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  1. Up.
  2. That's even better. Because we're missing a friendly core dev after Lynix's removal.
  3. I hope you get accepted soon. You're applying for Core or Database dev?
  4. Unfortunately Lynix is no longer working with Firestorm.
  5. Honestly, the progression is nice. They are focusing on the Legion expansion more than any other. Well, you're kinda right but don't blame developers as they are only doing what they have been told to do.
  6. So it's like this: 1- Anti cheat system generate X reports of the player Y. 2- The addon checks if X > threshold. 3- If the above is true, the addon kicks the player Y from the server.
  7. Read again what I said. The server doesn't auto kick players. The addon does that. It calculate reports made against a player (Reports are generated automatically through desyncs. That can happen through cheating or having a high latency.) The addon role is to kick the player when he reaches a threshold (already set up by GMs).
  8. Pretty sure you can't. I've seen it several times myself and I indeed tried to attack the pet but it shows invalid target.
  9. It's a visual bug. Happens when the pet owner aka the hunter, is still on loading screen. Even though the pet can be seen as hostile, you can't actually attack it.
  10. These things can be easily fixed. I might even make a patch to fix them myself.