Not Working Xevozz -> Not Working Lavanthor -> Not Working Zuramat the Obliterator -> Not Working Cyanigosa -> Not Working This dungeon doesn’t work. There seems to be no way of starting the encounter. Gundrak: Sald’ran -> Works properly on both difficulties Drakkari Colossus -> Works properly on both difficulties Moorabi -> Works properly on both difficulties Gal’darah -> Works with difficulties (read below) Eck the Ferocious (HC) -> Works properly This dungeon works with some specific difficulties. Boss Gal’darah the bridge from Drakkari Colossus to him is not solid. Doable through heroic leap. Halls of Stone: Maiden of Grief -> Works properly on both difficulties Krystallus -> Works properly on both difficulties Tribunal of Ages -> Not Working Sjonnir The Ironshaper -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works with some specific difficulties. Boss Tribunal of Ages isn’t working Player will get insta-killed. Halls of Lightning: General Bjarngrim -> Works properly on both difficulties Volkhan -> Works properly on both difficulties Ionar -> Works properly on both difficulties Loken -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. Utgarde Pinnacle: Svala Sorrowgrave -> Not Working Gortok Palehoof -> Works properly on both difficulties Skadi the Ruthless -> Works properly on both difficulties King Ymiron -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works with some specific difficulties. Boss Svala Sorrowgrave isn’t working you are not able to start encounter/ attack target. The Culling of Stratholme: Meathook -> Not Working Salramm the Fleshcrafter -> Not Working Chrono-Lord Epoch -> Not Working Mal’Ganis -> Not Working Infinite Corruptor (HC) -> Not Working This dungeon doesn’t work. After the first dialog, Arthas enters, however, does not continue. Trial of the Champion: Ambrose Boltspark -> Works properly on both difficulties Colosos -> Works properly on both difficulties Jacob Alerius -> Works properly on both difficulties Jaelyne Evensong -> Works properly on both difficulties Lana stouthammer -> Works properly on both difficulties Argent Confessor -> Works properly on both difficulties The Black Knight -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. Halls of Reflection: Falric -> Not Working Marwyn -> Not Working The Lich King -> Not Working This dungeon doesn’t work. Not able to enter, quest required, unable to obtain the quest. Pit of Saron: Forgemaster Garfrost -> Not Working Krick & Ick -> Not Working Scourgelord Tyrannus -> Not Working This dungeon doesn’t work. Not able to enter, quest required, unable to obtain the quest. The Forge of Souls: Bronjahm -> Works properly on both difficulties Devourer of Souls -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. The Oculus: Drakos the Interrogator -> Works properly on both difficulties Varos Cloudstrider -> Works properly on both difficulties Mage-Lord Urom -> Works properly on both difficulties Ley-Guardian Eregos -> Works properly on both difficulties This dungeon works properly with no problems in it. That's it, for this week. Our team is working on another expansion already. If there are any questions feel free to ask. Team Tuxedo
  17. Have a holy priest 438, blood dk 431, marksman hunter 425, Looking for an english guild running raids. I need to experience bfa raids. I fall asleep running dungeons on repeat all day everyday. *sigh*
  18. Hello, This post contains a table of all the dungeons in WoW Firestorm (currently only vanilla, work still in progress) and their functionality. If the boss works normally as expected, "working properly" is written, if not "not working" is written. If only a certain tactic (waiting longer, killing a specific mob...) works it is mentioned. This table is for patch 8.2.5 - Vanilla Raids/Dungeons Molten core (R) Lucifron Working properly Magmadar Working properly Gehennas Working properly Garr Working properly Baron Geddon Working properly Shazzrah Working properly Sulfuron Harbinger Working properly Golemagg the Incinerator Working properly Majordomo Executus Working properly Ragnaros Working properly Blackrock depths (D) High Interogator Gerstahn Working properly Quick way into the main chmaber: go up the stairs behind the boss, and go straight Mob Lord Roccor Working properly Check for drops again Houndmaster Grebmar Working properly In the chamber along the way, not the place the map shows Ring of Law Working properly Enter the ring multipke times (?), loot carefully, if gates close unable to get out without hearthstone/death Pyromancer Loregrain Working properly Lord Incendius Working properly Warden Stilgiss Working properly Fineous Darkvire Working properly Bael'Gar Working properly General Angerforge Working properly Go to east garrison through the ring of law, then turn right and continue, you will see a visually bugged passage, just keep right and you will come through Golem Lord Argelmach Working properly Hurley Blackbreath Unable to test Low drop chance item required to open door leading to these bosses Phalanx Unable to test Plugger Spazring Working properly Ambassador Flamelash Unable to test The seven Unable to test Magmus Unable to test Emperor Dagran Thaurissan Unable to test Lower Blackrock spire (D) Highlord Omokk Working properly Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin Working properly War Master Voone Working properly Mother Smolderweb Working properly Urok Doomhowl Does not work Player unable to attack the target Quartermaster Zigris Boss not