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Found 7 results

  1. I started playing few days ago and since then i noticed i needed 3 sec to pick up loot from killed monsters. I started searching on internet whats the problem, and i found out how to check ms, latency. I have 130-160ms both world and home. Now, generally id guess its because im from Serbia, but i have some friends that live att same place where i live and they dont have problem, or they had it but they fixed it by deleting cache, and unchecking the first thing in Network options in game. I did that and it didnt help me at all. Also i restarted my router, game and pc, nothing helped. I have a strong internet connection and i was playing on warmane before and i never had any network issues, also i just finished a game of league of legends where i had 50ms, but then i closed it and opened wow, boop, 130ms. Can someone help me please im desperate i wanna play so bad
  2. Hello there. I'm the one whos experiencing lag in game? The Character is in Valdrakken and I cannot even mount up on drake. Maybe I need to clear some game cache? It's not something i've made in last few years, someone can point me up to the folder i need to clear? Thanks
  3. Hi, I've been experiencing these lag spikes A LOT during raids and sometimes during dungeons. My fps or home lag aren't the issue, I use the lowest setting during raids and my normal ms varies from 160 to 180. When we are pulling, most of the time plenty of raiders start lagging a lot and we have to wipe until it is fixed somehow. This happens in almost all bosses too, and notice it's only a problem in world MS. I wish to know if there are any fixes or what, cus this is tiring and annoying every week. I already cleared cache, temp, flushed my DNS and restarted my whole computer and router but nothing seems to change.
  4. This Guy called "Finshe" left our group at Endboss for no reason. Means he got no loot and we have to wipe our whole grp which means dungeon is over. We fought over one hour because he always go afk and we waited. At the end we got a very dumb surprise. and this guy insulted me immediately all the time. Can you ban him for 1-2 days or write him ingame that this is not okay. Greetz
  5. Hello all I am a play of Sethraliss from Singapore. I play wow, do high keys, do world quests etc without any lag. Everything is really smooth. My speedtest result was around 800 Mbps download speed But, the minute I enter Eternal Palace, I start lagging. Horrible lag. Every spell looks pressed and I see the boss at 70% health when it is actually dead. I lag that much but only inside EP. If i go outside i am ok again. Also another important thing is that my Chat is perfectly fine and I see people looting boss but the boss on my screen is at 70%. Does the Eternal Palace server have some problem with Singapore?
  6. My years on playing on private servers, I've never seen this many constant disconnects from the server. I even played a few years on Gul'Dan and it never disconnected like this. What in the world is going on here and why is it still happening? I recruited 3 friends to join this server and play with me, and they couldnt handle the constant server unplugs you guys do all day, and many without a warning too! During a mythic we all get cut off, BG or even questing. It's turning people away back to retail and my 3 friends did exactly that! You guys even trying to be more professional about this and keep these disconnects to a minimum? My brother and I have donated A LOT of money already but I refuse to ever again unless this is fixed for good. It's becoming unplayable and un-enjoyable at this point.
  7. Hello, the server lags at a low ping, it is possible that this is causing the server memory to fill up, as it used to be in older add-ons on emulators. I think that so far it would be enough to restart and so generally it should be corrected in the source code.