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  1. Title: Remove Shop restriction for Transmog weapon Type: Shop Description: Hi, since Sethraliss-BFA have Special Transmog NPC where can turn any 1-hand weapon to any other type of 1-hand weapon, same for 2h weapon as well. Can you remove the class restriction in shop? Some of the item is not farmable due to not raid/dungeon not properly scripted and already exist in SHOP (available for DK, Warrior, Paladin etc). Please remove the restriction at Transmogrify Weapon tab and open it for all class such as Priest able to buy 1-hand sword/axe and 2-hand sword/axe/polearm. Thank you!
  2. BFA Reputation - it will be converted to Horde version (Talanji / Zandalari / Voldunai) ie, exalted with Tiragarde Sound will turned into exalted with Zandalari Empire War campaign - have to do Horde side of story when transferred to Horde World Quest - U also have to complete Horde side story for BFA in order to be able to see/do WQ Heart of Azeroth - remain the same
  3. Just do the achievement, aint that hard, about 3-4 weeks to complete. Even if FS make it purchasable in shop, it gonna cost 1k loyalty and 1 day u can only get 11-15, which will take 100 days as well
  4. The real problem with Firestorm for "BFA'S CURRENT PVP STATE" are Frequent crashes for EPIC BGs and THERE IS NO CONNECTION TO THE CROSS-SERVER
  5. Quote this for future reference, will be back to check after 1 year top 20 still full of 455 since week 1 of S3 people pay to skip pve/grinding and u expect them to pay just to play pve again? /kek dying with 4k+ online daily. erm, ok