present Halycon Boss not present Gizrul the Slavener Working properly Overlord Wyrmthalak Working properly Blackwing lair (R) Razorgore. Working properly Vaelastrasz. Working properly Broodlord Lashlayer. Working properly Firemaw. Working properly Ebonroc. Working properly Flamegor. Working properly Chromaggus. Working properly Nefarian. Working properly The temple of Ahn'Qiraj (R) The Prophet Skeram Working properly Silithid Royalty Working properly Battleguard Sartura Working properly Fankriss The Unyielding Working properly Viscidus Working properly Princess Huhuran Working properly The Twin Emperors Working properly Ouro Working properly C'thun Working properly Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (R) Kurinnaxx Working properly General Rajaxx Working properly Moam Working properly Buru the Gorger Working properly Ayamiss the Hunter Working properly Ossirian the Unscarred Working properly Ragefire Chasm (D) Addarogg Working properly Dark Shaman Koranthal Working properly Slagmaw Working properly Lava Guard Gordoth Working properly Balckfathom Deeps (D) Ghamoo-ra. Working properly Lady Sarevess. Working properly Gelihast. Working properly Lorgus Jett. Not present Baron Aquanis. Not present Old Serra'kis. Not present Twilight Lord Kelris. Working properly Aku'mai. Working properly HC Deadmines (D) Glubtok Working properly Working properly Helix Gearbreaker Working properly Working properly Foe Reaper 5000 Working properly Working properly Admiral Ripsnarl Working properly Working properly "Captain" Cookie Working properly Working properly Vanessa VanCleef (HC) X Not Working Dire Maul (D) Zevrim Thornhoof Working properly A tunnel at the left of the map, not where the map shows Hydrospawn Working properly Lethtendris Working properly Alzzin the Wildshaper Working properly Tendris Warpwood Working properly Illyanna Ravenoak Working properly Magister Kalendris Working properly Immol'thar Working properly Prince Tortheldrin Working properly Guard Mol'dar Working properly Stomper Kreeg Working properly Guard Fengus Working properly Guard Slip'kik Working properly Captain Kromcrush Working properly Cho'Rush the Observer Working properly King Gordok Working properly Gnomeregan (D) Grubbis Not present Viscous Fallout Working properly Electrocutioner 6000 Working properly Crowd Pummeler 9-60 Working properly Mekgineer Thermaplugg Working properly Maraudon (D) Noxxion Working properly Razorlash Working properly Tinkerer Gizlock Not present Lord Vyletongue Working properly Celebras the Cursed Working properly Landslide Working properly Rotgrip Not present Princess Theradras Working properly Razorfen Downs (D) Aarux Not present Instead of him you can spawn Tuten'kash (Same Drops) Mordresh Fire Eye Not present Mushlump Not present Death Speaker Blackthorn Not present Amnennar the Coldbringer Working properly Razorfen Kraul (D) Hunter Bonetusk Working properly Roogug Working properly Warlord Ramtusk Working properly Groyat, The Blind Hunter Not present Charlga Razorflank Working properly HC Scarlet Halls (D) Houndmaster Braun Not Working Not Working CAN'T ENTER DUNGEON Armsmaster Harlan Not Working Not Working CAN'T ENTER DUNGEON Flameweaver Koegler Not Working Not Working CAN'T ENTER DUNGEON HC Scarlet Monastery (D) Thalnos the Soulrender Working Properly Working Properly Brother Korloff Working Properly Working Properly High Inquisitor Whitemane Working Properly Working Properly HC Sholomance (D) Insctructor Chillheart Not Working Not Working CAN'T GET TROUGH GATE Jandice Barov Not Working Not Working CAN'T GET TROUGH GATE Rattlegore Not Working Not Working CAN'T GET TROUGH GATE Lilian Voss Not Working Not Working CAN'T GET TROUGH GATE Darkmaster Gandling Not Working Not Working CAN'T GET TROUGH GATE HC Shadowfang Keep (D) Baron Ashbury Working Properly Working Properly Baron Silverlaine Working Properly Working Properly Commander Springvale Working Properly Working Properly Lord Walden Working Properly Working Properly Lord Godfrey Working Properly Working Properly Stratholme (D) Hearthsinger Forresten Not Present Timmy the Cruel Working Properly Commander Malor Working Properly Willey Hopebreaker Working Properly Instructor Galford Working Properly Balnazzar Working Properly The Unforgiven Working Properly Baroness Anastari Working Properly Nerub'enkan Working Properly Maleki the Pallid Working Properly Magistrate Barthilas Not Present Ramstein the Gorger Working Properly Lord Aurius Rivendare Working Properly The Stockade (D) Hogger Working Properly Lord Overheat Working Properly Randolph Moloch Working Properly The Temple of Atal'hakkar (D) Avatar of Hakkar Working properly Jammal'an the Prophet Working properly Wardens of the Dream Working properly Shade of Eranikus Working properly Uldaman (D) Revelosh Working properly The Lost Dwarves Working properly Ironaya Working properly Click on a piedestal in the city model and wait Obsidian Sentinel Working properly Ancient Stone Keeper Working properly Galgann Firehammer Working properly Grimlok Working properly Archaedas Not working Unable to attack the boss, clicking on the stone piedestal does not work Wailing Caverns (D) Lady Anacondra Working Properly Lord Pythas Working Properly Lord Cobrahn Working Properly Kresh Working Properly Skum Working Properly Lord Serpentis Working Properly Verdan the Everliving Working Properly Mutanus the Devourer Working Properly Zul'Farrak (D) Gahz'rilla Working Properly Antu'sul Working Properly Theka the Martyr Working Properly Witch Doctor Zum'rah Working Properly Nekrum and Sezz'ziz Working Properly Chief Ukorz Sandscalp Working Properly That's it, for this week. Our team is working on another expansion already. If there are any questions feel free to ask. Team Tuxedo
