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  1. wow yall still alive
  2. ly Mamamima <3 2bad u became gay and u talk more with carafaggot and his hairy friends, than with nicepplcrew
  3. thanks
  4. Subscribe to pewdiepie
  5. @Cathriaxfucking same
  6. Lol

    Actually, if you think about it, boost has a fixed price But yeah it's good to avoid scams, Also a player who have paid to buy an account would be more likely to be willing to spend more money on Firestorm on that account.. And if they caught u selling your account, it's just you fucked up. I have more friends who have sold their accs and noone knows about it ^^
  7. It only raises from that :llll
  8. What happened to this though It only redirects to FS devs' website and that to Github
  9. This thread is already started tho, it's a few lines under this one: even if "memes" have gone way worse since 2015 October
  10. "Your mom." jokes in 2k18 btw. haHAA edit: try to live a life simulator is fun tho, it looks like you just do stuff that don't require playing a game, and you end up sinking into depression deeper and deeper till you end up sitting on your PC a day straight doing random stuff including playing games those games are mostly Overwatch / The Crew / Cuisine Royale rn / WoW ~twice a year.
  11. Can I play u? OwO