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Found 31 results

  1. So there is this quest where zelin has to do a ritual (the tidesage questline) and you have to pass the doors to go to the basment but there are many tiragarde guards spawned (aka bugged) one inside another not making me or anyone else getting pass them.
  2. bug

    Hi guys, this is the first time I post something here. Since today I've been bothered by that quest Create your own strength quest. I play horde DK, and I did not know that you are "supposed" to spend 20 pears for a benthic upgrade. Since this is not mandatory on the Retail. But that's not the case with Sethralis. If you dont buy the upgrade your character is as good as deleted. There is no way for me to progress my character from now on. A GM told me "try to kill rares", lol, I am 368 ilvl. Funny thing, is I tried, i spend today 3.5~ hours, trying to find a single rare, i killed only 1 with the help of a friend, got me only 2 pearls. The gm told me " there is nothing we can do to help you". I hope this is a lie because this is not my fault, i spend time and effort for that character and now I cannot do anything. Please do something, even roll back my character and losing all my items so far is fine by me..
  3. Hi everyone! i was wondering about merge groups with cross-faction raid and dungeon like retail while dungeons-in-timetravel through patches is possible, so why can't we use Dungeon or Raid Finder to group our friends in the other side? (because is already possible to do cross-faction bgs why not also arenas?) Thanks, Kaalari.
  4. Dear Firestormers & Firestorm Staff, First off, Happy Easter to all of you and your families- I have always been playing on Sethraliss on the Horde side and I have to admit, quite frankly I was blind to this, to say the least, huge issue there is on this server. That being said, I decided to pass my comments along with you, as you might have been unintentionally leaving it unnoticed as well, just like I was. Unless taken measures in a timely manner, believe me, it will become worse, drastically worse. About 1-2 months ago I decided to reroll to the Alliance faction, just for the purpose of it. I also want to mention that I have a good 11+ years of experience in WoW so I certainly was not making a fool of myself thinking I was going to have a great time in terms of World PvP. Hordes, of course, have always been PvP dominant since the early ages of this game. Here, however, I am distressed by the fact that at this very moment we have a growing crisis on our hands that impacts lots of players and would continue to do so unless something's done. More specifically, I am talking about the glaring imbalance between the Horde and the Alliance players ratio. I am sure many people would agree there certainly are more horde players on this server and that impacts not only the economy of each faction in general, including raids, dungeons, etc. being run each day but something even more important - their gaming experience overall. Their gaming experience sounds "a bit too much" to you? Well, let me tell you... Today, 19/04/2020, Stormwind City has been raided and obliterated by probably more than a hundred horde players. The intruders occupied the entire Trade District and made it almost impossible to leave the area, as they were literally behind each corner and you weren't able to simply mount up and fly away upon your revival. Even if you somehow managed to escape, after being chased down by a couple of them, numerous underleveled alliances have been forced to move to different areas or log off their accounts and hope for the storm to pass sooner. Although, these capital city raids have also happened in the past and are an inevitable part of the WoW PvP history and experience in general, right? Yes, you are indubitably right. Nevertheless, my main concern, that caused me to feel compelled to bring this topic up is that more and more people are getting exhausted with being a defined minority and this begins a snowball of players creating new characters in the horde faction. For example, after this particular event happened today, more than ten people stated their opinion on world_en, which was something in the lines of "I'm tired of this and I am moving to horde". Also, while on that note, you might as well go ahead and check the PvP Leaderboards of the server; first page: 1 alliance out of 15 players total, second page: 2-3 alliances to 12-13 hordes ratio, and so on... The point is that the more experienced, also "better" in terms of competitive PvP players have moved to the Horde side, notably for that reason. That itself also impacts the situation in a similar manner. Though, the real problem isn't that the alliance patrons are a bunch of cowards and prefer running away rather than standing their ground and fighting for it. The problem is the fact We, the Alliance players, simply don't have the numbers to fight and are left no other option but to flee, in this particular scenario. Dear fellow Firestormers, I am kindly