  19. Three months ago, we discussed for the first time the state of the upcoming update on Sethraliss, our BFA realm: the 8.3 patch Visions of N'Zoth. For those of you that missed it, or simply want to compare the evolution since then, you can find the post here. We also had our first talk about what comes afterwards: Shadowlands. While it's still too early to give additional details about this next expansion of World of Warcraft, we thought it was time to give you some fresh news on the 8.3, and every change it includes. As a reminder, our current client is in 8.2.0 version, which means it will need to be updated when this ships to live: some of you are used to it, it will consist on a small patcher download (around 40Mbs), that will need to be placed in your client folder and started to get all of the new assets & client changes. Simple ! Content will then be released progressively, to reflect what happened on retail, and what you're used to here. But I'm getting ahead of myself: rest assured we'll cover that in details in due time. For now let's take a look at what we have in store ! The Horrific Visions system is working, and testing phase has already started: those are scenarios designed for 1-5 players taking place in alternative versions of Stormwind or Orgrimmar where N'Zoth's corruption thrives. You need to hold as much as possible before losing all your sanity: this mode will allow you to upgrade your legendary cloak. The legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas' questline has been scripted: this item can be upgraded and will offer protection against sanity loss during your Horrific Visions run, and against Corruption on equipment. Its different appearances are working, but the two spells it can bear are still a WIP. The Mythic+ Season 4 Affix: Awakened is fully scripted, including commanders. Final tests will be done to check if everything is working as intended. The new PVP Season's rewards have been scripted and tested for the most part at the moment. The reworked Deepwind Gorge is also working ! Assaults are soon done, then testing phase will start. Happening in either Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossoms, they will come with dailies, events, rare mobs to slay and even more ! The 2 new World Bosses will be worked on shortly, and will then require testings Operation: Mechagon will now be splitted in two (think like Return to Karazhan in Legion) and available in Heroic & Mythic+ difficulties. The developper in charge has scripted everything, and testings are ongoing ! The first wing of the new raid: Ny'alotha is fully working and has been tested quite extensively. Following wings (that won't be released at the same time) have already been scripted for the most part, and tests have begun. Most class balance changes have been reported, scripted, and confirmed as fixed ! The 2 new allied races (Vulperan & Mecagnomes) are close to be fully operationnal: only one Vulperan racial still needs work. The new system that replaces titanforging, called Corruption is fully working, and the corruption spells themselves have also been scripted, and they are being tested as we speak. Titanic Purification will be worked on soon: this will allow you to remove the corruption effects from items. An alternative way exists that will swap the corruption effects for a guaranteed socket ! The Azerite vendor has been updated, but tokens still need to be fixed: reminder that unlike the last season change this time you will NOT keep your titan residuum so don't mind spending it now ! The reworked Auction House will be fully working! Some older contents received a bit of love, but this part is still a work in progress, so we're keeping it a surprise for now ! As you can see, things have evolved since last time, but there is still quite a lot of work to be done especially on the testing side since a client update induces a lot of generic changes: we want to make sure that your player experience is improved upon release, meaning everything that works now needs to be working, alongside all of the new content we'll bring ! For those reasons, we still cannot give you any estimated date of release yet, but we're getting closer every day, and doing our best to make it a successful and enjoyable release ! As a reminder, if you wish to help testing you could do so by joining our Quality Assurance team: if you're interested, or have any question feel free to contact Astagan#6584 or Tarkkhbeast#8316 / Beastial, respectively Head and Admin in charge of the BFA QA. You can both find them on our public discord. Thank you for your patience and fidelity, The Firestorm Team
  20. Title: Remove Shop restriction for Transmog weapon Type: Shop Description: Hi, since Sethraliss-BFA have Special Transmog NPC where can turn any 1-hand weapon to any other type of 1-hand weapon, same for 2h weapon as well. Can you remove the class restriction in shop? Some of the item is not farmable due to not raid/dungeon not properly scripted and already exist in SHOP (available for DK, Warrior, Paladin etc). Please remove the restriction at Transmogrify Weapon tab and open it for all class such as Priest able to buy 1-hand sword/axe and 2-hand sword/axe/polearm. Thank you!
