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  1. I suggest you to download the whole game again from our torrent here.
  2. This error message occurs when your game loses its connection with the World of Warcraft servers. Check the this page for the current server status.
  3. You better open a ticket in-game and ask a GM to help you with that quest.
  4. Welcome back old player! ~~
  5. I'm sure RAF doesn't work at all on BFA.
  6. You may need to use the legendary tmog npc and a small fee for that service.
  7. You'll get it only at the new one of course ... but maybe later you can use it at both from the tmog npc.
  8. Please read this and don't blame the staff for such things. 0w0
  9. Yeah, better open a ticket and they will help you.
  10. As far I can see my feral skins are working as intended and I'm sure the guardian ones are working as well.
  11. Vigil Hill Tiragarde Sound next to the flight master
  12. This one works, thanks!
  13. Open a ticket from an alt char and GM's will help you.
  14. +1 For the idea ... win win for both sides. ;3
  15. Just to 110 sadly ...