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  1. Copying a DB table isnt an instant action, takes some effort. there will be new copy from SL live to DF live when DF goes final release.
  2. the copy happened a couple months ago. There should be another copy from SL live to DF live when release is announced
  3. THE ONLY fs realm that garrisons work nearly 100% is WOD realm, partially on some others, everywhere it was a custom fix with the original core not having that chain working. Likely DF has gotten the same core section for the WoD opener quest chain.
  4. No XP modifier NPC on SL realm.
  5. its an insta-complete quest on one of the lower realms, all year round
  6. cheating

    1. As long as there is no PvP 2. There is no griefing like repeatedly killing quest NPCs for others 3. There is no boxing software/3rd party crap being used for sending keystrokes to boxed chars Multiboxing is allowed. Also, there is some content that is nearly impossible to do WITHOUT boxing, e.g. Legion invasions, as all 3 party members have to be on same phase . Very generalized statement, and a quick ask on global would have told u above in a much shorter time
  7. Firestorm (or Pandashan, as some of us know it as, from before) tries to stay away from official announce date long in advance as some people love to exploit gold related things. The guild bank being wiped now is due to fact that people made guilds with bank full of non-bound stuff for immediate trading. I guess the simplest answer to ur issue is, if u like playing on SL, keep playing till u can find party-mates, if not, go do whatever else everyone is doing which is gathering mounts & such.
  8. There is nothing to fix, this quest is a ONE-TIME quest but even after u complete it once, u get quest trigger activated on coming to AV, so it gets added to log AGAIN. Its not like WG weekly.
  9. world_en doesn't need a passwd, u likely did a spelling issue
  10. What realm, & whats ur skinning level while trying ghostlands
  11. There would be a avatar pic in the blank grey square UNDER 1, if u have selected a char: Also, the above rigmarole is for account pic, for the website account. Most people are more concerned with forum pic, for which there WOULD be an upload option
  12. The source needs to be ur HDD & the format needs to be one of the common pic file formats. Also, u need to keep total size before cropping under the limit, limit is mentioned there while uploading.
  13. During last few expansions, guild inventory is zeroed out, gold & everything else. Personal char gold is capped at 10k at transfer. May be different SL to DF but that's how it has been...
  14. Use this workaround