  21. Boas pessoal, Somos os <Lvsiadas> Os Lvsiadas é uma guild horde Portuguesa fundada recentemente, que tem como objetivo principal o PvE no futuro. Aceitamos jogadores de qualquer nível ou experiência e contamos com uma comunidade ativa e um discord pessoal, se estiverem interessados não hesitem em falar comigo. Esta é a ditosa Pátria minha amada - Pela união dos portugueses.
  22. Greetings! During our previous announcement we told you guys that we'd release one Uldir LFR wing every 2 weeks, and planned on releasing the full Mythic difficulty alongside the release of the 3rd and last wing: last Wednesday, the 2nd wing was released, which means that next Wednesday the final one is to be delivered on live. Well, we're gonna deliver on our promises, with some extras! Uldir Mythic, alongside King's Rest, Siege of Boralus and the full War Campaign will ship to live on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:00 AM Server time! Note: With this update, the realm ilvl cap will be increased to 395. ULDIR MYTHIC The mythic mode of Uldir will be available on all 8 bosses! Be ready to face them all in their true form and battle your way to the top of the ladder, while ending G'huun's corruption once and for all! All bosses will loot base 385 ilvl gear. In Mythic difficulty, the challenge is increased, with some new mechanics on the bosses, be sure to check them before getting into the fray! We grouped them for you here: Taloc Mother Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth Vectis Fetid Devourer Zul Mythrax the Unraveler G’huun WAR CAMPAIGN The 8.0 War Campaign will be fully released, both Alliance & Horde sides! Since the release, only the Footholds were available: now is the time to continue what you started, and lay waste on the opposing faction! (NB: you need to complete all available Footholds before continuing the War Campaign questline). Horde side: You will be able to get to the 5th chapter 'The Strike on Boralus' Alliance side: You will be able to get to the 5th chapter 'The Strike on Zuldazar' Note: Island Expeditions are still under development, and won't be released with this update. SIEGE OF BORALUS The last Kul Tiran dungeon, Siege of Boralus will be available in Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulties! EDIT: To unlock this dungeon, whether you are Alliance or Horde, you will need to finish the war campaign. KING'S REST The last Zandalari dungeon, King's Rest will be available in Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulties! EDIT: To unlock this dungeon, whether you are Alliance or Horde, you will need to finish the war campaign. DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP Things have evolved since the last time we shared, here are the standings now: Vol'dun is almost fully scripted and will begin testings shortly. Stormsong Valley is a bit behind, but still progressing. Arathi Outdoors' tests have begun, but the contribution system still needs to be implemented & tested. Islands Expeditions are soon finished and will then have to be tested. Some of our developers began working on 'old content' namely Tanaan Jungle questline, as well as Gilneas & Kezan to improve player experience when leveling. One of our devs is working on implementing the 'Role Check' system for PvP queues (the window that pops up asking you to confirm your role for arenas & BGs). It should be testable soon, and after that will be shipped to live. As a reminder, our Quality Assurance team could use your help! Whether you're more familiar with raids, dungeons, questlines, professions, or classes, you can help us improve the server! You can send your application here (in English) and if you have questions, feel free to ask any admin on discord, or the Head QAs directly (Citryne for PVE side, and Tweek for Class Masters). Thank you for your time, we wish you all good luck & fun while enjoying those new contents! The Firestorm Team.
