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  1. dc

    Thank you for the answer, @Miszell! It looks like she was able to finally solve the problem, I thank you anyways that you took the time to give me all those options to try! <3
  2. There is a huge problem with disconnects, via Wifi AND via Ethernet on Oribos. Game has been installed multiple times (via Full and Minimal Client!) already, with a complete deletion of former game files. Healer isn't able to do Raids or M+ or anything at all, bc she always disconnects. The problem has been observed to occur mostly when their chars are in Oribos (ingame City of Oribos on the Server with the same name). Problem is not exclusively persistent on one char, but on every single one. The WiFi user is UNABLE to switch to an Ethernet connection, it still shouldn't be happening every single time she tries to play. Are there problems with the Client? Bc the player tested other realms and private servers just to check if it happens there as well, and no other PS or Server has the same problems, just Oribos Server. With those players, we lose some very important guild members for raids and mythics, especially since more and more people have problems with the connectivity, with different providers, all centered on when they try to play SL on Oribos. We heard from other players that they have connectivity issues as well, only happening on this specific server.
  3. Clear the account? Did you go and validate your account via Discord?
  4. And SL will be dead once DF is launched, to my personal dismay....