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  1. Blackrock Caverns, the last boss Ascendant Lord Obsidius can't be attacked because the event doesn't get triggered by Raz the Crazed.
  2. Well, they certainly haven't punished you yet, so why don't you just sit down and enjoy life as it is?
  3. I'd react the same in such a braindead "community". This is absolutely fine, GM's don't have to be everybody's darling. Also, enlarge your chat next time so that people can see the toxic shit you've been burping out.
  4. Well, the server is located in France I guess, so obviously people from NA would have such lag. Nothing changed, so it's most likely a you-problem with your connection
  5. Skill issue.
  6. Conquest gain is fine.
  7. Push. Fix the rotation.
  8. Push.
  9. Push.
  10. Push. Let's not forget about this one and keep it in mind for good
  11. Yeah, the auction house bugs for ~2 weeks now and there's still no fix. That's amusing because with Shadowlands, they squished everyone's gold down to 10000, but right now, some people are easily getting rich again because there's no competition due to this bug. Thank you Firestorm, that's how you handle your realm's economy. Or not.
  12. It's time for another thread like that, as the BfA version got ignored and the exact same issues persist on Oribos, too. How can you be so ignorant towards the HEAVY lags in Epic Battlegrounds, which make it unplayable? Is the (casual) pvp community completely irrelevant to you, Firestorm?
  13. Push.
  14. Push.
  15. Now, as we all know, a new expansion has just started about a week ago. I know there's a heavy focus on PVE related content, but will we ever get Battlegrounds like Arathi Basin, Eye Of The Storm and Deepwind Gorge back? It's still the same four BG's as in late BFA and people are tired of it. Can't you just expand the BG rotation? There's a lot of BG activity currently and it would definitely help making casual PVP more interesting again.