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  1. That would require me to rejoin as a developer. Being a developer on FS is a full time job. I cannot join to fix some issues and leave. Anyway, the issue is now resolved.
  2. They copied all characters from the legion realm into the BfA realm on BfA launch. You are not allowed to transfer any characters yourself from legion to BfA. They may allow it in the future, on population decline / when Shadowlands is launched.
  3. It is true, young Padawan.
  4. You cannot transfer characters into the BfA realm. It is not even allowed within FS (you cannot transfer a FS char from legion realm into BfA).
  5. To legion yes. To BfA nope.
  6. mounts

    You can try asking on Discord. If you are successful, try copying a character from MoP realm into legion realm. That should allow the mounts to be account wise (the BoA mounts that is).
  7. It is not a bug. They were nerfed.
  8. Other annoying thing is the phasing issue (especially in 8.2 maps). Say you are doing an elite and some players are on one phase and others on another phase. You wait for the elite to spawn with little people to do it. Also, I was doing an elite the other day and at 50% I have phased and lost it. Those issues are frustrating.
  9. Firestorm copied all accounts from legion to BfA. I have suggested they flag characters on inactive accounts, for players who have not logged BfA since launch, so people are able to use those special names. They said they would consider it. That was a long time ago, though.
  10. Here is one example of the extra stuff I was referring to: Even though I have too many ranks on my follower, I lack the reputation from this.
  11. mounts

    Where did you acquire the time lost mount? I have used that mount on WoD realm and it is available on all realms.
  12. H. Stay of Execution (Alliance) Update bb. Jaina is not visible on map for delivering the quest This quest requires you to finish the Nazjatar chain quest up to and including the following quest, to be able to see the NPC: In case you have skipped or missed any quests from that chain, refer to this tutorial and complete the chain:
  13. For people who have issues with chains (like the ones above), refer to this guide:
  14. This guide will teach you how to finish chain quests without suffering. Many players who struggle with chain quests actually miss one quest. Then, they struggle not knowing what to do. The solution is simple. You just need to find or remember the name of one of the quests in the chain. After that, use wowhead to find it. Then, use the following macro on each quest id in the chain, and it will let you know if the quest is complete (true) or incomplete (false): /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(quest-id)) You can acquire the quest id (which is a number) from the wowhead link: For example, let us say I was doing the Nazjatar chain quest and I dropped a quest. Though, the server crashed and I have lost the quest name. What I need to do is use my favorite search engine to find one of the quests. So, after searching, I now know that "Up Against It" is one of those quests in the chain. I can use the search engine to find it by using "Up Against It wowhead" or I can query the name of the quest on wowhead, directly. After navigating into the quest: I can see that there are quests before and after it. Now, let me see if I have finished this quest or not: /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(56644)) If I get the message "true" then I have done it, and I need to use the macro above on the following quests. Where the Road Leads is the next quest: I use the quest id (55175) on the macro, to see if I have done it or not. If I get the message "false" then I have not finished this quest, yet. So, I go on wowhead and I click the name of the NPC that gives the quest (on Start: ), and find where that NPC is. Then, I go to that NPC and acquire the quest. That is it. Now, let us assume that the first macro reported "false" instead of true. That means I have to go backwards (previous quests) until I find the last quest that I have done (where the message would be true). Note: If you cannot find the quest on the NPC, check your quest logs and make sure the quest is not there.