asking you, especially if you are a new player here or one considering creating your next character - choose the Alliance side, as we DO need you to fight alongside us, the ones who lost the battle but not the war. Dear Alliance players, hang in there, I am sure we will soon prevail and make Stormwind City a "safer place" for all of us. If there are people interested in starting a guild with me, I am more than happy to offer my help. I am working during the week and don't have much time to run a guild myself, so if there are kind and responsible people, experienced guild officers, willing to support me in this, please go ahead and let me know, either PM me, whisper me or if I'm not online - send me a mail in-game, my nickname is Boonklol. Dear Horde players, please keep doing what you're doing, keep raiding Stormwind City, because soon you will not have that highhandedness and perhaps you will be the one defending Orgrimmar, as opposed to attacking us. Dear Firestorm Staff, this is not the first time I personally encounter this issue on a private server and I've been part of another server development in the past. Please, consider providing small XP boosts for example or even better - start working on a small "program" that will draw more people into choosing Alliance over Horde, at least for a while, until everything balances out. Important, please start small. This, in my opinion, is a very serious topic that needed to be addressed for the sake of all people on your server trying to have fun in their free time. I do hope if you find this whole thing reasonable, to gradually start working on a solution. Following that, it would be awesome if there's a way more people have the time to see this post before it sinks into the depths of the new-coming forum topics, as it might take a while until everything works out. Thank you! Thank you for your attention and just in case you're wondering, no I am not out of my mind, I just have lots of spare time now, considering the global situation, that I choose to fill by trying to make something impactful for the good of all of us here. Making fun is the main purpose of all that and having your capital city raided by the opposite faction most certainly is part of the fun, indeed. But being killed over and over without a single chance to withstand is definitely not fun times at all. Best wishes, Boonklol
  5. Hi Everybody, My name is Crashling or y'all can call me Reed. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a 99 or 100 twinking guild? 99 mainly for pvp and rbgs and 100 mainly for mythic wod raiding and dungeons. Can I get my artifact weapon? Hell yes you can. If anyone would be interested in doing it with me for fun add me on discord Reedpriest#1003
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in making a 90-91 twink raiding guild with me? Can be either horde or alliance, doesn't bother me which side it's on. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to message me on here or contact me on my discord Reedpriest#1003. thank you and have a wonderful day or night wherever that you may be in the world.
  7. I'm gonna keep it short, due to server population or competetive sides of factions alliance is constantly loosing in bgs, yesterday i lost 20bg. There is a simple way to fix this, make bgs crossfaction thats it.
  8. Hi What is the breakdown of how many players there are per faction (alliance-horde) on Oribos, looking at changing factions but would like to make sure that balance is maintained. thanks,
  9. Horde Side - Cult of Luna POLISH guild is recruiting active members that want to spend time together with helpful people and in a good atmosphere. Our goal is progressing high content and preparing a new roaster.Our progress so far:EP 6/6 NM 6/6 HC.Feel free to message me for more information! /w Bloodraynee
  10. Boas pessoal, Somos os <Lvsiadas> Os Lvsiadas é uma guild horde Portuguesa fundada recentemente, que tem como objetivo principal o PvE no futuro. Aceitamos jogadores de qualquer nível ou experiência e contamos com uma comunidade ativa e um discord pessoal, se estiverem interessados não hesitem em falar comigo. Esta é a ditosa Pátria minha amada - Pela união dos portugueses.
  11. Greetings! We've made a discord server dedicated to MYTHIC+ and pushing keys. Were you struggling to find good players in LFR? Maybe you are looking to push higher keys? Or just chill and talk. Well you are welcomed to our server. Join get your ranks and feel free to look for players for keys and maybe even join voice chat for it! - Over 150+ Members.
  12. Hallo Freunde! Ich würde gerne eine deutsche Gilde aufmachen für jung und alt, neu und erfahren. In erster Linie soll dies helfen sich mit anderen deutschen Spielern austauschen zu können. Auf zweiter Linie würde ich dann gerne später zusammen mit anderen einen Kader aufstellen um erfolgreich raiden zu können. Die Gilde heißt "Die Gilde" und ihr findet mich auf dem Sethraliss-Server unter dem Namen "Gromukk" auf Seiten der Horde. Bitte meldet euch. Viel Glück weiterhin und habt Spaß!
