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  1. Greetings @danzo kilo, Are you still having this problem?, if so please let me know so I can resolve it.
  2. @Tamirana, This error can be fixed by following this simple guide:
  3. Greetings @KillBill777, The first time loading the game can take up to 5 minutes to load depending on your computer speed.
  4. Server is up and working now.
  5. Server is back up!
  6. We are aware of the crash and it is being fixed as we speak.
  7. The issue has been fixed! If you still have trouble getting into the game please make a Technical Support Thread.
  8. we're having a network issue that prevents you from logging on WoD, Legion & BFA, and that prevents MoP Clients from starting. We're working on a fix and will keep you posted as soon as things get back to normal !
  9. Greetings @darkness1349, Please unstuck the character on the website you are having problems with this should fix it.
  10. This is not our side problem, I can play 20+ BG's and not get disconnected once.
  11. @Spajo, this is a common problem with responses to tickets it can show up as no response, even though they have added a reply, relogging should do it if not make another ticket. The Green fire quest does not work and as far as im aware is not available on the shop so best option is to just wait... :))
  12. You can also add this to the suggestions section in the meantime.
  13. Greetings @McDwarf, Please make a in-game ticket so that one of our Game master's can assist you. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator, Alyzeh.
  14. Greetings @JustPepe, please consider making a report a player thread here: Kind Regards, Forum Moderator, Alyzeh.