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Found 4 results

  1. Server Wiki --> How to Install + Bug Fixes Hello there comrades of WoD. I have compiled a fairly comprehensive wiki to benefit the community of WoD. On it you'll find gearing guides, addon packs, raid guides, class guides, and a ton more. For those of you reading this in english, find me in-game or write me a message in-game. Players are in guilds separated by languages, with the english speakers centralized in my Guardians guild. So find me and join the community <3
  2. Hey English speakers this message has two pieces of information for you. #1: Join the Guardians guild, it's the only good guild on the server and you might as well be in it. #2: Check out the wiki I wrote for all the people who want to git gud. The server is still very much alive and thriving if you're in the right place. PVP still happens, BGs still happen, Raids happen almost daily, and people are literally the fastest in WoW history (I fly at almost 800%). If you want to become strong there is one place to do it, in my guild. If you want to become REALLY STRONG and *fast* then you should read these guides. https://wod-firestorm.fandom.com/wiki/Draenor_of_Firestorm_Wiki
  3. So, you have finally reached level 120, and do not know what to do. No problem. This guide is for you. A. The Artifact Neck If you did not get the artifact neck, go get it now. https://www.wowhead.com/item=158075/heart-of-azeroth You can acquire the neck by completing the following quest chain: Alliance: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53370/hour-of-reckoning Horde: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53372/hour-of-reckoning After acquiring the neck, you will need to level it. You can get Azerite (to level your neck) from many sources. You can get some from random dungeon finders, raid finders, battlegrounds, arenas, and from elites. There is also the weekly quests that spawn once per two weeks (around the ship that takes you to the crossfaction maps). Those quests ask you for donations (several items/mats), and reward you with lots of Azerite. B. Arathi Highlands Warfront You will find a portal to Arathi Highlands in your main BfA city. For alliance, it is near the ship that takes you to the horde BfA maps. This new reworked Arathi Highlands map, has plenty of elites, that you can kill for Azerite, 340-360 ilvl gear, mounts, pets, and toys. You can kill all Arathi elites once a week (reset is on Wednesday). Download and install both of the following addons, that will allow you to see those elites on map: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/handynotes https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/handynotes-warfrontrares You need to download the versions for the Firestorm client (currently it is 8.0.1, but that will change soon). Follow this guide (by Alan), to download the right versions of those addons: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/39122-how-to-download-addons/ To farm efficiently, you may: 1. Pay for a carry. You need to ask players of the same cloth type for a carry. If you are a warlock, for example, ask for a cloth carry. In that manner, the geared guy, would acquire items and trade them to you, so you have double chances for loot. If you are in a guild, you can ask them to carry you for free. Currently, a full carry (on reset), will cost you around 5k gold. Make sure you do not pay the players upfront, since there are plenty of scammers. If they ask you for gold upfront, do not join them. Remember people are doing the runs on reset, so you are just tagging along with them. If they go out of their way to help you, they will ask for 10k gold. 2. If you are poor and/or do not have a guild, look for people who are fresh to Arathi (like you), and do a run with them. Make sure they have the same cloth type. In that manner, you can help each other gear up with duplicate items, that you do not need. 3. If you cannot find anyone to do this with, go ahead and solo. If you are fresh level 120, you will want to wait for other people to attack the elite you want to kill, and when they start, you can engage the elite. There are elites that hit really hard. So, you may want to tag them, run away, and keep your distance until the boss dies (making sure you are still in combat). You will also need this trick for world bosses, since those bosses hit for a lot, and you may die before you are able to loot. Note: Arathi elites drop everything but rings and trinkets. You will also see a world boss in Arathi Highlands. This boss drops ilvl370-395 gear (including awesome trinkets), and it alternates between alliance and horde (one week for alliance and another week for horde). If you cannot attack the boss and it looks friendly to you, that means it is not your turn. I believe the boss resets on Wednesday 1PM server time. Alliance: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=52847/dooms-howl Horde: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=52848/the-lions-roar C. Emissary of War Emissary of War is a weekly quest. This quest rewards you with a 370+ ilvl item. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53037/emissary-of-war Basically, you need to complete four mythic dungeons. The best way to do this, is to queue Freehold on RDF HC. Then, go out and change it to Mythic. After that, move to the final boss (skipping all other bosses), and kill it. You do this four times, and you are done with the quest. If you are a lowbie (<335), nobody would invite you to their groups. So, you need to make the group yourself. That is the only way you can do it, at a low ilvl. If you are new to Freehold, what you need to do is follow the tank. The tank will lead the way to the last boss, and he will pull all adds along the way. Once you reach the last boss, go and hide until the tank dies. The healer will revive him, and then you can start the boss. If you have pulled any adds along the way, you would have to go and die with the tank. Then, wait for the healer to revive you. That is unless you are a night elf (Shadowmeld) or have a way to get out of combat (like mages etc.) Once you kill the boss, follow the players. You will see them going for an NPC. Interact with that NPC, so it takes you out of the dungeon. Then, reset and redo. Note: There is an old bug with setting dungeons to Mythic, when you queue for RDF HC. So, what you need to do is right click your avatar (if you are the leader), then Convert to Raid and back to group. Then, you will able to change the dungeon difficulty to Mythic. D. World Bosses There are plenty of world bosses, that you can do once a week. Those bosses drop 355+ ilvl gear. So, watch out for people doing those bosses on world chat. People tend to advertise a lot for them. E. Weekly Chests Make sure you do at least one MM+ per week, for the weekly chest, which rewards you with Azerite and gear. F. Craft/Buy Items There are some items you can buy from the Auction House, that you really need. I am referring to the rings and trinkets. You should buy ilvl300-310 rings from AH for 1-2k gold each, or craft them yourself using Jewelcrafting. Just make sure you do not buy two rings of the same type. You can also buy a Darkmoon ilvl355 trinket for around 10-30k gold, depending on the trinket. You can buy the trinkets cheaper, if you ask in world chat. Here is a list of the trinkets: RDPS: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159126/darkmoon-deck-squalls MDPS/Hunters: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159125/darkmoon-deck-fathoms Heal: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159127/darkmoon-deck-tides Tank: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159128/darkmoon-deck-blockades Note: The MDPS trinket is always expensive, so you may need to haggle. If you are rich, you can buy other items from AH for 50k-3m gold. I hope you liked the guide. P.S. All the information above, is from my personal experience.
  4. So, you just hit level 90 and you want to gear up fast. This guide is for you. First of all, see if you can spare 5k gold. If you can, buy the Conteders set. The Contenders set is a gear set that is equal to 8 items that you can use while gearing up. You can get the whole set for 5k gold. Depending on your armor type you get the set for you. Mail contenders for mail, plate for plate and so on. Just write this in world then wait: WTB Conteders set 5k - armorstype < replace armortype with plate,mail,leather, or cloth. After that you need go and try to find a weapon. You can get the Bind on Account weapons from Pandaria maps depending on the class/spec you are using. Here is a list of BoA weapons: http://www.wowhead.c...d-found-preview Scroll down to BoA Weapon Models and check the weapons out. Click the object to the bottom of each weapon page and find it on the map then head there. If you cannot find it, it is probably cause someone looted it before you. So, try at different times. As for hunters there is a weapon that drops for you from one of the elites on Jade Forest. Try finding the elite and kill it. If you cannot find a weapon, do not worry you will eventually get one from world drop. If you cannot wait try finding one in AH. You can get a nice ring without doing any effort at all by autocompleting this quest: Shadow of the Empire The above link will show you where the quest giver resides (Dread Wastes map). After that, you will begin your Justice Points farm journey. Before you start, make sure you are on a level 25 guild to get the JP bonus. After that continue to queue in the Dungeon Finder for Gate of the Setting Sun. When you join the dungeon you do just the first boss and get around 100 Justice Points. After you kill the boss you leave then queue again and repeat. I will share some useful macros that will help you queue, accept and leave fast. They will be available to the bottom of this topic. One thing you need to focus on is spending your points before hitting the Justice Points cap which is 4k. In order to monitor your Justice Points you can simply press C then go to your Currency tab then click the currency and show on bag. After that you can just open your bags and see the JP count. After you get enough JP you can go ahead and visit the Commander Oxheart npc at Nizao Temple (Townlong Steppes map west of Pandaria): Commander Oxheart You want to get all ilvl489 items with the exception of 4 items which are back, neck, feet, and waist (will get to that later). Main set items will cost 