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  1. The whole server isn't active as before....
  2. Suggestions are pointless (another brick in the wall...... Loyalty points are pointless too (on BFA), have u seen ANYTHING new do-able with loyalty on this realm? ANYTHING???? Welcome to Legion realm, where its still playable without the need for a credit card every 20 mins.
  3. non BFA areas are not that much P2W intensive, legion is still fun to play, but yeah, on BFA u cant do anything without a credit card, rep or gearing or flying... Did I mention BFA flying & its needed reps, feel free to test out the migraine of the grind
  4. -- To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time
  5. I'm sure that you're sure about whatever you believe in. I believe in Flying Spaghetti Monster, BTW, also, I'm sure about this belief
  6. Happy migraines WoW Battle for IQ: a game when u can have as much headache as an actual job, without the fun of getting paid...
  7. ....bought with loyalty... part will be studiously ignored but you may likely see lootboxes anyway... +100 for effort. . . . -100000 for being BFA content CYA in 8.3 alt, happy migraines
  8. +100 for effort. . . . -100000 for being BFA content CYA in 8.3 alt, happy migraines
  9. ask 2 friends to summ u to SW, u get all spells, mounts, bags...
  10. thadestroo will finance all revenue lost
  11. finish quest chain upto revive spell
  12. people used to exploit it in BGs so it was blocked/disabled, ty cheaters.
  13. engineering