  13. (Guild Persian Gulf X {Horde/pve/pvp}Player online mipazirad baraye {raid/MM+/BG}) (Barayer peyvastan be Guild be yeki az id haye zir dar discord PM bedid) .......hadi#0362 .......Yossef#6771 .......Mehdi#0473 (va ya be player haye zir dar bazi pm bedid ) .......Mahdifire .......Golrang
  14. Hey i search a english or german guild on sylvanas by the hord. Im a Warrior Tank. I speak German and English I Player offical wow about 4 Years Would be nice to hear that the legion server is still alive =) Name: Eisenschild
  15. <Prophecy> <Prophecy> Is a Horde English Hardcore PvE Guild focusing on Raids and High Mythic keys. Current Raid progress Uldir 8/8 HC; 2/8 MM; Raid times: Wednesday/Thursday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir HC Friday/Saturday @ 19:30(20:00) Uldir MM Optional raids will be on the Sunday/Monday for alts and friends/family guild members. Our current plan is to recruit new members to bolster our ranks to prepare for 8.2 release and to progress Uldir MM. If you wish to join our guild you must have 350+ Item level and use Discord. For invite or additional information DM me on Firestorm or on Discord : Kostantin#0990;
  16. Please move the Post to the correct section as soon as we have a German section for Sethraliss. Hallo, SpielerInnen des Realms, Ich hatte damals für Legion so einen solchen Post gestartet, eine schnell eine Übersicht über die aktiven Gilden zu erstellen. Hauptadressat meines Post sind Serverneuzugänge aber auch aktive deutsche/ deutschsprachige SpielerInnen. Aus diesem Grund, frage ich die SpielerInnen von BFA: Wie geht es den Gilden so, welche aktiven deutschen Gilden gibt es auf Sethraliss? - Ich habe von der Gilde "Die Unbeliebten" (Ally) Werbung im World_de gelesen. - (Des Weiteren sah ich auch Werbung von der Gilde "Boosted Squadz"(Ally), diese nimmt aber auch englischsprachige Spieler auf.) - Die Gilde "Furchtlos"(Ally) ist nun auf BFA aktiv. ...Bitte fortsetzen, sofern man weitere aktive Gilden kennt, auch Gilden der Horde sollen aufgezählt werden. LG Neo
  17. guild

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in either making a 110 or 119 twinking guild just for fun mainly if you get board from end game content. If you would like to talk more about it with me about the idea, please feel free to shoot me a message either on here or on discord. Reedpriest#1003
  18. Howdy everyone! I'm looking to join a casual, English-speaking guild! Horde or Alliance doesn't particularly matter to me; I'm just looking for some friendly people to game and chat with! I'm ultra casual - I log in a few times a week for a few hours to farm and level and complete random goals I set for myself. I don't have a max level toon just yet, but I'm getting there, and I'd like to start casually raiding with some like-minded folks! I'd be down to start a guild also, if I don't get any bites from this post! However, I don't know that I would want to be GL, as I don't know that I have enough time to dedicate to that role. Anyone have any guilds in mind, or want to start one?
  19. bfa

    The guild Death Labyrinth opens its doors to everyone! we mainly recruit levels 120 to advance in PvE, as well as in PvP! joining our guild gives you more at stake, first of all you will be able to equip yourself with the best that exists in the same time with our experienced and loyal members from BFA (retail/other psrv decided to keep a look in Firestorm !!!) . to have the opportunity to attend different raids and dungeons new content bfa and live an incredible adventure in our ranks, do not hesitate to communicate it in PM either to me or one of our loyal officers on discord @John W#8908 and @Of Akatosh#1812 !!! Also our discord link here for more information : https://discordgg/xmb2kV
  20. "Wygnana Horda" poszukuje nowych aktywnych graczy do wspólnej gry Aktualnie zajmujemy się zarówno PVE jak i PVP. Zainteresowani niech napiszą do: Pyrtaz Pigzel Ochroniarz Lewri Szelest Undertakerr. Serdecznie zapraszamy
  21. I'm looking for a casual guild on the horde side to join.
  22. hungarian

    Üdv! Ebben a klánban vannak spanyolok, németek, franciák, az a lényeg, hogy mindenki megtalálja azt, akivel tud beszélgetni. De a fő célunk, a honfi társaink hívása. Vagyunk már kb 15-20 -an magyarok a guildba. Ha szeretnél csatlakozni, vegyél fel barátnak, és amikor online vagyok, írj rám. Mystic dungeonokba benne vagyok, ha van csapat, simán mehetünk. Woldemortt <-- Nevem SONS OF BORIS <--- Guild neve 594 <--- Tagok
  23. hungarian

    Sziasztok! Horda oldalon tevékenykedő klánunk (Hungarikumok) tagokat keres. Klánunk lényege, hogy össze fogjuk a magyarokat és egy baráti közösséget alkossunk, melyben aktív szerepet játszik a PvE és a PvP is egyaránt! Jelentkezni lehet: Woggo - Guild master Evyra - Officer Levadászlak - Officer
  24. Kill Loot Repeat Is a fresh & international guild, looking for dedicated people to establish and consolidate its core team for mythic antorus. What we expect from you - Class Knowledge You need to have very good knowledge about your class and spec and always look for ways to improve your performance - High Attendance We only raid 2 days a week so at least 90% attendance is required Monday+Thursday 19:30-22:30 server time. - Come prepared for Raids Bring consumables, be on time and be informed about the up-coming boss fights - Constant Gear Development You should constantly try to improve your gear via Mythic+ / Raids / PvP. Be vocal and have a reliable internet connection Last but not least, a positive attitude both in the raid and when socializing in the guild in general What to expect from us A strong lead mythic team with a positive and constructive raid environment. Off raid activity, either pushing high level Mythic + , leveling/gearing alts , doing achievements et cetera. A mature and friendly guild with active players who respect the game and each other. Recruitment: Healer , Tanks and Dps. Prior Mythic Exp that we can validate or some current proofs are a must. Application reviews are made within 24h unless a raid day happens to overlap.
