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  1. I guess it will never be fixed Bye shop it was fun to buy stuff
  2. FIX THIS!
  3. Made this topic 2 months ago and yet haven't got any anwsers
  4. I thought the shop must be one of the most importent things so why must we be max level to buy stuff?
  5. Will it be fixed?
  6. When are you guys going to fix this?
  7. The realm is Icecrown I'm trying to buy armor items for level 70 shamen orc and i get an message saying i must be Level 80 for buying it I get same message when i try to buy items for my level 60 hunter Night Elf
  8. I wanna know
  9. Title say it all Now what happend? why must i be max level to buy from the shop? When was this decided?
  10. I tried shadowfang keep in wrath of the lich king today and i saw some forsaken npcs that was friendly and some on lvl 80 elite that are hostile Whats up with that?
  11. I'm a little confused i have taking picture of my character and use it as avatar on my profile well it does on the main website but when i go to forums i get this default black unknown orc picture I wanna know why the picture i take shows on main website and not on forums
  12. I have notice that everytime i use flightmaster from silvermoon or place like that to exeple Stormwind when i get there i can't move i can't log out unless i stay on AFK for too long idk but i have always had to force quit the game and log on again to get unstuck i just curious what cusing this to happen? I have really noticed many fucked up stuff when i play this servers
  13. Finally playing wrath of the lich king happy for i can make a death knight but i know firestorm and it's a lot of bugs and unfinished stuff that they never bother to fix and of course i get to the deathcharger quest whe i enter to that shadow realm the charger is unclickeble there is a knight riding a deathcharger but they can't be attacked and won't fight back so how can i complete that quest?
  14. Today i tried to play a dungeon but after killing a boss the screen stops and i get the message that say Restart 2s! what is going on? my character is problably dead because last time that happen was when i was in combet
  15. When did Blackrock die?