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Found 6 results

  1. How can I decorate my garrison for Christmas, I looked forward to it all year but I'm not seeing the vendor or quests for it.Please help.
  2. Your Garrison cache is great for upgrading buildings a little at a time but you can't be in any kind of a hurry to do it because you only get so much a day and some of the quests don't work so you can't get many of the garrison resources from questing. Now, to upgrade it will cost you a minimum of 2000 garrison resources to upgrade to tier 3 and I'm not sure how to get the shipyard going because the quest doesn't work. The problem is farming for garrison resources is next to impossible because the bosses are so jacked up, you can't defeat them on your own. While trying to beat several bosses - 1 at a time of course, I used me, my void-walker, the infernal guardian AND the Call to Arms all at once and you still can't defeat the bosses and there is no orge cache's in the auction or any to be found, that I know of anyway. They're not in the shop so how can someone farm resources SOLO within a reasonable amount of time? I've went through so many YouTube videos and wow-head page topics and that's when I found out how jacked up the bosses really are, when I went to defeat them. Thanks for reading and if anyone's had any luck, please let me know.
  3. Server Wiki --> How to Install + Bug Fixes Hello there comrades of WoD. I have compiled a fairly comprehensive wiki to benefit the community of WoD. On it you'll find gearing guides, addon packs, raid guides, class guides, and a ton more. For those of you reading this in english, find me in-game or write me a message in-game. Players are in guilds separated by languages, with the english speakers centralized in my Guardians guild. So find me and join the community <3
  4. Good day to all, with my compliments for the wonderful bfa content scripting, for the fair play of the majority of players and for the friendly atmosphere of your realms. I recently developed a Druid on Sethraliss Unluckily I tried to follow the Garrison questline: 1. Step Three: Prophet! quest number 34575 (completed) 2. Finding a Foothold quest number 34582 (not possible to complete) 3. For the Alliance! In the quest number 2 I meet prophet Velen at the landing harbor and I try to follow him but he disappear after some meters. In the land where there should be the Garrison and I have to accompany the prophet I see the interrogation point to complete the quest, but when I arrive in the exact point nobody is present and the questline is blocked. I abandoned and redo this quest three times but the result is the same Just for your info: The command of the previous quest (Prophet) "/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(34575))" respond true (I met the prophet and landed correctly) The command "/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(34582))" respond false. This unluckily stops my possible garrison building. Thank you in advance for anything will be possible to do to fix, and a big, wonderful wish for a better 2022 year. Aldo (Eimeric on Sethralis, Emerich/Eymerich,Fratebaldo on Garrosh)
  5. I'm stuck at the quest that requires you to kill Gezz'ran as well as a riverbeast in Shadowmoon Valley. I kill them but it won't give me credit. Someone said there is a trick to get two of the mounts from the garrison stables but I don't know how. Any tips?
  6. First of all, for coordinates you need the addon TomTom I'll try to give you guys a guide to each obtainable Alliance Follower. I'll start with the one I had trouble with and I'll give you the rest of them as I find the time required to put in the work . 1- [Rulkan] - The NPC Gronnstalker Rokash (59.4, 31,8) gives you the quest. (just take it and turn it in - you just got Rulkan). That is in Frostfire Ridge