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  1. in your profile on the Firestorm website, there should be the option "Character unstucking". There you should be able to choose your character and it should revive you.
  2. Since the last update, both twins and Operator are starting their encounters, and for twins being untargetable, yes that's a bug, but if you kill them fast enough, they won't even go into that phase.
  3. Idk if it's on a shop, but they often put it as reward for custom events, like last years egg hunt and other stuff.
  4. From Legion to BFA they copied all chars from Legion to BFA, I would expect the same from Shadowlands.
  5. I am just curious, can anyone tell me, why we had 8 more slots in the main bag and now we have just 4 more with the authenticator? It is just 4 more slots on retail too. So I was wondering, how did we have 8 more slots before. I am confusion.
  6. And for the 3 ICC dungeons, idk how you obtain the quest or if it's obtainable here, but as I have done it before, I am able to do them and they all work, except some achievements.
  7. Good job, thanks for doing this, I have just comment for Professor. I have made a "guide" how to make him working because of how he works here, and I think you can do him on all difficulties, at least last time I did ICC it was ok and no one ever said it didn't work the way I wrote it. so you can read this and try it if you will. - https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/97358
  8. Do you use the Launcher to play the game or just the WoW.exe? I mean I have no experience with this type of problem, but if you don't use the Launcher, maybe it would help if you had it...idk
  9. Wrong password or email, I would say
  10. I made pretty good guide, how to do professor (and how he basically works here), you can check it here - https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/97358 And btw, the only bosses you need to kill to get to Lich King are Professor, Blood Queen and Sindragosa (those activate the teleport in the middle), others like Blood Council do not really matter if they give credit or not.
  11. loot

    Probably not a bug, it's normal in BFA
  12. To be honest at this point I would like to ask a better question. Will this questline ever be working or is it not in plan? Lot of people would like to see it, including me.
  13. It should be possible, but only for high ranking members, like Veterans or Officers (maybe only officers), they should have the option to take over from the old guild master. (I think when you click on the GM in the guild list, but I did it just one time and it was long time ago so idk really)
  14. They made BFA I think basicly 1 year after retail launch so I would expect the same with Shadowlands, if they will continue to Shadowlands that is. But would be shame not to do that. Also probably depends on when they finish 8.3 content, because they would want to finish BFA to then move on to Shadowlands I would say.
  15. I can confirm this helps, I clsoed everything and then continued to open and close wow.exe until it slowly rose to over 200MB ram usage, then it started, when it passed like 220MB. Thanks