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  1. bug

    No answer from the staff yet, disappointing
  2. bug

    Everybody knows that. I will wait for an answer from a firestorm server staff perhaps.
  3. bug

    The point of the quest is not that. It is a quest and it should work just as it should. It has nothing to do with grinding mechanics of the game. That quest is part of the story line, it's not like a side story. I shouldnt need to grind just because the quest is not working as intended.
  4. bug

    Hi guys, this is the first time I post something here. Since today I've been bothered by that quest Create your own strength quest. I play horde DK, and I did not know that you are "supposed" to spend 20 pears for a benthic upgrade. Since this is not mandatory on the Retail. But that's not the case with Sethralis. If you dont buy the upgrade your character is as good as deleted. There is no way for me to progress my character from now on. A GM told me "try to kill rares", lol, I am 368 ilvl. Funny thing, is I tried, i spend today 3.5~ hours, trying to find a single rare, i killed only 1 with the help of a friend, got me only 2 pearls. The gm told me " there is nothing we can do to help you". I hope this is a lie because this is not my fault, i spend time and effort for that character and now I cannot do anything. Please do something, even roll back my character and losing all my items so far is fine by me..