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Found 25 results

  1. I have heard that the 3000 point character boosted accounts will be able to get new season gear when the new season drops. Wanted to confirm if it is true?
  2. Firestorm Shop Refund Policy 2024 In the "Shop" section of our website, you can discover and purchase a variety of items and services. In this post, we've compiled essential information for you to be aware of before making a purchase. Please take the time to read this message carefully. Pay close attention to the descriptions of our shop products, including items, mounts, etc. Always compare them with the information available at Conditions and restrictions for refunds. The restrictions are the following: If the purchased item is deleted, modified, or used, a refund will not be issued. Incorrectly purchased appearance set (transmog) parts are non-refundable. Refunds are not possible for appearance (transmog) sets, decorative items, or any acquired appearance. If you obtain the same item (or an upgrade/similar) through gameplay after purchasing, a refund is not possible. Services applicable to multiple characters or the entire account are non-refundable. Refunding professions, toys, mounts, pets and titles are not possible. Gold purchased is not refundable (with some exceptions as outlined by the shop support staff). Refunds are not possible during promotions and discounts, with some exceptions as outlined by the shop support staff. A refund is not possible for items purchased right before a server moves to a new expansion or update. Refunds are only possible within 7 days from the date of purchase. Note: An item or service set can only be refunded if all items are removed or all services purchased at the same time are cancelled (i.e., an item from a boost). Refunding items and item bundles You can refund individual items or item bundles but we will apply some rules and fees depending on how many are being refunded. This, of course, comes subject to the restrictions previously mentioned. Single items: 1st request — 100% amount of refund. From the 2nd to the 10th refund, the fee will increase by 10% for each request (same applies for the item bundle). Item bundles (in-game shop): 1-2 items from an item bundle — 100% 3-4 items — 10% fee. 5-7 items — 30% fee. 8-10 items — 50% fee. More than 10 items — 80% fee. «Character Boost» Refund policy Upon purchasing a "Character Boost" service, you have the option to request a full refund. It's important to note that, in this scenario, the character associated with the boost will be permanently deleted alongside the mount chosen. This, however, is subject to the restrictions specified above regarding multiple refund requests. You can request a refund multiple times; however, multiple "Character Boost" requests will imply a reduced amount refunded. You can also ask for an specific item refund from the boost (up to 2 max). Please be aware that refund requests for character boosts are only accepted within 7 days after the boost has been performed. 100% refund is made, provided everything is within the regulations for it. 33% fee for the second character. 66% fee for the third character. Fourth character — refund is not possible. No refund will be possible for character boosts purchased before a server moves to a new expansion or content update. Please keep in mind the mentioned restrictions and policies when requesting a refund.
  3. IN-GAME SHOP In addition to our shop on the website, it is now possible to purchase equipment directly from the character information window! Please read the store policy carefully. Without the additional Betterwardrobe ( SL | DF ) addon (correct version), the function does not work correctly! Be careful when choosing and purchasing transmogrifications; you cannot return an appearance you have already received! Druid forms can only be obtained by purchasing them in the store on the website (see LEGION ARTIFACTS) for 250 ! When purchasing forms through the in-game store, they will not be added! When purchasing set appearance parts, current content sets will not be added to the transmog menu! Decorative items should also not be used for appearance purposes. Open the window and click on the tab located in the upper right corner, and then select the slots and equipment items that you would like to purchase: Here you can buy the same items as in our store on the website, also if you purchase several items at once you will receive an additional discount! More items = more discount! EQUIPMENT APPEARANCE Regarding the transmog feature, the "Betterwardrobe" addon will add an "Extra" tab where you can find exclusive skins and bundles for purchase! Please note that as payment, using the button you can switch between Firestorm Coins and Loyalty Points Some items from the purchased set may not be displayed in the collection, but this is just a display bug. Everything in the transmog menu is displayed correctly. What about weapon enchantments with cosmetic effects? They can be purchased in the same way as above: IMPORTANT: Applying the appearance of Shadowlands covenants without leveling up your reputation (it is not implemented on DF) is impossible. PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing decorative items, you do so at your own risk. We do not recommend purchasing these items through the in-game store. LEGION ARTIFACTS Dressing room If you need druid skins, we recommend using the store on the website. COSMETICATOR 3000 ATTENTION: Appearances and Auras may not work when interacting with the game process (for example, the applied appearance on a vehicle is reset) . Cosmeticator 3000 contains many exclusive auras and skins. You can find our "Cosmeticator 3000" in the main capitals including Oribos. Have you dreamed of having wings, fire burning at your feet, or being like one of the famous characters in the game? We will do it for you! But be careful when choosing your new appearance as we DO NOT refund any cosmeticator appearance. To activate your appearance or aura, use the “Appearance Change Flask”, which will appear in your bag upon first purchase. Next, select skins or auras Enjoy the new look in the game MOUNTS And finally, there is a function for purchasing some mounts! The only mounts available through the in-game store will have the icon below. We hope you enjoy this store innovation! If you are unsure about something please ask any staff member! Thank you gavehound!
