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  1. https://youtu.be/biPVEqNub60 You will tell me! lmao!
  2. deleting the WTF, Cache and Interface folders. the repair tool. using the command -windowed running in compatibility mode deleting and reinstalling the game. Try those and see if it will correct your problem. Otherwise it's a video card issue. Good luck!
  3. Don't feel bad server acting up a little today. Website took forever to load too. They should have it fixed soon..
  4. bug?

    Where is the post?
  5. Don't know what the problem is. It's offline right now for some reason or another. They never tell you what the problem is anymore..
  6. it's useless to play anymore. back to the legion realm.
  7. its crashing every 10 to 12 mins now
  8. I can't kill a boss because of this crashing stuff. no world quests can be done. rip.
  9. I can see maybe one or two crashes in a span of five or six hours. This getting quite excessive in crash amounts.
  10. Can't some thing be these crashes? Can't get any progress in world quests done at all.
  11. tried 50 times and nothing.
  12. Got disconnected and can't get back in game. getting a ton of errors. please help?
  13. soon a s i went to mechagon isle it started.
  14. Help i keep getting random disconnects. Does anyone know what's going on?
  15. It's sad but true. i can't pay 30 bucks so i can fly in the new zones. If i had 30 bucks i get 2 months on retail. sad but true.. :"( I just can't afford it because i got mouths to feed....