2250 JP each while everything else costs from 1250-1750JP each. After you get all the ilvl489 items mentioned. Go ahead and farm 1250JP more then head to Isle of Thunder and find this NPC (when you teleport it will be to your right): Hiren Loresong Then buy your ilvl496 back. If you do not know how to get into Isle of Thunder. You will find a portal that takes you there from Townlong Steppes map. This link will show you where the portals are for horde and alliance: http://wow.gamepedia...Isle_of_Thunder After that, you can go ahead and farm ToT(Throne of Thunder) trash for neck, waist and feet. The mobs drop ilvl522 items. That will help you up your average ilvl. ToT is a raid in Isle of Thunder. By now you already know how to get there. Do the 10n raid difficulty killing the mobs up to (and including) the snakes then go out and reset. You can easily reset by changing raid difficulty to 25 then back to 10 and telling everyone to go inside. It takes a while for your items to drop and you wont always win the roll but you get the idea. It is ilvl522 so it is worth it. Keep in mind that you can do 10 runs within 1 hour. After that you will not be able to go inside for a while. After that you can do some raids without any issues at all like HoF(Halls of Fear)10n and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring)10n. Those raids drop nice items for you and also they give you your most valuable currency which is Valor Points. You can get Valor Points doing several activities. Killing bosses in raids, doing daily quests all around Pandaria. You can also go to Timeless Isle (east of pandaria) then do the weeklies there for Timeless Coins and VP too. The coins can be used to purchage a nice trinket but it takes a while to farm enough coins. If you are in a raiding guild that does 25 man raids, save your locks for when you raid with them. If you are not, join the Raid Finder. Then do both Nightmare(HoF) and ToES(Terrace of Endless Spring). You will get VP and sometimes items. They are not that much but you could get a weapon. Here are the macros that will help you farm JP faster. Dungeon Queue Macro: /run LeaveParty() /click LFDQueueFrameTypeDropDownButton /click DropDownList1Button1 /click LFDQueueFrameFindGroupButton /click QueueStatusMinimapButton /click DropDownList1Button2 Dungeon Accept Macro: /click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton /run StaticPopupSpecial_Hide(LFGDungeonReadyPopup) Here is how you use the macros. First of all click the Dungeon Finder then hit specific and choose Gate of the Setting Sun. Then, select your role(s) and close it: You only need to do this step once after you login into your character. Do not repeat. Just hit the Dungeon Queue Macro macro and you are queued for the DF. That is it. When you see the Dungeon Finder ready message hit the Dungeon Accept Macro. Not only the Dungeon Accept Macro accepts everything. It also hides the bugged role confirm menu so you do not have to close it anymore. After you are done with the dungeon simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro again and you are out. Hit it again to queue for another dungeon and repeat. If for some reason you hear that you entered the dungeon (joining group sound) but you are not teleported, simply hit the Dungeon Queue Macro once and wait. I wanted to combine the macros but the problem was that the combined macro would not fit and then I would ask you to download an extra addon which I did not want to force to download. Instead I decided to simplify the process by creating an extra macro that will interact with left and right moust clicks. Here it is: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 The above macro will hit two other buttons(macros in our case) based on left and right mouse clicks. Since nobody would chooose the same place for their macros, I decided to show you how to find the specific actionbar names which you will place your macros on. Go to your chat then hit Enter and type /fstack then hit Enter again. You will see some box on your screen that shows messages. Now move your cursor to the designated actionbars that you placed your Dungeon Queue and Dungeon Accept macros on. Write down the first line on top. Then move to the other actionbar and do the same (they are case sensitive so B for example is B not b ). Modify the above macro like this: /click [button:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonAcceptMacro /click [nobutton:2] NameOfTheActionBarButtonThatHasDungeonQueueMacro Then place the new macro anywhere you want. Just do not change where the two other macros located or you would have to repeat the steps from /fstack. This is how you use the new macro. Left click it to queue and leave dungeons (and teleport in if the dungeon bugs) and right click it to accept the ready queue. That is it. If you are confused and do not want to do the /fstack steps then simply use this macro: /click [button:2] MultiBarRightButton12 /click [nobutton:2] MultiBarRightButton11 Then, enable the Right Action Bars and place the Dungeon Accept macro to the bottom and the Dungeon Queue macro right above it like this: If you like the guide or have any questions let me know. Please do not repost the macros or guide anywhere without my permission.