  25. Fallen Crusader Brasil A <Fallen Crusader Brasil> tem como objetivo ser uma das melhores Guildas BR do servidor Sylvanas (Legion) no Firestorm. Visando progressão Cutting Edge (Mythic Mode) mantendo um ambiente de Raid o mais tranqüilo possível. *Facção: Horda *Foco: Conteúdo Mítico *Addons obrigatórios: DBM/BigWigs Skada/Details RC Lootcouncil WeakAuras GTFO *O que você encontra na Fallen Crusader Brasil - Uma guild com bom ambiente de raid. - Foco principal voltado para progressão. - Competitividade. Somos competitivos e lutamos para nos destacar no servidor. *O que estamos esperando de nossos jogadores - Que você goste de raidar, seja maduro e tenha como foco progredir no modo Mítico. - Que tenha conhecimento das lutas antes da raid. - Que domine sua classe (não temos espaço para jogadores que dominem apenas uma spec) e que tenha experiência em conteúdo end-game. - Que seja comprometido, ou seja, que tenha um bom attendance. *Meio de comunicação durante a Raid Discord. Nossos conceitos: - Dedicação e comprometimento: embora WoW seja apenas um jogo, não é possível realizar progressão com um grupo instável, com players sem compromisso com horário, etc. Assim sendo, exigimos o máximo de dedicação de todos os jogadores do core. - Suporte e Teamwork: A habilidade individual é extremamente valorizada. No entanto, a progressão da guild é de mais valia. Procuramos players com visão e objetivo de se fazer parte de um grupo! Aqui não há espaço para jogadores individualistas, estrelinhas, escadinhas ou "loggers". - Atmosfera coerente: A guild foi idealizada com o objetivo de ser competitiva. Porém, pretende-se fazer isso da forma mais aprazível possível. -CORE: - Loot: O loot será distribuído pelo Loot Council e será baseado no que é melhor para a guilda. Serão levados em consideração para entrega de loot os seguintes pontos: rank na guild, importância do item para a spec, necessidade do player (ilevel baixo no equip em questão, fechar 2p/4p do tier, etc.), desempenho individual e attendance. O profissionalismo é essencial para os horários de raid, mas a guilda é composta por um pessoal muito tranqüilo e encorajamos nossos jogadores a estarem presentes no discord para conversar e dar risada. Ranks: - Membro - Trial - Raider - Para manter a qualidade das nossas raids, todos os membros que fazem parte do core da Fallen Crusader Brasil, devem cumprir as seguintes exigências: - Attendance (presença) de no mínimo 85%. Seremos flexíveis em casos de faltas justificadas, mas esse percentual é o que esperamos de todos os membros do nosso core. A gear deve estar sempre a melhor possível, ou seja, gemas épicas, enchants em todos as peças, otimizar os itens de acordo com o patch. - Utilizar a spec/talents que se destacam nas lutas que o core esteja dando tries, fazendo as adaptações necessárias à estratégia adotada pela guild, afim de otimizar o seu desempenho nas lutas. - Desempenhar o seu papel na raid de forma satisfatória, ou seja: estudar as lutas com antecedência, errar o mínimo de mecânicas possível, participando assim de forma produtiva durante a progressão. Dito isso, para que possamos controlar quais players estão seguindo as exigências, a guilda irá utilizar os ranks para fazer o controle. Cada rank tem o seu papel e as mudanças dos players de rank serão feitas quinzenalmente. Os três ranks são: Membro (Rank Intermediário) Ranking intermediário para players que não estão em fase de Trial para o Core. (Ex: Players em fase de leveling, players em upgrade de item level, que condiz com o mínimo requisitado pelo core, e players que não querem fazer parte do core) É natural que players recém chegados a Guild possuam esse rank. Trial (Rank iniciante) Novos membros do core que estão passando por um período de avaliação, para analisar se o player se encaixa realmente no perfil que procuramos nos membros da guilda. O período varia entre 1 (uma) e 2 (duas) semanas, podendo ser estendido conforme entendimento dos officers. Players neste rank devem conquistar o seu espaço na guilda e provar que são membros com quem o grupo possa contar no futuro. Raider (Rank Avançado) Players que estão de acordo com os requisitos e desempenham um bom convívio e jogabilidade pelo core, sendo assim, fazem parte do Core. - Recrutamento: Também recrutamos pessoas que estejam em fase de desenvolvimento no game e que se identificam com os artigos citados acima. Muito embora estejamos sempre em busca de bons players, acreditamos que a chave para a longevidade e sucesso do grupo está na escolha apropriada de aplicantes que, além de possuírem o mesmo objetivo do grupo e capacidades individuais, devem ter personalidades compatíveis com as atitudes do grupo. Interessados, entrar em contato in-game com: (Fallengodxx, Warlokobr, Frozembrow, Notleh, Rubizinha, Snøey, Yurischwed) Ou se preferir pelo Discord: