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  1. Endgame raiding on Battle for IQ is right now worse than a job as a janitor in a gas station. Figure out an endgoal for urself & start towards that, collections/rep/gold gathering/dino/whatever...
  2. its not warmode, its phasing, its been a bug since 2015 on pandashan. Warmode also cause phasing but most of the time it isnt due to pvp phase.
  3. mounts

    no offense warlock, but u have 38 mounts. collections of any kind is a full time end-game goal,mounts EVEN MORE so. Vendor+AH mounts with gold/honor combine up to 130-165 depending on how many race/class monkeys u have on acc.
  4. mounts

  5. Welcome back Blat. How are things...
  6. 1. start a ticket & pray. 2. If ticket is deleted without response, n=n+1
  7. how many rules u wanna break in 1 post? is this a frat pledge?
  8. here is what u need to do: get out of party dump the assault event Q reset ur dungeon difficulty. log out completely come back & re take Q & this time make sure all party mates are at EXACT same phase at ALL times. TLDR: if ur PC can support it (& ur gear level is semi decent), solo the quest with 3 accounts. Its quite slow to keep 2 alts alive but its overall the SUREST way.
  10. i would be VERY VERY careful with using workarounds in a PvP flagged area, there was a time (long time ago on pandashan) people were using using gate exploits in VoA to stay inside & unkillable (this was when WG was active on BG list). If u still want to use these workarounds, I'd clear it with a GM but they also tend to backtrack on what they say, so...
  11. BUMP, archive it, "God's special children" will keep asking for it...
  12. the ONLY realm VoA works 100% is Seth, also on Seth, it mostly ONLY works for Ally, very rarely for Horde. I had to wait from 2012 till 2019 from Pandashan till Seth to get my grand war mammoth (which is good cuz it AGAIN reduces fall damage while ground mount riding)
  13. its been on shop for several years if im correct, in any case, ive had it since before legion launch
  14. War resources are not like Order resources or Garrison Resources. No matter how u try to get em, u WILL run out of all earned war resources in a fraction of the time, so NO stockpile.