  4. Hey Everyone Please can someone on dev team or moderator who can give me names and details about each Guardian appearances obtained after buying Legion Artifact Appearances from the Shop for my druid ??
  5. Hello! I've tried to get the item Vial of Chloroform that is a reward from quest Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform, but the questline is bugged (you can't go beyond Turning the Gnomecorder). I wonder if there is a way I can buy this item in the shop (I've been looking for it but couldn't find it), as it would look great on a Forsaken alchemist, like Master Apothecary Faranell. Thank you beforehand.
  6. Does anyone know how to use the azerite power for items from boosted lvl(shop)?
  7. Did not get bonus when bought points... anyone with same prob?
  8. Greetings everyone! It's been less than a month since we mentioned our upcoming stuff on Oribos and we definitely didn't lie about that since we are here today to let you know that all of the stuff are ready to go into our server. As we said before, everything looks good since the release and we spend most of our time if not all on improving the current content with working on new ones. We can say that we are close to be done with 9.0 & 9.05 content and our next plan will be 9.1 but it will take some time which is not that far too so don't worry. That's why we keep releasing new stuff such us our full time & week-end events that can make your stay with us enjoyable and busy you during that time. So i guess it's time to dig in and see what we are going to get now, lets go! RECRUIT A FRIEND We will start with "Recruit a Friend" system that we mentioned before, it's now a new and improved one. In a simpler way: You will be able to recruit a friend using an easy way and in return you both will receive some exclusive rewards, lets not talk about it here more than we said since you can find a detailed topic about that here, make sure to read it! MYTHIC + TIMEWALKING BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Now moving to our next and most wanted content "Timewalking", it wasn't that hard to do in such small time since our developers spent their full time to get that content ready so you have extra stuff to do. It's time to make your footstep into Timewalking dungeons and try to earn your place among the best players to get the rewards you deserve. We've made a separate topic in details about Timewalking, how will it work and the rewards you will get in return. You can find all information here. SHOP PROMO Yep! it's as you saw, we will have Easter Promo! You will get the opportunity to get +30% addition points on each purchase of Firestorm Points. The promotion will be up from Wednesday, April 13th until Monday, April 18th. To purchase Firestorm Points check here, then you can spend them at any time on the Firestorm Shop. The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter! EGG HUNT We can't get away from here without the Easter Egg hunt! You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt if you're playing on Shadowlands (Oribos) since you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight, so lets see what you will find! These eggs will be spread all over the places: In order to get what is inside, you simply need to click on them. You will receive random loots with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! This event will be up from Friday, April 15th, until Monday, April 18th, don't miss it out! PVP SEASON It's not a surprise anymore but it's needed at the moment, we can't leave you without a new season challenge. On Wednesday, April 13th, the current season will be reset and a new season will start, so prepare your champion for a new challenge incoming! Rewards of the previous season will be distributed as soon as possible, you can find more information about the rewards here. The PvP tournament is still being worked on, we didn't forget about it because we want to make something great for our players, not just a normal one. Just keep your eyes on our upcoming announcements. Note: Alterac Valley (Korrak's Revenge), we have given a small brief about that largest Battleground (up to 40v40), it's enabled right now and it has a lot of special rewards and those rewards will be replenished depending on the build. You can read more about it and its rewards here. As you read, we have so many features and events to give, all you have to do is to enjoy what we are providing, you will be busy the whole time with us here. It's very important to get your attention with us because entertainment is our main goal here. We hope you will enjoy all the events and features we have now, and that's not only what we are able to give, there is more and more! Have a nice weekend, The Firestorm Team
  9. Title: Copy characters to Shadowlands realm (Oribos) Type: Shop Description: It would be nice to be able to copy characters from previous expansions to Shadowlands. I'm sure this is a much needed feature as many players find themselves in the same boat, some even asked in world_en chat in game if this was possible. Currently we can't copy characters further than Legion, as someone who had a lot of alts back in the day and not being able to play any of them in current expansion I can definitely say this would be a great addition to the Shop.
