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  1. 10.1.0

    When will season 2 PVP gear be available in shop?
  2. It's not a tactic at all. I'm simply never going to buy a thing from the store using cash again. Not a scare tactic, I just don't think it's worth it at all at this point. Losing my friends made it very less enjoyable too.
  3. My years on playing on private servers, I've never seen this many constant disconnects from the server. I even played a few years on Gul'Dan and it never disconnected like this. What in the world is going on here and why is it still happening? I recruited 3 friends to join this server and play with me, and they couldnt handle the constant server unplugs you guys do all day, and many without a warning too! During a mythic we all get cut off, BG or even questing. It's turning people away back to retail and my 3 friends did exactly that! You guys even trying to be more professional about this and keep these disconnects to a minimum? My brother and I have donated A LOT of money already but I refuse to ever again unless this is fixed for good. It's becoming unplayable and un-enjoyable at this point.
  4. They simply don't want you to farm certain mounts on this server - they rather make things seem glitched and have you buy from their store. I've noticed this a lot on this server, even on older Xpac raids - they want to force you into buying exotic xmog gear from the store. Hard pass here.