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  1. Get the transmog using method described in above forum post. Other than that, roughly ~20% of non WQ stuff works in legion, u have to hunt around to find working quests.. As for WQ, ~70-80% stuff works but none of the profession ones.
  2. Garrison doesn't work on SL realm, works fully on WoD realm & partially on legion realm, that's about it.Horde side who had garrison before SL starting can somehow get it to work partially here, but haven't tried it,
  3. Honestly, The only thing I miss is that world was smaller & hence more manageable, where u wanted to go, what u wanted to do, which rep to farm, so on. Other than that, the raids, bosses, PvP, has been pretty generic since end of 3.3.5 RS patch. Disenchanted 3 season top tier gear & realized, the gear chase is fairly redundant too. More and more WoW seems like a timesink & chore than enjoyment, which i guess plays into wheelhouse of people with a lot of time on hand.
  4. This is client side hex editing of meshes. Once more before (this was several years ago when pandashan introduced legendary mogging 1st time with a seperate NPC), when admins were a little lax, people used to mog 2H meshes onto 1H items & then dual wield. The problem was, some people from certain countries figured a way to get stats of 2H times 2 for classes like rogue & exploit that. Now that we have people from the other dead server, this is getting a resurrection, if u are bothered, i suggest getting combat logs, videos, every other unedited SS, & report.
  5. connection

    Just a reminder, Legion AND bfa realms are on, go check if u have clients, if theres any fun mogs or mounts u can get, EVERYTHING on same acc transfers back & forth on whole of shift-P legion onwards
  6. 2012, started on Elegon when it was French, left in May, restarted 2012 Dec on TaranZhu
  7. drop Q, unstuck from site, go back to where vesiphone's daily ends at boss, the NPC should be nearby, retake Q
  8. did u do exile or is this a ported char from another realm or server or boosted? If u did exile, go to THE LAST PLACE U LEFT the exile NPC (goblin or gnome, or horde general's daughter, whatever, start from SW back inn or Org back inn, enable low lvl Q track. If u dont see any Q, relog in that spot.
  9. what do u wanna buy & which realm
  10. Also, WoD realm has a LOT of custom fixes done over the years by pandashan/FS. if u use older client from some other place, errors are likely. Highly recommend to get full WoD client from play tab of website Also, this may be helpful:
  11. 1. ZM doesnt open till a bit farther in questing, BG opens instantly after 60, even zones campaign not needed for non alt. 2. BG wins also give (PROLLY THE MOST) renown 3. BG wins also give (PROLLY THE MOST) cosmic flux If u think low geared monkeys are hampering urteam, remember, other faction ALSO suffers the same way. Also, anytime u can que as mercenary.....
  12. garrison only works in WoD realm, & partially in Legion realm.
  13. its an achievement related tabard, a 100 other kind of tabards are available on shop.