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  1. Don't use the launcher, find the wow.exe file and try that. Set the whole folder as NOT read-only. Make sure the folder isn't on the desktop. Run the game in admin mode
  2. Yeah I am not sure why Thaisun but Carbonite doesn't seem to be functional or particularly great on Firestorm. I suggest you search elsewhere. It was jank af, errorific, etc. Ditch it my dude <3 What functionality are you looking to get?
  3. I will test the appropriate Carbonite addon for you broseph. In the meantime you can use the addons "Handy Notes" + "Draenor Treasures" to get most of those benefits. The WoD version of Carbonite is ancient, I'm not sure the functionality will have everything you're used to (assuming you play modern WoW).
  4. Server Wiki --> How to Install + Bug Fixes Hello there comrades of WoD. I have compiled a fairly comprehensive wiki to benefit the community of WoD. On it you'll find gearing guides, addon packs, raid guides, class guides, and a ton more. For those of you reading this in english, find me in-game or write me a message in-game. Players are in guilds separated by languages, with the english speakers centralized in my Guardians guild. So find me and join the community <3
  5. Here are the steps to fully download WoD (the launcher isn't very effective longterm) THE STEPS Install a torrent client like utorrent and others Firestorm Website --> PLAY / JOIN US Click "Full Client" magnet link and it'll open utorrent Wait for the 28gb file to download Then you should move the DL'd folder off your desktop and into the desired location. Right click and make the whole folder NOT read-only. Then launch the game using wow.exe or wow64.exe
  6. That happens sometimes bud, usually means the server is having a lil bugfest. It corrects itself in a few hours. You can also still have arena battles if you're same-faction on both sides
  7. Try walking out of Ashran manually bud. There's almost always a way out. Once I got stuck for an afternoon, but it was a weird transitional instance bug where I would get rubber-banded back to the transition line over and over. I believe forced myself to die to fix it. Find me in-game or write me an in-game mail for when you're online and we can get you fixed. GMs don't really login to WoD so we take care of ourselves broseph.
  8. Boris has been bugged for the last two or four times he's appeared, seemingly only on WoD. It happened when Boris existed and the server crashed while he was enabled. It's been broken ever since. I've reported the problem in their new ticket system, we'll see <3
  9. Lyunatic likely you skipped a step for Boris. His text box should say the following process to ensure gaining the 650ilvl gear. Talk to Boris and accept the level 100 upgrade SET YOUR SPECIALIZATION Wear your bags x4 Talk to him again for the gear If you have no spec he'll give no gear. If you don't have the bag space to hold the gear, he won't give it. Luckily gearing on WoD is very very easy and there are guides on the Server's Wiki to steer you straight. Good luck mate
  10. We have offered a large number of solutions to the Firestorm staff, including hiring our own coders to provide snippets. We have to be happy with what we have until RETAIL WOW reaches Draenor. Then they'll adapt WoD and improve it again. Good luck guys and find me in game <3
  11. The best and only worthy guild is mine. type "/join world _en" and ask for Guardians to invite you
  12. Asc no GM is required for these. 1. Barracks are bugged, don't bother. Refer to my SERVER WIKI ( 2. You are phased out. To correct this walk out of your garrison, wait for the builder NPC to spawn + stick, then continue out of the garrison. This bugged is caused by the shipyard phasing. Hearthstone will fix it. 3. Yes that's called "Login Lag". To correct it you can wait or you can do a /reload Ask your guildmates next time mate, these are just basic bugs of Firestorm itself
  13. Your ring was in your bags, it has to be in your bank for it to work. Write a ticket to the GMs and reference this forum post. The 690 ring is obtainable here as well, just requires a GM to complete two quests and you're g2g
  14. That's the idea Dawoo123 <3 Find someone from my guild and they'll be able to help. Sorry I don't check this forum all that often.
  15. There is no fix. That seal just doesn't exist. You have to fight through the lack of seal while leveling until you hit the next seal's level. You a ret or tank or?