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  1. Hi Unguruu The issue with the icon is that it always shows from 30 seconds instead of increasing the visual the more you die. So when you are having trouble pressing the button oftentimes you just have to wait and you'll be able to ress. However, if you can't ress at all for some reason you can unstuck twice from here and you will be ress'ed with no sickness. For this post, I'll be denying it as it is not a suggestion for something that will improve the Quality of life for our players. You can report the visual bug here Greetings Ech0
  2. Hi Gaskoin This has been long resolved. Please make a ticket here with a screenshot or the code of the error you are receiving when you try to log in. I will be locking this topic to prevent further spam on it as any info regarding it is outdated. Greetings Ech0
  3. Hi Pragoth Make sure you have this option enabled in your graphics settings. Greetings Ech0
  4. Hi Exprez You need to be a little more specific when you say "respawn rate is too high", in what areas do you mean, etc and where does it commonly happen? If you can give me more detail I can tell you whether it's intended or not. Greetings Ech0
  5. Hi NymVel26 We don't offer any migration services. Greetings Ech0
  6. Hi DrKING No, you only get 1 month VIP regardless of how much you spend that month, as long as its above 100 points. Greetings Ech0
  7. Hi, DiazTM Are you still able to queue for the dungeon? Greetings Ech0
  8. Hi Corus29 As mentioned above any expansion past mop, we don't offer transfers so no. Greetings Ech0
  9. Hi Dmasterk What do you mean, did you visit the scouting table and pick up the starting quest for it ? Greetings Ech0
  10. Hi kitaro The value that haste/mastery brings to destruction outweighs what versatility can bring. By focusing on Haste/Mastery you are able to get bigger Chaos Bolts/Rain of Fire and shards for those spells etc faster. You don't need to carry different items, to be honest, you just need one set that is full of the stats you want. There is no DR system for stats on Oribos. If you want my personal opinion, I would test out several builds by running a simcarft using this addon and looking at this website with the code the add-on provides. That way you can see what gear->stats you would need to do more damage overall. Greetings Ech0
  11. Hi Даззар You can make a suggestion for it here Greetings Ech0
  12. Hi Aissa /way 54.0 82.0/way 29.0 66.0/way 26.4 52.5/way 31.1 67.3/way 42.0 60.0/way 43.0 69.0/way 51.1 85.9/way 52.5 89.0/way 54.6 53.2/way 55.0 73.0 There are more spawns than these but this is where he has been spotted. He is up for around 10 minutes and the respawn is around 7-8 hours. I'm not entirely sure it's 100% scripted on Oribos but I know for a fact it is 100% scripted on Sethraliss, so if you want you can get it on Sethraliss and it will be on your Oribos character. Greetings Ech0
  13. Hi DrKING Yup, the VIP status, and all its benefits are active across all our realms. Greetings Ech0
  14. Hi MazenFes You can also ask on our discord here under #dungeon-finder for people. Greetings Ech0
  15. HI Darq You can report it here with proof. Greetings Ech0