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  1. Important Note: The Recruit a Friend system is currently not available on 8.3, and the client would require a complicated fix for it to work again. Currently, recruiting friends and claiming rewards is not possible. Hello! We wanted to write this post because the question if this system is working and how to set it up is coming up a lot of times. The point of this post is to give players information about the Recruit a Friend system in game, and also provide a guide on how to set it up. This guide is only for the BFA expansion on the Sethraliss realm, and was written during the 8.2.0 patch. If there are issues with the setup process, we are happy to provide support in game if you contact us with a ticket there. Outdated Bonuses: First of all, before we get into the details of the setup, it's worth to mention that the in game Interface does not provide the correct information about the rewards. The RaF reward information from the game is from legion. The main differences are: - No legendary reward (There are no legendary items for the BFA expansion) - No Artifact power bonus (Artifact power got removed with the introduction of BFA) - No Nethershards bonus (Nethershards are a currency only for Legion) - No Loot bonus (This is also connected to the legendary items from Legion) Current Bonuses: You will currently get the following bonuses from the System: - 50% bonus experience for the characters (When they are close to each other and in a group) - 10% bonus to the reputation gained (When close to each other and in a group) - Summon each other (The character summoned needs to be below level 89, and in a group) - The recruit can gift levels to characters of the recruiter (for levels that he obtained with him - this might not work for you though, since it requires some additional requirements) The recruiter will get to choose a reward when the recruit character hits level 120. This reward only works if the character is leveled without a boost (Boris or from the shop)! To obtain these bonuses, the recruit system has to be set up properly, so here's a guide on how to do it: Requirements: There are some requirements for the system to work: - A level 110 character that can send the invitation to an email - Not more than 10 accounts already recruited on this account - You can't recruit your recruiter. The recruit can invite other accounts, but not the same account that he is linked to as recruit. Everything else you need is the email of your friend. How to set up the Recruitment: 1. Open your friend list on a Character that is at least level 110. 2. Click on the "Recruit a Friend" button on the top right. 3. Enter the E-mail address of your friend. (Important: Enter an email and also a text in the field below! - fill out both fields, also the note!) 4. Your friend should receive an email that contains a link to sign up or connect his existing account. (We recommend gmail.com emails, there are some providers that have issues with receiving the invitation mail. For example hotmail.com.) If there are problems with the delivery of the email we unfortunately can't provide support. The email system can't be individually managed and the only solution is to try it again, or with a different email. 5. Create an account or link an existing one. 5.1 I don't have an account yet - This sends your friend to a page where he can register a firestorm account. 5.2 I already have an account - This will open a page to link a logged in account. The existing Firestorm (homepage) account should be logged in on that browser. 6. On the recruit account (the newly created or linked one) a new character has to be created. (This can't be a Death Knight or Demon Hunter, since they start with a higher level) 7. The newly created character needs to be marked as recruit character. When logged in with that character, go into ESC - Firestorm and use the "Activate" button. This is it! You can confirm that it is working in the ESC - Firestorm interface. The recruit should see the character of the recruiter that is logged in, and the recruiter will see when the recruit character is logged in. View as the Recruit (with an online character from the recruiter account): View as the Recruiter (with an online recruit character): When you see each other in this interface, everything is set up properly! If you are in a group together and close to each other, the bonuses will get activated and you will also see a buff as confirmation: For each recruit that reaches level 120, the recruiter will get the option to pick a reward from a list that can be opened with a button next to the RaF button in the friend list (Only the recruiter gets this option. The recruit only gets the in game bonuses.) And that's all. Thank you for reading and I hope this guide will be able to help players to set up the system properly. If there are any issues with the system, please feel free to write a ticket in game and we will help to sort out all problems. We hope you will be able to enjoy your journey on Firestorm with your friends, and as always: Have a nice time in game!
  2. Greetings again everyone! We have taken a careful look at all of the participants and we have decided on the winners. We want to thank everyone again for taking part in this event and submitting such great screenshots. It was a real pleasure to go through all of your contributions and hard to pick the best ones among them. A lot of them were very original and entertaining, but sadly we can only pick a few of them as winners. Without much further ado, i want to announce the Winners we picked for this event: First place: Madasfpotato, Drkilljoy and Shiraia Second place: Bedito and Medhun Third place: Rakshasi and Pikachu Congratulations to all of them! The mentioned players will get their rewards shortly. We hope to see you soon in the next event! Regards, Firestorm Staff Team
  3. Greetings everyone! Thank you for all of the spooky contributions! The thread is now closed as we are no longer accepting screenshots as contributions to the event. We will announce the winners in a few days, so we can make sure that everyone has cast their votes and we chose the best submitted screenshots as winners. The prizes will be rewarded after the winners have been announced. Thanks to everyone again for all the work that were put into the appearances, locations and settings of the screenshots. They really show the spirit of this holiday! We hope everyone had a nice halloweens eve and we can bring some treats to everyone who earned it with their scary costume.