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  1. Hi Amdpcman If you will it is not working properly please report it here Greetings Ech0
  2. Hi KIngzzzz Please report it here, I'm pretty sure this is reported on our side as well so just be patient for a fix. Greetings Ech0
  3. Hi Notmishelle Is this issue still present and on what realm is this ? Greetings Ech0
  4. Hi Kingzzz Can you please be more specific about what the issue is? Greetings Ech0
  5. Answered in PMs. Archiving this post.
  6. Topic answered here: Archiving this topic.
  7. Hi @Nehr It seems there is some weird phasing issue on your character, I suggest you make an in-game ticket so our gamemasters can help you solve this issue! Greetings Ech0
  8. Hi @Nehr Is it possible for you to take as short video of what is exactly happening so I can better assist you? Greetings Ech0
  9. Hi @palladyn12 Leveling through Torghast is not implemented on FS. Greetings Ech0
  10. Hi Desdemora The issue has been resolved. Archiving this topic. Greetings Ech0
  11. Hi Hhemondunter This issue has been resolved. I'll be archiving this topic. Greetings Ech0
  12. Hi Kareem99k Can you send me a screenshot of the LUA error you are getting? Or as mentioned above you can simply type in /console scriptErrors 0 and that will disable the error from popping up. Greetings Ech0
  13. Hi Puccaa It could be that your password is using characters are struggling with. I recommend you reset your password here and try to merge your account again. Greetings Ech0
  14. Hi everyone This post is to address 2 of the common issues players get after merging. 1) "My characters aren't showing up after I merge my two accounts." - Simply re-merge your Freakz account and this will fix your issue. 2) "I'm getting an invalid username/password after merging my Freakz account with my FS account." - If you created an FS account during the merge process at the very start, you are going to have to redo the merging process and it will work! You can either start from the beginning or you can continue from the link that was sent to confirm the merging in your email Any other issues you have please make a ticket here or ask in our discord under the #support channel and we will help you. This post is not a support site! Greetings Ech0
  15. Hi @Wally_Rib Please make a ticket here with the screenshots you attached with a description of your issue here. I'll be closing this ticket to prevent spam on this topic that might let the information given here get lost. Greetings Ech0