  10. Hello, this post is mostly for those who manage the Shop. i checked today the prices for mounts on different realms and for some reason, the prices are different for the same mounts, even though, they're share. Like, if i buy a mount on BfA, i will also have it on WoD, same goes for if i buy a mount on WoD, i have it also on BfA. That's they it makes no sense to have different prices. It will be better, if you guys can manage your Shop better, same goes for the "Mounts" and "BFA Mounts" tab on the BfA shop, it's chaotic. Here's an example with different mount prices from WoD and BfA, the prices have 20points differences. WoD: BfA;
  11. I just have one question.If i buy like character boost ilvl 395 or 455 on like character thats 105 lvl.Will that character be boosted instantly to 120 lvl or do i need to level it to 120 than buy gear?Thanks a lot
  12. Title: Shop Suggestion - PETS Type: Shop Description: Hello, I would like to suggest adding 2 pets to the BFA Sethraliss shop. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen ( Spectral Cub ( You can't get theses pets in-game, because one requires to do various MOP quests that are not and never be scripted and the other is from 2012 World Championship. The price of the pet Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen should also be the highest as it's the most exclusive one. I believe many people would buy these beautiful pets which would lead to higher financial support. Looking forward to seeing these two in the shop. Thank you!
  13. Greetings! We hope you are having a nice summer! We made some changes to the shop, with some tweaking and additions. While this mostly concerns BFA, every expansion's shop got at least a little something! Let's start off with the BFA exclusive changes: All items in the shop that were still sold as 340 ilvl got updated to 395 ilvl. Some loots from World Bosses & PVP gear that were missing from the shop got added! Lootboxes prices have gone down by 10 Points per lootbox (Mythic dungeon ones at 20, Uldir ones at 30 / piece). New BFA Mounts have been added! They'll be present under the shop category "BFA Mounts". A new category has been added on the BFA shop as well: Upgrader items. Inside, you will find several different 'Upgraders': Tertiary Stat Upgrader (Leech, Speed or Avoidance): Allows you to add a tertiary stat of your choice on an item. Prismatic Socket Upgrader: Adds a prismatic socket on an item. Azerite Booster: Puts your Heart of Azeroth to level 35, unlocking every traits threshold for 8.0.1 content. ilvl Boosters (available in 2 versions: +5 & +15): increases the ilvl of the item you use it on. Only the +15 can be used on Azerite Gear, and none of them can be used on the Heart of Azeroth. You are still limited by the realm ilvl cap. We also heard your complaints that nothing really worth it is available in loyalty points outside of character changes (rename, race / faction change) right now. So we decided to include in this update some new loyalty points purchase options, on 3 specific things: Mythic Dungeon lootboxes (ilvl 365+) Tertiary Stat Upgrader (all 3 different ones) ilvl Booster +5 We hope that with those additions, retrieving your loyalty points daily feels more rewarding. As for the changes regarding all expansions, we reviewed Mounts pricing and downscaled them (a mount that costed between 300 & 350 points before now costs 180 points for example). On top of that, now all mounts in the shop can be part of the weekly promotion (roughly 25% discount). You can check the Firestorm shop through this link. We hope you'll enjoy those changes, and wish you a nice summer end! The Firestorm Team
  14. Account banned due to Chargeback - How to proceed now If you are looking at this, probably it's due that your account has been banned. The main reason is because you performed a (now donation (paying using PayPal), you redeemed the code with the points, you spent the points, and after that, you asked for a refund to PayPal or the donation wasn't processed successfully (lack of funds, cancellation, etc...). This is considered an abuse of the system, and while this means permanent ban, we have a solution for this. If you want to get your account unbanned so you can play again, you need to follow the next steps in order: Contact PayPal and/or your payment provider and check what happened with your donation: why it didn't go through, or why did it get refunded. Complete the donation correctly or, if the refund was done on purpose, repeat the donation so you get the same points or more that you donated previously. Make a shop ticket informing about this. If the new donation covers the debt of the previous one, we will adjust your points amount and we will unban your account. Have a nice day. The Firestorm Staff
  15. Hello guys, I need help for the silver points. My question is how can i earn those points? I want to buy a fly set but i don't really know how i get the silver points. Thanks for help and i hope someone can help me. 😅
  16. Is it bannable to write (not spam) character selling offer in to world chat channel ? and Can I offer character under recommended price?