  23. Hallo, ich hoffe jesmand kann mir weiterhelfen. Ich bin in SW im Magierturm gestorben. Komme nicht an meine Leiche, und beim Dings...Geistheiler, der ist gar nicht da, am Friedhof kann ich mich auch nicht wiederbeleben. Um zu meiner Leiche zu kommen müßte ich nur durch das Portal im Magierturm, aber ich kann nicht durchgehen, es ist eine Wand dahinter. Oh my, ich bin für immer verdammt Jetzt weiß ich nicht, wie ich mich wiederbeleben kann. Bitte um Hilfe. Vielen Dank.
  24. Greetings, BFA ! Following our latest development roadmap announce, it is time for Sethraliss to receive some new content! The release of the Mythic mode of the raid 'Battle of Dazar'Alor' marked the end of the 8.1 content (even though Jaina still hasn't been defeated, don't give up!), therefore it is now time to set our eyes on a new patch: 8.1.5, coming in hot on Wednesday, April 15th at 10AM Server Time! It isn't as big as a round patch like 8.1 or 8.2, but it still packs some interesting stuff: let's get into it! XAL'ATATH QUESTLINE This questline is an introduction to the Crucible of Storms Raid, in which you will meet a very old - and not so nice - god, N'zoth. A new kind of world quest will appear in Zuldazar and Kul'Tiras, involving Naga invasions: by doing those, you will loot the Azsharan Medallion, beginning the questline. If you played on Legion, you might remember Xal'atath, the Blade of the Black Empire, Shadow Priest's Artifact, which will play a part in this story. At some point, N'zoth will give you a present, which you can either keep or not... But regardless of your decision, your journey has only just begun! All the info related to the questline can be found here. CRUCIBLE OF STORMS Similar to Trial of Valor from Legion in size (this one only has 2 bosses), this raid will make you uncover the secret that lies beneath Shrine of the Storm... What's unique about this raid is the loot you can get: there are no azerite armor, but all the gear you can get is filled with the Old God's unstable powers, and will grant you unique effects! The raid will be available in LFR, NM & HM difficulties right away, with the Mythic Mode being added later on, as we did for BoD. Here are some guides for the 2 bosses it contains: The Restless Cabal Uu'Nat, Harbinger of the Void The 2 fights will involve the relics you saw during the Xal'atath questline in different ways, so read the guides to know what to expect! 8.1.5 WAR CAMPAIGN Each new patch allows you to move forward in the battle between Horde & Alliance, this time focussing on the aftermath of the Battle of Dazar'Alor. Jaina will be reunited with someone she hasn't seen in ages, and you will get a glimpse at the true nature of Sylvanas... More information can be found here: Horde 8.1.5 War Campaign Alliance 8.1.5 War Campaign HATI QUESTLINE This one should please all Hunters... They received a message from Mimiron: I have wondrous news! A recent energy signature tripped several detection relays I installed after that unfortunate incident with Sargeras. I require further data to know for certain, but initial diagnostics suggest that these energies are coming from Hati! We might still be able to save him! Hati's spirit is still bound to your own, so I'll need your help. Meet me at my library in the Storm Peaks right away! Since the sacrifice of Legion Artifacts to save Azeroth, Hati disappeared as well. Isn't it time to save him ? Once you've rescued him, you will be able to have him back as your fellow pet in several different appearances, and even use him as a mount! One last thing: in this patch, there is supposed to be a questline with Magni for your Heart of Azeroth: once you're revered with the Champions of Azeroth, you will be able to talk to Magni to get those sweet +10ilvl instantly! Since this quest was removed in 8.2, we won't have it working here, but its reward will work, don't worry! This concludes our 8.1.5 Content Release preview! We hope you're hyped for this, and as usual with any update, don't hesitate to report any issue you find to the bugtracker! Our Quality Assurance team is at the moment testing 8.2 content: if you want to help improve the server, you can apply here or send a message to the Beastial (BFA QA Admin) or Astagan (BFA HQA) on Discord! See you next Wednesday!
  25. Title: Shop Suggestion - PETS Type: Shop Description: Hello, I would like to suggest adding 2 pets to the BFA Sethraliss shop. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen ( Spectral Cub ( You can't get theses pets in-game, because one requires to do various MOP quests that are not and never be scripted and the other is from 2012 World Championship. The price of the pet Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen should also be the highest as it's the most exclusive one. I believe many people would buy these beautiful pets which would lead to higher financial support. Looking forward to seeing these two in the shop. Thank you!