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  1. Name: Skyclap Realm: Sethraliss Title: Pepothink
  2. Title: Mythic + Type: In-game Description: I think all of the high Mythic + players would agree that we should remove MotherLode & Siege of boralus as a key from anything higher than +20. Simply because they don't work correctly and it just tilts players when you get any of those keys from weekly or when you are pushing keys. The key is barely timeable even if its a perfectly clean run. So I suggest to remove key from +20 so it wouldn't proc after u time a 19. I understand its not blizzlike but the keys are the hardest to script and they never worked properly the release. Or allow the keys to be deleted that would be good as-well.
  3. Greetings! We've made a discord server dedicated to MYTHIC+ and pushing keys. Were you struggling to find good players in LFR? Maybe you are looking to push higher keys? Or just chill and talk. Well you are welcomed to our server. Join get your ranks and feel free to look for players for keys and maybe even join voice chat for it! - Over 150+ Members.