  17. Can you add on shop or game(on the legion server) the Primal Gladiator s Battlegear warlords season 1 ELIT .Becouse its looking very nice and i would like too have that transmog.
  18. Name : Matias Character : Nazarin ( Enhancement Shaman) Lvl : 27 Hello, I wanted to ask if i can use the items from the site shop(weapons and armor - purple/green) that doesn't have the requirement level on them? Like "Duskfall Daggers" or "Runeaxe of the Breaker" ?
  19. Title: Gold Type: In-game Description: Greeting Firestorm staff.I've played on your server for more than a year now.When I started you had it all, well maybe not all but I was amazed with you.Example, your vote for gold system.I can bet that players would like that system to be revived, myself included.I dont know for what reason you put that out.But, that was one of great things about you guys...Btw some guy named Starscream is trolling at Stormwind by killing auction npc's.I would like of you to solve that problem.Please, review this.Thanks
  20. Good day, I want to make a suggestion about the shop. My suggestion consists in adding the conversion method of vote points into Firestorm points. I know this sounds like a bad idea but it will expand the use of votes. Like 1000 (or more) votes for 1 Firestorm point. So we can buy the mounts, gear, currency that require Firestorm points.
  21. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Please could you add items to the shop that aren't part of a set? For example in the transmog section I really wanted to get but I can't because they're not in the shop and you only have item sets I know that's quite a lot of items but even if you just add all the transmog gear from dungeons/raids that would be great. I'm sure a lot more people would be transmogging if this was implemented.
  22. Morning/Afternoon/Evening/... Please could you make a section of the shop for loyalty points? What I mean is, could you make section where you click it and it shows you all the items, currencies, .... ; that you can buy witht the loyalty points as it's annoying to have to go through all the other sections to find what you CAN spend them on. This would save everyone time & patience.
  23. Hi, I have played on a private server that had the ability to use the "server shop" to buy access to 3 professions instead of 2. You were not able to freely choose and such but you paid, I believe $10.00 or $5.00 and like 250 vote points for the ability to add a third unleveled profession of your choice. If you paid $20.00 or $10.00+pts it would be fully leveled for you. I think it would be a great way to make extra money for the server while also keeping a "mostly" blizz-like envoirnment. If the answer to this is that it is a "blizzlike" server then shouldn't it be a two-way street then? Can't really say that with so tons of issues. I think it would help the bottom line on your side while adding another way for people like me to enjoy your already great servers. I love the progress i have seen in my short while playing and i hope this can be "looked at" Apologies if this has been asked before, I did not find it in my searching/reading
  24. Hi, I have played on a private server that had the ability to use the "server shop" to buy access to 3 professions instead of 2. You were not able to freely choose and such but you paid, I believe $10.00 or $5.00 and like 250 vote points for the ability to add a third unleveled profession of your choice. If you paid $20.00 or $10.00+pts it would be fully leveled for you. I think it would be a great way to make extra money for the server while also keeping a "mostly" blizz-like envoirnment. If the answer to this is that it is a "blizzlike" server then shouldn't it be a two-way street then? Can't really say that with so tons of issues. I think it would help the bottom line on your side while adding another way for people like me to enjoy your already great servers. I love the progress i have seen in my short while playing and i hope this can be "looked at" Apologies if this has been asked before, I did not find it in my searching/reading
  25. Hey. I'm playing on Grommash Realm - WoD. I have 245 shop points. Here comes question - would you add Level 90 boost, so that i can spend these? Regards.