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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings everyone! It's been less than a month since we mentioned our upcoming stuff on Oribos and we definitely didn't lie about that since we are here today to let you know that all of the stuff are ready to go into our server. As we said before, everything looks good since the release and we spend most of our time if not all on improving the current content with working on new ones. We can say that we are close to be done with 9.0 & 9.05 content and our next plan will be 9.1 but it will take some time which is not that far too so don't worry. That's why we keep releasing new stuff such us our full time & week-end events that can make your stay with us enjoyable and busy you during that time. So i guess it's time to dig in and see what we are going to get now, lets go! RECRUIT A FRIEND We will start with "Recruit a Friend" system that we mentioned before, it's now a new and improved one. In a simpler way: You will be able to recruit a friend using an easy way and in return you both will receive some exclusive rewards, lets not talk about it here more than we said since you can find a detailed topic about that here, make sure to read it! MYTHIC + TIMEWALKING BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Now moving to our next and most wanted content "Timewalking", it wasn't that hard to do in such small time since our developers spent their full time to get that content ready so you have extra stuff to do. It's time to make your footstep into Timewalking dungeons and try to earn your place among the best players to get the rewards you deserve. We've made a separate topic in details about Timewalking, how will it work and the rewards you will get in return. You can find all information here. SHOP PROMO Yep! it's as you saw, we will have Easter Promo! You will get the opportunity to get +30% addition points on each purchase of Firestorm Points. The promotion will be up from Wednesday, April 13th until Monday, April 18th. To purchase Firestorm Points check here, then you can spend them at any time on the Firestorm Shop. The Firestorm Team wishes you all a happy Easter! EGG HUNT We can't get away from here without the Easter Egg hunt! You will be able to participate in the Easter Egg hunt if you're playing on Shadowlands (Oribos) since you will be able to seek for eggs, some hidden, some in plain sight, so lets see what you will find! These eggs will be spread all over the places: In order to get what is inside, you simply need to click on them. You will receive random loots with the possibility of getting rare collectibles! This event will be up from Friday, April 15th, until Monday, April 18th, don't miss it out! PVP SEASON It's not a surprise anymore but it's needed at the moment, we can't leave you without a new season challenge. On Wednesday, April 13th, the current season will be reset and a new season will start, so prepare your champion for a new challenge incoming! Rewards of the previous season will be distributed as soon as possible, you can find more information about the rewards here. The PvP tournament is still being worked on, we didn't forget about it because we want to make something great for our players, not just a normal one. Just keep your eyes on our upcoming announcements. Note: Alterac Valley (Korrak's Revenge), we have given a small brief about that largest Battleground (up to 40v40), it's enabled right now and it has a lot of special rewards and those rewards will be replenished depending on the build. You can read more about it and its rewards here. As you read, we have so many features and events to give, all you have to do is to enjoy what we are providing, you will be busy the whole time with us here. It's very important to get your attention with us because entertainment is our main goal here. We hope you will enjoy all the events and features we have now, and that's not only what we are able to give, there is more and more! Have a nice weekend, The Firestorm Team
  2. raf

    Greetings everyone! As we have stated in our previous announcement our Developers have been working on some of the most required quality of life systems that allow you and your friends to play on our servers easily and with extra bonus. One of those systems is the Recruit a Friend system. We had it once in the past but sadly we couldn't port it over to Shadowlands, so we made a new and improved version that everyone can benefit from. Let's move on and see how it works; First of all, you need to know that you will be able to use "Recruit a Friend" system once a month on one of your friends as long as their account doesn't have any char above 49. Second, an invite is being generated every month with conditions which are; You need to log at least once a month. Having a character with maximum level (60) that has at least 200 ilvl gear. Not only that but also these invites we've mentioned stack up to 3 and can all be used at the same time if you wish. Finally, you are going to have a track of the recruit you did in-game with details about the progress of the activities you need to do in order to obtain the rewards. What a Recruit a Friend system will do for you and your recruited friends? There are a few rewards that you will get from using that feature which can be listed as the following; Special in-game shop mount (1 per boost, max value of 100 Firestorm Points). A full month of free VIP which you can read about here. 300 Loyalty points that can be spent on the shop. You need to fully relog in order to activate the benefits of the VIP and the access to the Mount shop. How to Recruit a Friend? It's very simple, all you need to do is to open the RaF menu from your friend's tab in-game, then the system is self-explanatory. Once a RaF is completed, both players will be notified by a message in-game. What about your friends? Of course, you're inquiring what are my friends getting from a feature like this? Well, we didn't forget that so let's see; Your recruited friends will get the same rewards we've mentioned above but there will be some additional rewards to them too which are; They will be rewarded by a level 50 boost that includes; A bag of 22 slots. 1000 gold. Apprentice Ridding and a Mount from your race. Full set of 90 ilvl gear. With this system, we hope you can bring all your friends over and have fun with them! Games are better with friends, right? Have a great day, The Firestorm Team