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Found 6 results

  1. Maybe someone can enlighten me, since I didn't find any answers on the forum. I'm playing on the Oribos atm and most of the Shadowland stuff works (at least on the 2nd try). When I want to do the Kul Tiras Questline some stuff seems super broken though (atm you can't get the Heart of Azeroth for example, so all Azerithe rewards are for naught). I was told this won't be fixed soon, since the team focuses on the newest Expansion before fixing the rest. Are these areas less broken when you switch to the server that is hosting that expansion (= Sethralis)? So, like, if I want MoP content I need to switch to Garrosh? Related question: I noticed that I could still play the characters I created on Sethralis when logging onto Oribos, but I can't play the characters I created on Oribos when switching to Sethralis (even though beside cosmetics there's nothing that's not supported). Does it always work like that and does it in turn make the most sense to create a character on Icecrown which you can then use on all other servers?
  2. People, I have next problem: Whenever I want to try to tmog myself, enchant illusions are not showing. I can see other's glowing weapons, but not mine. Whenever I create a new character and apply illusions, they working. Firestorm is not update my old characters well. I can feel it by low ressistance, low damage, gear no matter.. Can anyone help me? or just ignoring this, all the time.. thanks in forward.
  3. Me and many other players are wondering if you are going to add the character market place on sethraliss realm as we are in the last patch with shadowlands around the corner. not to mention 8.3 has become such a Grind that you can mostly only have 1 to about 2 characters max as it does take along time to obtain gear, corruption , essence. I think it would be a nice feature to have once you character is already max gear and you do not want to gear another you could just sell and try something else.
  4. PTR Build 29558 has added the promised increase to the number of characters per realm Now, instead of the current 18 character limit per realm, you can create all your account's 50 characters in the same realm. This change was made in order to support the ever-increasing number of Allied Races and for those who'd like to keep all their characters in the same realm. Does anyone know why it doesn't apply? that update is 8.1.5 now we a play 8.3.0 over
  5. After the beta, are we going to KEEP our beta chars or do we have to start all over again?
  6. Title: Copy characters to Shadowlands realm (Oribos) Type: Shop Description: It would be nice to be able to copy characters from previous expansions to Shadowlands. I'm sure this is a much needed feature as many players find themselves in the same boat, some even asked in world_en chat in game if this was possible. Currently we can't copy characters further than Legion, as someone who had a lot of alts back in the day and not being able to play any of them in current expansion I can definitely say this would be a great addition to the Shop.